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tamp (verb) · tamps (third person present) · tamped (past tense) · tamped (past participle) · tamping (present participle)

  - pack (a blast hole) full of clay or sand to concentrate the force of the explosion:

  - ram or pack (a substance) down or into something firmly:


flatten, squeeze, press, squash, crush, cram, jam, stuff, wedge, pack,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the verb for tamp?
    transitive verb. 1 : to drive in or down by a succession of light or medium blows tamp wet concrete. 2 : to put a check on : reduce, lessen tamp down rumors. tamp.
  2. What is a taxa tamp?
    A TAMP allows advisors to outsource certain tasks so they can focus more of their time and energy on others. For example, a TAMP may handle things such as reporting and accounting.
  3. What is a TAMP tool used for?
    tamp - a tool for tamping (e.g., for tamping tobacco into a pipe bowl or a charge into a drill hole etc.) tamper, tamping bar. stemmer - a miner's tamping bar for ramming packing in over a blasting charge. tool - an implement used in the practice of a vocation.
  4. What does a TAMP do for advisors?
    Some advisors oversee all of the associated tasks that go along with managing client assets on an individual basis. A TAMP allows advisors to outsource certain tasks so they can focus more of their time and energy on others.

"Tamp" Example Sentences


Brazil's Bolsonaro wants Petrobras to end global fuel parity policy


Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Monday threw his weight behind measures to tamp down domestic fuel prices after the Ukraine conflict sent oil prices to their highest levels since 2008, adding to ...


Looking for a true reflection of who we are


What goes around comes around, especially true, it seems, if it is a terrible piece of conservative legislation meant to tamp down on the teaching of race as it relates ...


SMArtX Advisory Solutions tamp Platform Reaches 1,000 Strategy Milestone


SMArtX Advisory Solutions ("SMArtX"), a leading innovator in unified managed accounts (UMA) technology and architect of the SMArtX turnkey asset management platform ('tamp'), today announced the ...


An Essential Roadmap for tamp Users

Selecting a turnkey asset management provider (tamp) to manage your clients’ assets is an investment decision. Thus, it triggers your fiduciary responsibilities to your clients. The SEC made ...


What Is a tamp and How to Choose One

"One can think of a tamp as a marketplace for investment strategists, with financial advisors being the buyers, investment strategists being the sellers and the tamp managing the store," Heffernan ...


After call with Ukraine president, Connecticut Congressional leaders express support for aid, sanctions and measures to tamp down gas prices


Connecticut congressional leaders who spoke to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky Saturday said the U.S. must answer his urgent request for aid and broader sanctions against Russia.


Advisor Innovations: First Ascent's Scott MacKillop on tamp Technology Changing The Onboarding Process

In this episode, David Armstrong is joined by Scott MacKillop, CEO of First Ascent to discuss tamp services, differentiating themselves from the competition through the team they have and how ...


Biden administration and Congress grapple with how to tamp down inflation

"If we could wave the disease away, a whole lot of other good things would happen, all of which would have the effect of helping tamp down inflation," said Wilcox.


Government grapples with how to tamp down inflation

"If we could wave the disease away, a whole lot of other good things would happen, all of which would have the effect of helping tamp down inflation," said Wilcox.


House GOP Moves to tamp Down on Frivolous Lawsuits

House Republicans on Friday passed legislation requiring judges to sanction attorneys and other parties who file frivolous lawsuits in federal court. The move came less than 24 hours after GOP ...


A truly just transition could help tamp down right-wing rage

Backed and funded by wealthy business, real estate and right-wing political interests, they find a working-class identity they can put forward as the face of their grievance. In the Freedom Convoy, it ...


Fed Poised to Raise Rates, Reduce Its Holdings of Securities to tamp Down Inflation

The Federal Reserve is poised to increase interest rates next month but also is now committed to a “significant reduction” in the $9 trillion of securities it holds on its balance sheet ...


Boris Johnson Shuffles Team to tamp Down Mutiny Within His Party

The British prime minister shuffles his team to tamp down a growing mutiny within his Conservative Party over his leadership. By Stephen Castle LONDON — With more than a dozen Conservative ...


Biden insists massive government spending will tamp down inflation

President Biden said Monday that Congress needs to pass his sweeping economic agenda in order to tamp down rising inflation amid concerns that another burst of government spending will act as an ...


AssetMark launches new digital prospecting, marketing tools

The third leading tamp by assets this week announced the launch of two new tools to help advisers find and land new clients. AssetMark Inc., a turnkey asset management platform for wealth managers ...


Titans tamp Down Hype on Henry's Return

Emotions kept in check on the day the two-time NFL rushing champion finally practiced after surgery to prepare a broken foot. Emotions kept in check on the day the two-time NFL rushing champion ...


Governors try to tamp down gas prices by suspending gas tax


Baidi Wang/AxiosGovernors and state lawmakers are looking to give people a gas tax break as gas prices continue to climb.Why it matters: Gas prices hit new highs in recent days amid Russia's ongoing ...


Higher Inflation Doesn’t Reduce Real Wages


The BCIE and the Federal Reserve are presently considering moves to tamp down inflation that risk spiking unemployment. Supporters of the idea are claiming that inflation itself is bad for workers ...


The World Has One Big Chance to Fix Plastics


For a global plastics treaty to succeed, it will need to tamp down production—and recognize the lives and livelihoods that depend on plastic still.


Fed begins policy meeting as it prepares to raise interest rates


The Federal Reserve opened its two-day policy meeting on Tuesday as it prepares to raise borrowing rates for the first time since the pandemic began in an effort to tamp down rising inflation.


NCAA March Madness star finds second career with former teammate-turned GeoWealth head coach


Luke Harangody is hoops royalty at Notre Dame. But at Midwest tamp GeoWealth, he’s a rookie with a lot to prove.


Hedge Fund Ellington Urges Ditching 60/40 for CLOs, Asset-Backed Securities

As the Federal Reserve continues to tamp down rising inflation with an aggressive rate-hiking schedule, it may make sense for investors to abandon a popular guidepost for moderate investor risk, ...


The Fed’s big test: Fighting inflation without causing a recession


The U.S. could be in for a “soft landing," or we could face a recession. The central bank must tamp down inflation without killing a strong economy, writes columnist Jon Talton.


GTI and JNPA sign off tamp conciliation agreement


Ltd.] and Jawaharlal Nehru Port Authority (JNPA) have signed a Settlement Agreement to reach an amicable solution and resolve a decade-long pending issue on Tariff related matter pertaining to the ...


Fed's latest rate hike means credit cardholders can expect higher bills this spring and summer, warns expert


The Fed, aiming to tamp down on historically high inflation, approved a 0.25 percentage point interest rate hike and reportedly expect to rise rates six more times this year. Americans caught a break ...


Virginia Beach will tamp down car tax and provide relief to seniors, new businesses


To offset inflated used vehicle values due to supply chain issues, the City Council adopted a formula that will reduce the assessments on cars and trucks by 25% for the 2022 tax year.


What’s America’s favorite tamp of 2022?


The competitive landscape for tamps is heating up as companies landed millions in new assets during the pandemic lockdowns.


How UX Wealth Partners uses AI tech and investments to stand out from the tamp crowd


One company thinks it has the answer for independent advisors to stand out in an increasingly crowded market: artificial intelligence. UX Wealth Partners provides RIAs with outsourced technology and ...


Inside the quiet US diplomacy to tamp down tensions with Saudis, UAE -- and ramp up oil production


An intense, closely guarded diplomatic effort by a core team of Biden energy and national security officials to raise global oil production amid surging prices from Russia's war in Ukraine has ...


The Federal Reserve raises interest rates for the first time since 2018


The central bank raises its benchmark rate by a quarter percentage point in an effort to tamp down inflation. Additional rate hikes are likely in the months to come.


Federal Reserve expected to raise interest rates in response to inflation

The Fed's goal is to slowly and gently tamp down inflation without slowing the overall growth of the American economy. "The goal here is what is called a 'soft landing.' They are going to ...


How one province is trying to squash a ‘Freedom Convoy’ rally before it begins — and why some ask whether it’s a step too far

“Any time that the state tries to tamp down that protest, they have to do so in a way that is reasonable, that’s measured, that’s proportionate.” The New Brunswick government revised its ...


Can Ashish Jha, ‘A Comforting Voice,’ tamp Down Covid’s Political Divide?


Dr. Jha, the new White House coronavirus response coordinator, has built a reputation as a gifted communicator, but there is much more to the job.


Spike in violence unrelated to NY bail reforms, Sen. Krueger says

The chair of the Senate finance committee suggested that watering down the bail reform laws of 2019 was not the way to tamp down a recent uptick in violent crime.


How rising interest rates, war in Ukraine are being factored in to residential, commercial real estate industries


The move, an effort to tamp down high inflation, comes amid a white-hot housing market, global supply-chain logjams and a war in Ukraine that's caused myriad casualties and rattled the world economy.


War in Ukraine complicates the world’s wheat situation

So what can be done to increase supplies and tamp down prices? From the BBC, China is dealing with some new threats on the COVID front, and its markets are acting accordingly. We also check in on ...


Powell admits Fed has inflation problem that needs aggressive action


Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell spooked investors Monday with an admission that the central bank has an inflation problem that could require an even more aggressive approach to tamp down ...


Advyzon Launches Turnkey Asset Management Program, Advyzon Investment Management (AIM)


New tamp offering built on Advyzon's cloud-based, award-winning platform is natural evolution based on advisor sentiment ...


Ottawa police make forceful arrests of Canadian truck convoy protesters amid effort to regain control of city

Ottawa police arrested scores of demonstrators, using pepper spray and stun grenades, as law enforcement seek to tamp down on protests against a vaccine mandate for truckers that have been ...


Antabuse may help revive vision in retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration


Antabuse, an approved drug used to wean people off alcohol, should tamp down this hyperactivity and conclusively show whether hyperactivity plays a role in humans, potentially driving work to ...


Stocks in Asia to Gain as Bond Selloff Accelerates: Markets Wrap


Stocks in Asia look set to climb Wednesday, after the Federal Reserve’s resolve to tamp down on inflation fueled gains on Wall Street while deepening a Treasury selloff.Most Read from BloombergChina ...


Fed's Daly: rates need to rise to tamp down too-high inflation


San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank President Mary Daly said Tuesday she believes the "main risk" to the U.S. economy is from too-high inflation that could get worse as Russia's invasion of Ukraine ...


Advyzon launches turnkey asset management platform


The new Advyzon tamp will provide advisory tools to manage front- to back-office operations for financial advisers.


Treasuries roiled by Powell as stocks slip


Jerome Powell’s renewed hawkish message roiled financial markets, sending Treasury yields spiking higher as the Federal Reserve looks poised to raise interest rates sharply to tamp down inflation.


Treasuries Roiled by Powell’s Tone as Stocks Slip: Markets Wrap


Jerome Powell’s renewed hawkish message roiled financial markets, sending Treasury yields spiking higher as the Federal Reserve looks poised to raise interest rates sharply to tamp down inflation.Most ...


Can Ashish Jha, ‘a Comforting Voice,’ tamp Down Covid’s Political Divide?


Dr. Jha, the new White House coronavirus response coordinator, has built a reputation as a gifted communicator, but there is much more to the job.


Yen at 6-yr low on decisive BOJ move to tamp down bond yields


The Japanese yen crashed to a six-year low versus the dollar on Monday, and headed for its biggest monthly loss since 2016 after the Bank of Japan moved to contain rising bond yields, even as U.S.


The housing market faces its biggest test yet


There has been no shortage of theories on how the ongoing housing boom is going to end. Reopening corporate offices were supposed to tamp down on remote workers buying in far-flung places. As stimulus ...


Law enforcement, medical staff team up to tamp down pharmaceutical abuse in Pitt County


Twenty nine people in Pitt County were among 752 across North Carolina who went to a hospital’s emergency department due to an opioid overdose in February, according to an expert ...


Biden's moves to try to tamp down gas prices met with skepticism in Wyoming


President Joe Biden’s latest moves to try to tamp down surging prices for gasoline were generally met with skepticism here in Wyoming.

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