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[ˈwiT͟Hər] ✕ Play


wither (verb) · withers (third person present) · withered (past tense) · withered (past participle) · withering (present participle)

  - (of a plant) become dry and shriveled:

  - (of a person, limb, or the skin) become shrunken or wrinkled from age or disease:

  - cease to flourish; fall into decay or decline:

  - cause to decline or deteriorate; weaken:

  - mortify (someone) with a scornful look or manner:


wilt, droop, fade, die, perish, thrive, flourish, atrophy, decay, strengthen,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the verb for Wither?
    Definition of wither. (Entry 1 of 3) intransitive verb. 1 : to become dry and sapless especially : to shrivel from or as if from loss of bodily moisture.
  2. What does it mean to wither away?
    to slowly disappear, lose importance, or become weaker: This country is in danger of allowing its industrial base to wither away. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases
  3. What does it mean for a plant to withered?
    Wither (of plants and flowers) is to dry up, shrink, wilt, fade, whether as a natural process or as the result of exposure to excessive heat or drought: Plants withered in the hot sun.
  4. How does the Wither work?
    The wither has a passive regeneration rate of 1 every 20 ticks (1 second), and a direct killing blow on a target instantly heals 5 . When its health drops below half (150 × 75 ), the wither gains a natural "wither armor" effect, which makes it immune to damage from arrows and thrown tridents and causes it to fly at the same height as the target.

"Wither" Example Sentences


Dolphins have franchise tag decision to make by Tuesday deadline


The Miami Dolphins will decide wither to use the franchise tag on DE Emmanuel Ogbah, TE Mike Gesicki or neither ahead of the Tuesday deadline.


Bugs can dry out and wither leaves on houseplants


"Fielding Questions" columnist Don Kinzler also answers questions about green potatoes and transplanting seedlings.


Insight: Why Do Projects wither On The Development Grapevine?

No matter how lush the soil, how old and precious the vines, how ideal the weather in a given year, if you wait too long to harvest, the grapes will wither and die on the vine. In wine as in life, ...


US crops wither in scorching heat

Drought is blistering key U.S. cash crops, further elevating prices for staples, including corn and wheat. The punishing dynamics of a torrid summer were evident this month on the Pro Farmer Crop ...


In eastern Ukraine’s largest city, pro-Russia sympathies wither as war looms

An unexploded long-range Russian rocket, brought here from the war-torn Donetsk region to the south, sticks out from the ground opposite the government headquarters of Ukraine’s second-largest ...


Undermain Theatre Presents wither GOEST THOU AMERICA: A Festival of New American Play Readings

Undermain Theatre presents Whither Goest Thou America, its fourth series of readings of new American plays examining the American Landscape. The Festival will feature readings by local playwrights, ...


Why Morgan Stanley Analysts Think Ethereum's Dominance Could wither Away In Face Of Competition

Ethereum’s (CRYPTO: ETH) dominance may get eroded as more competitors appear on the horizon, as per a report from the Wealth Management Global Investment Office of Morgan Stanley. The report ...


Faraz Osman: Don’t let the UK’s thriving kids’ content sector wither


With the BBC licence fee frozen and the YACF culled, this vital part of the industry needs as much support as it can get ...


If a political party doesn't change with times it will be left to wither

It doesn’t matter; if a political party doesn’t change with the times it is left to wither away. The cultural lies with which our generation has grown up have been shown to be an utter falsity – when ...


My twin boys spent kindergarten on Zoom. I watched their love of learning wither away.

That’s the thought going through my head now that in-person school closures are coming back. And I’m not alone. Every parent I know is asking the same thing. How can we do this again? How can they do ...


'You will fall on own sword, wither away, be like chaff'; 'Lord's angel will persecute you' – Duncan-Williams prays on 'enemies'

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has asked his ldquo;enemies rdquo; and ldquo;adversaries rdquo; that they shall be disappointed as far as their ill motives and thoughts for him are concerned. In a ...


Essential and Overlooked: How decades of inaction failed Virginia's Latinos during COVID

A five-month investigation by The Richmond Times-Dispatch sheds light on how Virginia's health infrastructure was allowed to wither for two decades, with grave consequences once COVID struck.


'Great British High Street' being allowed to 'wither and die'

By 2021 that number had dropped to just under 1,075,000, according to the latest ONS data. "The Great British High Street is being allowed to wither and die, GMB national secretary Andy Prendergast ...


wither Hills Farm Park Users Urged To Be Aware Of Fire Risk

Despite some rain forecast over the next week, the hot weather is set to continue in Marlborough and Council is asking people to take care when using the wither Hills Farm Park. Council’s Parks ...


Freixenet Copestick picks up wither Hills

Marlborough-based winery wither Hills has joined the expanding family of Freixenet Copestick agencies, after the firm entered into a partnership with brand owner Lion New Zealand. Established in 1994 ...


How to summon The wither in Minecraft


Taking on the wither requires quite a bit of setup, so here’s a full breakdown of how to summon the three-headed boss. Collect three wither skeleton skulls ...


wither our world

I am too old to be activist; but not too old to urge. And when the urging is about human existence – perhaps, the years impose a duty. I reflect on two prime ministers of Sweden it was my ...


Don’t let the UK’s thriving kids’ content sector wither

This article originally appeared in Broadcast Magazine With the BBC licence fee frozen and the YACF culled, this vital part of the industry needs as much support as it can get Throwing a kid’s party ...


Why do so many friendships wither as we age?

In the first hour of "Connections with Evan Dawson" on Friday, March 11, 2022, our guests share their thoughts on friendships: those they've lost, those they've kept, and what makes friendships stay ...


Second Test: Australia in box seat as Pakistan batting wither in Karachi


Visitors swell overall lead to 489 after third day’s play Karachi: Australia declared their first innings on 556 for nine and then skittled out Pakistan for 148 to seize control of the second Test in ...


14 Easy Bumper Crops for Your Beginner's Garden (and When to Grow Them)

And too many of us have had the bitter experience of trying to keep a houseplant alive only to see it defiantly wither away into brown sludge. It’s easy to assume that a successful garden ...


wither our world – a reflection by Shridath Ramphal

Entornointeligente.com / I am too old to be activist; but not too old to urge. And when the urging is about human existence – perhaps the years impose a duty. I reflect on two prime ministers of ...


Tim wither

Tim wither is a senior mining executive with over 17 years of experience in the resource industry, both domestically and internationally, with key involvement in the development of several ...


Soaring gas prices worsen journalism — and democracy — crisis


Congress must not allow America's free-press system to wither away, especially when there's a solution like the Local Journalism Sustainability Act at hand.


Lum: wither the weather?

It was late August 1964 when we first arrived in Aspen. The weather was glorious and it rained every afternoon around 3 o’clock — just one big splash and then the sun came back out. Burt was hired as ...


Technology is transforming the nature of money. Here's how it will affect our lives

IMF: Is cash destined to wither away? Prasad: The convenience of digital payments to both consumers and businesses makes it highly unlikely that cash will survive much longer. In China there are ...


No country for young people


Young people who would have made beneficial contributions to society wither away drowning in their sense of stagnation ...


As housing targets wither away, it’s time for councils to join us in the digital age


At the end of last year, over 1.1 million people were on local councils waiting lists for affordable housing in England alone, according to ONS figures.


Lindsey Graham suggests most Supreme Court picks by Democratic presidents would wither


South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham made it known on Monday that if Republicans held the Senate majority, Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson "would not have been before this ...


Omega Diagnostics hails Health & Nutrition revenue growth as Covid-related revenues wither


The H&N division remains one of the key areas of strategic focus, with substantial growth opportunities in both China and the US ...


View: wither opposition? Akhilesh Yadav decision indicates a long haul


At a time when the opposition appears on a weaker wicket, the decision of Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav to stay put in the state and play the role across the aisle with responsibility ...


REVIEW | The 2022 VW Polo GTI is a hot-hatch that won't wither your wallet


At R689,800, the Volkswagen Golf GTI has become priced out of the reach of some hot-hatch enthusiasts, leaving the Polo GTI to serve as the high-adrenaline model for VW fans.


United Community Bank Athlete of the Week: DCB’s Jess wither


In pursuit of her dreams, Jess wither moved across international borders to play hockey at Dakota College at Bottineau. Jess moved from Neepawa, Manitoba, leaving behind her parents and two younger ...


VOX POPULI: Civil service’s ethics code could wither if it is not well enforced

Washington, D.C., the political center of the United States, teems with lobbyists who are in the business of influencing legislators on behalf of the industries they represent. In a bid to ...


World Championship must remain a test of resolve as well as talent – Ken Doherty


Twenty-five years after he lifted his first and only world snooker crown, Ken Doherty is adamant the Crucible’s weighty traditions must not be allowed to wither amid unprecedented pressure to change.


Dry spell pushes wine tappers to fishing as coconut trees wither

[Nehemiah Okwembah, Standard] Wine tappers in Baga Moyo village in Rabai, Kilifi County, have been forced to look for alternative sources of livelihood as coconut trees dry up due to the ongoing ...


World Championship must remain a test of resolve as well as talent, says Ken Doherty


Twenty-five years after he lifted his first and only world snooker crown, Ken Doherty is adamant the Crucible’s weighty traditions must not be allowed to wither amid unprecedented pressure to change.


Fate of former courthouse to be decided by county


The former courthouse building in downtown Clarkesville continues to wither by the square in disrepair, while elected officials resume debate over the potential fate of the structure after a ...


Dentist body warns dental services in Wales will 'wither on the vine' without more support

"Covid needs to mark a turning point. If the Welsh Government fails to support NHS dentistry now the service looks set to wither on the vine." He continued, "Dentists give a lot to the profession ...


Adriatic ecosystems withstand major climate shifts but wither under human impact


An analysis of more than 70,000 fossils indicates that mollusk communities were incredibly resilient to major climatic shifts during the last ice age.


Sales Bloom, Profits wither for Procter & Gamble

Third-quarter results once again reflect the prudence of wide-moat Procter & Gamble’s (PG) decision eight years ago to tilt its portfolio more toward daily use, essential categories. Organic sales ...


How to Trap the wither in Minecraft


The wither is one of the two boss-type monsters in Minecraft. Unlike the Ender Dragon, the wither does not spawn naturally. Players can summon the wither using four soul sand blocks, and three wither ...


Viewpoints: wither Development in Our Chapel Hill Neighborhood?


Viewpoints” is a place on Chapelboro where local people are encouraged to share their unique perspectives on issues affecting our community. If you’d like to contribute a column on an issue you’re ...


IPL 2022 report card: Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders forge ahead as favourites wither


Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians fall, while Lucknow Super Giants, Gujarat Titans soar Some of the stars at IPL 2022. Clockwise from top left: Suryakumar Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Liam Livingstone, ...


Adriatic Ecosystems Withstand Major Climate Shifts But wither Under Human Impact, Study Shows


The influx of fertilizers into rivers and estuaries have sparked runaway reactions that deplete oxygen in marine and freshwater environments. Pollution from towns and cities creates a toxic mélange ...


Believe in Yourself and Entrepreneurial Success Will Follow


Their business could easily wither and die on the vine. Related: The Incredible Power of Believing in Yourself The last scenario I want to address is the would-be entrepreneur who never even starts ...


wither on the vine in Beispielsätzen


I talked to senior citizens and ordinary people all over this state who are worried that the American dream is dying on the vine. Diese Beispiele wurden automatisch ausgewählt und können vertrauliche ...


Examples of 'wither' in a sentence


When he went into retirement, he visibly withered. Industries unable to modernise have been left to wither. To see my body literally wither away before my eyes was exasperating. The flowers in ...


Esempi di "wither" in una frase


When he went into retirement, he visibly withered. Industries unable to modernise have been left to wither. To see my body literally wither away before my eyes was exasperating. The flowers in ...


Edible Garden Shares wither in Trading Debut After IPO >EDBL

By Colin Kellaher Shares of Edible Garden AG Inc. lost nearly half of their value in their trading debut Thursday after ...

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