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stocking (noun) · stockings (plural noun)

  - a women's garment, typically made of translucent nylon or silk, that fits closely over the foot and is held up by garters or an elasticized strip at the upper thigh.

  - short for Christmas stocking.

  - a long sock worn by men.

  - a cylindrical bandage or other medical covering for the leg resembling a stocking, especially an elasticated support used to improve venous blood flow:

  - a white marking of the lower part of a horse's leg, extending as far as, or just beyond, the knee or hock:


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stocking (present participle)

  - have or keep a supply of (a particular product or type or product) available for sale:

  - provide or fill with goods, items, or a supply of something:

  - amass supplies of something, typically for a particular occasion or purpose:

  - fit (a rifle or other firearm) with a stock:


nylons, tights, hosiery, hose, pantyhose, sell, market, supply, keep, have,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What does it mean to wear stockings?
    stocking. ( ˈstɒkɪŋ) n. 1. (Clothing & Fashion) one of a pair of close-fitting garments made of knitted yarn to cover the foot and part or all of the leg. 2. something resembling this in position, function, appearance, etc. 3. in one's stocking feet in one's stockinged feet wearing stockings or socks but no shoes.
  2. What is the meaning of Christmas stocking?
    n close-fitting hosiery to cover the foot and leg; come in matched pairs (usually used in the plural) protective stockings worn with or in place of boots. a stocking that is filled with small Christmas presents.
  3. What is the synonym of stocking?
    Synonyms & Near Synonyms for stocking. storing. accoutring. (or accoutering), equipping, fitting (out), furnishing, girding, kitting (up or out)
  4. What is stocking in forestry?
    Stocking (forestry) In forestry, stocking is a quantitative measure of the area occupied by trees, usually measured in terms of well-spaced trees or basal area per hectare, relative to an optimum or desired level of density.

"Stocking" Example Sentences


Baaa Humbug - three West End stars for the price of one in new Christmas show at the Shelley

The musical Christmas show, Baaa Humbug: A stocking Full of Show-tunes features the talents of James Hume (Mary Poppins, Titanic, Les Misérables), Paul Wilkins (Hair, Les Misérables, The ...


Iceland stores now stocking huge Cadbury Creme Egg dessert


Confectionery lovers will be licking their lips in delight at the news that Iceland stores are now stocking an exclusive giant Cadbury Creme Egg dessert. The mammoth-sized version of the chocolatey ...


JD Wetherspoon to continue stocking McSmirnoff but Russia's Baltika lager gets the (yo) heave-ho


JD Wetherspoon Plc (LSE:JDW) is to stop selling Baltika lager, which originates in Russia, in its pubs. “With immediate effect, Baltika lager is being withdrawn from all Wetherspoon pubs,” a ...


Indians stock up cooking oil, fuel, fearing shortages amid Ukraine war


Indians are stocking up vegetable oil and fuel, fearing that Russia's invasion of Ukraine may cause an edible oil shortage, while a rally in global crude oil prices may lead New Delhi to aggressively ...


This is the softest, comfiest T-shirt at Nordstrom, and I’m stocking up while it’s on sale


It's perfect for wearing with leggings! The post This is the softest, comfiest T-shirt at Nordstrom, and I’m stocking up while it’s on sale appeared first on In The Know.


After the judicial recognition for Isi Agu dress


THE PUBLIC SPHERE with Chido Nwakanma  Now that the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja has paid a back-handed compliment to Isi Agu, when are you wearing yours and stocking up on the national dress?


Chain of International Supermarkets in Boston Stops stocking Russian Products

BazaAr Supermarkets, a small chain of international stores in and around Boston, has stopped stocking products imported from Russia in a show of support for Ukrainian people.


Truck gages get on the bus

The inventory part numbers it purges are even more impressive. Instead of stocking up to 42 different kinds of two-inch gages, truckbuilders now need to keep only one. The reason: The new SmartGage, ...


Here’s when readers knew COVID-19 was going to change everything

I started stocking up on frozen and long-shelf-life foods and necessaries that December preceding our first case in the U.S. It was also entirely predictable Americans would hoard. The following ...


Trout, pancake breakfast held in Volant


Volant trout stocking was held Saturday morning in the borough. The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission trucks delivered dozens of brown, rainbow and gold trout for the annual trout stocking of the ...


What are Golden Runes in Elden Ring?


Never worry about losing hard-fought-for currency upon perishing within Elden Ring by stocking up on items like a Golden Rune. A Rune within the open-world game of Elden Ring is the main form of ...


Showy amaryllis makes a perfect Valentine's plant or gift


While amaryllis bulbs are great Christmas stocking stuffers, the flowers themselves appear around Valentine’s Day. And while there are several different species with blooms of varying colors (pinks, ...


Book Nook team member

Works alone or with other team members selecting, pricing, transporting and stocking books for our Old Town Nook used book sale shelves. Must be able to stand for 1-3 hours and lift small boxes ...


Amazon's Best Deals on Designer Handbags for Spring 2022

Right about now, we're stocking up on cute spring dress and tops to go with our sandals to enjoy sunny days ahead. We also need just the right accessory to bring our favorite outf ...


Staying safe when cleaning up after snow, ice


Accumulated snow and ice are heavy, as is apparent by downed trees and branches littering the landscape after a winter storm. As ice melts, picking up the pieces and stocking ...


Best elegant Christmas stocking

Which elegant Christmas stocking is best? Following Christmas tradition and decorating a home with clashing colors and vintage figurines is not for everyone. Some people prefer a Christmas style ...


Collision Repair Shops Should Check Policies Related to Drugs/Alcohol, Animals in Workplace

Corey King discussed a variety of topics during CIC: company drug and alcohol policies, stocking up on COVID tests and “service animals” in the workplace. - Page 2 ...


Memories of Mom


Three hours bent over a pair of 30-year-old Adirondack chairs challenges my arthritic back. It’s a somber February afternoon when exhaled breath shows. stocking cap, flannel-lined jeans, wool shirt, i ...


The natural world: Memories of Mom

Three hours bent over a pair of 30-year-old Adirondack chairs challenges my arthritic back. It’s a somber February afternoon when exhaled breath shows. stocking cap, flannel-lined jeans, wool shirt, i ...


Charming as all get-out: Century-old Galveston home stuns with stained glass, transom windows and gorgeous woodwork

Inside the main home, transom windows, stained glass, and stunning woodwork abounds. This property is in the Silk stocking Historic District, one of the island’s most intact residential areas.


Price of anti-radiation pills spikes 100% as Putin rattles saber


Europeans fearing that Russia's attack on Ukraine could lead to a nuclear incident are stocking up on potassium iodide pills.


After a friend attacked, a young writer and his cigar-smoking landlady wonder what can be done

He was a young Black man who wore a stocking mask and threatened his victims with a knife. In one rape, he’d made use of a ladder in the yard to climb to a second-floor window and slip in. “And he ...


USDA Secretary Speaks to Students, Faculty About Rural Development


Students and faculty gathered in stocking Hall on March 4 to hear about rural development initiatives from Xochitl Torres Small, Under Secretary for Rural Development of the U.S. Department of ...


Shoppers are raving about Leeway Home's 44-piece kitchen set: 'Everything looks wonderful, and the price was great too!'


Whether you're a recent college grad or you just moved into your first apartment sans roommates, stocking your kitchen can be overwhelming. Part of feeling like a grown-up is not eating off the same ...


8 Striped Statement Pieces That Will Never Go Out of Style

That's why as spring approaches, we're stocking up. From fitted tees to super-soft sweaters and vacation-ready dresses, the eight striped picks ahead will elevate your everyday look, whether you ...


How to Organize a Messy Teen's Room

A dresser or chest of drawers provides an ideal space for organizing and storing socks, underclothing, sleepwear, gloves, stocking caps, scarves and T-shirts. Ample storage space is an essential ...


True crime series 'The stocking Mask' explores racism, misogyny and police conduct


The story about the most important but most forgotten case in one town's history needed to be told, in all of its necessary context.


Puttur: Godown stocking agricultural produce goes up in flames - Loss Rs 6 lac

A unit in Soorambail, Uppinangady where agricultural produce from the farm was stored, caught fire and turned into ashes. This incident happened on Wednesday March 9. Loss due to this fire has been ...


Hong Kong leader calls for calm, after supermarkets emptied ahead of mass COVID testing


The call came after residents emptied supermarkets, stocking up on produce ahead of reports of compulsory mass COVID-19 testing and rumours of a city-wide lockdown.


Hong Kong supermarkets emptied ahead of mass Covid testing

(AP pic) HONG KONG: Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam called for calm on Tuesday after residents emptied supermarkets, stocking up on produce ahead of reports of compulsory mass Covid-19 testing and ...


Trouble Sleeping? Try stocking up on These 5 Foods That Are Naturally High in Melatonin

While melatonin is best known for regulating our circadian rhythm, it also has antioxidant properties,” says Leila Page, RD, CLT at OC Nutrition Coaching. “The body makes melatonin on its own, however ...


Beach Babies Kidsale: 30,000+ consignment items on sale this weekend


Parents, grandparents and mommies-to-be are stocking up on discounted items for children this weekend. The Beach Babies Kidsale is happening now in Horry County. The massive consignment sale has over ...


stocking the Fridge

That's right, the most famous overeater in sports history, the man so large he is nicknamed for a household appliance, the former lineman bigger than the Oscar Mayer Wiener-Mobile, is joining the ...


What grocery store do Kentuckians visit the most? See how 5 major chains stack up


With 8 million more visits then the next leading grocery chain, Walmart reigns supreme as the top choice for Kentuckians stocking the cupboards. The superstore, with 93 locations in the Bluegrass ...


James Argent looks slimmer than ever after 13st weight loss as he buys protein shakes in attempt to put ON weight


SHRINKING James Argent has been spotted trying to put ON weight by stocking up on protein shakes. Brave Arg shed an incredible 13 stone after a life-saving gastric sleeve op last April. His ...


Best Halo bassinet

Which Halo bassinet is best? Those first few months with your newborn are truly special, but they can be equally overwhelming. Be prepared by stocking up on the essentials, starting with where ...


Gene Chague | Berkshire Woods and Waters: Western District waters expected to see 100K trout stocked by MassWildlife


Gene Chague touches on a variety of topics this week, including some trout stocking numbers, coyotes, new waterfowl hunting regulations and the recent passing of local legend Leo M. Daly.


Here’s how long it takes Chicago to dye its river green for St. Patrick’s Day


Nearby businesses and Irish pubs are stocking up for what they expect to be one of their busiest weekends in a very long time.


Border opening: Traders heave sigh of relief


The good news of the country's border reopening on April 1, spells instant relief for traders in Rantau Panjang here, who previously faced a shortage in stocking up the supply of goods for business ...


The Best Nanny Cam For 2022 – The Lush Cyber Store


The Lush Cyber Store is now stocking the HD Mini CCTV Camera, which has been described as the best nanny cam for 2022 An online store that sells quality ...


Best YubiKey 2022: Each security key compared


If you have important online accounts, you need one (perhaps, two) of these. They also make great stocking stuffers.


stocking Mask case: ‘Everyone’s scared to walk outside their houses — or stay in them’


The Leader in those days, you know, was often like life in the South — it was a curious mix,” he said. Curious because, among other things, the newspaper’s crime photographer also shot crime scene ...


Vegan fast food chain Neat Burger eyes retail market with new range


The food group is in talks with retailers in the US and UK about stocking its burger and other propriety products ...


19 Things That Are Actually Worth Stockpiling

While it’s good to be prepared, you need to know what’s worth stockpiling. stocking up on a year’s supply of something just to have it go bad in a couple of weeks would be a waste of money.


Prepare pastures for spring


As spring approaches, farmers can prepare for healthy pastures. Considerations include stocking rate, soil fertility, plant inventory and improved grazing systems.


Russia-Ukraine War LIVE: ICJ orders Russia to halt invasion; Kremlin, Kyiv ‘close to deal’ on neutral status


IST Ukraine war sparks Europe rush to buy survival gear and food Europeans are stocking up on survival gear like sleeping bags and camping cookers, as well as canned and dried food, in part to donate ...


9 EV Market Trends Seeing Accelerating Adoption Amid Ukraine Crisis: Battery Innovation, Inventory stocking And More


The war between Ukraine and Russia has the potential to accelerate the structural changes in the electric vehicle industry, according to an analyst at Morgan Stanley. "Some of these changes were ...


Catch ‘The stocking Mask’: Follow the almost-forgotten 1979 hunt for a Virginia serial rapist


See the lineup of all our narrative stories in The stocking Mask series and read about the behind-the-scenes of the project.


How graziers aim to keep fertiliser cost below £40/ha


Brothers Aled and Iwan Evans, and Llifon Davies, have used rotational grazing and legumes to achieve a dairy farm’s stocking rate for a beef farm’s ...


Ukraine war sparks Europe rush to buy survival gear and food


Europeans are stocking up on survival gear like sleeping bags and camping cookers, as well as canned and dried food, in part to donate to refugees arriving from Ukraine and also due to fears of ...

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