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rob (verb) · robs (third person present) · robbed (past tense) · robbed (past participle) · robbing (present participle)

  - take property unlawfully from (a person or place) by force or threat of force:

  - overcharge (someone) for something:

  - steal:

  - deprive (someone or something) of something needed, deserved, or significant:


cheat, swindle, defraud, fleece, dispossess, mulct, overcharge, steal, purloin, thieve,

"Rob" Example Sentences


Fans chant “We want baseball!”


As rob Manfred stood behind a podium in the left-field corner of Roger Dean Stadium and announced that opening day was canceled, ...


9-1-1 Lone Star’s Gina Torres joins rob Lowe and Angela Bassett for Super Bowl party

February 15, 2022 - 19:04 GMT Rebecca Lewis 9-1-1: Lone Star's Gina Torres gave fans a mini-crossover when she attended the 56th Super Bowl with rob Lowe and Angela Bassett 9-1-1 viewers may not ...


rob Brezsny’s Astrology: March 2-8


I not only bow to the inevitable,” wrote Aries author Thornton Wilder, “I am fortified by it.” Wow. That was a brazen declaration. Did he sincerely mean it? He declared that he grew stronger through ...


MLB lockout update today: Yankees, Mets schedule changes, ticket policies after rob Manfred cancels games


MLB commissioner rob Manfred announced the cancellation of the first two series of the 2022 regular season on Tuesday after lockout talks collapsed.


Claudia Winkleman and Chris Eubank to star in This is MY House Red Nose Day special


Claudia Winkleman, Chris Eubank, Harry Hill, Nina Wadia, Ricky Hatton, Claire Richards, Deborah Meaden, and rob Rinder are among the stars who will take place in a special episode of 'This Is MY House ...



MLB Commissioner rob Manfred announced the cancellation of at least the first week of Major League Baseball's regular-season games due to the lack of a new collective bargaining agreement. Economist ...


rob Loose column: March 5

Just as the death of a human family member can catch us completely unprepared for the waves of loss after they are gone, so can the death of a beloved ...


Delbarton swimmer rob Alexy adds to family legacy of NJSIAA Meet of Champions titles


Delbarton junior rob Alexy is the youngest of four swimming siblings. Three now have NJSIAA Meet of Champions titles.


Stripling: MLB Tried To “Sneak Things” Past Union Late In Negotiations

There’s no indication when the 2022 season will start following a contentious set of labor negotiations that resulted in commissioner rob Manfred canceling the first two series of the year.


With Portman endorsement, Ohio Senate candidate Jane Timken juggles opposing GOP factions


After Jane Timken gave a stump speech lambasting inflation, illegal immigration and the "indoctrination of our children," U.S. Sen. rob Portman enthusiastically took center stage at her Columbus ...


Live: Brevard County Commission meeting Tuesday, Feb. 22


The regular bi-weekly Brevard County Commission meeting begins at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 22. You can watch the full meeting live below. rob Landers is a veteran multimedia journalist for the USA Today ...


rob Gomez: Bent on making a name for himself

He’s a very, very great actor. “Sobrang galing po. Ibang klase po. Kinikilabutan ako. Hindi ko po siya nakilala, e." George Estregan passed away in 1988 after a battle with bone cancer. rob shared he ...


Ranking North America’s best sports commissioners (and rob Manfred)

MLB’s commissioner has attracted plenty of criticism after the recent lockout. But how well are his contemporaries doing their jobs?


2 men posing as passengers rob cab driver using toy gun in Delhi; held


Two men, including a civil defence volunteer, posed as passengers and looted a cab driver using a toy gun in Delhi. Police have now arrested both the accused and recovered a car, mobile and motorcycle ...


MLB lockout news: League could cancel more games without deal by Tuesday


rob Manfred has -->


MLB lockout: Fact-checking commissioner rob Manfred's press conference announcing delay of 2022 Opening Day


MLB commissioner rob Manfred announced that he was canceling the first two series of the 2022 regular season as the owner-implemented lockout dragged into its fourth month. He did this because the ...


Venezuela opposition claims Maduro has committed a coup d'état and calls for active defense of the constitution

“A continual coup d'etat has been perpetrated in Venezuela, culminating in the decision to rob us of a recall referendum”, said majority leader Julio Borges Pro-Maduro lawmakers warned the ...


UFC 271: rob Whittaker’s great mate explains how he upsets Israel Adesanya

So this week while walking through the fighter hotel, dressed down in tracky dacks and slides, we stopped the quietly-spoken Malkoun to ask the only question that matters. “More comfortable ...


Hope for baseball this spring continues to diminish


We are 90 days into MLB’s lockout and two days into the first work stoppage in the sport since 1994, after rob Manfred canceled the first two series of the 2022 baseball season on Tuesday. Opening ...


rob Heffernan: Why racewalking is more effective for weight-loss than running

Racewalking might be the sport that helped rob Heffernan to Olympic and World Championship glory, but he loves it for many other reasons besides that.


Why Wesfarmers boss rob Scott took the nuclear option on WA’s hard border

A dual Olympic oarsman and silver medal winner in Atlanta, Scott is quietly spoken but forceful in his thinking. He was among the few CEOs who directly pushed back against Victoria’s Andrews ...


Illusionist rob Lake talks Harrah’s Lake Tahoe residency and who he picks in Dumbledore/Gandalf match-up in Q&A

We sat down with Lake and talked about what to expect, in addition to his entry into show business, inspirations, and who he’d pick in a match-up between Dumbledore and Gandalf. Action ...


Habitual offender arrested for killing man for ₹500

The Kamakshipalya police on Tuesday arrested a 19-year-old habitual offender for allegedly killing a drunk man on a footpath to rob ₹500 and a basic mobile phone from him on February 24. According to ...


Manfred: MLB To Cancel First Two Regular Season Series


In the wake of today's league-imposed deadline to reach agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement passing, MLB commissioner rob ...


AFC Contender Interested in Signing rob Gronkowski: Report


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may have to deal with another potential suitor for rob Gronkowski’s services. As the Buccaneers continue to hope that Gronkowski decides to return — rather than retire — ...


Create engaging video using your smartphone: A weekend bootcamp

rob Glass leads this practical weekend bootcamp that will equip you with filming and editing techniques for producing and distributing video using just your smartphone ...


MLB fans place blame for labor situation squarely on rob Manfred: Podcast


Paul Hoynes and Joe Noga talk about the latest MLB labor negotiations and what was learned at Guardians minor league camp.


Tim Key channels David Brent in BBC comedy The Witchfinder

The Witchfinder is set in the Alan Partridge territory of Norfolk, and the show’s writers (Neil and rob Gibbons) and Key have been heavily involved in the past decade of Partridge-related output. Yet ...


MLB deserves scorn after being steered to ‘disastrous outcome’ by commissioner, owners

It was rob Manfred himself who three weeks earlier had accurately characterized the act of self-destruction that became official Tuesday. The commissioner of Major League Baseball, the man who turned ...


In bid to vacate murder conviction from 1993, James Pugh points to his burglaries and lies

A home burglary in South Buffalo. Selling stolen goods in the afternoon. Telling accomplices where to find a drug dealer to rob and then waiting nearby in a car for them to return that evening ...


rob Astorino slams Democrat governor's 'wackadoo' priorities on masking kids as crime worsens

I mean, this is the priorities that she has. It's completely wackadoo. But we're all dealing with this. The average New Yorker is dealing with the consequences.


Tennessee basketball's Rick Barnes wants a rule change after Kentucky scuffle. Here's why

Barnes’ jesting followed a contentious moment by the Wildcats’ bench early in Tennessee's 76-63 win against Kentucky. Kentucky strength and conditioning coach rob Harris and Tennessee guard ...


Yankees president Randy Levine doesn't sugarcoat MLB's sour state

Yankees president Randy Levine boldly went where no MLB official has dared to tread lately — short of commissioner rob Manfred — when he chose to publicly go on the record for Michael Kay’s ESPN radio ...


rob Black’s Winners & Losers: Stocks, gas, market correction

Equities struggled for direction Tuesday after a sell-off in the earlier session that saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average fall into correction territory and the Nasdaq enter a bear market. Fears of a ...


Police: Man says people offered him a ride, then tried to rob him with a box cutter

A man with several lacerations and blood on his face told officers that people who offered him a ride Saturday morning took him in the wrong direction and threatened to rob him with a utility ...


Report: Lakers GM rob Pelinka has 'lacked' in trade discussions


The Lakers failed to upgrade their roster prior to the trade deadline, and one reason why may be GM rob Pelinka’s alleged shortcomings.


rob Manfred’s latest tactic to justify the MLB lockout is his most laughable

Since taking over the office of the commissioner of Major League Baseball, rob Manfred, an allegedly smart person with degrees from Harvard and Cornell, has made a penchant of saying some ...


Paragraph 175

Previously known as The Pink Triangle, this is another fine documentary from the makers of The Celluloid Closet, rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. By the fall of the Berlin Wall, only ten of the ...


Deesha Thosar: Major League Baseball is picking up where it left off in 2020

When you want to catch a thief, watch their hands, not their mouth. ”The concerns of our fans are at the very top of our consideration list,” Major League Baseball commissioner rob Manfred said ...


VIDEO: Brazen Thieves Ram, rob Same SF Home Garage Twice

A pair of brazen garage break-ins at the same San Francisco home were caught on camera. The homeowner tells Betty Yu that the thieves knew exactly what they were after.


Shane MacGowan parties with actor pals Johnny Depp and rob Sheehan in Dublin

Actor Sheeran recently revealed how he had to call on Shane to get him unbarred from a London pub. “It was The Boogaloo, which is synonymous with the Irish community over in London.


MLB, union meet ahead of deadline to salvage 162-game season


Negotiators for locked out players and Major League Baseball held a morning bargaining session ahead of Commissioner rob Manfred's Tuesday deadline for a deal that would preserve a 162-game season.


The race for the Ohio U.S. Senate seat: A guide

Incumbent Republican rob Portman is retiring, which means an Ohio seat is a pick-up opportunity for Democrats — though a highly challenging one. In both 2016 and 2020, Donald Trump carried the state ...


Ecklund seeks another term in far northern Minnesota House seat

rob Ecklund will seek another term in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Ecklund, DFL-International Falls, is looking to retain the District 3A seat he has held since a special election in 2015.


Four teenage boys with guns beat, rob two men; victim suffers head injury

Four teens have been charged with assaulting and robbing two men at gunpoint, seriously injuring one of the men. The oldest suspect, an 18-year-old, was booked into the Stark County Jail on charges of ...


Why McCaw's team were airlifted to safety during grueling GODZone race


All four members of Richie McCaw's GODZone Team have recovered, after being airlifted to safety at Fiordland National Park on Sunday. The former All Blacks captain and teammate rob Nicol are currently ...


Outdoor Activities

The structure was a truncated icosahedron and I hadn't even seen the best part of the sculpture at that point. rob Marshall, owner of Hamlet Construction, had turned this ancient design into what ...


MLB’s lockout has canceled games, and the ticketing industry is prepared to handle the disruption — for now

Major League Baseball Commissioner rob Manfred announced the cancellation of the season’s first two series, the culmination of stalled negotiations between MLB’s owners and its players association as ...


MLB lockout: MLBPA to make new proposal Sunday in first meeting since games were canceled, per report


On Sunday, representatives from Major League Baseball and the MLB Players' Association will hold their first bargaining session since commissioner rob Manfred announced earlier this week that the ...


rob Schofield: If only GOP cared about kids as much as they claim


To listen to North Carolina Republican lawmakers last week as they advanced a bill to end school mask requirements, it was hard not to be struck and even impressed by ...

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