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impasse (noun) · impasses (plural noun)

  - a situation in which no progress is possible, especially because of disagreement; a deadlock:


deadlock, stalemate, checkmate, standoff, standstill, halt, stop, stoppage, Feedback, Legal,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is another word for impasse?
    A road or passage having no exit; a cul-de-sac. 2. A situation that is so difficult that no progress can be made; a deadlock or a stalemate: reached an impasse in the negotiations.
  2. What is an impasse in family law?
    What is an Impasse? The term “impasse” is used to refer to a situation that, despite everyone’s best efforts, they simply cannot agree. Impasses come up all the time in divorce court, for example. The parties may honestly try to settle the matter without having to bring it before a judge.
  3. What are impasses and why are they useful?
    Impasses provide opportunities for problem solving to provide an insight that leads to progress. Some theorists contend that impasses are used by negotiating parties in situations of imperfect information as a method of signalling to the other side the seriousness of their position.
  4. What does we reached an impasse in the negotiations mean?
    We have reached an impasse in the negotiations -- neither side will budge. be at/remain at an impasse With negotiations at an impasse, analysts warn the uncertainty may harm supermarket stocks. Their disagreements contributed to the impasse over budget policy in 1995 and the infamous partial federal government shutdown.

"Impasse" Example Sentences


Charita Goshay: Major League Baseball is locking out its fans, too


If you haven't heard, team owners and members of the Major League Baseball Players Association are at an impasse over a new collective bargaining agreement. The league has always ...


Cedi depreciates 14.21% to dollar since January 1st ; E-Levy impasse an indirect effect


The rate of depreciation of the Ghana cedi almost doubled within just a week or only the first week of March to 14.21%, since the beginning of the year. This was against 7.6% recorded at the end of ...


Republicans Ask SCOTUS for Emergency Injunction Ordering At-Large Elections if Need Be and Blocking Pennsylvania’s New Congressional Maps


"By requiring at-large elections in the event of an impasse between the legislature and governor, 2 U.S.C. § 2a(c)(5) creates strong incentives for compromise." ...


Kenya: KAM Meets Keroche Management Over Its Tax impasse

The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) has called on Keroche Breweries to activate their membership to allow them to assist in their ongoing tax case.


Wa Overlord implores Akufo-Addo to resolve Bagbin’s security impasse

The Paramount Chief of Wa and Overlord of the Waala Traditional Council, Naa Fuseini Pelpuo lV, has implored President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to make a swift response in addressing the ...


Fighter jet impasse could push Zelensky to the negotiating table

A Ukrainian presidential aide says his country might have to accept Putin’s demand to become a neutral state, as Russia said it would rather talk than fight.


Minneapolis teachers strike continues; district says it can't afford union demands

Minneapolis public school leaders and district teachers remained at an impasse over a new contract late Tuesday as schools stayed closed and picket lines went up in the district’s first strike in more ...


Byron Leftwich expected to remove himself from consideration for Jaguars head-coaching job, per report


Despite being a former first-round pick of the Jaguars, Byron Leftwich apparently reached an impasse with the organization amid its coaching search.


Will Smith Be Able To Solve SA Players' IPL impasse Before Ending Stint On March 31? Nortje Doubtful


The Indian cricket board in all likelihood will reach out to CSA's Director of Cricket Graeme Smith to find a middle-of-the-road solution with regards to the availability of top South African players ...


The Libyan imbroglio gets more complicated

This has set the stage for the current imbroglio. Mr. Saleh in Tobruk used the impasse to declare that Mr. Dbeibah’s term had ended and, on February 10, announced that the HOR had unanimously ...


Press focuses on govt’s pledge to find satisfactory solution to UTAG impasse, others


The pledge by President Akufo-Addo that the government is determined to finding a satisfactory solution to the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) impasse to ensure the academic calendar ...


The Senate Moves in Slow Motion. Could This Speed It Up?

With floor votes dragging on interminably, senators have embraced a modest effort to try to move things along. By Carl Hulse WASHINGTON — The Senate hit a nasty partisan impasse this year over ...


S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 Dip After Russia-Ukraine Talks Come Up Empty & US CPI Soars


U.S. stocks retreat after inflation hits a fresh four-decade high ; The impasse in peace talks between Russia and Ukraine also weighs on senti ...


Chevron dodging ‘between the raindrops’ of US, Venezuela impasse

The United States government is contemplating an approach made to it by the oil giant Chevron, seeking to allow it to accept oil from cash-strapped Venezuela as payment for services rendered to ...


Payroll tax hikes could come next week as impasse stalls Minnesota jobless fund repayment, hero pay


Legislative leaders emerged from closed negotiations without budging on their positions. Republicans wanted to pass a $2.7 billion bill to repay the state's jobless fund and Democrats said they wouldn ...


I will be impartial and not always neutral - Bagbin tells Council of State


Council of State members call on Alban Bagbin I have many friends on the other side - Speaker Council of State ready to mediate impasse in Parliament “In the performance of my f ...


Baseball impasse may negatively impact Ontario’s fledgling sports-betting industry

It also stands to impact Ontario’s fledgling sports-betting industry, which is slated to fully open April 4. There’s certainly no current shortage of options with the Ontario Lottery and ...


Our spring fling with major league baseball returns

The end to MLB's labor impasse between players and owners means spring training baseball is back ... with a shortened schedule ...


Striking teachers, Minneapolis officials remain at impasse


Plus: 3M suspends business in Russia; state Senate committee advances bill to block implementation of 'clean car' standards; Edina High School responds to racist video; and more.


Thailand's Hyper-royalism

Thailand's political impasse in the past decade is partly attributable to the royalist dominance of the parliamentary system, a dominance developed and strengthened under the cultural condition of ...


Legal challenge seeks court intervention on congressional map approved by Legislature


A group of Florida voters on Friday asked a Tallahassee judge to preemptively settle a potential impasse between Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Legislature over proposed congressional redistricting lines.


Myanmar impasse Challenges ASEAN


The much-awaited foreign ministerial retreat last Thursday showed once again that ASEAN remains a closely knit, pragmatic family.


Letters to the Editor: Disability services still a distant dream

The current impasse is simply the newest incarnation of a permanently pervasive dilatoriness with the recently constituted Children's Disability Network Teams (CDNTs) on a hiding to nothing trying ...


Redistricting litigation now being waged on two fronts — state and federal court


A second lawsuit has been filed amid the political impasse between Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida Legislature about how to redraw Florida’s congressional districts. This time, the venue is the ...


AMID COURT ORDER THREATS : Buni Gets Buhari’s Nod To Conduct APC Convention


LEADERSHIP gathered that in the aftermath of the briefing he received from some ministers on the implications of the impasse on the 2023 general elections, ...


NSW Liberals fail to resolve preselection impasse raising prospect of federal intervention

Vote on proposed peace deal to placate warring factions pushed to an electronic ballot next week after Friday night meeting of state executive The NSW state executive of the Liberal party has ...


‘Misinformation’ on maternity hospital site ownership ‘derailing’ project, doctors say

The letter, on NMH notepaper, was copied to Tánaiste Leo Varadkar, Green Party leader Eamon Ryan and top civil servants. It comes as efforts intensify to break the impasse over the disputed plan ...


GAA cannot continue to fund bad practice with regard to player welfare – Tom Ryan


GAA director-general Tom Ryan has told counties that they “cannot continue to fund bad practice with regard to player welfare” as the impasse with the Gaelic Players Association (GPA) over the payment ...


In impasse Over New Covid Relief Aid, Neither Side Is Willing to Bend


The White House wants more money for treatments, tests, vaccines and research, but Republicans in Congress insist the administration will have to repurpose existing funds.


Jurgen Klopp adamant Mohamed Salah uncertainty won’t create disharmony at Liverpool


The Egypt international’s contract expires at the end of next summer and the club and his agent are currently at an impasse ...


Plan to give Covid jabs to 5-11-year-olds is delayed AGAIN amid No10 and JCVI impasse as 'advisers insist offer should be non-urgent'

Only 20 per cent of 12 to 15-year-olds have been double-vaccinated in England and little over half have received one jab – raising questions about whether there is public demand for jabbing even ...


Columbia County, Savannah River Academy tangle over traffic


A private school near Grovetown reached an impasse with Columbia County over the need for both left- and right-turn lanes in front of the school.


China plans audit concession in face of US delisting threat


Beijing is preparing to make a concession Chinese audit information in an effort to resolve an impasse threatening more than $2tn of shares in US-listed Chine ...


China Plans Audit Concession Facing U.S. Delisting Threat: FT

China is preparing to make a concession on disclosing Chinese audit information amid efforts to resolve an impasse threatening U.S.-listed Chinese firms, FT reports, citing three people familiar with ...


I’m happy E-Levy impasse in parliament has woken your consciences – Mahama to clergy

Former President John Dramani Mahama has justified the fight that occurred in Parliament over the E-levy, saying the Minority lawmakers were not expected to sit timidly to allow ...


Lamar Jackson Reportedly Wants Deal Similar to Patrick Mahomes; Ryan Clarks Says Nothing Less Than $200M Is Befitting of the Star QB


The Baltimore Ravens organization is at a contract impasse with their talented dual-threat quarterback Lamar Jackson. He’s reportedly more ...


Looming vaccine deadline adds urgency to COVID funding impasse


The U.S. government needs to contract with coronavirus vaccine makers by the end of the month in order to have enough booster shots for most Americans this fall but can't proceed until Congress ...


Kansas impasse shows green energy opposition has lost steam


Efforts to propel Kansas' renewable energy future are at a standstill, mired in legislative stalemate. At its center is a former TV weather personality who is using his chairmanship of a key committee ...


Kansas impasse Shows Green Energy Opposition Has Lost Steam


Efforts to propel Kansas' renewable energy future are at a standstill, mired in legislative stalemate. At its center is a former TV weather personality who is using his chairmanship of a key committee ...


Biden’s Plans for Second Covid-19 Boosters Threatened by Funding impasse


The White House has eyed another round of doses in the fall, but an impasse in Congress over further pandemic funding puts those plans at risk.


Barcelona Struggling to Renew In-Demand Premier League Target


Barcelona is getting frustrated with the impasse in the contract negotiation of their talented defender Ronald Araújo. Premier League clubs have lined up to secure his services this summer ...


Goa Governor should stop 'twiddling thumbs', ensure govt: Congress


The Congress on Friday alleged a constitutional impasse in Goa, and urging Governor P.S. Sreedharan Pillai to stop ...


Government appoints Sole Inquirer to investigate Bulgarian Embassy land impasse


Government intervenes in Bulgarian Embassy land impasse Kwasi Anto Ofori-Atta appointed Sole Inquirer to investigate demolition exercise Government has no hand in demolishing exer ...


As LeBron James, Lakers’ front office exchange shots, who will take accountability?

James’ recent chattiness about how open his future is can be seen as an extension of how out of alignment James and the Lakers are. It’s an odd impasse given that all the Lakers have ever tried to do ...


impasse between Clover and workers 'heading to court'


Unions representing striking employees say they will seek recourse in the labour court as none of the interventions to resolve the deadlock between them and the dairy company has borne fruit.


Banking disunion: the main players

Banking disunion: the main players Posted Dec. 12 - As EU ministers meet in Brussels in a bid to break the impasse on banking union, Reuters correspondents in France, Berlin and Frankfurt lay out ...


Farmers concerned as CP rail trains could grind to a halt due to labour impasse


CP Rail trains could stop rolling across the country early Sunday morning and that would be yet another blow to farmers in Canada’s western provinces. About 3,000 rail workers have served notice that ...


2022 Committee and how not to ‘save’ Nigeria


A mishmash of business leaders and politicians recently gathered in Lagos, ostensibly to save Nigeria from its present political impasse – some created and others aggravated by the prevailing ...


Baseball impasse may negatively impact Ontario's fledgling sports-betting industry


TORONTO - The uncertainty regarding exactly when Major League Baseball will begin play isn't just wreaking havoc with baseball fans.


East Timor Vote Highlights Young Nation's Political impasse


Vote counting is underway in East Timor’s presidential elections with two former fighters for independence, one current and one former president, considered to be the front-runners.

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