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[rēˈwərk] ✕ Play


rework (verb) · reworks (third person present) · reworked (past tense) · reworked (past participle) · reworking (present participle) · re-work (verb) · re-works (third person present) · re-worked (past tense) · re-worked (past participle) · re-working (present participle)

  - make changes to the original version of (something):


improve, better, ameliorate, refine, mend, rectify, correct, rehabilitate, alter, change,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What does rework mean in art?
    1 to make different in some way. the sculptor reworked the clay into another shape. Synonyms for rework. alter, change, make over, modify, recast, redo,
  2. What is the synonym of rework?
    See more synonyms for rework on verb (used with object), re·worked or re·wrought, re·work·ing. to work or form again: to rework gold. to revise or rewrite: to rework an essay. to process again or anew for reuse: to rework wool.
  3. What is the meaning of rework a speech?
    Just a rework of an old speech. To work again. To rewrite or revise. To process (something used) for use again. The act of redoing, correcting, or rebuilding. They sent the assembly back to the shop for rework.
  4. What is meant by “reworking” in dairy products?
    Rework and “Reworking” means subjecting a Product to one or more processing steps that are different from the established Manufacturing Process. Rework means to obtain finished dairy products suitable for sale from used, imperfect, or discarded dairy products or ingredients.

"Rework" Example Sentences


S.Korea scrambles to rework COVID-19 poll plans after early voting lapses


South Korean poll officials scrambled to revamp voting plans for Wednesday's election after early voting was marred by long waits outside polls stations for covonavirus sufferers, while other voters ...


Dallas Cowboys rework Dak Prescott, Zack Martin deals; create $22M-plus in cap room

The Dallas Cowboys have started their march to salary-cap compliance. The Cowboys restructured the contracts of Dak Prescott and Zack Martin on Tuesday, creating more than $22 million in cap room, the ...


Redevelopment hitting former West Babylon Kmart

Long Island’s first Kmart set for a $20 million project that will reduce the building’s size and rework space to add more tenants.


Joshua Vides' Signature Monochromatic Lines rework Converse Staples

Joshua Vides is known for his signature graphic monochromatic artwork and has previously applied this to everything from a BMW E30 M3 to skateboards and a Fendi capsule, but now the LA-based artist ...


Margaret Garner: The Premiere Performances of Toni Morrison's Libretto

Morrison, in turn, revealed that for some time she, too, had wanted to rework as a libretto the story of Garner that she had first imaginatively treated inBeloved(1987). Admitting... Turning Words ...


Stellaris’ unity rework arrives next week

You can generate unity in a number of ways already, but now Autochthon Monuments and similar structures produce an amount of it based on the number of ascension perks your empire has. It’s a big ...


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bringing Back Controversial Female Turtle Venus for IDW Comics


Venus on the other hand was previously another turtle exposed to the mutagen ooze that made the four brothers what they are, her origin might be getting a rework in the comic however. You can find ...


Importance Of Document Processing Solutions And Tools In Business


According to a Gartner news release, finance departments alone can save 25,000 hours of rework due to human errors at the cost of $878,000 per year for an enterprise with 40 full-time accounting ...


Capital gains tax structure is too complicated, needs a relook: Govt

Bajaj said the current capital gains tax structure is "too complicated" in terms of varied rates and period of holding across the assets and hence needs a relook. "We need to rework the capital ...


How to get Collective Obligation in Destiny 2


One of Destiny 2’s best new exotic weapons in The Witch Queen expansion is a pulse rifle that pairs up with the game’s new Void 3.0 subclass rework in an exciting way. The pulse rifle is called ...


Jubin Nautiyal Wants To rework Hindi Classics Like ‘Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai’


Playback singer Jubin Nautiyal would like to rework some of the Hindi music classics like 'Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai' and others.


Report: Titans rework Brett Kern’s deal


The Titans and punter Brett Kern agreed to a reworked deal for 2022, Field Yates of ESPN reports.Kern now will make $2.2 million in compensation this season, per Yates. Kern was scheduled to make $3.2 ...


Report: Giants want to keep Blake Martinez, rework his contract


The New York Giants want to keep LB Blake Martinez and are looking for ways to rework his deal. They also want to keep Evan Engram.


Phoebe Bridgers shares acoustic rework of “Chinese Satellite”–listen


Phoebe Bridgers has released an acoustic version of “Chinese Satellite.” The track celebrates Secretly Canadian's 25th anniversary.


Raiders’ Kolton Miller, Kenyan Drake rework Deals


The Raiders have restructured the contracts of left tackle Kolton Miller and running back Kenyan Drake (Twitter link via Field ...


Russia crisis forces Pentagon to rework defense strategy on the fly


Russia's invasion of Ukraine has forced the Pentagon to rework its long-term defense plans just as it was set to release them to the public. The Biden administration is delaying and revisiting its ...


Cowboys rework Prescott, Martin Deals


The Cowboys have restructured quarterback Dak Prescott's contract to create roughly $15MM in cap space, per a club announcement. Meanwhile, ...


Dota 2 Patch 7.31 – Techies rework Guide


Dota 2 Patch 7.31 made many changes to the characters. Techies got one of the biggest changes. Here’s our Techies rework Guide for Dota 7.31. For more Dota 2 Guides, check out here. Very recently ...


Community organization demands that Mayor Adams rework plan to end gun violence


The letter from "Communities United for Police Reform" includes signatures from other community organizations in every borough. It says the plan will unfairly target communities of color.


Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 Trailer Puts a Spotlight on Yoru rework


Also, an overhaul of the map Icebox. But perhaps the most highly anticipated change is the rework of Yoru, the teleporting Japanese duelist who has long been at the wrong end of Valorant’s meta.


Giants trying to rework Blake Martinez's contract with linebacker coming off torn ACL, per report

The New York Giants want to keep linebacker Blake Martinez on their team for the 2022 season, but at a reduced salary.  According to a report from NFL Media, the Giants are trying to rework Martinez's ...


VALORANT Patch 4.04 introduces Icebox rework


VALORANT Patch 4.04 introduces massive changes to Icebox, significantly changing the way teams will attack and defend both sites.. B Green has been changed to ...


The Days Of Underwear Chafing Are Numbered

To rework that famous pop song from the 90s, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you do, we’ve all experienced chafing. In the same category of ‘irritations we’d ...


Lead contamination found in Philadelphia schools' water: Report

On Location: March 7, 2022 An environmental group said Philadelphia's school system needs to re-examine and rework its water pipes after a study found major lead contamination in school buildings.


Warlords of Draenor: PvP rework brings back Skirmishes, adds Spectator Invites

This is due to concerns about the proposed system. Skirmishes, un-rated arenas which you can solo-queue for or do with friends in 2v2 and 3v3, are in. Skirmishes reward honor and have the chance ...


Dota 2 patch 7.81 Techies rework ditches Stasis Trap for Sticky Bombs


Techies Demolitions is back in business - the Dota 2 patch 7.81 Techies rework is finally here and there’s a lot to look forward to ...


VALORANT Patch 4.04 Notes: Yoru rework, Controllers Tweak, and Icebox Adjustments


VALORANT Episode 4 Act II goes live with the promised Yoru rework and members of the Controller role get a few tweaks. Icebox, especially its B site, receives major changes while Ascent gets a slight ...


‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ series was originally too dark so Disney stopped production to rework it


Kennedy told Entertainment Weekly that the production of “Obi-Wan Kenobi” was halted because it was too dark and the writers wanted to rework the tone. What they’re saying: “We’re looking, ultimately, ...


‘Valorant’ Episode 4 Act 2 update will introduce Yoru rework

Enemies will still be able to hear Yoru’s footsteps, but Nearsighted has been removed, while the unequip delay time has been increased slightly alongside a delay added when casting Dimensional ...


My favourite proper roguelike Jupiter Hell gets a fancy upgrade


Jupiter Hell is what you need. The developers just released a nice big free upgrade too. Version 1.3 Valhalla brings with it some pretty fun additions. There's a rework to multiple parts of the level ...


C.P. Company Deliver a Sturdy rework of Clarks Originals' Iconic Desert Trek Silhouette


For SS22, C.P. Company and Clarks Originals have teamed up to drop off a concise capsule that reimagines the archetypal Desert Trek silhouette in two styles.


UKG phenomenon salute reworks DJ Seinfeld’s ‘Someday’

Originally released on DJ Seinfeld's 2021 Mirror LP, "Someday" has had a club-ready rework by highly sought-after UK producer, salute.


Intent vs. impact


Nathan and Sasha are part of an innovation team, and the product launch is coming up. Nathan forgets to update Sasha on the marketing department’s strategies, and she has to rework the budget at the ...


Pandemic ‘Return to Normal’ Will Exacerbate Income and Economic Disparities Across the Bay Area


Continuing their work developing solutions that improve life for all working people, the regional initiative rework the Bay unveiled a new interactive data tool today designed to inform policymakers ...


Marvel’s Avengers patch 2.3 will add Nick Fury and new missions, along with a War Table rework


Marvel’s Avengers patch 2.3 will be available to download on March 24. The patch will include Nick Fury and new missions, as well rework the War Table. You will be able to speak with Nick Fury at the ...


NFL Rumors: Patriots rework Henry Anderson's contract to free up cap space


The Patriots reportedly have restructured the contract of defensive end Henry Anderson to give themselves a bit more spending money in NFL free agency.


Good Business: Why Patriots-Henry Anderson Contract rework is a Potentially Savvy Move


Retaining the services of DL Henry Anderson will pay off for the New England Patriots in 2022, both on the field, as well as financially.


National Democrats begin talks to potentially rework the presidential nominating calendar and knock Iowa out of being first in line

National Democrats who set the presidential primary calendar have officially started conversations that could knock Iowa from its first-in-the-nation position or add other early states. The Democratic ...


Ukraine band sing 'Kyiv Calling' in rework of classic by The Clash to raise money for resistance movement


A Ukrainian punk band have sung Kyiv Calling as other musicians in the country swap guitars for guns following the Russian invasion.


Martin Garrix, Matisse & Sadko hand-pick five deserving names to rework ‘Won’t Let You Go’ with John Martin

Based on Martin Garrix’s newest Instagram story, there already seems to be another reunion with Matisse & Sadko in the works but not before they revisit their seventh official meeting from Dancing ...


Hot Air rework Doubles As An Herbal Bag Vaporizer

Since it has settings for temperature and airflow [BrokeHippieTech] figured it would work as a bag vaporizer. In the video after the break they show off the custom parts and then take it though ...


Kyiv Calling: Ukrainian punk band Beton rework The Clash's London Calling to highlight events in their homeland


Ukrainian punk band Beton rework The Clash's famous anthem London Calling to highlight events in their homeland and raise money for non-military resistance.


Patriots rework DL Henry Anderson’s deal to shed cap space, report says


The deal reduces Anderson’s base salary from $2.5 million to $1.25 million, which frees up $1.25 in salary cap room.


New Phasmophobia Video Teases VR rework


Phasmophobia developer Kinetic Games is working on improvements for the game's VR mode, and has revealed new footage to give players an idea of what to expect when it releases. Viewers might not be ...


Vikings look to rework contract of DT Michael Pierce, who has $10.235 million cap hit


VIKINGS TO RELEASE MICHAEL PIERCE AFTER HE DECLINED PAY CUT, TO SIGN HARRISON PHILLIPS The Vikings are looking to rework the contract of defensive tackle Michael Pierce, who is on ...


Bucs rework TE Cameron Brate's contract, free up cap space


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have agreed to a restructured contract with tight end Cameron Brate, freeing up salary cap space ...


Marvel’s Avengers Upcoming Update 2.3 Out Next Week, Brings War Table rework and More

The Marvel's Avengers upcoming update 2.3 is out on March 24, and this brings a massive rework to the War Table, on-boarding and more.


Rams rework LB Leonard Floyd's Contract, Free Up $12M in Cap Space


Floyd's career has reached new heights since joining the Rams in 2020. Since joining the team, he's recorded 20 sacks compared to just 18.5 across four seasons in Chicago. Last se ...


Cowboys rework Contract To Keep Star Defensive End DeMarcus Lawrence, AP Source Says


Lawrence's reworked deal is worth $40 million over three years with $30 million guaranteed, according to the source.


Fashion schools are decolonising the curriculum. Good news for luxury brands?

As academics rework their approach to teaching fashion history, an emerging generation of industry professionals — and consumers — has a more critical perspective on fashion heritage. Western luxury ...

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