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[ˈjakˌas] ✕ Play


jackasses (plural noun)

  - a stupid person.

  - a male ass or donkey.


idiot, halfwit, nincompoop, blockhead, buffoon, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, imbecile,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the meaning of Jackass?
    Definition of jackass. 2 : a stupid, annoying, or detestable person … the weird thing about charisma is that trying to be charismatic backfires.
  2. Is a jackass a horse or a mule?
    The ass is a species related to the horse and zebra and part of the Equiid family that is found wild in Africa and Asia. The male ass is called “a jack,” thus the term jackass. When a jackass is bred to a female horse, called a mare, the result is a mule. The mule retains characteristics of both horses and donkeys.
  3. What is a jackass donkey?
    A donkey is a domesticated ass. The ass is a species related to the horse and zebra and part of the Equiid family that is found wild in Africa and Asia. The male ass is called “a jack,” thus the term jackass. When a jackass is bred to a female horse, called a mare, the result is a mule. The mule retains characteristics of both horses and donkeys.
  4. What is the meaning of Jackass Gulch?
    To liken any one to a Jackass is to use very strong language. Jackass Gulch had once been a rich and thriving surface-mining camp. These small craft used to be called ‘ Jackass ’ frigates, but the ‘Dido’ showed that she was not a ‘ Jackass ’ at all events.

"Jackasses" Example Sentences


“I was rejected by my already-oppressed community” — The Dark Side Of Gay Dating Apps

Harassment from homophobes and transphobes is so common it’s almost the price of admission. Sadly, jackasses with a crusader complex are just the tip of the iceberg. Fetishization is a massive problem ...


Even jackasses can earn respect


I knew the jackasses had made some movies, and I knew there were some lawsuits and legal issues — go figure — but Jackass stayed mostly off my radar once the initial wave of hype was over. Then I was ...


Jackass Forever: Forever jackasses (Australia Featurette)

Celebrating the joy of being back together with your best friends and a perfectly executed shot to the dingdong, the original jackass crew return for another round of hilarious, wildly absurd, and ...


From ‘Borat’ to ‘Jackass’: Why We Love Balls-Out, Gut-Busting, WTF Gonzo-Prank Comedy

Next-gen jackasses Zack Hoffman and Rachel Wolfson are pretending to be a maintenance worker and Irving’s granddaughter, respectively. They enter a large shop that sells chairs, beds ...


How I learned to stop wincing and appreciate Jackass

The whole thing would be followed by a chat with head jackasses Johnny Knoxville, who stars in the series as a kind of semi-benevolent rubber-jointed Joker, and Spike Jonze, who’s produced them ...


Monsters and jackasses

The Washington Post’s Charles Lane joins the group to mull whether Putin is intimidating the West with nuclear threats and if so, how to respond? Also, the KBJ hearings reveal a GOP deep into ...


Skip Bayless Goes Off On Charles Barkley For Blasting Him Over LeBron James Criticism, Threatening To Kill Him (VIDEO)

This week, Bayless had finally had enough after Barkey took another shot at him when he said, “Just because a couple of jackasses on television like Skip Bayless, who I hate more in life itself, ...


As Detroit Transforms, Foley’s Book Teaches jackasses How to Behave

On Friday night, while delivering late-night fast food to my fiancé at work, I drove around the outer reaches of my Midtown Detroit neighborhood for the first time since I put my bike up for the ...


Mollie Hemingway Suggests Romney is ‘Soft on Pedos’ Because of Ketanji Brown Jackson Support

Seriously, these racist, Q-loving, Trump sycophants will stop at nothing. Anyone that disagrees with these jackasses is now labeled a pedophile even without evidence. In the meantime, the real ...


Get ready jackasses

Rather than have the party start at 4 or 5 (p.m.), we will have live music, food vendors, our shirt press by Traveling T, and free participant beers available right when runners cross the finish line.


Informal Reader Poll: Who’s The Most Metal Superhero?

But not all superheroes are truly metal. Plenty of them are moralistic jackasses who work too hard to defend truth and justice, and plenty more have stupid powers (looking at you, Mr. Fantastic). It ...


The Lightning were buzz-killers in Game 2 win over the Leafs, rebounding with a vengeance


But Game 2 was destined to be a different animal, surely. From jackasses to steeds would have been a solid prediction. The Lightning were humiliated. They are back-to-back triumphant, a proud ...


The Case of Mark Hughes, Or Don’t Carry at a Protest

Hughes may have been totally within his legal rights. But his actions were really only barely less stupid than the jackasses who terrorize folks at the local Bennigans or Home Depot by ‘legally ...


In a word: RINOs, DINOs, jackasses and more political wildlife

With Maine’s primary day, June 14, soon to be upon us, this seems like a good time to take a look at some of the words (the ones fit to print, anyway) that have been used to describe our major ...


Oh Hey Here's Steve Bannon Having A Totally Normal One


This has something to do with Elon Musk. Bannon is just another crusader looking for a bloodbath. These jackasses always change their spots whenever it suits them. After Musk won Time's 2021 person of ...


Denver Bandit Has Begun Blocking Out QR Codes on Improperly Parked Scooters


Pissed off about people acting like jackasses when they park their scooters, a vigilante has started blotting out the QR codes on those scooters, which makes them inoperable since would-be users need ...


5 movies and TV shows to watch while considering going to live in the woods

As with jackasses 2 and 3, the bits that didn’t quite make the theatrical cut have been combined into their own almost-movie, full of endearing failures, hilarious almost-successes and that ...


The Old Hall and the Portraits

Now, the very thing we wanted them for was to make jackasses of them ; ” that is, to drag up the guns. Foster. Is that bit of paper with some minute writing on it, which I see in a glass case, one of ...


Charles Barkley insists “jackass” Golden State Warriors fans don’t influence his analysis


"They used to have great fans when they were over in Oakland. And now they’ve just got a bunch of jackasses over in San Francisco." “No, not at all,” Barkley quickly said. “Dude, I didn ...


Wildboyz and jackasses Get Ready Because Steve O is Coming to Wichita Falls


I don't know if my brain is able to comprehend that Steve O is bringing his tour to our city. First of all, I want to thank everybody that messaged me over the weekend to let me know about this. I am ...


What State Has The Worst Drivers?

In Texas, there are far too many people who use the left lane for driving 15 mph under the speed limit, which results in far too many jackasses driving 25 over to weave between cars in the right ...


Father’s Day must be the lowest-key holiday around

Mercifully, these dads’ wives and children traditionally stay home and just let dad and his other dad-buds make complete jackasses of themselves in a location far, far away, which seems like an ...

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