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loll (verb) · lolls (third person present) · lolled (past tense) · lolled (past participle) · lolling (present participle)

  - sit, lie, or stand in a lazy, relaxed way:

  - hang loosely; droop:

  - stick out (one's tongue) so that it hangs loosely out of the mouth:


lounge, sprawl, lie, sit, flop, slouch, slump, laze, luxuriate, recline,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What does lolling mean?
    to recline or lean in a relaxed, lazy, or indolent manner; lounge: to loll on a sofa. to hang loosely; droop; dangle: The dog stood in the heat with his tongue lolling out of his mouth. to allow to hang, droop, or dangle. noun Archaic. the act of lolling. a person or thing that lolls. 1. See lounge.
  2. What is another word for Loll?
    [lol] See more synonyms for loll on verb (used without object) to recline or lean in a relaxed, lazy, or indolent manner; lounge: to loll on a sofa. to hang loosely; droop; dangle: The dog stood in the heat with his tongue lolling out of his mouth.
  3. What is the meaning of lollen?
    To move, stand, or recline in an indolent or relaxed manner. To hang or droop laxly: a pennant lolling from the mast. To permit to hang or droop laxly: lolled his head on the armrest. [Middle English lollen, probably from Middle Dutch, to doze .] American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.
  4. Where did the term "loll" come from?
    Loll has origins similar to another soothing verb, lull, which means "to cause to rest or sleep." Both probably originated as imitations of the soft sounds people make when resting or trying to soothe someone else to sleep. Loll shares synonyms with a number of l verbs, including loaf, lounge, and laze.

"Loll" Example Sentences


Colette J. loll

Colette J. loll is the founder and director of Art Fraud Insights, a consultancy dedicated to art-fraud-related lectures and to specialized investigation of artworks. Colette J. loll is the ...


loll Designs: Hello Bench

“At loll, we enhance people, the planet, and our company in everything we do. loll is outdoor furniture for the modern lollygagger.” – loll Designs loll Designs is a designer and manufacturer of ...


loll Designs + RIT ID Project

With the direction and help of Josh Owen, professor and undergraduate program director of industrial design, and loll Design’s CEO Greg Benson, industrial design students were instructed to design and ...


loll Designs sold; jobs to remain in Duluth

loll Designs co-founder and CEO Greg Benson sits in a loll Designs chair surrounded by pink flamingos lawn ornaments cut from the same recycled sheet material loll uses to produce its furniture.


Miss Piggy and Pinocchio

Miss Piggy and Pinocchio were meeting for their date. Miss Piggy said, ‘Pinocchio, you better make this great. I chose you for my Valentine, you lucky so and so just tell me that I’m wonderful and ...


Bitcoin by Shopping and Crypto Mergers, Alex Adelman loll - Irish Tech News

Bitcoin by Shopping and Crypto Mergers, Alex Adelman loll  Irish Tech News


Ultra-Fast Fashion: What Is Behind the Shein Hype?


Gained so much weight that I officially fit in the plus size section on SHEIN loll both an eye opener and a dream come true


Mac Plumstead

Until Duluth-based loll Designs was acquired by Landscape Forms of Michigan in 2020, the outdoor furniture maker ran like a small business, with its executives leading design decisions.


Ireland’s top 10 hot tubs for steamy days and nights


Botanical Breather package from €520 including B&B, dinner, thermal bathing, and a glass of prosecco and fruit plate; Get bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a loll around The Rabbit ...


Your Vote Counts: Six Republicans vying for Walker County Judge


Killingsworth and his wife of 32 years moved to Walker County back in 1989 and have been there ever since. Walker County resident, Clyde loll, has over two decades of executive leadership experience ...


Indian mandate means masks are all over the place but not necessarily worn correctly


Most people in India say they wear masks to avoid paying fines. And, consequently, masks loll on chins, hang below the nose and sometimes rest atop heads like eyeglasses. Omicron driving infections in ...


Francis Bacon: Man and Beast review — profoundly moving show that spans the artist’s 50-year career

Hands grip, mouths gape, tongues loll and fangs gleam as figures glare, squat and wrestle; convulse, crawl and scream. Francis Bacon: Man and Beast at the Royal Academy lands us in the middle of a ...


Chessie the famous manatee located and retagged after ditching his tracker in June


No feeding is planned for the Lake Worth Lagoon or Port Everglades where manatees gather during cold weather to loll in the warm water outflows from FPL plants. “From what we’re seeing and what our ...


Jungholz: A ski town stuck in the wrong nation


I drive 20km from Austria, up and over the Oberjoch Pass and through Germany, then back into Austria to work every day "So many oddities exist here," said Arnold loll, managing director of the ski ...


Advent of the tug-barge: Lake freighter yields to barge traffic on Great Lakes

DULUTH-Far out on the lake, a tug-barge can look like any of the other monster freight vessels that loll along the horizon. But as it closes in, finer points emerge. Two distinct names-one painted ...


Inn with the new in the Southern Highlands


Take a banquette seat, a velvet chair, sit at the bar or beside the cosy fire or loll on the terrace and drink in the views. These are spaces of unique flexibility that range off the lobby in ...


Candles in the wind


Soon, it was impossible to see, so having arranged a comfy loll-off spot on my sofa and opening the doors to let in the breeze, I turned on the candles. It was quite cosy reading in the flickering ...

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