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Gadarene (adjective)

  - involving or engaged in a headlong or potentially disastrous rush to do something:

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the meaning of Gadarenes in the Bible?
    Gadarenes (Gergesenes) Bible Meaning: Reward at the end (Gadarenes) A stranger drawing near (Gergesenes) Strong's Concordance #G1046, #G1086. Although Gadarenes and Gergesenes are derived from a different Greek word, they are essentially referring to the same area. The city of Gadara and its surrounding area are referred to as the Gadarenes.
  2. What is the meaning of the word gadrene?
    (găd′ər-ə) An ancient city of the Middle East southeast of the Sea of Galilee. One of the Greek cities of the Decapolis, it is described in the Bible as the place where Jesus cast demons out of a man and into a herd of swine, which then threw themselves into the sea. Gad′a·rene′ (găd′ə-rēn′, găd′ə-rēn′) adj. & n.
  3. What is the meaning of Gadarene swine?
    Gadarene swine the pigs into which Jesus cast the demons that had possessed a madman (see legion), and which as a result ran down a steep cliff into the sea and were killed; from this, Gadarene means involving or engaged in a headlong or potentially disastrous rush to do something.
  4. What is a Gadarene Rush?
    Involving or engaged in a headlong or potentially disastrous rush to do something. ‘It was a Gadarene rush of highly-educated CEOs and Harvard MBAs.’ ‘As we report today, and as we have consistently argued throughout this Gadarene rush towards war, there has to be a justification for any attack.’

"Gadarene" Example Sentences


DAILY MAIL COMMENT: In Russia's dystopia, the truth is a crime

So in the gadarene rush to net-zero, we will either have to buy in increasing supplies from despots such as Putin or turbocharge our own nuclear and North Sea production. The vaccine miracle ...


The New Isolationism

Calling some new Utopia....With a vicious rhythm these malign forces seem to drive nations like the gadarene swine over the precipice of war." In contrast, said Hoover, we in America have grown ...


Overcoming the Evil One

Perhaps by divine design, we had studied about the gadarene demoniac in a "Life and Teachings of Christ" course just that morning at Baylor University. The professor said, "Jesus always found ...


Where’s the opposition?

What is it about our main opposition parties, the UPC and the Democratic Party, that daily makes them jump off the cliff like gadarene swine? Your columnist retains an exasperated affection for DP ...


Columns - FOCUS On Rights

We can see no perceptible change in the future in this regard either, except an even greater, (though perhaps more sophisticated), rush down the gadarene slope. Daydreaming to dispel the silence And ...


Cairn Energy Share Chat

We are as passengers strapped into a coach pulled by gadarene Swine politicians possessed of the evil spirits of Cl. Change and Net Zero , so would rather most of the cash be returned to ...


Montecito Inn Reaches Deal to Bring Los Angeles-Based Scratch|Bar & Kitchen to Hotel

Ramen and The Woodley Proper in Los Angeles. Another restaurant, The gadarene Swine, closed in July as a result of a legal dispute, Lee said. Lee is an award-winning chef, having been named ...


The gadarene Demoniac

In the name of the Father, and the son, and the Holy Spirit, amen. Today is the 23 rd Sunday after Pentecost and on this day we read about the gadarene demoniac.[1] Why are we told this story? Why are ...


“We have many fast days, and that is our Church’s strength”

The healing of the gadarene possessed by demons. Fresco in the Orthodox monastery on Mt. Tabor. Photo: Anton Pospelov/ That many people refuse to fast citing their inability to observe ...


Bus roots

The sole regret, there's a chap in one of the pubs who eats not just like a pig but like the whole herd of gadarene swine at a cliff edge last supper. At Hawes they also integrate with Cumbria ...


Sayles: Who is watching China?


This world, this fragile orb, is on the cusp of reaching a total population of 8 Billion infinitely interwoven souls whom are all hurtling down the gadarene hell-bent declension of the Matterhorn ...


The gadarene Country--Showing the Place Where the Devils Entered into the Herd of Swine

Small boats are on the water. The photograph is in a book with a typed description. The description: "(Mark, v:1.)--The gadarene country lies east of the Jordan. From the point of our present view we ...


The Horns of Hattin, Where Christ Preached the Sermon on the Mount

To the east, three miles away, is the Sea of Galilee, and rising beyond is the gadarene country. To the west is Cana of Galilee, and to the north is Mount Hermon. The Horns of Hattin, or the Mount of ...


DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Stop cashing in on misery at the pumps

Such is the legacy of the gadarene rush to net zero. By spurning new North Sea opportunities and foot-dragging over nuclear energy, we have left ourselves at the mercy of capricious global forces.

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