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markedly (adverb)

  - to an extent which is clearly noticeable; significantly:


noticeably, decidedly, strikingly, distinctly, remarkably, clearly, plainly, blatantly, glaringly, unmistakably,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the meaning of markedly different?
    (comparative more markedly, superlative most markedly) In a marked manner; distinctly, noticeably, conspicuously. Being markedly different as a teenager can get you taunted, as an adult it can make you famous.
  2. What is the meaning of marked man?
    Having one or more distinguishing marks. 2. Clearly defined and evident; noticeable: a marked increase in temperature. See Synonyms at noticeable. 3. Singled out, especially for a dire fate: a marked man. 4. Linguistics a.
  3. What does it mean to mark something?
    1. to put a mark or stain on, or to become marked or stained. Every pupil's coat must be marked with his name; That coffee has marked the tablecloth; This white material marks easily. marcar, señalar, poner una señal 2. to give marks to (a piece of work).
  4. What is the difference between marked and unmarked words?
    For example, of the two words lionand lioness, lionis unmarked for gender (it can denote either a male or female) whereas lionessis marked, since it denotes only females. b. Explicitly characterized by or having a particular linguistic feature. For example, girlsis marked for plural in English, whereas sheepis not. mark′ed·ly(mär′kĭd-lē)adv.

"Markedly" Example Sentences


Atorvastatin Reduces Remnant Lipoproteins and Small, Dense Low-Density Lipoproteins Regardless of the Baseline Lipid Pattern

Atorvastatin, 10 mg o.d., given to patients with a variety of dyslipidemias, significantly decreased levels of both remnant lipoproteins and sd-LDL, apparently without markedly altering LDL ...


AI Deciding How To Distribute Harm Breeds Dicey AI Ethics Dilemma, markedly So For Nascent AI-Based Self-Driving Cars


AI systems are having to ascertain how to distribute harm, a decidedly Ethical AI issue, including for the case of AI self-driving cars.


In Lloyd Jones' The Fish, a wayward daughter gives birth to an unsual child

In Lloyd Jones' The Fish, a wayward daughter gives birth in a foetid caravan by the sea. The baby is different — so markedly different that his grandfather refuses to hold him. Our narrator ...


New coach, similar ethos as Marsch prepares for Leeds debut


New manager, similar ethos. Don’t expect Leeds to look markedly different under the leadership of new American coach Jesse Marsch following his arrival at the struggling English Premier League club as ...


Virginia General Assembly session hits midpoint with House, Senate on markedly different paths

House of Delegates members raise their hands to call for a recorded vote on legislation at the Capitol in Richmond on Feb. 14. (Bob Brown/AP) RICHMOND — Virginia’s House of Delegates and ...


Balfour Beatty profits rise, revenue dips as company focuses on future of infrastructure

Balfour Beatty reported Thursday morning profits of $183 million (£139 million) for 2021, up markedly from $39.5 million in 2020. That's 28 cents a share versus about ...


AVAX price increasingly hopeless, may retest $57

AVAX price continues to trade in the same value area as in November 2021. Bulls and bears continue to ping-pong above and below the $75 price level. Price action is markedly bearish, but bulls can ...


South Africa Current Account Surplus Narrowed markedly in 4Q

By Maria Martinez South Africa posted a smaller current account surplus in the last quarter of 2021 than in the third quarter, the country's central ...


'More than ready': How players stayed sharp during the MLB lockout


Spring training will look markedly different after losing a month because of the lockout. How MLB players prepared on their own will be evident.


Why Zumiez Stock Just Wiped Out


Zumiez grew its sales less than 5% year over year in Q4. Net income was up barely 1%. Business slowed markedly in the fourth quarter of the year. For all of 2021, Zumiez ...


State’s annual unemployment rate in ’21 was 4.7%, down from 6.4% in ’20; economy improved markedly


Kentucky’s annual unemployment rate for 2021 was 4.7%, according to the Kentucky Center for Statistics, an agency of the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, down from 6.4% in 2020.


Jay Woodcroft and Dave Manson have markedly improved the Oilers so far, but is it enough to overcome their goaltending issues?


It was a frustrating night for the Edmonton Oilers on Wednesday. Coming off a 7-3 loss to the Minnesota Wild, Edmonton did nearly everything right against the Tampa Bay Lightning. They posted 60 ...


WA ‘seeing a markedly better picture’ as COVID cases decline

“We’re absolutely recognizing the importance of seeing cases come down, as well and when you bring in cases and hospitalizations, we’re seeing a markedly better picture than the last time we had a DOH ...


Telaprevir markedly Improves HCV Genotype 1 Cure Rates

Final results of phase III trials show that telaprevir plus standard therapy with peginterferon alfa-2a and ribavirin was more effective than standard therapy alone. Recently, telaprevir-based ...


After the Ball Is Over

I cannot--and do not want the kind of career where I can." The replies of a few others were markedly amused and somewhat deprecatory. The reason was discovered before the replies reached the mouth ...


High Early Recurrence Rates With Merkel Cell Carcinoma

The rate of recurrence of the rare but aggressive skin cancer Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) is markedly higher than that for invasive melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, or basal cell carcinoma ...



An edgy world remains firmly on the edge as arms and ammunition powered by Russian folly continues to pound Ukraine in what is markedly an invasion in spite of the devious denials of Vladimir Putin ...


Texas child abuse investigators allegedly barred from closing cases involving trans kids


A supervisor testified Friday that the child welfare agency handled cases involving trans children in markedly different ways.


Prince Andrew’s post-settlement statement about Virginia Giuffre is very different to what he said before

If he had openly stated that he considers himself blameworthy, that statement might also have been a vehicle for public forgiveness. As it is, we have a donation to a charity and a markedly ...


Fraud Allegations Surround Spinal Device Greenlit by FDA

The biomechanical behavior of the cervical spine is unique as it lacks the support of the rib cage found in the kyphotic thoracic spine, and is markedly smaller than the much larger vertebrae found in ...


Meet the Sicilian Winemaker Who’s Saving the Island’s Lost Grapes

“I believe the recovery of some autochthonous varieties is essential in order to have types that are markedly pleasant and unrepeatable,” he says. (“Autochthonous” sends us wine writers ...


The evolution of tectonostratigraphic terranes in the southern Central Andes

The Early Paleozoic evolution of northwestern Argentina and northern Chile and the absence of allochthonous or even exotic terranes contrasts markedly with the accretionary history of central ...


Editorial: Journalists risk much to inform readers


While American journalists are, by the numbers, markedly safer than many of their international colleagues, threats against American journalists have been on the rise for some time. Reasons for the ...


Rents climb markedly as cost of living grows


Tenants face an extra cost of £4.6bn in 2022 due to the rising cost of rent attributing to the ongoing cost of living crisis, according to the Hamptons Mon ...


Fed’s Kashkari thinks inflation will slow down markedly this year

Minneapolis Federal ReservePresident Neel Kashkari said Wednesday that he thinks U.S. inflation will slow down markedly as the year progresses. “Inflation should start coming down this year.


Burberry gets ‘back to reality’ with markedly British live fashion show

Burberry returned to live fashion shows after two years of pandemic-induced absence with Italy's Riccardo Tisci taking over a church in central London outside of fashion week for a celebration of ...


U.S. Industrial Production Rose markedly in January on Soaring Utility Output

Industrial production in the U.S. increased sharply in January, more than reversing a slight fall registered in December, as a weather-related leap in utility output offset a softer rise in the ...


Illegal immigration during Biden's first year drives US' foreign-born population to new high

The authors also noted that the increases seen since 2020 are markedly more than the 770,000 average annual increase recorded in the decade before the pandemic. The study further revealed that ...


Loveland is so intense and menacing, you won’t be able to put it down


The pacing and claustrophobia of Robert Lukins’ compelling and vivid new book remind you of Jane Harper’s novels, though his style is markedly different.


Comparison of the Effects of Moderate and Severe Hypercapnic Acidosis on Ventilation-induced Lung Injury

This observation was verified with an ELISA and western blot, both of which demonstrated that the NF-κB pathway in the lung tissue was markedly inhibited by hypercapnic acidosis. In the cytoplasm ...


Roy Exum: A Fable, Or Parable?

A parable is much like a fable yet markedly different. Whereas a fable will use the behavior from a crafty crow or a sly fox, the experts tell us, “to the delight of millions of readers down ...


Fed's Kashkari thinks inflation will slow down markedly this year

Minneapolis Federal ReservePresident Neel Kashkari said Wednesday that he thinks U.S. inflation will slow down markedly as the year progresses. "Inflation should start coming down this year.


Voices: Prince Andrew’s post-settlement statement about Virginia Giuffre is very different to what he said before

If he had openly stated that he considers himself blameworthy, that statement might also have been a vehicle for public forgiveness. As it is, we have a donation to a charity and a markedly ...


Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is the next asymmetrical multiplayer game from Friday the 13th studio IllFonic – GDC 2022


The Game and Predator: Hunting Grounds, studio IllFonic clearly has a knack for licensed asymmetrical multiplayer. The next IP that the studio is tackling, however, is markedly different from the ...


Chronic Busyness

"Pathological Busyness" : being busy to such a degree that is extreme, excessive, or markedly abnormal The mark of success in business these days is almost always attached to how busy you are. When ...


Farming: Highland Show puts the call out for inventive entrants


While the scale and design might have changed markedly over the years, the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) which organises the Highland Show is calling for entries for its ...


What values do we invest in our pets, and is concrete the best material to make resilient roads?

The role animals play in our lives has changed markedly over the centuries. So what values do they represent for us these days? The utter destruction of roads in floods and fires has prompted the ...


How can we help people who have strayed from the church feel at home again?


‘Even worse than when George (her husband the king) died.’” In all three of the parishes where I pastor, use of votive candles has markedly increased, enough that we have needed to make new provisions ...


Finding the Right Words for the Red Wines of Languedoc


But the reference points can differ markedly from person to person, imparting a meaning that differs from what was intended. What’s more, each of these descriptors also requires context. In evaluating ...


Cornell University reports indications of 'substantial prevalence' of COVID-19 on campus


After a significant viral outbreak before winter break in December, COVID-19 infection levels at Cornell University had markedly declined, as the omicron surge receded, and students returned to campus ...


Different anxieties that women experience at different ages in their life


Different anxieties that women experience at different ages in their life - Women may experience markedly greater prevalence of anxiety compared to men, including Generalized Anxiety Disorder, ...


Our meaningful prescience - Carm Mifsud Bonnici

The more judiciously you sow, the more you reap. This is what we have been taught and this is what experience has shown. In all our lifelong experience, most markedly in politics, this has been a ...


Blue Jays fireballer Jordan Romano owns the ninth inning. Save the humility


The lanky Romano looks markedly different from when fans last saw him on the bump: his lumberjack full beard gone. Also absent so far is his signature Sultan of Squat pre-pitch routine in the tuck ...


New Destinations and More Seats Available from Frankfurt Airport

The coming summer will see 4,239 passenger aircraft takeoffs per week, markedly above the figure for the same period of last year. In fact, aircraft movements will rise by around 81 percent.


New test predicts sepsis before blood clots cause permanent organ damage, markedly increasing survival

In a potential paradigm change for sepsis diagnostics, a new test predicted sepsis soon after infection in mice -- well before blood clotting and organ failure -- enabling early antibiotic treatment ...


O'Neill "ebullient" over Sunderland start


Sunderland boss Martin O'Neill is delighted with his winning start on Wearside. However, he acknowledges that his mood can change markedly when things are ...


This 1 Surprising Thing Makes Tim Cook's Morning Routine Remarkably Successful


Morning routines are often about hyper-focused wellness. But Cook's intentional inclusion of purpose-driven work makes his routine markedly different.


Stratospheric Sudden Warmings (IMAGE)

The polar vortex usually encompasses the polar region in the winter stratosphere, but sometimes shifts markedly away from its normal position and distorts during stratospheric sudden warmings (SSWs).


A Russian negotiator’s positive language clashes with the hard-line rhetoric from Moscow.


The positive language from the negotiators clashed markedly with hard-line rhetoric coming out of Moscow, where supporters of the war decried Mr. Medinsky’s diplomacy as bordering on traitorous. “Any ...


Stroke hospital visits down markedly in first year of COVID-19 pandemic


The first year of the COVID-19 pandemic saw fewer hospital visits for stroke, fewer stroke therapies, more treatment delays and a higher risk of in-hospital deaths in the subsequent COVID-19 waves, ...

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