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physician (noun) · physicians (plural noun)

  - a person qualified to practice medicine:

  - a person who cures moral or spiritual ills; a healer:


doctor, MD, surgeon, leech, sawbones,

"Physician" Example Sentences


Family Of Hopkinsville Doctor Safe In Ukraine


The niece of a Hopkinsville physician is safe in Ukraine after she was able to get out of the capital city of Kyiv. Dr. Jeff Riggs told the News Edge Tuesday his niece is in the Ukraine ...


Saving lives daily is what I do

THE trained nurse has become one of the great blessings of humanity, taking a place beside the physician and the priest, according to famous Canadian physician William Osler.


Rhinoplasty needs to be planned individually, says doctor

A Turkish physician said rhinoplasty needs to be planned individually as every face, skin, and nose has different dynamics. "Rhinoplasty needs to be planned individually. Every face, every skin, and ...


The 'mini Playboy mansions' where women were trafficked, drugged, and raped

As the daughter of Dr. Mark Saginor, Hefner's close friend and personal physician dubbed 'Dr. Feelgood' over his reported proclivity for prescribing Quaalude pills, she says she was exposed to the ...


Kaiser Permanente launches Ukrainian relief giving campaign


OAKLAND, Calif., March 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Kaiser Permanente has launched an employee and physician giving campaign to help with the urgent Ukrainian refugee crisis for physicians and employees ...


Alexa Will Now Connect Consumers to a Teladoc physician

Teladoc has begun offering access to some of its general medical telehealth services through Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and Echo devices. Under the partnership, consumers can now give the command ...


Study Shows State-Level Scope-of-Practice Laws Limit PrEP Prescribing by NPs, PAs

physicians who are reluctant or even opposed to broad use of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) against HIV may keep physician assistants and nurse practitioners from prescribing the antivirals that can ...


‘Why would I want that?’: My sister’s simple question reshaped my physician job search

I am four months away from graduating from fellowship, the last step in my odyssey of medical training, and my sister's simple question stopped me in my tracks.


Healthcare Consultancy HSG Urges Proactive Intervention to Mitigate Adverse Consequences From 2022 CMS Split/Shared Visit Rules


New rule changes may disrupt wRVU credit, physician and APP compensation, and overall revenue generated for hospitals and healthcare systems. Terrence R.


Judge jails ‘pill mill’ doc; sentencing continued due to motion to withdraw guilty plea


WILLIAMSPORT-The Northumberland County physician dubbed the “pill mill” doctor is behind bars although his sentencing was continued. U.S. Middle District Judge Matthew W. Brann Friday ordered Dr.


Mission Hope Cancer Center sees more patients coming in for health screenings

Radiology physician Dr. Felix Yap says more patients are also coming in for breast cancer screening. "We definitely saw a dip in breast cancer screenings as well ... when the pandemic hit ...


Renowned physcian, global health care activist Paul Farmer dies at 62

World-renowned physician and medi­cal anthropologist Paul Farmer died of an acute cardiac event in his sleep on February 21. He was 62. Farmer, who is credited with helping to improve health-care ...


In opioids “pill mill” case, justices grapple with physician intent


For nearly 90 minutes on Tuesday, the court grappled with the question of whether good faith is a defense for doctors criminally prosecuted for unlawful distribution of controlled substances. The ...


An Exhibition Of Historical Anatomy Illustration Has Some Surprising Lessons For Contemporary Medicine

While instructing medical students in anatomy, the great Renaissance physician Andreus Vesalius was in the habit of sketching muscles and nerves on the dissecting table. Like his forebears, he ...


Depression, Suicidal Ideation Continue to Plague physicians: Survey


Historic legislation aims to improve physician mental health by removing barriers to treatment and funding suicide prevention campaigns.


Fostering Medicine's Future: A Pathway for Students of Color

Internist Dexter Frederick, MD, has used his journey of becoming a physician as the roadmap to encourage other people of color to pursue medicine through his B.E.S.T. program.


physician Practices Say Prior Authorization Issues Worsening: Poll


A new survey from the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) indicates that 79% of practices say that prior authorization requirements have increased over the past 12 months. Another 19% say ...


Health subcommittee to hear abortion bill later this month


A health subcommittee will be taking on a bill about abortion that would change the time frame a doctor notifies the board of medical examiners after learning that the physician has been criminally ...


Colorado Doctor Jeffrey Kesten Sentenced To Prison For Receiving Pharmaceutical Company’s Bribes


A physician will spend time behind bars for prescribing a fentanyl-based spray product to patients while receiving bribes and "kickbacks" from the maker of the drug.


Who was Ibn Sina? The great philosopher and physician of medieval Islam

Known as Ibn Sina in the Islamic world and Avicenna among western scholars, the polymath is synonymous with the period in Islamic history that is widely and controversially referred to as the ...


This Week's Chicago Deal Sheet

Frank Melchert and Matt Garland of Cawley Chicago represented the building owner. A physician partnership group that developed Advocate Aurora Health Medical Building at 1020 35th St. in Kenosha, ...


OPINION: DeSantis wrong to bully kids over wearing masks

Sarasota physician Washington Hill writes that Gov. Ron DeSantis had no right to pressure high school students to take over their face masks.


American Doctor Helps Ukrainian Refugees in Poland


Nancy Wespetal, MD, a family physician and the international director for Hope in Action, a humanitarian aid organization in Ukraine, left Kyiv less than a week before the Russian assault began, and ...


Agape Boarding School doctor David Smock pleads not guilty to 12 felony child sex crime charges


STOCKTON — The longtime school physician for a rural Missouri independent fundamental Baptist campus for boys faced special prosecutors in a rural court Tuesday, pleading not guilty to numerous felony ...


Former Valentino's buffet location to become medical clinic

Holmes Lake Family Medicine & Internal Medicine, which is part of the Bryan physician Network, is expected to begin seeing patients in the new location at the end of 2022.


Stone Disease (Kidney Stones)

Sometimes the physician may scan the urinary system using a special x-ray test called an IVP (intravenous pyelogram). Results of these tests aid in the choice of proper treatment. Most kidney stones ...


Helkiah Crooke on membranes

English surgeon, anatomist, and Court physician to King James I of England Helkiah Crooke (1576-1648) was one of the earliest, if not the first, English writer to use fascia (albeit a Latinised ...


When a computer gets between doctor and patient

physicians spend too much time sitting in front of the computer as it is. I certainly wouldn’t want my physician to wait until a computer started to alarm before initiating life-saving antibiotics.


Mackler, persevering researcher, mourned

An inspiring researcher, educator and family man was remembered Sunday. Dr. Scott A. Mackler, an accomplished physician and scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, died on Wednesday.


Who Do Midwives Work In Partnership With?

State of California. The Legislature established the CNM as a judicatory body and set forth its scope of practice. Legally, nurse-midwifery care in California requires supervision by a physician or ...


Rams Doctor To Oversee Agoura Hills Student-Athletes

The lead sports medicine physician for the Los Angels Rams is moving on to oversee student-athletes in and around Agoura Hills ...


Contributor: Solving the US physician Diversity Problem

The representation of Black physicians is alarmingly low, but the opportunities for change are possible and urgent. Health care leaders and human resource departments need to address these disparities ...


Provider shortage is bringing health care to the brink

New York State is projected to have less than 1 percent of the physicians, 17 percent of the nurse practitioners, and 75 percent of the physician assistants it needs as primary care providers.


Pandemic impacting women in academic medicine

A commentary co-authored by UB physician Anne Curtis offers solutions to the disparities that have been worsened by the pandemic.


Steve L. Penman

Steve L. Penman's office is located at 652 S Medical Center Dr, Saint George, UT. View the map. A physician assistant works under the supervision of a medical doctor, providing support and care to ...


Luis A. Pagan-Carlo, MD, FACC, is recognized by Continental Who's Who

SAVAGE, Minn., Feb. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Luis A. Pagan-Carlo, MD, FACC, is being recognized by Continental Who's Who as a Distinguished physician for his work in the field of Cardiology and in ...


Death comes knocking for us all eventually. In the meantime, live life to the fullest.

This is a column by Mark Murphy, a Savannah physician and author. He is a regular contributor to the Savannah Morning News. Last week, I left my home and jogged down Rose Dhu Road as it paralleled ...


A 30-year-old physician assistant who spent 7 years in school missed her 'prime investing years,' and she's not the only one

When you spend most of your 20s in school, you can miss out on early investing years and the perks of compounding interest. But it's not too late.


Tour Through Time: Dickinson College dedicated prayer room to past president in 1954

Baltimore physician Dr. J. Wesley Edel, brother of the college president, was among those who donated a sterling silver chalice, flagon and paten used in Holy Communion. Professor Herbert Wing Jr ...


Treatment aimed at preventing COVID-19 for those at high risk now available at some Illinois hospitals

Dr. Dana Vais, an infectious disease physician at AMITA Health Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center, said the health system began giving Evusheld to its highest risk patients last month.


Using Vaseline as sexual lubricant increases risk of vagina irritation, yeast infection –physicians

A public health physician and sex educator, Dr. Yemi Adeyemi said using Vaseline as a lubricant during sexual intercourse increases the risk of yeast infection and vagina irritation. Dr. Adeyemi also ...


Unanticipated stint in the Navy leads local physician into Internal Medicine


The retirement of a primary care physician can be a stressful time for that physician’s patients. In many cases, those patients have trusted the same person with their health care ...


Primary Care physician Turnover Results in Nearly $1 Billion of Excess Healthcare Expenditures, Study Finds


About $260 million of annual excess healthcare expenditures from primary care physician turnover is linked to physician burnout.


7 Thoughtful Reader Responses on Ending Online Church

A physician in Delaware wrote: “I have enjoyed your column and agree that the emphasis on video connection falls short of the touch, smell, direct three-dimensional vision of churchgoers.


NRMP Report: Fellowship Match Data for the 2022 Appointment Year Now Available

The National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®) has released Results and Data Specialties Matching Service®, 2022 Appointment Year for physician Fellowship Matches conducted by the NRMP Specialties ...


MD Financial Management and Scotiabank announce creation of multi-employer pension plan to boost physician retirement security


MD Financial Management Inc. (MD) and Scotiabank are developing a multi-employer pension plan designed specifically for Canadian incorporated physicians. The Medicus Pension Plan will provide ...


Eriksmoen: Trombonist helped tunnel out of German camp

One of those who assisted in the Allied prisoner of war effort to tunnel out of a World War II German concentration camp was a noted musician and prominent physician from North Dakota.


Healthcare Heroes at Stony Brook Medicine: Caroline Smolkin

My grandmother was a physician in the former Soviet Union. Although she never practiced in the United States, she was always a doctor in her heart and mind.


Do Patients Trust Older physicians More Than Younger physicians?

Is access to the senior physician limited because the older practitioner is so skilled and in such high demand? Or is it because the older physician has limited their hours or gives preference to ...


Hologic Launches New Option for Women With Uterine Fibroids

It cuts the polyp or fibroid into pieces that it removes by suction and stores in a sac for testing and because MyoSure is a mechanical device, the physician may use a saline solution to distend the ...

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