Priyanka chopra latest news

By | January 15, 2020

Priyanka chopra latest news

recently even Priyanka Chopra had to accept Kyoko bgallagh para sexual Harassment in Bollywood. what did she have to say let’s find out.

Priyanka chopra latest news

Priyanka Chopra recently graced the 10th


annual women in the world summit in New

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York wherein she spoke about many


important issues affecting women across


the world for any issues may c8 her


sexual harassment


Audrey ANCA Jobrani is by vodka the


Greek aha


sexual harassment had become a norm with


women now because of the support we are


giving each other people don’t have the


power to shut us down and that’s an


incredibly powerful thing to see


Priyanka the Agena here everybody in


this room has probably faced one because


it had become a Norn with women


we always had a voice just nobody heard


us now if I have a story I don’t feel am


alone anymore


and I am not ashamed of it Priyanka knew


India maybe we need to movement by


basket a quick AHA I think people have


misunderstood the me to movement if they


restricted only to the film industry


it’s not only key film industry messy


cheesy booty a hard job Marathi here –


Marisa – ah hey what the hell Ahuja


asana he had caved on Belka time who are


heavy yeah okay but it happened when I


was very young I think people assuming


that it’s very current and wondering why


I’m not talking about it that’s a lot of


expectation every woman in our country


has dealt with it and I’m sure not


everyone wants to talk about it publicly


well Priyanka Chopra has accepted that


she has also gone through sexual Harris


pannonica hot body bath job of a global


I can hole up publicly a curry subotica


Rijo it takes a lot of courage and she’s


she spoke about how she lost out a lot


of things when she had just entered the


Bollywood industry she was about 19 20


years old or her neighbor sorry film a


loose key because apparently she did not


network is what she had to say or on


happening dad kiboshed Joker he


confessed be key I have lost a lot of


films I will do smaller films now


because I only know my job I know how to


act I will do my bit and I’ll still go


on but una calle sara publicly Kahana it


takes a lot of courage and thank god for


all these superstars who come out and


speak it only gives courage to


small-town girls who are still facing it


of course agony could occur every time


her story has unfolded here on planet


Bollywood and somebody has gotten the


courage to speak about kinky sedessa cow


cow waha exactly except Saint buried


cheese that they had to go through was


the shame and the guilt yeah and the


fact that I must have done something


wrong that Mary thought as I wa


but when superstars also come out and


talk about the same thing and they


accepting kajita


jota he-hey it is so prevalent and not


only in Bollywood in any other job that


you are in it makes that whole incident


a more natural normal and the fact that


you get the courage to talk about in


faking a argive Marisa to nature Rekha


and I’m gonna speak about this and I


think that is what Priyanka Chopra has


done I mean every time that you go back


into your own personal history and dig


back a pass that you probably not


comfortable talking about like she is


saying he made a sorry abhi recently


named hua I’m not sure I’m a publicly


Kika Nam Nina chachi we are me DJ envy


Jonathan that’s not my way of dealing


with this incident but I do want to say


that I know he kissy-kiss at yahoo organ


how what they must be going through and


I think having said that is so important


at a point like this and the fact that


the media movement she also said has


been misjudged and the fact that she


brought out the Fatima media movement


has been such a big need Jo it’s moving


a Puri kiya the fact that there were


people the actors and females who could


come out and support each other yeah she


also spoke about kick-ass here women


always had their voices it’s just that


nobody heard them and now finally people


listening to it and that is the only


request even from us that first you




don’t pass judgments don’t accuse the


person right away and you know Mahabad


judgment pass Kazuki yato and unit


galaxy I hear balus son tono keepin the


can I’ll catch up I abandon okati


Escobar obviously there are different


layers to it there are different steps


investigation wreckage SAT here and then


let law take its course


let the the the proper committee take


its course if need be


lakyn you need to listen to no matter


who comes forward and wants to speak at


least now we know that there is a


platform that people can come forward


and speak and raise the issues


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