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fossil (noun) · fossils (plural noun)

  - the remains or impression of a prehistoric organism preserved in petrified form or as a mold or cast in rock:

  - a person or thing that is outdated or resistant to change:

  - a word or phrase that has become obsolete except in set phrases or forms, e.g. hue in hue and cry.


cast, impression, mold, remnant, relic, reliquiae, conservative, traditionalist, conventionalist, diehard,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the dictionary definition of fossils in biology?
    Encyclopedic Entry. Vocabulary. Fossils are the preserved remains, or traces of remains, of ancient organisms. Fossils are not the remains of the organism itself! They are rocks. A fossil can preserve an entire organism or just part of one. Bones, shells, feathers, and leaves can all become fossils.
  2. What is an example of a fossil?
    Fossil. Examples include bones, shells, exoskeletons, stone imprints of animals or microbes, objects preserved in amber, hair, petrified wood, oil, coal, and DNA remnants. The totality of fossils is known as the fossil record .
  3. What is the scientific term for fossilization?
    For the linguistics term, see Fossilization (linguistics). A fossil (from Classical Latin: fossilis, literally "obtained by digging") is any preserved remains, impression, or trace of any once- living thing from a past geological age.
  4. What are the characteristics of fossils?
    Fossils are not the remains of the organism itself! They are rocks. A fossil can preserve an entire organism or just part of one. Bones, shell s, feathers, and leaves can all become fossils. Fossils can be very large or very small.

"Fossil" Example Sentences


The energy transition is not fit for purpose

Our present orthodox decarbonization, the energy transition, is a Rube Goldberg machine to build renewable energy capacity which (supposedly) will displace fossil fuel use. It hasn’t worked and should ...


This should have been another lesson in the dire need to abandon fossil fuel

To understand how badly things are going for the Kremlin, you need only see the country’s devolution from authoritarianism to totalitarianism in a week, with dissent made illegal, protesters arrested ...


Whatcom County executive joins some state leaders in criticizing PSE’s clean energy plans


Plans by Puget Sound Energy to wean more than a million electric customers off planet-warming fossil fuels are not adequate, Whatcom County Executive Satpal Sidhu wrote in a Feb. 24 letter to ...


Whatcom County executive joins some statewide leaders in criticizing PSE's clean energy plans

Plans by Puget Sound Energy to wean more than a million electric customers off planet-warming fossil fuels are not adequate, Whatcom County Executive Satpal Sidhu wrote in a Feb. 24 letter to ...


The first hydraulic drone “flowcopter” can fly for 6 hours. Without recharging?


Flowcopter, a first of its kind hydraulic drone powered by fossil fuels, is claimed to fly 6 hours straight with a range of 560 miles.


Carbon Offsets Are Not Carbon Reductions


Despite their growing popularity as a solution for climate change, carbon offsets don't compensate for fossil fuel emissions.


'Superbly Preserved' fossil of Ancient Flying Reptile Astounds Scientists


Pterosaurs, also known as pterodactyls, were flying reptiles that lived alongside dinosaurs. A newly discovered fossil specimen discovered on the Isle of Skye in Scotland is the largest yet found from ...


'Superbly preserved' pterosaur fossil unearthed in Scotland


The fossil of a 170-million-year-old pterosaur, described as the world’s best-preserved skeleton of the prehistoric winged reptile, has been found on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, scientists said ...


Lab #1: fossil Preservation

All are made largely of aragonite, the original shell material. The recent shells retain the organic material that give the shells their color and nacreous sheen. Nacre (mother of pearl) is an ...


fossil Rocks: The Festival After Party

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information displayed here is accurate, always check with the venue before attending (especially during the Covid-19 pandemic).


Page L. Forth: Hemp is an alternative to Russian fossil fuels (Opinion)


At up to 8.9 metric tons per acre, the cannabis plant is the most efficient carbon-to-biomass agri-tool available. With that in mind, I was horrified to read that industrial hemp, ...


Ukraine makes the case for ending fossil fuels | Will Bunch Newsletter


The Phillies should be four games into their 2022 spring training schedule down in Florida, but instead they are locked out in a labor dispute that arguably makes less sense than Russia invading ...


Elon Musk Says Russia’s War Means More Oil Production Needed Now


Elon Musk says more fossil fuel production is needed now, even if it’s bad for his electric car company, Tesla Inc.


Six key lifestyle changes can help avert the climate crisis, study finds


fossil fuel companies have been aware of their impact on the planet since at least the 1950s The physicist Edward Teller tells the American Petroleum Institute (API) a 10% increase in CO2 will be ...


Analysis: Ukraine crisis could boost ballooning fossil fuel subsidies

Sky-high oil prices resulting from a potential Russian oil import ban could force governments to pour more cash into fossil fuel subsidies to shield consumers from rising energy bills, rather than use ...


Biden bans imports of all Russian fossil fuels amid broad bipartisan support

President Joe Biden announced today that the US will ban imports of Russian oil, natural gas, and coal. The UK will follow suit, according to a Politico report, phasing out Russian oil and gas ...


Three suspects behind the Piltdown Man fossil hoax


Careful examination of the historical records suggests that the hoax was probably a joke that went badly wrong ...


Octopus ancestors lived before era of dinosaurs, study shows


Scientists have found the oldest known ancestor of octopuses – an approximately 330 million-year-old fossil unearthed in Montana. The researchers concluded the ancient creature lived millions of years ...


CERAWEEK-Energy security in focus as Ukraine crisis causes supply crunch


Executives at a U.S. energy conference are set to turn their focus on Tuesday to renewables and the long-term shift away from fossil fuels, even as the West seeks immediate replacements for Russian ...


This Class Brought to You by Exxon

I want to be clear: The point here is not to pillory any individual actor. For better or worse, fossil fuel companies have been the engine of the global economy for decades. The Kennedy School ...


Guest columnist: God and science do exist

This isn’t hard. Microevolution can be observed. That’s true science. Species adapt to their environment. However, macroevolution has never been observed nor is there one instance in the fossil record ...


fossil of Vampire Squid’s Oldest Ancestor Is Named for Biden

Scientists describe a new species of vampyropod from a 328-million-year-old, 10-armed fossil found in Montana.


This Invasion Is Brought to You by...Western Environmentalists

For more than 40 years, the environmentalist movement has been warning that global warming is the result of mankind's burning of fossil fuels and poses an "existential threat" to human ...


Monograph on the fossil Reptilia of the London Clay

The book is divided into four parts, covering chelonian, crocodilian, lacertilian and ophidian fossils, and includes an extensive section of detailed illustrations. Using his characteristic 'bone to ...


ConocoPhillips CEO says poor energy policies have contributed to lack of supply

ConocoPhillips Chief Executive Ryan Lance said while energy security recently has become more important with worries over supply, policymakers need to focus on providing longterm support for fossil ...


Thanks to Biden’s war on energy, Americans are paying more — and Putin wins


The Biden administration is pushing forward with his war on American fossil fuels. They put new restrictions on building liquefied-natural-gas terminals in the United States, which are needed to ...


To the Coliseum: fossil Ridge girls get revenge with upset at No. 4 Monarch to make Great 8


The SaberCats wanted to avenge their last loss. They did just that with a Sweet 16 win over No. 4 Monarch, and now the Denver Coliseum awaits.


U.S. House Presses Ahead With Bill to Ban Russian Energy Imports


The House is forging ahead Tuesday with a vote on legislation to ban U.S. imports of Russian fossil fuels even after President Joe Biden announced he’s taking action to stop U.S. purchases of oil, ...


A war on fossil fuels strengthened Putin and weakened America


Russian President Vladimir Putin was emboldened to launch his full-scale invasion of Ukraine because he believed that President Biden was bluffing when he threatened serious consequences.


Europe Is on a Wartime Mission to End Its Addiction to Russian fossil Fuel

Timelines for overhauling Europe’s approach to energy for more than 440 million are now being revved up under extraordinary duress.


Scientists are arguing over the identity of a fossilized 10-armed creature

An ancient cephalopod fossil may be the oldest ancestor of octopuses, but the interpretation hinges on the identification of one feature.


New fossil birds discovered near China's Great Wall – one had a movable, sensitive 'chin'

And as a fun side note, one of those new species had a movable bony appendage at the tip of its lower jaw that may have helped the bird root for food. "It was a long, painstaking process teasing ...


Scott Miley: The mastodon fossil could link all Indiana residents to our past

Of course, there were some Pleistocene-peevish nay-sayers in the state of Wolverines, as a report on the legislation noted: “While it is a worthwhile civics exercise for students to promote and ...


WV House committee advances bill that would allow restriction of state banking contracts with fossil fuel-divesting companies

The full West Virginia House of Delegates is slated to consider a bill that would restrict state banking contracts with financial institutions that divest from fossil fuel energy companies.


Gazette-Mail editorial: Sanctions on Russian fossil fuels right call


A U.S. ban on Russian oil imports is the right thing to do as fighting in Ukraine continues. European nations are heeding the call and following suit, although at a ...


Researchers Name fossilized Vampire Squid After Joe Biden

It’s an ancestor of modern octopuses and vampire squids and offers exciting insights into when and how these marine invertebrates diversified. The fossil is named Syllipsimopodi bideni after President ...


‘mother!’: A biblical allegory disguised as a harrowing psychological thriller

Her death can be taken as an allegory for the destruction of our planet (Mother Earth,) caused by the emission of fossil fuels. Lawrence’s character as a metaphor for Mother Earth is further ...


Farallon and Co put price on coal’s pariah status


A group of hedge funds has put a price on the fossil fuel’s status as a financial pariah: a whopping 11.5% interest rate on a five-year secured loan. That’s what Canyon Capital, Farallon Capital and ...


EU commits to phasing out dependency on Russian fossil fuels


The European Union is seeking to fully phase out its reliance on Russian energy “well before 2030” to ensure the 27-nation bloc no longer faces difficult decisions about hurting their own economies in ...


This extinct ten-armed fossil may be earliest known ancestor of vampire squid

The 328-million-year-old fossil is the earliest known example of a vampyropod (ancient soft-bodied cephalopods) to date, pushing back the earliest evidence by 82 million years, according to a new ...


Earliest known ancestor of vampire squid and octopus named after US President Joe Biden

It may have looked like a squid, but the beautifully preserved fossil of a creature with 10 arms is the oldest known ancestor of another group of animals that include vampire squid and octopuses, US ...


Crude oil jumps as much as 7% on U.S. ban of Russian imports, but trades off session highs


Oil prices jumped to their highs of the session Tuesday as President Joe Biden announced a ban on Russian fossil imports including oil in response to the country's invasion of Ukraine. WTI crude oil ...


Credit Suisse faces investor call to cut lending for fossil fuels


Investors managing $2.4 trillion are calling on Credit Suisse to take tougher climate action, including cutting its exposure to fossil fuel assets. "The message from investors is clear: Credit Suisse ...


CERAWEEK Energy security in focus as Ukraine crisis causes supply crunch


Executives at a U.S. energy conference are set to turn their focus on Tuesday to renewables and the long-term shift away from fossil fuels, even as the West seeks immediate replacements for Russian ...


When it comes to climate-induced disasters the Coalition wants to save for a rainy day – but it’s already pouring


Subsidies to prop up fossil fuel are more pressing for the Morrison government than subsidies for renewables or climate adaptation ...


CERAWEEK 'Energy transition? Leave us out,' says Nigeria oil minister

Developing countries should not have to target renewable energy sources and turn away from fossil fuels, Nigerian energy officials said on Tuesday, joining other emerging oil-producing nations ...


This fossilized fish skull is filled with feces

Around 1824, British fossil hunter Mary Anning (recently portrayed by Kate Winslet in the 2020 film Ammonite) was the first to notice the presence of so-called "bezoar stones" in the abdomens of ...


David Suzuki: UN panel findings lay out climate action dilemma

The longer we put off seriously addressing climate disruption’s causes, the more we’ll have to adapt to unavoidable consequences. Those who have been bleating that getting off fossil fuels will be too ...


Psaki: Biden Allowing Keystone Pipeline Won’t Affect Gas Prices Faster Than Getting U.S. Off fossil Fuels

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Monday that if President Biden reversed his executive order and allowed the Keystone Pipeline to go forward, it would not affect gas prices faster than ...


EU announces plans to cut reliance on Russian gas by two-thirds


The European Union announced a plan Tuesday to cut its reliance on Russian natural gas by two-thirds this year, and get off Russian fossil fuels entirely by the end of the decade.The European bloc ...

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