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traditions (plural noun)

  - the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way:

  - a long-established custom or belief that has been passed on from one generation to another:

  - an artistic or literary method or style established by an artist, writer, or movement, and subsequently followed by others:

  - a doctrine believed to have divine authority though not in the scriptures.

  - (in Christianity) doctrine not explicit in the Bible but held to derive from the oral teaching of Jesus and the Apostles.

  - (in Judaism) an ordinance of the oral law not in the Torah but held to have been given by God to Moses.

  - (in Islam) a saying or act ascribed to the Prophet but not recorded in the Koran. See Hadith.


heritage, lore, folklore, custom, practice, convention, ritual, ceremony, observance, wont,

"Traditions" Example Sentences


VOX POPULI: With vegetables now so cheap, it is the perfect time for ‘nabe’

The low prices of vegetables must be a gift from the sun this autumn, encouraging us to enjoy seasonal "nabe" dishes. Speaking of December, I wonder how many of our usual year-end traditions we ...


QC churches return to Ash Wednesday traditions under fewer COVID restrictions


Churches in the Quad Cities had their first in-person Ash Wednesday services in two years, coming together with fewer COVID-19 restrictions.


Early Shakespeare, 1588–1594

The book encourages a number of new discussions of ‘earliness’ including the importance of authorial collaboration, inter-textual borrowings, and acting traditions that distinguish Shakespeare’s early ...


Tales of “Tiger Women” from Ancient China


Ancient Chinese labeled tough, fierce women “tigresses” — they often had to deal with sexism and unruly husbands. In ancient China, Confucian traditions required women to be gentle and obedient.


Community book Kayasth Encyclopedia throws new light on caste study

Former Indian Police Service (IPS) officer Uday Sahay is passionate when he talks about the history, culture and traditions of the Kayasth community in India as he has penned a book from the heart ...


Fascinating Facts about Peter Cottontail and Other Easter traditions


We found the most interesting trivia about the Easter holiday. Here's what you need to know about the origins of our favorite traditions to facts about Easter candy. Many historians believe that ...


Staff Editorial: New traditions for Founders Week mark a step in the right direction


Founders Day Ball, Student Government’s most renowned event, was removed from the Founders Week programming this year. The Ball has been historically criticized by the student population due to its ...


Turning traditions Upside Down: Rethinking Giordano Bruno's Enlightenment

Bruno’s Cabala: Satire of Knowledge and the Uses of the Dialogue Form Bruno’s Cabala: Satire of Knowledge and the Uses of the Dialogue Form Giordano Bruno’s fifth and shortest dialogue—Cabala del ...


Meet Ratafia, a Sweet Liqueur With History and Deep traditions


Ratafia is a smooth and creamy sweet liqueur with a rich history. Learn how this apertif is made and enjoyed in wine regions.


Omakase Kaiseki Cuisine

Omakase Kaiseki Cuisine is a restaurant that combines Japanese traditions of letting the chef choose your order with a traditional multi-course dinner. The design is conceptualised on Japan's ...


NRK - Festen Etter Fasten

NRK won the Gullruten prize (Norwegian Emmys) for Best Innovation in 2020. The programme Feast after Fast (Festen Etter Fasten) showcased Eid together with its holiday traditions and celebrations.


Mardi Gras: The history and traditions behind the colorful New Orleans’ festivity

Mardi Gras carnival is a historical celebration with a religious meaning behind it. Here are some interesting facts you should know before enjoying this year’s parade.


Celebrating The Ukrainian Cinematic Soul


I am fully aware that I am writing this weekly essay from a safe place. I am writing about the cinema and the cinematic traditions of Ukraine.


The Guitar in Tudor England

Two chapters discuss the remains of music for the instrument in tablature, both the instrumental repertoire and the traditions of accompanied song, which must often be assembled from scattered ...


Can religion and faith combat eco-despair?

Some traditions such as Hindu, Yogic, Indigenous and others see the self as a microcosm of macrocosm, or a part of the greater whole. And, a profound sacred immanence, or integral divine presence ...


Coming to America: How One Family Preserved Their Culinary traditions After Moving to the Midwest in the 1960s

As new immigrants from China to the Upper Midwest, Lan Samantha Chang's parents showed their inventiveness, persistence, and creativity in the kitchen.


Welsh legends, traditions and mystical tales

Explore our rich heritage of Welsh myths and legends. From the tale of two dragons to a story about Gelert the faithful hound, there's something magical for everyone.


Bourbon Street Awards draws elaborate costumes, large crowds


"I believe in gay Mardi Gras and it's important to keep the traditions alive," said Joseph Vondenmiller who dressed as Bloody Mary.


Scottish Liturgical traditions and Religious Politics: From Reformers to Jacobites, 1560–1764

Isobel Rivers highlights the significance of a work that has attracted the attention of the likes of ‘the latitudinarian Gilbert Burnet, the Scottish Episcopalian Patrick Cockburn, the Scottish ...


Ho‘olau Kanaka O‘ahu Ka ‘Onihi O Na Kai at Ke‘ehi Lagoon

Hawaiian traditions came alive at the Ke ‘ehi Lagoon Memorial on Saturday with the fourth annual Ho‘olau Kanaka O‘ahu Ka ‘Onihi O Na Kai. Visitors could enjoy hula and see demonstrations ...


Meghan Markle news: Meg’s ‘extraordinary’ introduction to the Queen where Prince Harry revealed PRIVATE royal tradition


MEGHAN Markle “quickly learned” a few Royals traditions when she met the Queen for the first time – including curtsying in PRIVATE. Royal expert Ashley Pearson detailed the ...


Ojibwe traditions send spirits to another world

Ojibwe traditions send spirits to another world Dan Jones remembers from his childhood a cold washcloth being rubbed across his face before sunrise. It was wiping charcoal off his forehead, placed ...


Six UD students claim McGrath Award for research in Catholic intellectual traditions

Six University of Dayton students recently received 2022 Fr. Jack McGrath, S.M., Awards for Research in Catholic Intellectual traditions and presented their research at the annual Catholic ...


Bollywood’s unshakeable influence over India’s wedding industry

What is an Indian wedding without some groovy Bollywood music? But also, what are Bollywood films without a dash of glitzy Indian weddings? Bollywood films borrow from traditions and customs ...


Everybody Loves Bavinck

And from Christian traditions and settings that vary from the strictly academic to the personal and churchly. In that time, I have observed certain traits in Bavinck’s writing and life that seem ...


Bishop Flores and the Theology of Pets

It means having a “certain respect and care for nature,” something he says is present in certain Native American traditions but is sanctified and elevated in St. Francis’ mystical account of nature.


Wines to add some sparkle to Valentine’s Day

Well, cynicism be damned: of all the daft fabricated traditions on this daftest and most commercialised of festive occasions, pink champagne is the one I’m happiest to indulge. This is a style ...


Charity, camaraderie traditions of O’Fallon Knights of Columbus fish fries

Chris Blome is in the kitchen preparing his special recipe macaroni and cheese while Walt Haeffner is making his “world-famous” baked beans — his own creation — representing just two of the side ...


Simeon Maslin, influential Philadelphia rabbi, brought tradition back to Reform Jews

Rabbi Simeon “Shim” Maslin, a national leader in the Reform movement who pushed Reform Jews to embrace lifecycle traditions and a more substantive interpretation of mitzvah, died from cancer in late ...


Tasteful traditions Kept Alive at Marie Guimar Restaurant

Named after a famous female from 17th-century Siam, Marie Guimar puts the spotlight on Thai traditional fine dining and regional cuisine.


The Art of Saying What Other People Think


Misrepresenting the truth has become a universal art form, thanks in part to advances in technology, but also to some great modern traditions such as public relations and the science of advertising.


Anxious Eaters: Why We Fall for Fad Diets (Arts and traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History)


What makes fad diets so appealing to so many people? How did there get to be so many different ones, often with eerily similar prescriptions? Why do people cycle on and off diets, perpetually ...


Der frühmittelalterliche Staat - Europäische Perspektiven

Book Description: The early medieval state is a controversial topic. Differences remain between European research traditions as to their respective methods and interests. The aim of this volume is to ...


ACM Awards merge country music's traditions and digital evolution

The Academy of Country Music's latest award ceremony highlighted the fun still possible within the frenetic pace of music's streaming future.


Shapers of Religious traditions in Germany, Switzerland, and Poland, 1560-1600

His lifelong affection for his homeland was reflected by his adopting the cognomen, “Illyricus,” from the Roman name for the province,Illyria. Modern Yugoslavia gives evidence that the regard is ...




In May 2022 the British Museum will open the first major exhibition to explore female spiritual beings in world belief and mythological traditions around the globe. Tickets go on sale today, ...


Deeply Rooted Dance Theater, long a home for Black dance, comes to the South Side

We don’t have many institutions that uphold the traditions of Black dance or Black theater. So those traditions can quickly fade away if we don’t grow institutions to hold the information and to pass ...


This Rug Curator Mixes Southern traditions and Colorful Patterns in Her L.A. Home

The hues informed multiple design decisions, from the azure velvet used to reupholster Louis–esque chairs from Emmy’s childhood home to the Farrow & Ball Peignoir paint that covers the ...


In the Footsteps of Japan’s Yamabushi Ascetics


Visit this isolated village in central Japan for a glimpse of Japan's ancient ascetic traditions that are still being practiced today.


Do Your Diversity Initiatives Promote Assimilation Over Inclusion?

Assimilation means absorbing the cultural traditions of a population or a group, and every one of us makes decisions to assimilate or not assimilate in the workplace. Nearly all companies have ...


Modern-day Ravinos carry on traditions

When Rob Bak answered his phone to talk about the Ravinos, he was on the second step of the Wailer with a group of Ravinos. It had just snowed a couple of inches, and he and some buddies were sending ...


St. Patrick’s Queen candidates honor Irish heritage in talent show

From dancing the Irish jig to cooking up potato dumplings and corn beef, the St. Patrick’s Day Queen candidates presented audience members with a tour of Irish traditions at the ...


ARTH 633 - Creative and Critical Literature in Art History: Of Utopian Spaces

The course will open up the discussion to other utopian traditions beyond the transatlantic world. We will also analyze the ways that artists, architects and city planners have attempted to develop ...


The clan McNary of the U.S.A. : probable ethnic origin, clan traditions and time of immigration Operations Inc, 2005. Original data: McNary, Joseph Rea.. The clan McNary of the U.S.A. : probable ethnic origin, clan traditions and time of immigration. Pittsburgh: J.N. Simpson ...


How Today’s Electronic Music Is Bringing Age-Old Folk traditions Back to Life


Incorporating everything from Mayan flutes to medieval choirs to ancient Mediterranean pots, contemporary producers are looking to the past to help unlock the present.


Our traditions and customs have become just memories

Yes, our progressive and open-minded traditions have become a memory of the past, following the decisions taken by the governments that bowed down to those who adopt strictness and exaggeration in ...


Islamic Calligraphy and the Illustrated Manuscript

The Arabic script contains a full range of letters of manipulable size and shape, making it fertile ground for calligraphic ornamentation. Islamic artistic traditions depend heavily on the use of ...


St. Patrick's Day: Fun facts, traditions and where to celebrate locally

Did you know St. Patrick is not actually Irish or that the first St. Patrick's Day parade was held here in America? It's time to sport your favorite green attire in honor of St. Patrick's Day, which ...


Rabbi Joshua Bittan: Preserving Moroccan Jewish traditions

Rabbi Joshua Bittan, spiritual leader at Em Habanim Sephardic Congregation in Valley Village, grew up in a family that was always serving their community in Morocco.


Northern Arapaho Tribe launches new project to preserve culture, traditions


Specialists at the Northern Arapaho Tribe’s historic preservation office plan to use newly rediscovered historical documents to uncover lost pieces of tribal history and culture.

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