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gaberdine (noun) · gabardine (noun) · gaberdines (plural noun) · gabardines (plural noun)

  - a smooth, durable twill-woven cloth, typically of worsted or cotton.

  - a raincoat made of gabardine.

  - a loose long upper garment, worn particularly by Jewish men.

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is another word for gabardine?
    Define gabardine. gabardine synonyms, gabardine pronunciation, gabardine translation, English dictionary definition of gabardine. n. 1. A sturdy, tightly woven fabric of cotton, wool, or rayon twill. Also called gaberdine . 2. See gaberdine . 3. Chiefly British A laborer's long loose... Gabardine - definition of gabardine by The Free Dictionary
  2. What is a gaberdine?
    The word gaberdine or gabardine has been used to refer to a particular item of clothing, a sort of long cassock but often open at the front, since at least the 15th century, in the 16th becoming used for outer garments of the poor.
  3. What is gabardine fabric?
    Gabardine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Tough, tightly woven fabric used to make suits, trousers and some other garments. This article is about the twill-woven fabric. For the garment, see Gaberdine. For the rock band, see Gabardine (band).
  4. What was gabardine in the 1950s?
    Gabardine was also used widely in the 1950s to produce colourful patterned casual jackets, trousers and suits. Companies like J. C. Penney, Sport Chief, Campus, Four Star and California Trends were all producing short-waisted jackets, sometimes reversible, commonly known as weekender jackets.

"Gabardine" Example Sentences


gabardine Cargo Pants

Moncler Silk White gabardine Cargo Pants: discover all the exclusive styles of Pants & Tracksuits for Children. Shop from the official online store Moncler US and get free delivery.


14 Neutral Looks That Are Anything but Boring

The season is also full of new versions of tan gabardine trench coats. If you’re unable to choose just one, layering two from The Row adds luxuriously effortless texture. Don’t worry about ...


Saint Laurent Double-breasted gabardine Trench Coat

Double-breasted trench coat in cotton blend gabardine by Saint Laurent. It features a straight cut with a slim fit, raglan sleeves with shoulder tabs and belted cuffs, horn button closure and ...


Check mate: Supreme and Burberry have collaborated

Highly-durable, weather-resistant gabardine trench coats, which were first introduced by Burberry in the 1920s, now feature Supreme branding and arrive in hot pink and black. Elsewhere supple leather ...


School that gave me my health

I thought I was going on my holidays. Mam got me three new dresses made, new underclothes and a pair of new shoes, a pair of black pumps and a Robert Hirst gabardine raincoat (I think she must ...


Beige gabardine Trench Coat

Long sleeve stretch nylon gabardine trench in beige. ·Notched lapel collar · Double-breasted button closure at front ·Storm flap at chest and back ·Flap pockets at front ·Adjustable tabs with ...


The gabardine Bar lighting up yellow and blue for Ukraine

A BASINGSTOKE bar is lighting up in support of the barbaric war happening in Ukraine. The owners of The gabardine Bar, in London Street, at the Top of Town decided they wanted to do something to show ...


Las Vegas aviation pioneer dies at 97


She married George Crockett, who had founded the airport, a few years later. A wedding announcement from the time noted she wore a gabardine suit with a corsage of natural orchids. The newspaper clip ...


The Best Shorts for Men Let Your Legs Breathe in Style

Okay, that first scenario is unlikely. But with menswear trending back toward suiting and the inevitable return to office, the need for a gabardine short isn't so farfetched. Wear them with dress ...


20 Comfortable Pairs of Work Pants You'll Actually Want to Wear

Relaxed Fit Straight Leg $38.52 Curvy Fit gabardine Boot Leg Trouser Tailored Straight Leg Pants Dress Pants High-Rise Linen Pleated Wide Leg Pants Ultra Stretch Active Tapered Pants Extended-Tab ...


George Woolf

“Iceman” was his nickname. Woolf’s style was cowboy cool: he wore a ten-gallon hat, large rings on his fingers, tailored gabardine shirts, and cowboy boots decorated with animals made of silve ...


How we celebrated Saint Patrick's Day in rural Ireland, 1959

The littlest one is in a go-cart. They left the baby at home. The girl has her St. Patrick’s Day badge pinned onto her gabardine coat. She has a green bow in her short hair. They are all frozen ...


Burberry Cotton gabardine Parka with Detachable Warer

Details: A parka in Italian-woven cotton gabardine, styled with adjustable hood straps and enamelled press-studs. The design features an integrated snow skirt and a detachable qui ...


28 Best Trench Coats For Women That You'll Wear Forever

With its gabardine and wool fabrics; the trench is perfect for drizzly, but milder days, but can last you through the winter too, when worn with a nice chunky knit underneath. Plus, setting them ...


Best Spring Jackets

Its trenches are gabardine for day, silk for evening, and twill for when it rains. The styling is on the classic side of fashionable, which makes the label rather worth it for the price.


gabardine to Huichol

Talk story about an exhibit of global fashions at the Waldorf, put on under the inspiration of Slenderella International, for the benefit of the New York Infirmary. The work of 11 couturiers was ...


Ask proudly, veterans: You earned those discounts

And we don’t wear those stretch gabardine slacks advertised in newspaper inserts. At least not yet. However, regardless of age, military retirees love military discounts. No matter where we go ...


11 Best Men’s Grey Blazers: Your Buyer’s Guide

It’s a two-button, gabardine weave. The buttons are black with a lighter outer ring, making a nice contrast. Two flap pockets on the jacket and a welt pocket at the chest. The lapel is notched ...


Burgundy Vest, Sleeve Unit and Pants

Burgundy wool gabardine tailored bolero vest and sleeve unit with sleeves lined with hand-dyed rayon, vest top-stitched with quarter Greek cross at shoulder matching with pink button-down short ...


gabardine Bar reopens following refurbishment which takes inspiration from couple's holiday to New York

A COUPLE from Basingstoke have reopened their bar after taking inspiration from their holiday to America. gabardine Bar in Basingstoke reopened today (June 21) after co-owners 54-year-old Fran ...

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