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jabot (noun) · jabots (plural noun)

  - an ornamental frill or ruffle on the front of a shirt or blouse, typically made of lace.


ruffle, flounce, ruff, furbelow, peplum, flute, ruche, ruching, gather, tuck,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the meaning of the word jabot?
    ja·bot (zhă-bō′, jăb′ō) n. An ornamental cascade of ruffles or frills down the front of a shirt, blouse, or dress. [French, crop of a bird, jabot, perhaps of Celtic origin.]
  2. What is a jabot collar?
    Jabot; alternatively a bird's croup or craw. Originally the term jabot referred to the frilling or ruffles decorating the front of a shirt. It has evolved into a decorative clothing accessory consisting of lace or other fabric falling from the throat, suspended from or attached to a neckband or collar; or simply pinned at the throat.
  3. What is a bot in Thesaurus?
    dictionary thesaurus. noun. ja·​bot | zha-ˈbō , ˈja-ˌbō . 1 : a pleated frill of cloth or lace attached down the center front of a woman's blouse or dress.
  4. What is a Jabot in fashion?
    Jabots made of lace and hanging loose from the neck were an essential component of upper class, male fashion in the baroque period. In the late 19th century a jabot would be a cambric or lace bib, for decorating women's clothing.

"Jabot" Example Sentences


How to Make a Window jabot

jabots are narrow, gathered drapery columns at each side of a window that taper from the full length at the outside edges, upward to the inner edges. Because they do not fully cover the window ...


How to Hang a jabot & Swag Curtain on a Mounting Board

Swags and jabots are among the loveliest window treatments of all. The swag forms graceful folds as it dips down in the center of a window while the overlapping jabots frame the look with soft ...


‘The Young and the Restless’: Jack Isn’t a Victim in His Separation From Keemo

Fans are curious about why Jack never discussed his relationship with Keemo, and the jabot CEO finally revealed the reason. Jack confesses to Traci Abbott (Beth Maitland) and Phyllis Summers ...


Race, age, weight: Valentino backs diversity in Paris show

This collection, you might say, was not for shrinking violets. Style-wise it felt late-70’s. jabot collars mixed with frilled cuffs and giant pleated ruffs that evoked the heyday of the New ...


21:17 Delta Downs (USA)

Heartthrob Halo (USA) 10-1 (8-9) Speed, faded, 6th of 11, shd behind Wicked Rose (8-9) at Delta Downs 7f mdn fst in Feb. Big jabot (USA) 33-1 (8-9) Late gain, no factor, 4th of 11, shd behind ...


How to Hang jabots With Curtains

jabots are a type of window treatment cut at an angle. The angled cut makes the jabot taper up toward the center of the window, so they are often hung in pairs that meet in the center of the window.


How to Hang a Picture Window Swag and jabot

A swag and jabot window treatment is a good option for a picture window for a couple of reasons. This type of window treatment will leave most of the window exposed so that the view outside is not ...


Joseph A. "Joe" Alway

Besides his parents, he was predeceased by his brother, George Alway. Survivors included his children: Regina jabot of Hudson Falls, Johnny Alway and Joseph Alway, both of Long Island; his ...


The Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George – the early years

He was to retire the following year. The portrait of Debono shown here portrays the sitter in judge’s robes: note the wig, lace jabot and stole over the left shoulder. Debono is wearing a ...


Pierre Mignard

In a blue and gold gown and a lace jabot madonna and child holding grapes Portrait of a lady, said to be Louise Franoise de la Baume Le Blanc, Duchesse de la Vailliè), small half length, wearing a ...


‘The Young and the Restless’: Mystery Texter Someone From Jack’s Past


The Young and the Restless character Jack Abbott’s (Peter Bergman) life is filled with one shocker after another. The jabot CEO is currently mourning the death of his estranged son Keemo Abbott ...


Class of 1954

Since 1982, Jerry Douglas has played John Abbott, the patriarch of the Abbott family and the wealthy chairman of jabot Cosmetics, on the long-running television soap opera “The Young and the Restless.


Michael Pell knocks back Piers Morgan approach


This year, 2000 barristers, judges and assorted others crammed into the Hyatt-Regency to hear from Virginia Bell, the former High Court judge who finally hung up the jabot in February last year and ...


Holocaust Museum Houston presents "Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg"

Exhibition highlights include a robe and jabot from RBG’s Supreme Court wardrobe; ten listening stations where visitors can hear RBG’s delivery of oral arguments, majority opinions ...


jabot Airport, jabot, Marshall Islands [ JAT / ]

Looking for information on jabot Airport, jabot, Marshall Islands? Know about jabot Airport in detail. Find out the location of jabot Airport on Marshall Islands map and also find out airports near to ...


Car Hire from jabot Airport

Whether you're flying into jabot for a short break or a longer stay, you can take the stress out of your onward journey by hiring a car. With so many car hire companies to choose from, Skyscanner ...


Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s “dissent” collar, judicial robe, bobblehead, among objects heading to Smithsonian

Justice Ginsburg’s white lace jabot (L) and her black robe from Maison Blanc (R) are two of the artifacts the late justice’s children are donating to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of ...


ICYMI Josh Griffith Interview


These are Newman, jabot and Chancellor/Winters. Now we’re going to have real conflicts and battles. If I were to define YOUNG AND RESTLESS as what I think it is, that would be, “the clash of the ...


Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s ‘dissent’ collar, judicial robe, bobblehead, among objects heading to Smithsonian

Justice Ginsburg’s white lace jabot (L) and her black robe from Maison Blanc (R) are two of the artifacts the late justice’s children are donating to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of ...


The Young and the Restless Spoilers April 25 – 29

Today, Jack tells Nikki about Diane’s return, and we’re pretty certain the Newman matriarch is going to want to “end” the former jabot model all over again when she finds out that she went up on ...


Portrait of Captain David Kinloch, R.N.), half length, dressed in a snuff brown, double breasted jacket with brass buttons and a white frilled jabot

76.2 x 63.5 cm. (30 x 25 in.) ...


Salamanca, Gowanda students excel in STEP Activity Day


The program is hosted by SUNY Fredonia under the leadership of Dr. Michael jabot and Mrs. Danielle O’Connor. Activity Day was made possible with the collaboration with Gowanda chemistry teacher Emma ...


Liberal Tradition in Honiton

The only other reference to Honiton and Parliament that has turned up is that the lace-making town sent a lace jabot to Bernard Weatherill when he was Speaker of the House of Commons. 37 Brown, Alba ...


How to Make a One-Piece Swag and jabot Draped Over a Rod

A one-piece swag and jabot is a no-fuss way to dress up your window with minimal sewing skills. Because few windows are the same size, and you may want your jabots extra-long, extra-short or ...


The Room Where It Happens

Another approach is sartorial in nature: If Justice Ginsburg walks to the bench wearing her golden neck collar — or, jabot — she will be in dissent. The press relies on another method that is ...


Car and Van Hire in jabot

Beat the crowds and make the most of your city break in jabot by renting a car. It's as easy as reserving online, stepping off the plane, and driving off. You'll have to go through passport control ...


SUNY Fredonia Celebrates 195th Commencement

They represent the most senior faculty members in years of service. Faculty Marshals included SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor Michael jabot and SUNY Distinguished Professor Junaid Zubairi in the ...


‘The Young and the Restless’ Speculation: Phyllis Is With Jack for the Wrong Reasons


Phyllis and Jack are a famous couple on The Young and the Restless. Since 2001 viewers have watched the trials and tribulations of the redhead and the jabot CEO. Although they’ve separated multiple ...


Here's Why The Young And The Restless' Jack Didn't Think He Was An Abbott

The revelation sent Jack down a dark path. He was forced to resign as CEO of jabot Cosmetics due to the "blood clause" that stated only biological Abbott's were allowed to run the family company ...


‘The Young and the Restless’ Speculation: Chelsea Steals Summer’s Husband

“I had a thought about Chelsea and Kyle. jabot buys Marchetti, and Chelsea ends up designing for Marchetti and works closely with Kyle. Summer and Kyle are having tension because of Diane/Phylli ...


Portrait of a gentleman, bust-length, in a brown wrap with blue lining and a white jabot

76.4 x 63.5 cm. (30.1 x 25 in.) ...


‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers June 27 – July 1: Jack Is Done With Phyllis


Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) was always the love of Jack Abbott’s (Peter Bergman) life. The jabot CEO was thrilled when Phyllis decided to give their relationship another chance. However, Jack ...


The Young and the Restless spoilers: Kyle gets a job offer and Traci and Ashley reminisce with Allie

As the plan to have jabot buy Marchetti moves forward, Summer (Allison Lanier) had an offer for her husband. When Kyle (Michael Mealor) ponders who would be the perfect person to run Marchetti ...

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