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transports (third person present)

  - take or carry (people or goods) from one place to another by means of a vehicle, aircraft, or ship:

  - send (a convict) to a penal colony:

  - cause (someone) to feel that they are in another place or time:

  - overwhelm (someone) with a strong emotion, especially joy:

  - a system or means of conveying people or goods from place to place by means of a vehicle, aircraft, or ship:

  - the action of transporting something or the state of being transported:

  - a large vehicle, ship, or aircraft used to carry troops or stores:

  - a convict who was transported to a penal colony.

  - an overwhelmingly strong emotion:


convey, carry, take, transfer, move, shift, bring, fetch, send, deliver,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the meaning of transport?
    Transport (in British English ), or transportation (in American English ), is the movement of humans, animals, and goods from one location to another. In other words, the action of transport is defined as a particular movement of an organism or thing from a point A (a place in space) to a point B.
  2. What is transporation?
    Transportation is moving whatever comes out of one location to the next location. That might mean transporting something from a manufacturer to a distributor, or from a distributor to a customer. Whether you call it transport or transportation just depends on which country you come from.
  3. What is the action of transport?
    In other words, the action of transport is defined as a particular movement of an organism or thing from a point A (a place in space) to a point B. Modes of transport include air, land ( rail and road ), water, cable, pipeline, and space. The field can be divided into infrastructure, vehicles, and operations.
  4. What is the importance of Transportation?
    Transport is a key necessity for specialization-allowing production and consumption of products to occur at different locations. Throughout history, transport has been a spur to expansion; better transport allows more trade and a greater spread of people.

"Transports" Example Sentences


New Air Force One delivery could be 17 months behind schedule


The delivery of the first new Air Force One plane, the aircraft that transports the president of the United States, could now be 17 months later than originally planned, Boeing is projecting. The ...


That Semiconductor Forecast? Toss It!


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine transports the global semiconductor sector into a twilight zone. We also seek clarity as the line blurs between consumer burdens and AV capabilities.


LIVE MARKETS U.S. stocks weaken amid the weight of war

U.S. indexes fall, but DJI, SPX end well off worst levels DJ transports end just below flat; FANGs, chips, banks hit hard Financials weakest major S&P 500 sector; energy leads gainers Dollar, gold ...


British man transports 80 vulnerable Ukrainians across Polish border in cab

British-Ukrainian Roman Tymchyshyn, 31, has also transported refugees’ pets including a cat, a rabbit, two dogs and a turtle.


Paris Has Plans For A $145 Million Cable Car System For Quick, Efficient Travel

Paris has plans for a cable-car system that transports passengers from the suburbs to the city. The project, known as "Cable 1," addresses Paris' traffic and overcrowded buses. It is expected to only ...


Stocks toss and turn all day as we await Thursday’s CPI

DAfter the up and down all day – we ended the day both up and down…the Dow ended flat, the S&P off 17 pts, the Nasdaq down 84 pts, the Russell up 10 pts and the transports down 22 pts.


Critical Mass X review: Most captivating art transports the viewer


For more than 40 years, the esteemed North Louisiana artist Clyde Connell made sculptures, paintings, and mixed media objects that offered deep reflections on her surroundings.


LIVE MARKETS U.S. stocks step gingerly in early trade

S&P, Dow barely higher, Nasdaq red; banks, transports outperform U.S. Jan existing home sales 6.5m vs 6.1m est U.S. Jan Leading index MM -0.3% vs 0.2% est Euro STOXX 600 index off ~0.4% Dollar up ...


Helen Miller Live

Nationally known gospel recording artist and ordained minister, Helen Miller-­Best, transports listeners back to the way church “used to be”, with hand-­clapping, foot-­tapping praise. Helen Miller ...


Licorice Pizza Movie Review: A revitalising coming-of-age rom-com


Cooper Hoffman, Maya Rudolph, Christine Ebersole Rating: 3.5/5 A story about growing up, falling in love, exploring life with enterprising fervour, this Paul Thomas Anderson film transports the viewer ...


Macro Photography: Get inspired with these amazing macro photos

(Pocket-lint) - The beauty of macro photography is that it captures details not visible with the naked eye. It transports us into entire worlds that we’re not normally privy to and has become an ...


World of Wonder Docuseries FROCKUMENTARY Sets Premiere


Following the lives of RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE UK stars Baga Chipz, Divina De Campo and Blu Hydrangea, aka the Frock Destroyers, Frockumentary transports people back to 2020 to see the pop group record, ...


Can a Fruit Tree Survive if the Outer Skin Is Peeled Off?

The outer layer is the bark. This layer protects the tree. Under the outer bark is the inner bark, or phloem, which transports food made in the tree's leaves down to the rest of the tree.


Studio Visits: Emma Stern


A step into artist Emma Stern‘s studio in Brooklyn transports you into a colorful space that’s not too far from the gradient, fantastical worlds that she captures through painting. While Stern is ...


If you heart Broadway melodies, you’re bound to fall for ‘She Loves Me’ at Signature Theatre


She is the silky-voiced heroine Amalia Balash in Signature Theatre’s sweetly embraceable revival of “She Loves Me,” a musical that transports you back to a golden era of Broadway melodies so rich they ...


Company Sued Sheriff and FBI For $1.2M in Illegally Seized Cannabis Money

Lawyers representing Empyreal Logistics, a Pennsylvania-based company that transports money for various clients including cannabis dispensaries, accused law enforcement officials of "scheming" to ...


FBI and California sheriff illegally seized marijuana cash belonging to licensed dispensaries, lawsuit claims

In the civil suit filed in federal district court, lawyers for Empyreal, a Pennsylvania-based company that transports money on behalf of institutions that include cannabis dispensaries ...


Ovid and the Renaissance Body

¹ Marvell’s touching monody transports readers to a sensual greenworld into which cruelty, death, and metamorphosis violently intrude. Narrated by a melancholy nymph, the poem describes how... ‘Male ...


Are Markets Searching for a Bottom?


We believe the equity markets are likely searching for a bottom, but more progress is needed to increase our confidence. Of the major equity indexes, only the Dow Jones transports closed higher ...


The Trippy ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ transports SXSW to the Hot Dog-Fingered Multiverse


A24As its title might imply, it’s tough to sum up Everything Everywhere All at Once. Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, the duo behind the equally baffling Swiss Army Man, specialize in weird projects ...


Writer for iPad: The Key to Good Writing?

The font transports the provisory character of drafting and forces you to read slowly and precisely without being tedious to look at.) 3. READING TIME gives you an approximation of how long it will ...


Vote for The Wordy Traveler

The Wordy Traveler offers a quarterly cure for wanderlust with their book club that transports readers to exotic and romantic destinations around the globe. Each shipment includes one or three ...


Autonomously Transporting Crops with Suma Reddy


Future Acres’s robotic harvest companion, Carry, autonomously transports crops within the farms and collects valuable data. Suma also discusses the impact of their technology and their visions for the ...


Women's Day 2022: Google Doodle celebrates with animated video featuring women acing diverse roles in society

Google released a Doodle on International Women's Day that transports users around the world to give a glimpse into the everyday lives of women across different cultures. It depicts how women show up ...


Guest column: Help keep our students safe, be alert around school buses

The Sequim School District transports more than 800 of our children on a daily basis on bus routes. After more than 60 near disasters this school year, the inevitable happened..


Mining company Boliden buys 74 tonnes electrified Scania truck for heavy transport


A 74 tonnes electrified truck for heavy transports will be delivered to mining company Boliden spring 2022. The electrified truck is a part ...


Skyway Interactive Unveils Virtual Tour For Houston Rockets Arena


Skyway Interactive, which transports fans and athletes to athletic venues through its virtual tours, announced the launch of the Houston Rockets virtual tour for the Toyota Center. The tour features a ...


Tyler, the Creator transports D.C. to a Spring Break Dreamscape


Tyler, the Creator rolled onto the Capital One Arena stage in a 1939 Rolls-Royce, beginning his exhilarating performance atop a recreation of a two-story turquoise mansion with Florida beach house ...


Album reviews with Ian Sinclair

Lifeboat (Lovers Rock) employs moving strings that bring to mind the summer daze of Nick Drake’s songs, while Organum transports the listener to the Scottish highlands. Playful, eclectic and ...


‘Fair Game’: Russian Foreign Minister Threatens Any Transport They ‘Believe’ Carries Weapons


Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov threatened that weapons transports to Ukraine will be considered military targets.


The Smugglers

"Sawbones, ye Neptune's curse! Ye've laid a trap and for that you'll die by the pike" - Captain Pike Storyline Ben and Polly are incredulous when the Doctor's Tardis transports them to a beach in ...


Andrew Bird, 'Atomized'


Andrew Bird transports listeners to a lush musical world. Highlighted by his uniquely distorted pizzicato violin, pitch-perfect whistling and distinctively erudite lyrics, "Atomized" finds Bird ...


New Charges Against Local Resident In Capitol Riot


Police Mull Charges After Connellsville School Bus Driver Refuses To Drop Kids OffThe Connellsville Area School District and the bus company that transports students are responding to an incident that ...


RTA, Dubai Police review delivery bike safety on roads


Motorbike incidents go up from 300 in 2020 to 400 in 2021 Dubai: The safety of Dubai’s roads with an increase in motorbike delivery services has come in for a detailed review by the Road transports ...


Experiencing more joy


Joy is happiness on steroids. It is a brilliant excitation and expansion of our heart that touches our soul. It transports us to a lovely, elevated state. We love the joy that we see children express ...


Public Works Minister from Cameroon: Preparatory support for...

NNA - Minister of Public Works and Transport Ali Hamieh visited today the “Advanced Maritime transports Company” (AMT) in Cameroon, which is specialized in providing ports with technica ...


Variability and Feedbacks in the Atlantic Freshwater Budget of CMIP5 Models With Reference to Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation Stability


It has been suggested that freshwater transports by the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) in the South Atlantic may be a useful metric for determining the stability of the AMOC ...


Pedri, the fashionable player makes his debut at the Bernabéu


Advertisement Turned at 19 into the fashionable player in Spainin one of those fevers that transcend the soccer and social plane, and that transports us to moments like those of Butragueño, Raúl, De ...


What Is the Role Bark Plays in a Tree's Survival?

Severe bark damage will kill the tree. Inner Bark transports The inner layer of bark, called the phloem, transports sugars made by photosynthesis in the leaves back down to feed the branches ...


A minimalist Bengaluru home that transports you to Kerala


Warm woodwork and tropical architecture by Aanai Design Studio lend this home in Bengaluru a unique personality reminiscent of God's Own Country ...


Make your home at sky height in Melbourne's cultural hub

Far more than just another residential development, the sky high tower transports its residents from the real world to a place where home in the heavens.


Blossoming Palestine – Photos and Poem


It is the season of peach flower blossoms in Gaza. The Palestine Chronicle transports you to a beautiful scene in an equally beautiful Gaza.


Loveland veteran transports dogs across the country through national volunteer program


Eryn Avis is the founder of Just a Girl Moving Dogs, a volunteer group that helps to relay rescue dogs across the country completely for free; whether they are moving to a new state with their ...


Russian army transports bodies of dead soldiers at night as death toll mounts


The Russian army are ferrying the bodies of their dead soldiers out of Ukraine at night in an attempt to hide the scale of their casualties. According to reports they are being moved to Belarus by ...


Canadian Pacific Railway trains stop during ongoing labor dispute


CP transports grain, ethanol, potash and crude oil across Canada and the Midwest, and services grain elevators across North Dakota and Minnesota.


Washington DC convoy will be 'like a giant boa constrictor that squeezes chokes, and swallows you'

Bob Bolus, who's leading a fleet of transports from Pennsylvania to Washington on Wednesday, plans to help shut down the Capital Beltway on Friday in protest of vaccine mandates, pandemic-related ...


Stéphane Doyen nommé Cyber Risk Manager France de Transdev

Stéphane Doyen était jusqu’à présent responsable des systèmes d’information de Transdev Healthcare. L'opérateur de transports publics Transdev a nommé un responsable de la gestion des cyber-risques en ...


"A plein temps" : elle court, elle court la banlieue dans un film trépidant avec Laure Calamy


Laure Calamy est de tous les plans en banlieusarde parisienne, chef de rang dans un palace, prise dans une grève des transports : haletant.


Consumers can expect less bread, cleaners, lumber — even makeup — on the shelves as CP Rail dispute enters third day

CP Rail transports about half of Canada’s raw materials. Food, forest, plastics, chemicals and automotive parts are the most significant resources delivered by rail into the Toronto area.


Etihad Cargo transports 4 rescued servals to their forever home


Parnters with Panthera Africa, Born Free Foundation and Natuurhulpcentrum to transport the animals to South Africa.

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