Griddle example sentences

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griddle (noun) · griddles (plural noun)

  - a heavy, flat iron plate that is heated and used for cooking food:

  - a miner's wire-bottomed sieve.

  - cook on a griddle:

  - screen (ore) with a griddle:


sieve, riddle, sifter, strainer, colander, filter, winnow, sieve, riddle, sift,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What does griddle mean in cooking?
    a frying pan with a handle and a slightly raised edge, for cooking pancakes, bacon, etc., over direct heat. any flat, heated surface, especially on the top of a stove, for cooking food: a quick breakfast from the luncheonette's griddle.
  2. What is the root word of gridel?
    tr.v.grid·dled, grid·dling, grid·dles To cook on a flat metal surface. [Middle English gridel, gridiron, from Old North French gredil, from Latin crātīcula, diminutive of crātis, wickerwork hurdle, lattice.]
  3. What is the meaning of grill?
    grid·​dle | ˈgri-dᵊl . : a flat stone or metal surface on which food is baked or fried.
  4. What is get in my griddle?
    Get the griddle mug. Noun meaning someone's face or personal space. Usually used in confrontations. Probably derived from the "griddle" or front grille of an automobile. 1. Why do you have to get in my griddle about it?! 2. He was all up in my griddle, so I had to push him. Get the griddle mug. To dunk or slam on somebody in a foul manner.

"Griddle" Example Sentences


Fluffy, crispy-edged oatmeal griddle cakes might become your new go-to pancake


My ideal pancake has crisp edges. It's plump but not dense, a down pillowlike sponge that can absorb lots of salted butter and just enough maple syrup to tilt everything toward sweetness. Crucially, ...


Caponata with stuffed lamb chops

Do not leave unattended.) Place a griddle pan over a medium heat. To make the caponata, heat a tablespoon oil in a frying pan and add the shallot. Cook for 5–8 minutes, or until softened.


Gas ranges recalled because of an issue with tubing that can cause the gas to leak

Viking Range has recalled two models of its freestanding gas ranges because “the rigid gas tubing can separate at the joint to the bake, broil and griddle burners, posing a risk of a gas leak ...


Oatmeal griddle Cakes

(Do not overmix, or the pancakes may be tough.) Scrape the bottom and sides of the blender to ensure there are no unmixed pockets of batter. Place a 12-inch cast-iron or heavy-bottomed skillet ...


Best camping griddle

Which camping griddle is best? Just like with what you cook over the campfire, the best camping griddle is mainly a matter of taste. Camping purists swear by cast iron over an open fire ...


The 9 Best Cast Iron Stovetop griddles

Unlike a skillet or a Dutch oven, a cast-iron stovetop griddle has no or very low sides, which makes it the perfect surface for flipping, searing, and sautéing indoors. Because cast iron can also ...


Best griddle pans

In May 2021 we put nine griddle pans to the test from the likes of major brands including Le Creuset, Tefal and ProCook. Our mission was to find the best griddle or grill pan whether you're sizzling a ...


Blackstone’s Outdoor griddle Videos Are Trending for Delicious Returns

And using a griddle, which has a smooth, flat surface and can be used to cook many different meals from morning to night—similar to something you might see at Beni Hana—just happens to be more ...


Electric griddle Market 2021 includes Statistical Forecasts, Competitive Landscape, Key Trend, and Strategic Recommendations by 2027

Japan, Japan, Mon, 14 Feb 2022 03:51:07 / Comserve Inc. / -- Electric griddle Market by Type (Manual control, Thermostatic control) Application (Commercial Residential) - Global Industry Analysis ...


griddle launches frozen vegan toaster waffles

Frozen baked goods company griddle has introduced new frozen vegan toaster waffles, adding to its portfolio of easy baking products. The waffles are available in three variations – original ...


Scolded For Not Doing The Dishes, Teen Beats Mother To Death With griddle

A 14-year-old girl allegedly beat her mother to death with a frying pan after she was scolded for not washing utensils, Noida police have said.


The Mad griddle on Indy's near east side 'is a vibe all in itself'

A new live jazz venue in Indianapolis hosts gospel and mimosas on Sunday, karaoke nights during the week, and cooks up some mad pizzas. The owners tell WRTV they're just getting started.


Commercial heavy duty electric griddle hot plate catering restaurant hotels pubs takeaway equipments

For more info pls call seamus 4.4 kw single phase Commercial heavy duty electric griddle hot plate catering restaurant hotels pubs takeaway equipments . Posted by seamus in Office Furniture & ...


Wolf Range 6 burner cooker with griddle

Wolf Range cooker with six burners and a griddle plate. Connected up so can be seen and tested working. Seldom used as located in one of the previous owners many properties.


We Tasted Every Breakfast Sandwich at McDonald's and This Is the Best

The sweet griddle cakes and chicken spices are a thrill at 9 am, but overall, it's a dissatisfying package. RELATED: The Best Breakfast Sandwich in Every State 6. Sausage Burrito While the ...



Area Start Up Delivers Dinner Ingredients To Your DoorYou pick what you want to make for dinner on Fitly's website. Like sauteed pork and pear dinner salad, or quinoa and corn griddle cake with ...


Camp damper/griddle scones

Alternatively turn the same dough into griddle cakes cooked in a preheated frypan or on your barbecue plate. Combine the flour, baking powder and salt in a large bowl. Combine the milk or water ...


Here are 3 St. Patrick's Day recipes to make at home this holiday

The fun is in choosing the toppings to go between the layers. Heat griddle or skillet over medium-high heat or electric griddle to 375 degrees. (Surface is ready when a few drops of water ...


Cooking Corner: griddled Corned Beef Reuben Wrap

We're happy to welcome back Chef Devin Levine of the Cox Business Convention Center making griddle Corned Beef Reuben Wraps. Layout flour tortillas and spread 1000 island dressing evenly over all ...


How to make crumpets

Generously butter the insides of four crumpet rings or 9cm/3½in chefs' rings and place them onto the griddle or into the frying pan. Warm the rings for a minute or two. Using a dessertspoon ...


A Pancake griddle Is for More Than Just Pancakes

Villarosa’s griddle love runs deep. “Five years ago I started working with students in New York City to teach them how to cook. The Department of Education wouldn’t let us use the cafeteria ...


griddle 1.0 rebuilt with customization, plug-in support

griddle, the customizable datagrid component for React, recently updated to version 1.0, which rebuilt griddle with more customization in mind. griddle is a component that is structured similar to ...


griddle & Greens opening on Elmwood in Allentown

Andrew Balash, owner of griddle & Greens in downtown Buffalo, is one of those determined business types that has been using his downtime effectively. griddle & Greens’s original location was in ...


Viking Range recalls freestanding gas ranges

The rigid gas tubing can separate at the joint to the bake, broil, and griddle burners, posing a risk of a gas leak and fire hazard when these burners are in operation. No incidents or injuries ...


Shoppers Swear Lodge's griddle and Grill Combo with Nearly 10,000 Five-Star Ratings Is a 'Must-Have for Your Kitchen'

With a grill pan like Lodge's Pro-Grid Iron Reversible Grill and griddle, you can make cookout favorites indoors. Bonus: It's on sale at Amazon. While traditional grilling is usually out in the ...


Electric griddle Market Size 2022 Research Report by Recent Development, Company Detail, Business Overview and Forecast to 2028

Mar 28, 2022 (The Expresswire) -- "Final Report will add the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this industry." Global “Electric griddle Market” ...


Kick off summer grilling season early with this Lodge cast iron griddle deal

The Lodge Cast Iron griddle ($24.90) from Amazon. There’s one ridged side (steak!) and one smooth (grilled cheese!), and you can plop the plate right over the burner to get it all fired up ...


Methodist Men of FUMC back at the griddle for pancake breakfast


After having to postpone last year's annual pancake breakfast due to COVID-19, the Methodist Men of the First United Methodist Church in Chester are very pleased to bring back the popular event ...


RoboBurger Promises Robot-Made Burgers in 7 Minutes or Less


While vending machines can dispense warm food items, RoboBurger is taking the concept one step furter. This all-in-one fridge, griddle and cleaning device will take your order, cook your burger from ...


GOHAN LAB/ Cod cooked in 'chanchan' style: Making it in an electric griddle gives everyday dish a party edge

In Japan, the electric griddle is often associated with home parties where many people gather to enjoy “yakiniku” (grilled meat) or “okonomiyaki” (a pan-fried dish made of batter ...


Does It Really Work: griddle Gloves

DALLAS, Pa. — If you have ever cooked over an open flame or grill, you know the heat can get pretty intense. Kurt Aaron tests griddle Gloves, a product that promises to keep your hands and ...


Blackstone Products reports Q4 results ahead of planned merger with SPAC Ackrell

Blackstone Products, outdoor griddle maker that is to go public in SPAC deal with Ackrell Partners I Co. (NASDAQ:ACKIT), has come up with the preliminary estimates for fourth quarter on Monday.


Commercial griddle Market Share 2022 Comprehensive Analysis, Growth Prospects, Top Key Players, Size Estimation, Product Scope and Forecast to 2025

Apr 13, 2022 (The Expresswire) -- “Final Report will add the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this industry” “Commercial griddle Market” research report 2022 provides detailed study ...


Elmwood Items: Poster Art, Gutter Pop Comics, and griddle & Greens

Take, for example, griddle & Greens (lead image) which has relocated from the Grand Lobby of the historic Ellicott Square Building to 125 Elmwood in Allentown. The restaurant is now officially ...


Nigel Slater’s recipe for miso mushroom soup

Slice the larger mushrooms into pieces no thicker than a £1 coin. Warm a griddle pan, very lightly oil the slices of mushroom, then place them down on the griddle and cook for a minute or two.


Snack bars (and one snack bus) getting ready to reopen in northern Vermont


Maybe you were dreaming of a burger hot off the griddle or basket of golden fried chicken from your favorite snack bar while you were struggling through a typically frigid northern Vermont winter.


This Under $400 Outdoor griddle Was Rated Best By Our Editors


Our editors put the outdoor grills to the test to come up with this list of the best, including charcoal, gas/propane, pellet, kamado, and grill/griddle combo.


griddle time! Fremont Kiwanis Pancake Festival serves thousands of residents


Thousands of city and county residents picked up orders of pancakes and sausages at the 62nd Annual Fremont Kiwanis Pancake Festival.


Forest River recalls Palomino Puma and Puma XLE fifth wheel and travel trailer RVs


Forest River is recalling 1,561 model year 2022 Palomino Puma and Puma XLE fifth wheel and travel trailer RVs.The exterior micro kitchen griddle may be ...


How To Clean A Blackstone griddle


Blackstone griddles have become popular cookware for many food lovers. If you own a griddle, you know it requires some maintenance, so here's how to clean it.


McCarthy Reportedly Talks His Way Off the griddle at Closed Door House GOP Meeting, Gets Standing Ovation

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) reportedly worked to minimize the fallout amid the continued emergence of his comments recorded in the aftermath of Jan. 6. CNN’s Manu Raju reported on a ...


Countertop griddle Market 2022 Production, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin Analysis with Forecasts to 2028

12.2 North America Forecasted Consumption of Countertop griddle by Country 12.3 Europe Market Forecasted Consumption of Countertop griddle by Country 12.4 Asia Pacific Market Forecasted ...


Eggo Releases New The Mandalorian Waffles


Heading to retailers this May are the brand's Eggo Waffles latest collaboration: Eggo The Mandalorian Waffles. The new Galactic Homestyle flavor features waffles with a griddle imprint of Grogu or The ...


Best camping stoves: gas, wood and coal fired portable cooking devices

It’s one for ambitious outdoor chefs with a set of powerful burners that can handle larger pans and a non-stick griddle plate that’s ideal for fish, meat, veg and melted cheese like halloumi (none ...


How to season a griddle grill for the first time – 5 steps to prepare the expert way


Shawn recommends using a washcloth, warm water, and soap to remove dust and pieces of styrofoam that stick to the surface of the griddle. 'I like to start the seasoning process with a nice dry surface ...


Mark Hix's three-course summer menu using British ingredients


Whisk all the ingredients together for the dressing with the finely chopped veg, season lightly and leave to infuse in the fridge overnight or for an hour or so. Preheat a ribbed griddle pan, a heavy ...


Ludhiana: Labourer who bludgeoned roommate to death arrested


Police on Tuesday arrested the labourer who had bludgeoned his roommate to death with a griddle at their rented accommodation in Dhandhari . The accused Huseen Khan, 27, had gone to his rented ...


LA’s Giant Pancake Destination the griddle Reopens on Sunset After Two Years


Plus, halal cart-style chicken and rice in Pasadena, barbecue in Orange County, and limited edition merch from none other than Sugarfish ...


Electric griddle Market Size 2022 Global Industry Demand, Share, Top Players and Future Expectations to 2029

“Electric griddle Market” (2022-2029) research report provides an overall information of the business with manufactures, types, applications and regions. Additionally, it provides information ...


griddles Market 2020 Future Analysis , Size, Share, Forecast 2030

The preferences for griddles with thermostatic controls are also expected to increase as hyper convenience continues to remain a priority for commercial as well as residential griddle users. Apart ...

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