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Word suggestions (25): Jack del rio, Jack harlow, Jackie robinson, Jackson hewitt, Jackbox.tv, Jack nicholson, Jack wagner, Jack nicklaus, Jackie chan, Jack black, Jack dorsey, Jacksepticeye, Jack white, Jackson browne, Jack reacher, Jackson pollock, Jack posobiec twitter, Jack in the box, Jackrabbit login, Jacksonville jaguars, Jackass forever, Jack daniel's, Jack sparrow, Jackery, Jack depp


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jack (noun) · jacks (plural noun) · jack socket (noun) · jack sockets (plural noun) · jack plugs (noun) · jack plugs (plural noun) · jackstone (noun) · jackstones (plural noun) · Jack (noun)

  - a device for lifting heavy objects, especially one for raising the axle of a motor vehicle off the ground so that a wheel can be changed or the underside inspected.

  - a playing card bearing a representation of a soldier, page, or knave, normally ranking next below a queen.

  - a socket designed to receive a jack plug.

  - a plug used in a jack socket, consisting of a shaft used to make a connection that transmits a signal, typically used in sound equipment.

  - in lawn bowling, the small ball at which the players aim.

  - a game played by tossing and catching small round pebbles or star-shaped pieces of metal or plastic.

  - a small round pebble or star-shaped piece of metal used in the game of jacks.

  - used as a form of address to a man whose name is not known.

  - a lumberjack.

  - a steeplejack.

  - the figure of a man striking the bell on a clock.

  - a small version of a national flag flown at the bow of a vessel in harbor to indicate its nationality.

  - money.

  - a device for turning a spit.

  - a part of the mechanism in a spinet or harpsichord that connects a key to its corresponding string and causes the string to be plucked when the key is pressed down.

  - a marine fish that is typically laterally compressed with a row of large spiky scales along each side. Jacks are important in many places as food or game fish. Also called pompano, scad.

  - the male of some animals, especially a merlin or an ass.

  - used in names of animals that are smaller than similar kinds, e.g., jacksnipe.

  - short for jack shit.

  - short for jackrabbit.


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jack (noun) · jacks (plural noun)

  - another term for blackjack.

  - a sleeveless padded tunic worn by foot soldiers.


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jack (verb) · jacks (third person present) · jacked (past tense) · jacked (past participle) · jacking (present participle)

  - take (something) illicitly; steal:

  - rob (someone):


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jack (adjective)

  - tired of or bored with someone or something:


pompano, scad, jackrabbit, blackjack, Legal,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the definition of a jack for kids?
    Kids Definition of jack. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a device for lifting something heavy a short distance. 2 : a playing card with the picture of a young man. 3 : a small six-pointed usually metal object used in a children's game ( jacks ) 4 : a socket used with a plug to connect one electric circuit with another.
  2. What is another word for Jack?
    Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word JACK. jack, doodly-squat, diddly-squat, diddlysquat, diddly-shit, diddlyshit, diddly, diddley, squat, shit noun mariner, seaman, tar, Jack-tar, Jack, old salt, seafarer, gob, sea dog noun
  3. What is Jack in Spanish?
    The first jack in the U.S. was sent to George Washington by King Charles III of Spain. 3. An instrument for raising a heavy weight a short distance. I'm all right, Jack! → ¡y a mí qué! 1. ( Aut, Tech) → gato m, gata f (LAm) 2. ( Elec) → toma f de corriente, enchufe m hembra 3. ( Bowls) → boliche m 4.
  4. What is Jack in the car?
    1. an instrument for lifting up a motor car or other heavy weight. You should always keep a jack in the car in case you need to change a wheel. 2. the playing-card between the ten and queen, sometimes called the knave. The jack, queen and king are the three face cards. to raise (a motor car etc) and keep it supported, with a jack.

"Jack" Example Sentences


Moto G22 Is Official With Quad Camera & Headphone jack


Motorola has quietly announced the Moto G22 for select global markets, including Europe. The device was the subject of an elaborate leak earlier this ...


US Teenager Who Tracks Elon Musk’s Jet is Now Tracking Live Location of Putin’s Planes


About a month ago, tech billionaire Elon Musk reportedly offered USD 5,000 to 19-year-old jack Sweeney for taking down the Twitter account that tracked the location of his private jet. The Tesla CEO ...


Bird of paradox


jack Davis, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, explores our revered and reviled national symbol — the bald eagle.


New Local Sewer Installation Company Is Doing Things Differently

Revolutionary Sewer Installation Company Formed Signal Mountain natives and friends, jack Kruesi, Phil Wagner and Will Henley, have started a new business. Engineered Underground ...


Sharon Osbourne Celebrates 20 Years of The Osbournes with jack and Kelly: 'F— I'm Old'


"Thank you all for being the perfect house guests," Sharon Osbourne wrote on Instagram, celebrating the 20th anniversary of her family's eponymous MTV reality series The Osbournes ...


4 jack Reacher Books That Would Be Perfect For Reacher Season 2


The Reacher team has options. Die Trying could give audience members some components that made the first season work, including a strong-willed female character (to replace Willa Fitzgerald’s Roscoe) ...


Sweet lesson: Families learn process of producing maple syrup at Mabee’s


jack Burnham, 6, went up to the Boxelder maple tree, put his finger up to the maple sap tap and waited until a drop hit his finger and then he licked it.  "It tasted good," he said. Just moments ...


Teenager who was tracking Elon Musk has switched to Russian oligarch yachts and jets


College student jack Sweeney is now tracking Russian oligarch jets and yachts after making headlines for tracking Elon Musk.


Elon Musk jet-tracking teen now targeting Russian oligarchs’ yachts

The college kid known for creating a Twitter account that follows Elon Musk’s private jet has a new target – the ultra-luxurious superyachts owned by Russia’s oligarchs. jack Sweeney, a ...


Shake Shack is partnering with jack Dorsey's Block to offer a bitcoin rewards program

Shake Shack announced that it will offer cash-back rewards in the form of bitcoin to customers who pay for their order using Cash App's Cash Card.


Randall County Libertarian Party to hold Precinct Convention March 8


The Randall County Chair, jack Westbrook, said that it has given notice to the Randall County Elections Administration sharing that the Randall County ...


West Coast burger chain announces second Louisville location days after the first

jack in the Box, a San Diego-based burger chain, filed a building application for a second area restaurant days after the first.


New to jack Reacher? These are the best books to get you started.


jack Reacher has been astride the American literary landscape, stumbling upon nefarious plots and dispatching evildoers, through 26 books and 25 years — and still he has his skeptics. A 6-foot-5, ...


Texans EVP jack Easterby clarifies his role within the organization


Houston Texans executive vice president of football operations jack Easterby defined his role within the organization.


Service Electric general manager a Cable TV Pioneer


jack Capparell, General Manager, Service Electric Cable TV, has been inducted Into “The Cable TV Pioneers ‘Class of 2021.” Capparell has worked in cable television for 57 years. “I have been very ...


Leeds craftsman who lost all his work in lockdown employs seven in booming new business


A craftsman from Leeds whose business grew after his mum shared a picture of a kids' bench he made. jack Tosney, of Alwoodley, lost all his work when the UK was plunged into a lockdown but a simple ...


CNN hosts first on-campus ‘Citizen’ event

The event drew more than 150 attendees at the jack Morton Auditorium as the first of a new series that will take place on campus.


Yokozuna and Cactus jack among leaks in first WWE 2K22 DLC pack

WWE 2K22 hasn’t officially released yet, but that hasn't stopped the first batch of DLC wrestlers from leaking. 2K Games is pushing players to pick up the - March 8, 2022 - WIN.gg ...


WTAMU to hold ‘Bad Poetry Contest’ Wednesday


The WTAMU Bad Poetry Contest will take place Wednesday. The contest, hosted by Brick & Elm magazine, will take place at 6:30 p.m. in Legacy Hall inside the jack B. Kelley Student Center. “We can’t all ...


Tragic Tipperary student jack Downey played ‘Russian roulette’ by taking ‘bombs of ecstasy’, inquest hears

Tragic jack Downey didn’t use drugs regularly but decided to “dabble”, resulting in his death on August 5, 2019 just days after attending a music festival. He was at the Indiependence ...


Tragic son of garda died after he dabbled with ecstasy at music festival

jack Downey, 19, who wasn’t a regular drug user played ‘Russian roulette’ and died after taking ‘bombs’ of ecstasy at a music festival.


Legislation Calls For State Board Of Professional Counselors To Promulgate Their Own Code Of Ethics For Licensure

State Senator jack Johnson announced Monday that he has introduced legislation requiring the State Board of Professional Counselors to promulgate their own code of ethics to be used for licensure ...


In Glitter and Leotards, They Took a Stand: Carnival Must Go On

Musicians and revelers crowding a downtown street in Rio de Janeiro on Monday.Credit...Dado Galdieri for The New York Times Supported by By jack Nicas jack Nicas, the Times’s Brazil bureau chief ...


Live Oak standout jack Earle ends high school soccer career with playoff loss to West Ouachita

Live Oak soccer fans were able to watch standout jack Earle in the Eagles 2-1 win over West Ouachita in the first round of the LHSAA playoffs, and the sights were familiar. Earle, who was the ...


IMPACT Wrestling Announces 2022 Gut Check Winners


Two men have their gut checked. IMPACT Wrestling announced that Jason Hotch and jack Price are the 2022 Gut Check winners. Both men received IMPACT Wrestling contracts. Gut Check was an IMPACT ...


jack Crossland: The last hour has been absolute anarchy


Fire has broken out at Parliament grounds as large numbers of Police drive protesters out – and rip down their encampment. “Just as they were making their way through, they were about ¾ of the way ...


New dog means more snails in the garden | Nature Notes

He reports: "Our jack Russell is harassing the white ibis, so I have snails in the garden again. No dog last year, no snails!". This garden is 30 kilometres from the ibis nesting colony at Lake ...


Peterborough 0-2 Manchester City: jack Grealish scores first ever FA Cup goal in laboured victory


Manchester City laboured to a 2-0 victory away at Championship strugglers Peterborough United to progress into the FA Cup quarter-finals on Tuesday night. Riyad Mahrez put the Premier League champions ...


Ice hockey: Anthony Cappello scores four times as Rivertown beats New Rochelle 6-2

Ilan Laurence scored the Greeley goal off an assist from Gabe Adams. Ben Madden had a big game in net for the Quakers, recording 46 saves. Pearl River 5, Nyack/Tappan Zee 0 jack Galvin recorded ...


jack White Channels Cab Calloway With Q-Tip on New Song ‘Hi-De-Ho’


jack White channels Cab Calloway with Q-Tip on the rocker’s new song “Hi-De-Ho,” the latest single from his new album Fear of the Dawn, out April 8. White recently spoke to Rolling Stone about the ...


NOSTALGIA: Our mace bearers back in 1989

TODAY'S picture from the archive of the Worcester News dates back to December 1989 and shows two of the city council's mace bearers, jack Ford (left) and Cliff Smith, who lived next door to each ...


jack Harlow to star in the ‘White Men Can’t Jump’ reboot after first-ever screen audition

Get ready for jack Harlow, the movie star. The multi-Grammy-nominated rapper from Louisville is set to star in "White Men Can’t Jump," 20th-Century's reboot of Ron Shelton's 1992 sports comedy ...


Union jack Share Chat

No facts. Filling the BB with a ramp-fest of inane gabble. Research for yourselves. If you're trading, try not to be quite so obvious about swinging from positive to negative (and back again).


‘The Young and the Restless’: jack Isn’t a Victim in His Separation From Keemo

Fans are curious about why jack never discussed his relationship with Keemo, and the Jabot CEO finally revealed the reason. jack confesses to Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) and Phyllis Summers ...


jack reveals that he and Keemo are estranged

At the Grand Phoenix, jack reeled when Phyllis informed him that she'd traced the address in the text message he'd received to Hao Nguyen, his ex-father-in-law. jack swore that it was impossible that ...


Longtime Colts TE jack Doyle announces retirement


Longtime Indianapolis Colts tight end jack Doyle is retiring, the team announced Monday. The 31-year-old Doyle played all 131 games of his nine-year career with his hometown team.


jack Easterby downplays his role in Houston: “I try to stay out of the way”

Since jack Easterby was hired as an executive vice president of the Houston Texans three years ago, his precise role has been hard to nail down. But it’s widely believed that he has the ear of owner ...


Indianapolis Colts TE jack Doyle retires after 9 seasons


Indianapolis Colts tight end jack Doyle has retired after nine NFL seasons. "Growing up in Indianapolis in the late 90's/2000's it was impossible to not be a diehard Colts fan," Doyle wrote in a ...


'Happy retirement to my Fav Colt': jack Doyle's Colts teammates wish him well


One of the most popular Colts of recent years has decided to retire, and his teammates are wishing him well. Two-time Pro Bowler jack Doyle, who is a Cathedral graduate, played nine ...


History of the Opera House: Family stories on stage: jack Barber


Celia Zimorksi graduated on the Cheboygan Opera House stage in June 1920, where she received honors as third in in her class of 28 students. On July 9, 1925, she married Birdsall Barber. “Miss Celia ...


Two-time Pro Bowl tight end jack Doyle retires after 9 years with Indianapolis Colts


jack Doyle left an indelible mark on the Indianapolis Colts, but the tight end is calling it a career after nine seasons with the team.


jack Doyle's retirement saves Colts over $5 million in salary cap space

Tight end jack Doyle announced his retirement from the NFL on Monday and because he still had one year left on his contract, the Indianapolis Colts got a bit of a bump in salary cap space. As the ...


State of Alaska Department of Revenue Decreases Stake in jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ:JKHY)

State of Alaska Department of Revenue lowered its holdings in jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ:JKHY – Get Rating) by 8.8% in the 4th quarter, according to its most recent Form 13F filing with the ...


Colts' jack Doyle announces retirement from NFL


Indianapolis Colts tight end jack Doyle on Monday announced his retirement from the NFL after nine seasons in the league. Doyle, who originally entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent with the ...


Colts players, Twitter react to retirement of TE jack Doyle

The Indianapolis Colts added another positional need to their list on Monday after longtime tight end jack Doyle announced his retirement from the NFL. The move has become official as the team placed ...


Today In Hip Hop History: Cult Classic Film ‘New jack City’ Premiered in Theaters 31 Years Ago

On this day, 31 years ago, the cult-classic crime thriller New jack City arrived in theaters across America. The story of the rise and fall of Nino Brown and the Cash Money Brothers has continued ...


"It's Not Something You Always See" - Kevin De Bruyne Weighs in on jack Grealish Goals and Assists Debate

Kevin De Bruyne has stated that jack Grealish was a key cog in Manchester City's thrashing of neighbours Manchester United at the weekend, and has done well on the pitch since his move from Aston ...


jack Nowell calls for attacking bravery from England in Six Nations


jack Nowell has urged England to be brave by attacking the final two rounds of their Guinness Six Nations title quest. Ireland visit Twickenham on Saturday before the Championship closes against ...


Disney’s ‘Newsies’ Set for U.K. Theater Debut


Newsies” is coming to the U.K. The hit musical from Disney legend Alan Menken (“Beauty and the Beast”) and jack Feldman (“A Goofy Movie”), with a book by Harvey Fierstein (“Mulan”), is set to make its ...


Gecko and chinchillas among your adored animals

Vinny, Gandalf and Geralt are joined by an enormous Maine Coon cat, one very demanding kitty and a pleading jack Russell terrier in our weekly column which puts your pets centre stage. ALSO READ ...

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