Tragedy example sentences

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[ˈtrajədē] ✕ Play


tragedy (noun) · tragedies (plural noun)

  - an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress, such as a serious accident, crime, or natural catastrophe:

  - a play dealing with tragic events and having an unhappy ending, especially one concerning the downfall of the main character:

  - the dramatic genre represented by tragedy: Compare with comedy.


disaster, calamity, catastrophe, cataclysm, devastation, misfortune, misadventure, mishap, reverse, vicissitude,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the meaning of tragedy in literature?
    e Tragedy (from the Greek: τραγῳδία, tragōidia) is a form of drama based on human suffering and, mainly, the terrible or sorrowful events that befall a main character. Traditionally, the intention of tragedy is to invoke an accompanying catharsis, or a "pain [that] awakens pleasure", for the audience.
  2. What is the meaning of averting tragedy?
    a very sad event or situation, especially one involving death or suffering: The pilot averted a tragedy when he succeeded in preventing the plane from crashing. Hitler's invasion of Poland led to the tragedy of the Second World War. His life was touched by hardship and personal tragedy.
  3. What is the meaning of tragic?
    (trăj′ĭ-dē)·e·dies 1. a. A drama or literary work in which the main character is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow, especially as a consequence of a tragic flaw, moral weakness, or inability to cope with unfavorable circumstances. b.
  4. What is the root word of tragedy in Greek?
    Aristotle's Tragic Plot Structure. The word tragedy appears to have been used to describe different phenomena at different times. It derives from Classical Greek τραγῳδία, contracted from trag(o)-aoidiā = goat song, which comes from tragos = he-goat and aeidein = to sing (cf. ode).

"Tragedy" Example Sentences


Author John Bruno's new book "Go Stop Repeat" is an incredible love story of a couple separated by tragedy who fight their way back to one another


John Bruno, an accomplished musician and proud husband, has completed his new book "Go Stop Repeat": a captivating romance.


Author Elizabeth Alexander on the tragedy That Changed a Generation


Darnella Frazier, the young woman who recorded Floyd’s killing on her cellphone, was 17 at the time. She bore witness with incalculable bravery, recording at close range the very act of murder by and ...


Qld floods: Gold Coast family lose belongings weeks after unimaginable tragedy


A Gold Coast family is struggling to come to terms with the unimaginable tragedy of losing all their belongings in the floods just three weeks after their infant son died.


'Joe vs. Carole' star John Cameron Mitchell on the Shakespearean tragedy of the Tiger King


The creator of the queer cult classics “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” and “Shortbus” steps into the mainstream as the flamboyant zoo owner Joe Exotic.


Review: ‘Sandy Hook’ is vital reading in the post-truth age


An American tragedy and the Battle for the Truth” by Elizabeth Williamson (Dutton) If you stand on a street corner all day yelling at passersby, you might reach a few hundred people.


J.D. Irving, Limited offers support to Ukraine through donations, immigration


In support of the Ukrainian people as they deal with the tragedy unfolding in their country, J.D. Irving Limited will match their employees’ donations to the Canadian Red Cross’ “Ukraine Humanitarian ...


Author Patrick Clarke’s 5-Book Package is a Bundle of Suspense, tragedy and Adventure

The books take you on an emotional roller coaster journey that keeps you hooked till the very end of the story. The mesmerizing saga is a reflection of ...


How we are all superheroes in our own ways

Every so often, I read about the latest tragedy or human rights violation that has been plastered all over the headlines. Every single time, a part of me hurts, not just for those that suffer, but ...


Boujee Boards' founder's heartfelt gesture to cabbie whose house was firebombed

The cabbie also helped keep Boujee Board's staff off the road as a Covid safe precaution to prevent unnecessary travel. However, tragedy struck Robbie last month when his home went up in smoke ...


Video Shows Customers Packing Russian Ikea as Company Closes Locations


"The devastating war in Ukraine is a human tragedy and our deepest empathy and concerns are with the millions of people impacted," Ikea owner Ingka Group said.


Stunning: directorial debuts don’t get any better than this


As with the Taj, we don’t see the father, but he permeates Humayun’s perspective and motivations, and therefore the tragedy that unfolds. Joseph’s story is probably a myth: the emperor Shah Jahan ...



Happily ever after had never looked more magical than one knee and one ring. Seven long years apart: too much tragedy to process. And I’d finally gotten back the piece of me that I lost. Jackson Lucas ...


tragedy as casual laborer falls and dies at construction site in Pangani

A casual labourer fell from the 14th floor of a building under construction and died on the spot in Pangani, Nairobi. Cornelius Simiyu, 35, was among 40 workers at the site when he slid and fell on ...


tragedy in Baffin Bay

In every issue, there were grainy snapshots of us climbing rock walls or icefalls. Because most of the reports in The Alpine Epic involved high risk, club member Tim Banks (nicknamed McTavish ...


Queensland’s flood toll rises as missing woman’s body found on Gold Coast


We fear she may have got swept into river in flood water.” Mudgeeraba during the Queensland floods of 2022. Picture: Ryan Stewart Locals have also taken the time to express their sorrow at the tragedy ...


Forever on the mountain: Success and tragedy on Cerro Torre

The sub-freezing nighttime temperatures, they reasoned, would offer some safety from rockfall and icefall while they descended. The other team would bivouac on the summit and rappel the southeast ...


Russia’s Invasion Presents Double-Edged Concerns for Ethereum


Some analysts will diplomatically refer to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a tragedy. As I’ve had time to digest the latest news, I’ve now arrived at the conclusion that this is no tragedy — it’s pure ...


Forum held to raise domestic violence awareness

One week after five people died in a church shooting, the community held a forum to talk about the horrific tragedy and increase awareness about domestic violence.


Averting a Shakespeare tragedy in Lyric Stage’s ‘The Book of Will’


Playwright Lauren Gunderson has turned to history for inspiration — in this case, the literary rescue operation of Shakespeare's works.


'We are family': Three months after Waukesha parade tragedy, the injured and traumatized lean on each other as they move forward

Across the Waukesha area, those affected by the tragedy are working to heal and move forward. Some are finding value in going through it together.


Georgetown’s Patrick Ewing era needs to end, but it doesn’t have to be a tragedy


There is no need for Georgetown and Patrick Ewing to ponder their future, not one that involves him remaining the head coach. No amount of memories, mutual love or money owed should obscure the ...


‘Stone Temple Pilots: Alive in the Windy City’ Is Majestic Reminder Of Alt Rock tragedy


This concert film finds the band displaying the full breadth of their musical powers but also points to the problems that would forever tear them apart.


Duck Boat tours are coming back to Branson four years after tragedy on Table Rock Lake


Four years after a tragedy that killed 17 people on Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri, duck boats are returning to the popular tourist destination. But, organizers say these are not the same "ducks ...


India’s Diplomatic Tightrope Walk

From Sundar Viswam, New York, NY Russia and Ukraine are currently engaged in a totally unnecessary but devastating war in which there will be no eventual winner but much tragedy and many losers, ...


tragedy of errors: Paralysed Auckland man reveals botched rescue and battle with ACC for support

"My condition is Asia B tetraplegia, which is incomplete paralysis and a key part of that is there is an ability to come right - I could stand and walk one day, regain total independence," he said.


Five members of the same family killed in Ukraine including young baby

Ukrainian patrolman Oleg Fedko had decided to move his family away as Russian soldiers continue their assault across the country, BBC reported. tragedy struck when he was on shift and it was ...


Mild to wild genre bending in tragedy of Macbeth and Wolf Like Me

Once upon a time in TV land, a genre was a genre. For the better part of half a century, we watched our shows while eating our meat and three veg on purpose-built aluminium stands - until an ...


Chris Stapleton Performs ‘Watch You Burn’ in Remembrance of Route 91 tragedy at 2022 ACM Awards


Chris Stapleton took the stage at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Monday night (Mar. 7) to play “Watch You Burn,” his song about the tragic shooting at Vegas’ Route 91 country festival in 2017.


The Second tragedy of Sandy Hook

A painfully compelling new book explores the “hoaxers” who descended upon an unthinkable tragedy—and their ringleader.


Braving their own tragedy of losing their son, all of 20, the family’s magnanimous gesture of Organ Donation kindles hope for 4

The life of Yash Pandey, all of 20 years,  came to an abrupt end as he was declared brain dead at PGIMER on Friday following a fatal head injury. But amid their immense grief, the brave heart family f ...


Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier 'the romance of the century'? It feels more like a tragedy to me


Truly Madly by Stephen Galloway looks at the stars' liaison, from wearing each other's knickers to fantasy beatings with Oscar statuettes ...


The real price of war


A picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll keep this brief. The front page of Monday’s New York Times prominently featured a photograph, bothheartbreaking and haunting, that captured the tragedy ...


EastEnders tragedy as beloved resident's death sealed after heartbreaking diagnosis?

We use your sign-up to provide content in ways you've consented to and to improve our understanding of you. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. You can ...


Abbott Elementary on ABC: Comedy in the tragedy of public education

Abbott Elementary, set in a dilapidated Philadelphia school, is an unusually smart series. Aired on ABC and streamed on Hulu, the show has gained both critical accolades and a loyal following, ...


When conflicts arise or when officers need an ear, police chaplain Scott Utter steps in

Scott Utter is on the frontlines of seeing the tragedy of what families and officers face. He offers a listening ear and a helping hand.


‘Hero alert’ VIDEO: Dashcam shows patrol car smash head-on into accused drunken driver to prevent potential tragedy

A Florida highway patrol master trooper is being called a hero after putting herself in harm’s way to prevent a tragedy, KPRC 2′s sister station WJXT reported.


Giving to Help Ukraine—the Smart Way

With the unfolding tragedy in Ukraine, many Americans feel the urge to help. It’s probably no surprise, then, that we are seeing an upsurge of notices, ads, and appeals to provide financial assistance ...


tragedy In Ukraine could have been avoided

With no core security interest of its own at stake, the United States must ensure that the invasion of Ukraine does not precipitate a greater war in Europe, which could escalate to the nuclear ...


Putin’s War on Ukraine Shows the Dreadful Power of History


"It is Ukraine’s tragedy that the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is a textbook example of how to draw the wrong lessons from the past" ...


How Embracing For tragedy Makes Better Leaders


But in the long run, I contend that the latter option—embracing the tragedy in your life—will put you on the path for legitimate inner satisfaction. Furthermore, experiencing and then turning towards ...


Remarkable Women: Tampa mom motivated by tragedy to help child abuse victims


Judy Cornett is the founder of Safety Zone Advocacy, a nonprofit dedicated to the education, prevention & intervention of sex crimes against children.


Remarkable Women: Caroline Hawthorne overcame tragedy to serve community

WJHL is recognizing the great contributions women have made to our nation and local communities. One of our finalists turned a family tragedy into a blessing ...


‘My heart is aching’: Devastated family of tragic five-year-old Rayan speak out as tributes pour in from across the world after five-day Morocco well rescue ends in tragedy

Speaking after Rayan's death was confirmed on Saturday his aunt, Atiqua Awram told local media: 'My nephew, my heart is aching for him, too much. May God be with him, just like how God stood with us.' ...


‘My heart is aching’: tragedy as five-year-old Rayan trapped in well in Morocco for four days dies

His plight had captured worldwide attention. After the boy’s death was confirmed, Rayan’s aunt Atiqua Awram said: “My heart is aching for him, too much. “My nephew, my heart aches for him. “May God be ...


Triumph after tragedy: an influx of grandmothers aspire to join the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies after Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy

On Sunday, Nov 21, 2021, a red SUV drove through the Waukesha Christmas parade killing three Milwaukee Dancing Grannies and a spouse. The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies have welcomed the women wanting to ...


Travis Scott Speaks Out on Astroworld tragedy and His "Lifelong Journey" Toward Healing


In a statement released on March 8, Travis Scott vowed that he "will always honor the victims of the Astroworld tragedy." Find out what he plans to do to introduce "real change" to his community.


Lawyer: Man accused of girl's shooting death not a 'monster'

Lawyers for Tony Earls along with his wife on Monday called the Feb. 14 fatal shooting of Arlene Alvarez a tragedy but argued Earls was not reckless when he fired in self-defense at a truck he ...


‘I’m the Operator’: The Aftermath of a Self-Driving tragedy

In 2018, an Uber autonomous vehicle fatally struck a pedestrian. In a WIRED exclusive, the human behind the wheel finally speaks.


The tragedy of German Rearmament

The genuine pacifistic nationalism (not neutralism) that is struggling with other ideological out looks in Germany today rarely comes to the surface in words or actions because it is too new ...


Young Dolph Memorial Site Caretaker, Jeremiah Taylor, Killed!


Young Dolph memorial site caretaker, Jeremiah Taylor, is shot and killed. This tragedy has Mr. Taylor's friends and family utterly distraught.

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