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[ˈfrā(ə)l] ✕ Play


frail (adjective) · frailer (comparative adjective) · frailest (superlative adjective)

  - (of a person) weak and delicate:

  - easily damaged or broken; fragile or insubstantial:

  - weak in character or morals.

  - a woman.


infirm, weak, weakened, feeble, enfeebled, debilitated, incapacitated, wasted, delicate, slight,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the meaning of the word'frail'?
    frail - wanting in moral strength, courage, or will; having the attributes of man as opposed to e.g. divine beings; "I'm only a fallible human"; "frail humanity"
  2. What is the meaning of frail health?
    physically weak, or easily damaged, broken, or harmed: He’s always in frail health. The shirt is old and frail, and the threads look ready to part. (Definition of frail from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)
  3. What is frailty?
    What is frailty? Frailty is a medical condition of reduced function and health in older individuals. Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean someone is frail, but it does increase the odds of developing multiple medical conditions and frailty.
  4. How do you use frail in a sentence?
    weak, feeble, frail, fragile, infirm, decrepit mean not strong enough to endure strain, pressure, or strenuous effort. Examples of frail in a Sentence. Listeria can cause high fever, severe headache, stiffness, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea in healthy adults, but young children, frail or elderly people and pregnant woman are at a higher risk.

"Frail" Example Sentences


GOP leaders blame Biden 'weakness' for Russian invasion of Ukraine


Republican leaders on Tuesday bashed President Biden as a frail leader on the global stage, saying it's the "weakness" of their White House rival that's emboldened Russian President Vladimir Putin - ...


A grandmother of 80 with a truncheon: How I came face-to-face with Kyiv’s secret police


She looked at least 80, a frail and slight old grandmother who stood barely five feet. So when she first approached me as I stood on a Kyiv street corner, I flashed a reassuring smile. It was not ...


Senile Mother Receives Pension and Issue of Inheritance of Her Deceased Husband

Our mother is a widow of 10 years and is becoming frail in health, mind, and spirit. She still receives a little monthly pension from our late father's office that she uses for her needs, e.g.


What College Did to My Religion

When I went before Presbytery I had sworn allegiance to truth and I did not think it would prove to be as frail a vessel as the good dominie's counsel implied. I suspected that it might turn out ...



Well-known local criminal and heroin addict, Emma Stafford, has been jailed for 32 months after attacking an elderly and frail holidaymaker during a robbery attempt in Sandown. On 17th November last ...


Glum Phil Collins, 71, continues to look frail as he sits while performing at Genesis gig in Berlin

The singer, who is touring with fellow bandmates Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks, all 71, shot a glum expression as he remained seated throughout the gig. He's been plagued by a number of health ...


Emma Thompson on living in a woman’s body: my daughter thrums with life, my mother is frail – and I’m balanced between

She’s all fire and sparks, but I know it’s there. I try not to help. She’s brimful of the world, and the image in my mind’s eye is of her walking away towards the sun carrying a rucksack ...


Cancer: Research, Discovery and Therapeutics

Lactogenic anemia and diagnostic testing: tools for blood conservation in cancer patients and other frail patient, High Dose IL-2 -curative therapy for Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma, and other ...


Transcript of RealAudio Excerpt

And should my frail craft prove too slight for waves that sweep those billows o'er, I'd rather go down in the stirring fight than drowse to death at the sheltered shore." We've got to go out ...


At 91, siege of Leningrad survivor is besieged by war again


Alevtina Shernina was a young girl when she survived the brutal siege of Leningrad during World War II. Eight decades later, so frail she can barely talk, or move unassisted, she is besieged again.


Guideline-Directed Therapies Underused in frail HF Patients


HF specialists often do exactly the opposite of what they should be doing for those most at risk, editorialists say.


What can we do when our older, frail mother refuses our assistance?


However, she is very frail and has chronic health issues that significantly limit her mobility and use of her hands. Our uncle lives nearby and visits once or twice a week to spend time with her, take ...


A video of a frail Zola 7 propels South Africans to donate him money

Popular TV personality and musician - Zola 7 has rubbished claims that he is unwell after the viral video on social media.


frail Phil Collins, 71, sits while performing in Berlin during European leg of Genesis' The Last Domino? tour - as the singer battles debilitating health conditions

Phil Collins continued to look frail as he performed with his band Genesis at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin on Monday night. The singer, who is touring with fellow bandmates Mike Rutherford ...


Our 84-year-old mother is frail and has chronic health issues but refuses assistance. Is there anything we can do?

My 84-year-old mother, who is a retired registered nurse last year had a health scare (unrelated to COVID-19) and was hospitalized -- including time in intensive care. After some rehab, she spent ...


Setting up house with frail parents: The good and the bad

In essence, they’re deteriorating. Then, an important decision needs to be made… The route to take: professional frail care or relative care. For most South Africans, however, the reality is ...


Spurs rip through Leeds’ frail defense in 4-0 win in EPL


Tottenham became the latest team to rip through Leeds’ fragile defense, winning 4-0 at Elland Road on Saturday to give manager Antonio Conte something to smile about this time.


Factors associated with family caregiver burden among frail older persons with multimorbidity.

Older adults are more likely to have frailty and multimorbidity, and this would increase the burden of their caregiver. Our study aimed to determine the prevalence of caregiver burden for primary ...


Sudan’s latest coup is crippling its frail health sector

At Ibrahim Male Sudan’s capital Khartoum, anaesthetics are in such short supply that patients sometimes wake up while still on the operating tab ...


Germany extends funding for frail Holocaust survivors

Germany has agreed to extend funding by $989 million for welfare organisations around the world to provide support for elderly Holocaust survivors.


Ukraine: Sussex student fears for 'frail and elderly' grandmother stuck in Kyiv

Anna said: "She barely survived the night [of the air strike on Friday] and she is incredibly frail and elderly. Watch: Anna Maria Szalay fears for her grandmother's life "She moved into another ...


Ukraine invasion set to push record numbers into fuel poverty

The coalition says that "cold homes cost lives" and that more frail and elderly people are likely to die unless they get help with their bills. Just how many are at risk depends on how cold the ...


Queen reveals frailty: 'As you will see I can't move'

The Queen has admitted to feeling frail as she returns to work for the first time amid the scandal engulfing Prince Andrew. She leaned on a walking stick as she met with incoming Defence ...


Death to the Whopper, Long Live the Whopper Melt


The Whopper has reached the end of its reign. It’s been declining for a while, a frail mess of damp lettuce with only a faint whisper of char. It still has the throne, at least in terms of Burger King ...


Woman allegedly starved, burnt, and beaten at frail Care Centre


The woman was allegedly tortured, starved, burnt, and beaten at a JHB frail Care Centre and her family has opened a case at the police.


China Feb New Home Price Growth Stalls as Demand Remains frail


China's new home prices stalled in February after eking out a small gain a month earlier, official data on Wednesday showed, pointing to still fragile demand despite a gradual easing in property curbs ...


Queen Elizabeth 'is too frail to walk her Corgis'


At the time, a royal spokesperson said: "Buckingham Palace confirm that The Queen has today tested positive for COVID. Her Majesty is experiencing mild cold-like symptoms but expe ...


Tswelopele frail care closure another Life Esidimeni tragedy waiting to happen


Tswelopele is not the only frail care facility in Gauteng that has been driven to the brink. Just a month ago, the Avalon Association Residential Facility for the Physically Disabled in Kensington ...


Kate Garraway shares unseen picture of son and frail husband enjoying garden


Kate Garraway has shared pictures of her son and her frail husband in a new therapy garden she has made as hubby Derek continues his recovery from Covid-19. The presenter, 54, started growing plants ...


Queen Elizabeth looks frail in first appearance since Prince Andrew settlement

Queen Elizabeth II looked frail and admitted to trouble moving Wednesday during her first in-person appearance since Prince Andrew settled a multimillion-dollar sexual assault lawsuit, according ...


Queen, 95, so frail she can’t walk her beloved corgis any more – and hasn’t been able to for six months


THE Queen cannot walk her beloved corgis due to her frailty. She has been unable to take them out at Windsor Castle for six months and it is feared she may never again. It comes amid growing ...


Our 84-year-old mother is frail and has chronic health issues but refuses our assistance. Is there anything we can do?

My 84-year-old mother, who is a retired registered nurse last year had a health scare (unrelated to COVID-19) and was hospitalized -- including time in intensive care. After some rehab, she spent ...


How God discloses himself in our frail flesh


God discloses himself in our frail flesh. At the Resurrection of the Body, we will share in both his glorified humanity and his divinity, which is forever united to his humanity. The disciples were ...


Ghostwire: Tokyo interview – High-speed grandmas, toilet demons, and Shinji Mikami’s 'strong' DualSense feedback


A face belonging to a frail old woman who’s sprinting alongside your car and peering into your soul – Kôsoku bâba. I would suggest you take public transport to avoid this, but you might instead fall ...


Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper beams as she unveils new wellbeing garden to help his Covid recovery


Kate Garraway excitedly showed the health and wellbeing garden she had been growing to her frail husband Derek Draper in Love Your Garden Grow Your Own Special on Tuesday night. T ...


Giant panda-lending program widely endeared among animal and peace lovers despite frail voice of politicization

Fifty years ago this month, the cute giant panda became an ice-breaking mascot in the relationship between China and the US as former US president Richard Nixon received a promise in Beijing that ...


Guideline-directed medical therapy not good enough for Highly frail Patients with HFrEF


Guidelines strongly recommend patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) be treated with multiple medications proven to improve clinical outcomes, as tolerated. However, ...


Queen Elizabeth May Miss Prince Philip’s Memorial Service, Reportedly Too frail to Walk Corgis


Plus, Prince Harry could cause “upset” over his decision to miss the service, but still plans to see the queen. And William and Kate prepare for a critical Caribbean tour.


Cruel crook duped frail victim out of hard-earned pension - two weeks after release from prison for the SAME THING


A callous fraudster demanded cash from a 'frail' man with a false promise to clear his guttering - just over two weeks after being released from prison for the same crime. Wearing a high-vis vest ...


China Feb new home price growth stalls as demand remains frail


China's new home prices stalled in February after eking out a small gain a month earlier, official data on Wednesday showed, pointing to still fragile demand despite a gradual easing in property curbs ...


frail and older males more vulnerable to COVID-19 than females

Researchers evaluated the association of biological sex, frailty, and age with the vaccine-elicited immunity against SARS-CoV-2.


frail Phil Collins sits as he performs on last Genesis tour in Paris as he battles health condition

A frail Phil Collins performed with his band Genesis at the U Arena in Paris on Wednesday night. The singer, 71, appeared with his fellow bandmates Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks, both 71 ...


Kate Garraway's frail husband Derek smiles as she shows him the well-being garden she has created for him to help his recovery from his two-year Covid hell

Kate Garraway proudly showed the health and well-being garden she had created for her frail husband Derek Draper on Love Your Garden on Tuesday night. The special episode saw the Good Morning ...


Queen Elizabeth looks frail in new pictures released by Buckingham Palace

The palace also released a couple of pictures of the Queen's engagement on social media. The frail-looking monarch was seen smiling as she shook hands with her guests. Earlier in the day ...


Queen is ‘too frail to walk her corgis and may never take them out again’

Concerns over the Queen’s health have grown since she spent a night in hospital in October (Picture: Getty Images/REX) The Queen has become too frail to walk her beloved corgis, according to ...


The Trip to Bountiful at Lamplighters Community Theatre

She plots a daring journey to the place whose peaceful memory has comforted her in the stressful life she leads with her frail son and shrewish daughter-in-law. The fulfillment of her dream is a ...


Queen Elizabeth news latest – Wheelchair fears force Her Maj to hatch secret ‘military style’ plot for Philip memorial


MILITARY-STYLE plans are being put into place by senior Buckingham Palace aides aimed at getting the Queen to Prince Philip’s memorial service. The frail 95-year-old monarch pulled out of the ...


Queen Elizabeth health news: Her Majesty to make ‘early & dignified appearance’ at Philip memorial amid wheelchair fears


MILITARY-STYLE plans are being put into place by senior Buckingham Palace aides aimed at getting the Queen to Prince Philip’s memorial service. The frail 95-year-old monarch pulled out of the ...


Specialists propose new framework for dialysis decisions in the elderly


Older, frail patients with kidney failure may benefit from a new approach to dialysis discussions that supports a deferred decision, experts say.


Terrified elderly woman died just minutes after 'career criminal' broke into her home


A frail and frightened 70-year-old woman with a heart condition collapsed and died just minutes after a "career criminal" broke into her home in the dead of night. She suffered the "trauma" of ...

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