Best part time jobs in Kolkata – 2020

Part time jobs in kolkata for college students are nearly as coveted as university attractiveness letters. Besides searching for classes, university students are just as keen to search for jobs. That is on the grounds that numerous undergrads need to find employments to direct themselves or pay for their investigations. But coins cash isn’t all a part-time task is ideal for. part time jobs in kolkata.

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Part time jobs in Kolkata

part time jobs in kolkata

Library Assistant

Library employments are one in all the handiest occupations to have as an understudy as a result of their moderately significant compensation and nearby area. This position will give you masses of customer service exercise and the risk to interact with university college students for a maximum of your shift. Best of all, there is normally plenty of time to do your homework.

Dorm Receptionist/Security Monitor

This task is perfect for college kids who love to examine past due at night. Most dorm receptionist jobs start after sunset and may move as overdue as 3 AM. One of the largest perks is which you are typically allowed to do homework in the course of your shift.

Make cash and get beforehand in your studies, even as simultaneously welcoming college students into their homes.

Campus Tour Guide

Are you undeniably enthusiastic about your campus? Put it to exact use as a paid campus excursion guide. This will come up with public talking exercise, exercise, and a threat to convince prospective students to attend your college.

This activity is easy and amusing so long as you are prepared to be transferred for the entirety of the tour.

Part time jobs in kolkata

Research Assistant

Gain revel in your area of the hobby by running as a Research Assistant for one of your professors. Since the studies are generally carried out on campus, those positions are very effectively located.

Resident Advisor in the Dorms

This isn’t a paid position, however, the risk to have unfastened room & board throughout your university years will save you as much cash as you’ll make in a traditional part-time process. You will get the danger to carefully have interaction, mentor, and bond with hundreds of university college students a yr and provide again to your university in a noticeably influential way.


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