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watchers (plural noun)

  - a person who observes something attentively or regularly:



Top Asked Questions

  1. What is Watcher?
    (n) A person who observes the activities of another person. Those being observed by a watcher are usually unaware they are being inspected and studied by a third party, unless that third party reveals themself to be a watcher. Kelly: " I see that you added that slutty hot chick to your Myspace friends list .
  2. Who are the Watchers in the Bible?
    Who are the Watchers in the Bible? The term for “watcher” is from Aramaic, one of the few times in the Old Testament that Aramaic is used instead of Hebrew. The term for watcher is from the Aramaic phrase “`iyr” and means “wakeful one, watcher,” or “angel” therefore a watcher was meant as an angel bestowed from God.
  3. What is the definition of a watchman?
    1. a person who watches. 2. (Medicine) a person who maintains a vigil at the bedside of an invalid. 3. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) US a representative of a candidate or party stationed at a poll on election day to watch out for fraud.
  4. Who are the Watchers/angels?
    Although, there are the fallen watchers/angels which became demons after the fall. Also, don’t mistake watchers with mythological creatures watching over humanity. Who’s only responsibility is to be eternally aware and watching over us. The watchers are angels watching over us. They are simple messengers of God.

"Watchers" Example Sentences


Three Surprising Questions About Apple’s New MacBook Pro


With many Apple watchers expecting a new MacBook Pro to be launched this week, these are the questions Tim Cook will need to answer about the next macOS laptop.


'Remove security cabins from Panje wetland site'

Green activists and bird watchers have urged the state government to remove the security cabins, which are still installed at the Panje wetland, which ...


2nd egg of the season spotted on Avon Lake Bald Eagle Cam


A 360-degree angle camera placed at the nest lets eagle enthusiasts become 24/7 bird watchers through a continuous livestream on YouTube.


Twitchers invited to West Coast Wader Bash Lite


Avid bird watchers are invited to participate in the SANParks Honorary Rangers West Coast Region’s Wader Bash Lite on Saturday 5 March.


Industry experts watch for impact on resin prices from Ukraine crisis


The Ukraine crisis could lead to higher resin prices in North America and other parts of the world, according to market watchers contacted by Plastics News.


Oil prices — and how fast they're moving — threaten to 'wipe out' drivers: Analyst

With the U.S. now moving to curtail Russian oil imports — and leaning on allies to do the same — it's not just oil's absolute price that has market watchers concerned.


Weight watchers App Gathered Data From Children, F.T.C. Says

Kurbo by WW, a weight loss app geared toward children, illegally collected data from users as young as 8 without their parents’ consent, the Federal Trade Commission said in a complaint.


Bird watchers expected to flock to Roebuck Bay for annual shorebird migration


Each year in March, bird watchers travel to Roebuck Bay in droves to witness one of Broome’s most spectacular natural phenomenons.


Flight of the yellow cardinal: bird with rare mutation draws interest across Florida


Bird watchers have been observing a rare one-in-a-million yellow cardinal in a wooded teaching area at the UF campus in Gainesville.


FTC, Justice Say Weight watchers Parent Group Illegally Collected Child Health Data


Federal prosecutors filed a complaint against children’s weight loss app Kurbo, alleging it collected health data without parental consent in an effort to market weight management services for use by ...


FTC Takes Action Against WW for Collecting Children's Health Data

The company formerly known as Weight watchers is required to delete the data, destroy algorithms and pay a penalty.


Weight watchers diet app collected data on kids as young as 8, FTC says

WW International — formerly known as Weight watchers — and a subsidiary used a diet app to illegally collect personal data on children as young as eight, the Federal Trade Commission said Friday. In a ...


Kate Middleton Pulls Off An Impossibly Graceful Slide Dismount In Heels


The Duchess of Cambridge wowed royal watchers on Tuesday when she pulled off a graceful slide dismount ― in heels, no less ― during a stop on her solo royal visit to Denmark. The visit is on behalf of ...


Surprise, dismay, and delight greet Amazon’s decision to close its physical bookstores


Reacting to a plot twist that many did not see coming, book lovers, sellers and Amazon watchers were caught off guard Wednesday by the news that the company is abandoning its bookstores and two ...


'It's a show stopper': One-in-a-million picturesque yellow cardinal spotted in Florida


Bird watchers have been observing a rare one-in-a-million yellow cardinal in a wooded teaching area at the University of Florida campus.


Putin doesn’t fear a coup by oligarchs. But he should fear his fellow spies.

Analysts and Russia watchers are batting about the idea that perhaps Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin has become mentally unstable. They point to ranting speeches where Putin seems ...


Commentary: Putin, manhood, and mad coward disease


It’s Women’s History Month and in an act of unthinkable atrocity, Mad Vlad Putin is indiscriminately killing women and children across Ukraine. Men, too, of course. Some Kremlin watchers say he is “no ...


Jenny Craig Diet vs. Weight watchers (WW)

If you're looking to lose some weight, you might want to consider trying one of the established, commercial weight-loss programs available today. Both Jenny Craig and WW (formerly Weight watchers) ...


Putin tried to create a homegrown tech industry, his failure could be key to a Russian defeat, experts say


Economists and Russia watchers believe that Putin underestimated the efficacy of Western sanctions in sapping Russia's power to wage war ...


A ‘firestorm’ of hawkish Fed speculation erupts following strong U.S. inflation reading

However, Robert Perli, head of global policy at Piper Sandler, said the firestorm among Fed watchers felt like “much ado about little.” “We are first to recognize that inflation is too high ...


FLIC celebrates 10th film festival

Feb. 3—The warmth and heartfelt thanks that flowed from movie makers and watchers at Flathead Lake International Cinemafest (FLIC) last weekend in Polson confirmed this 10th anniversary event to be a ...


Why Some Say Putin Is Happy His Oligarchs Are Getting Sanctioned


Veteran Kremlin watchers tell Forbes that the Russian president doesn’t care much about the asset freezes and travel bans that hound his country’s billionaires.


Will Attack on Titan's Creator Publish Another Series Someday?


Attack on Titan has kept readers and watchers busy for more than a decade, but its story will end soon enough. Hajime Isayama closed the manga a year ago, and season four is nearing its end as well.


Weight watchers Slapped With $1.5 Million Fine Over App for Children


"The personal information of more and more people is being circulated on the dark web. That includes children....," warns Marketplace.


Weight watchers App Violated Kids’ Privacy, DOJ Says


The Department of Justice alleges that the Kurbo app and website illegally harvested information on kids as young as 8—ranging from names and phone numbers to height and weight.


Most speech watchers say State of the Union made them feel optimistic, proud - CBS News poll


After nearly two years of the coronavirus pandemic, more than half who tuned in Tuesday night said the speech made them feel like the coronavirus is mostly behind us. Older Americ ...


Nearly 8 in 10 State of the Union watchers approved of Biden's remarks: poll


Nearly 80 percent of those who watched President Biden's first State of the Union address approved of his remarks, according to a new poll released on Wednesday.A new CBS News/YouGov poll found that ...


Speech watchers have mostly positive reaction of Biden's State of the Union, CNN poll shows

A 55% majority of speech watchers say Biden has had the right priorities so far as president, with 45% saying that he hasn't paid enough attention to the country's more important problems.


Why are some space watchers excited the moon will be hit by space junk?


Why are some space watchers excited that the moon will be hit by space junk? Experts say the moon will get hit by a three ton piece of space junk. There is some debate over who is responsible for this ...


FTC: Weight watchers app illegally collected data from kids

"The department is committed to enforcing the protections against unauthorized collection of information from consumers." ...


Weight watchers allegedly used diet app to illegally gather data on children, FTC says

A complaint, filed on Friday by the justice department on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission, said that Weight watchers and its subsidiary Kurbo – a kids’ weight management platform – vi ...


FTC Fines Weight watchers $1.5 Milion Over Children's Privacy


Diet company Weight watchers and its youth-oriented Kurbo subsidiary illegally collected data from children as young as 8, the FTC said Friday.


In Texas, midterm election watchers try to divine nation's political mood


Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott easily bested a group of right-wing challengers to lock up his party’s nomination Tuesday, and will face Democrat Beto O’Rourke in November.


Targeting super yachts owned by Russian oligarchs could hit a nerve in Moscow


With sanctions levied and financial assets seized in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, industry watchers say Russian oligarchs are trying to keep their yachts from being taken.


The Books of Enoch: The Angels, The watchers and The Nephilim:Illustrated Edition


The well known and acclaimed work of Dr. Joseph Lumpkin has been enlarged to include new research on the Books of Enoch, Fallen Angels, the watchers, and the Nephilim. After presenting extensive ...


Opinions | Putin doesn’t fear a coup by oligarchs. But he should fear his fellow spies.


Analysts and Russia watchers are batting about the idea that perhaps Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin has become mentally unstable. They point to ranting speeches where Putin seems to invent history ...


Pandemic and Anti-Vaxxer Conspiracy Theorists are Making the Ukraine Crisis All About Them


Photo Illustration by Kristen Hazzard/The Daily Beast/GettyFor weeks now, misinformation watchers have been monitoring a sudden shift within COVID-19 conspiracy circles, away from railing against ...


Gray whales spotted off Washington’s coast already — but that’s not typical. Here’s why


Gray whales are migrating to Washington waters to feed earlier than usual, and whale watchers in the state are calling it “unprecedented.” Typically the gray whales called the Sounders detour from ...


Smart For Life Agrees To Acquire Vitamin & Supplement Company Ceautamed For Undisclosed Sum


Smart For Life Inc (NASDAQ: SMFL) has agreed to acquire the vitamin and supplement company Ceautamed Worldwide LLC and its affiliates, Wellness watchers Global LLC and Greens First Female LLC. The ...


Insane optical illusion will trip you right out – watch it for 20 seconds and see for yourself


THIS insane optical illusion has left people in a spin – as it will leave your surroundings swirling uncontrollably. The 20-second clip has caused a stir online after watchers were left in a ...


Mr Mbowe, this is what is ailing Tanzania


Mr Mbowe, my heartfelt commiserations for your several months of incarceration. Many watchers of the case can attest to how mind-boggling it all was. Being associated with terrorism is the most ...


Skeptics Remain as China Stocks Rally Strongly on Stability Vows


As commitments from China’s top economic leaders to boost financial markets triggered a sharp rebound in shares, many equity watchers remain skeptical that the commentary is enough to put a floor ...


How experimental was Microsoft's 'experimental banner' in File Explorer?


Comment Microsoft's hurried backpedal over advertisements in File Explorer has industry watchers concerned. The Windows Insider Team has form when it comes to accidental emissions. There was the ...


Eyewitnesses Report Intimidation By Texas Poll watchers

There were two others that were talking about the Tea Party, she added. Haver is the Houston Director of Texans Together which has a project called Houston Votes, which has been targeted by an ...


Feder: As ‘Judge Jerry’ adjourns, what’s Springer’s next role?

The news that NBCUniversal Syndication Studios will cease production of Jerry Springer's daytime court show at the end of its third season has TV industry watchers wondering what the longtime host ...


China Could Cut Rates in Days After Strong Vow to Investors


China watchers expect the central bank to take policy action within days after top financial leaders made a strong pledge to boost markets and support the economy.


Fed officials hint at faster rate hikes than expected

While most market watchers know this week’s interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve was the first of many, the rate of those increases could come faster than expected. Two Fed officials are making a ...


Russia seeks China military equipment, India grows wary


Experienced Russia watchers are reminded of the confidence with which the erstwhile Red Army went into Afghanistan in 1979, expecting to conquer Kabul within days.


Opinion: Forget about library books; our schools need to teach bigger lessons


It's hard not to chortle at the gyrations of recent Hamilton County Board of Education meetings where members and watchers endured the board's "special book review committee" conversations and reports ...


OPINION: Forget about library books; our schools need to teach bigger lessons

It's hard not to chortle at the gyrations of recent Hamilton County Board of Education meetings where members and watchers endured the board's "special book review committee" conversations and reports ...

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