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  - adjective form of gable


[ˈɡābəl] ✕ Play


gable (noun) · gables (plural noun) · gable end (noun) · gable ends (plural noun)

  - the part of a wall that encloses the end of a pitched roof:

  - a wall topped with a gable.

  - a gable-shaped canopy over a window or door.



Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the meaning of gable?
    Definition of gable. (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : the vertical triangular end of a building from cornice or eaves to ridge. b : the similar end of a gambrel roof. c : the end wall of a building. 2 : a triangular part or structure.
  2. What is a gabled roof?
    gabled - (of a roof) constructed with a single slope on each side of the ridge supported at the end by a gable or vertical triangular portion of an end wall; "a gabled roof". gabled.
  3. What is a triangular gable?
    (Architecture) a triangular ornamental feature in the form of a gable, esp as used over a door or window 3. (Architecture) the triangular wall on both ends of a gambrel roof
  4. What is a gable end in architecture?
    Gable ends of more recent buildings are often treated in the same way as the Classic pediment form. But unlike Classical structures, which operate through trabeation, the gable ends of many buildings are actually bearing-wall structures.

"Gabled" Example Sentences


How to Install a gabled Aluminum Patio Roof

It is possible to install a gabled aluminum patio roof without the need for costly contractors. Place a ladder against the gabled roof structure. Ask a friend to hold the ladder's base for support.


All-Brick gabled Cape Cod Features Space For Outdoor Entertaining

WASHINGTON, DC — 3615 Chesapeake St NW is a stunning circa 1934 all-brick gabled Cape Cod home featuring 4,050 square feet on four levels with an abundance of outdoor al-fresco entertaining spaces.


In Gorham, it’s almost time to re-raise the old barn


The eight-bay barn is 42 feet wide, 80 feet long and 32 feet high and has big doors on gabled ends. “It’s a Yankee barn,” Campbell said. Gorham builder Dennis Nickerson will finish the barn after the ...


How to Decorate a gabled Room

With its classic triangular shape, a gabled roof is definitely one of the most common styles of residential roofs. While its look may be traditional, the shape of a gable roof can make decorating ...


Lopez Gonzalez hides roof terrace atop black House in Xalapa


Mexico City-based Lopez Gonzalez Studio has carved a terrace into a gabled rooftop on a black house in Xalapa, a city in Veracruz.


Explore Sarasota's Maine Colony and Its Historic Clubhouse


Most homes are one-story, wood-frame affairs with large front porches and gabled roofs. Some side streets are unpaved. Many of the first homes were kit homes that came from the north, traveling by ...


Los Angeles Home Once Owned By ‘Inspector Gadget’ Creator Lists For $12 Million

With its wrap-around porch, gently gabled roofs and saltbox design, this newly listed Bel-Air home seems more likely to be found in New England than southern California—but a hillside setting ...


The Best Pergola Kits of 2022

While the uses of a pergola are only limited to your imagination, certain types of pergolas may align better with your particular needs, including open top, sail, gabled (which are all ...


4-day school week thrives in 2 rural southern Nevada towns

The outer walls and gabled bell tower strike the quintessential turn-of-the-century schoolhouse silhouette, though. The antique mechanical bell is still operational, nudged via a long, handled rope ...


A Victorian in the French Quarter? This late 1800s home is the only one of its kind there


Just a stone’s throw from the Quarter’s rear boundary on Rampart Street. There, standing stoically nestled between the street-level stoops, gabled roofs and wrought-iron balconies, is a rare early ...


Laurent Troost creates Tropical Shed as archaeologist's office in Brazil


And a seaside villa by MK27 that is topped by an expansive gabled roof. Laurent Troost Architectures has also completed a co-working space in Manaus, repurposing an abandoned classical building to ...


Wrecking Buffalo: 347 Franklin Street


Center bay gabled dormer with square window openings. gabled south end bay with round arched opening. The building, though altered through additions, is one of the remaining outbuildings that serviced ...


Passive House Design Is Creating a Pathway to Highly Efficient Buildings


Williams’ structural system is wooden with a peak roof, so we incorporated the mechanical systems under the gabled roof to hide it from the exterior, allowing us to maintain the specific look and feel ...


The home in 50 objects from around the world #25: the cuckoo clock


In the neighbouring towns of Schonach and Triberg in the Black Forest region of Germany are two timbered gabled houses that are also giant cuckoo clocks — equipped with a weight-driven mechanism and a ...


Hermon OK’s new Dollar General store on busy Route 2


The revised plan that the planning board approved adds a gabled front over the entrance similar to the one over the entrance to Danforth’s grocery store, located about a quarter mile from the ...


United Church to transform its properties into rental apartments


Here KPMB has designed an 11-storey apartment building with a gabled roof and two rows of townhouses, while planning to keep the oldest portion of the church building intact. “We’re taking different ...


Is your Fort Collins home historic? Here's how to find out.


And doesn't it just look historic with its sandstone exterior, pointed arches and gabled roof? The sign outside, listing it as "The Avery House" and home of the Poudre Landmarks Foundation, doesn't ...


Scenic landscapes, serene surroundings define every Brittany home


Wrap-around porches, gabled roofs and shuttered French windows greet residents and visitors at Georgia Club. The 15-ha sanctuary is designed to bring that Old American South vibe for those who ...


PHOTOS: Galveston opening its lovely historic homes to the public two weekends in May


Features of the cottage include a projecting bay topped with a gabled roof decorated with patterned shingles and an inset porch with fleur-de-lis panels placed between balusters. Helmann was born in ...


A Look Inside: $6.2M countryside home in Langley with a secret cabin (PHOTOS)


It’s strikingly modern, in contrast to the Edwardian main house, and instantly makes you want to spend a night close to nature under its tiny, gabled roof. It’s also been voted as one of the best ...


Rewilding the local bushland is the goal for the owners of this Australian new-build


‘We were really conscious that the house should allow them to escape as much as possible,’ explains Ben, who extended the gabled roofs on the two adjoining buildings to create large covered verandas ...


Exemplos de 'diamond-shaped' em uma frase


The white front door in the gabled wing is inset with diamond-shaped studs. He turned it over his hands doubtfully, then pointed to a diamond-shaped ink marking. It had a beautiful crystalline, almost ...


Ten houses that showcase Mexico's contemporary architecture


A large "crack" at the apex of the building's gabled roof continues down to reveal recessed rooftop terraces hidden from the outside world. Local firm HW Studio designed this concrete house, which is ...


East Entrance opens Friday - Gate has had many upgrades since beginning


The east gate in its current form was built in 1967. Designed by Sheridan architects Adrian H. Malone and Associates, the gateway features an articulated gabled roof of four A-frames to echo the ...


Tombstone in the Tar

On the first floor there was a "Great Hall" and a lean-to kitchen; two chambers filled the second floor, and above them were three gabled garrets. For the needier schoolers, there was also an ...


The Secrets Of The Great Pyramid's Chambers & Passages


Despite its name, scholars do not believe this chamber was for the Queen. The chamber is built out of beautifully finished limestone blocks with a gabled ceiling. One line of thought was that it was a ...


1898 The Post

Its fairy-tale turrets rise high over the Graslei, the city’s historic grain port, flanked by mediaeval guildhalls with decorative façades and steep gabled roofs. Inside, you’ll find plenty references ...


You won't believe these spectacular sights are in Germany


Friedrichstadt, Schleswig-Holstein With its pretty flower-lined canals, gabled houses and stone arch bridges, you’ll think you’ve found your way into the Netherlands next door. Surrounded by flat ...


Is this Australia’s finest private collection of contemporary art?


The first is the house itself, built in 1841, and replete with high Tudor chimneys, castellated parapets, a gabled slate roof and carved stone portraits of medieval knights and kings. The second is ...


The Countdown to Amsterdam for the Coin Conference Has Begun


Amsterdam, the Netherlands’ capital, known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades, legacies of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age. Its Museum District ...


A Cinema Complex in Iran and an Immersive Library in India: 9 Competition-Winning Projects Submitted to ArchDaily


The design takes its cues from the Czech folk architecture of the area. gabled roofs supplemented by aeration openings form a prominent part of the village’s character. Stone walls are another typical ...


Inside Kelmscott Manor, William Morris’s ‘heaven on earth’ in the Cotswolds


This was completed in 1934, by Norman Jewson to a design by Ernest Gimson. Architecturally, Kelmscott Manor is a typical example of a gabled stone Oxfordshire farmhouse, with steep stone-tiled roofs ...


New properties on the market in Co Wicklow, Dublin, Co Cavan and Co Donegal


Set off the main road by a short path and some granite steps, the main entrance is via a pretty open gabled porch and arched timber front door. The front door opens into a small hall with two bedrooms ...


Ten gravity-defying homes that are raised up on stilts


The gabled building is topped with a white corrugated metal roof, which transitions into ridged translucent plastic over a generous sheltered terrace. Angular metal stilts elevate this apartment block ...


McLean, Va., house with garden oasis lists for $3.5 million


The house, which he calls a “cottage in the woods,” was built in 1963 but has been expanded over the years. The gabled roofs give it a storybook appearance. Five years after buying the property, Leo ...


Other voices: Historic solar homes are increasingly popular

For most of us, the term “historic neighborhood” probably conjures visions of steep, gabled roofs, turrets, spacious front porches and shutters that actually open and close. Not rooftop solar panels.


North America's oldest Gurdwara offers a peek into the complex history of B.C.'s first Sikh settlers

(Kiran Singh/CBC) "Outwardly it has a false front and the gabled roof, but inwardly it pays homage to every typical Gurdwara," she said. She added that the settlers wanted to adapt Canadian featu ...


Brooklyn Real Estate Listings Six Months Later: Two Sold, Two in Contract

No humble building was designed for the horses that were bedding down here: The brick facade of 2 Grace Court Alley is adorned with a gabled roofline, brick detailing and bold quoining. Any original ...


Cross gabled house "Houses, buildings, and cityscapes"

Photograph of a gabled upright house with two entrances. The main entrance to the house is under the front portico. A second entrance is found on the side of the house. Bargeboard detailing hangs from ...


Citic teams up with local builders for gabled lakeside house in Chile


Three gabled volumes connected by glazed walkways form this home overlooking Chile's Rupanco Lake, completed as part of as a community-driven initiative with a local organization. The project, called ...


How my evil step-mother became one of my favorite people


“A house of our own,” I told him. Even though I loved living with my grandfather and my single-father dad needed the help, I dreamed of living in a two-story house with a gabled roof and big porch. My ...


What a Concert by K-Pop Legend Rain in South Korea’s Former Presidential Compound Says About the Country’s Politics


Because of the 150,000 blue tiles covering its gabled roof, it was officially named Cheongwadae, or Blue House, in 1960 after President Yun Bo-seon was inaugurated. Yoon is not the first president to ...


Edmonds + Lee Architects adds gabled rear extension to San Francisco home


California studio Edmonds + Lee Architects has created a tall, gabled addition in the back of a Craftsman-style home that differs greatly from the "cozy" front facade.


Vancouver church art draws in Oregon hikers


There aren’t many buildings in Vancouver like the Proto Cathedral of St. James the Greater on West 12th Street. The church’s pointed arches, steep-pitched gabled roofs and stained-glass windows stand ...

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