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flute (noun) · flutes (plural noun)

  - a wind instrument made from a tube with holes along it that are stopped by the fingers or keys, held vertically or horizontally so that the player's breath strikes a narrow edge. The modern orchestral form, typically made of metal, is held horizontally and has an elaborate set of keys.

  - an organ stop with wooden or metal flue pipes producing a similar tone.

  - an ornamental vertical groove in a column.

  - a trumpet-shaped frill on a dress or other garment.

  - a cylindrical groove, as on pastry.

  - a tall, narrow wine glass:

  - speak in a melodious way:

  - play a flute or pipe.

  - make flutes or grooves in:


whistle, recorder, fife, chanter, drone, ruffle, flounce, ruff, furbelow, jabot,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the noun for flute?
    flute noun [C] (MUSICAL INSTRUMENT) B1 a tube-shaped musical instrument with a hole that you blow across at one end while holding the tube out horizontally to one side
  2. Is a flute a woodwind instrument?
    This is a woodwind instrument whose sound is produced by blowing against a sharp edge. Flutes may be end-blown, like the recorder, or may have a round shape, like the ocarina; however, the term usually refers to the transverse flute of Western music.
  3. What is the meaning of Flut?
    (flut) n., v. flut•ed, flut•ing. n. 1. a wind instrument with a high range, consisting of a tube with a series of fingerholes or keys in which the wind is directed against a sharp edge, either directly, as in the modern transverse flute, or through a flue, as in the recorder.
  4. What does a flute look like?
    The flute looks like a type of thin tube or pipe with a hole on each end and holes on the body: your fingers go up and down over the holes and you blow into the flute to make music. A flute player is called a flautist.

"Flute" Example Sentences


Your Ticket: Local author to visit Grand Island Public Library


Local author R.J. Post will visit the Grand Island ... UNK flute Concert, 3 p.m. Saturday, March 5; free. -- UNK Choirs Concert, featuring the Men’s Chorus, Women’s Chorus, Choraleers and ...


Reefers and Ringers

Cecelia Hopkins played the flute obbligatos with assurance. As a curtain-raiser, the Guild offered Menotti's The Telephone (1947), an oft-done two-character farce about a lad on the make for a ...


Classical arias to light favourites

The latter three jazz numbers were accompanied by Soundarie with her usual zest and total immersion when she plays jazz and with additional flute obbligatos by Surekha, both adding rhythm and ...


Andre 3000 and his flute can do whatever they want


André 3000 has a stoic view on aging. “With the word ‘hip-hop’, first you have to be hip. The older you get, you get further away from that hipness,” he told Hard Knock TV in 2014 on a press tour for ...


Andre 3000 Brings His flute to the ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Soundtrack


Nearly 50 songs make up the soundtrack for A24’s next film, Everything Everywhere All at Once — and Andre 3000’s flute is featured on four of them. On Wednesday, Feb. 23, the experimental trio Son Lux ...


NJ flute Players Can Perform In 'flute Choir Day' In Caldwell


Any NJ child or adult who plays flute can come to Caldwell University in Essex County for classes and a finale concert on just one day.


NJ flute Players All Ages Can Be Part Of 'flute Day' In Caldwell

Any NJ child or adult who plays flute can come to Caldwell University in Essex County for classes and a finale concert on just one day.


MCC's Gabby flute Player, Ray Daniels receive recognition in Mon-Dak hoops


Gabby flute Player and Ray Daniels were selected as second-team all-conference players in the Mon-Dak Conference at the conclusion of the 2021-22 basketball season.


Crystal vaginas, giant noses and ‘vaudeville on acid’: Barrie Kosky on his most outrageous shows

2012’s the Magic flute was a collaboration between Kosky, animator Paul Barritt and Suzanne Andrade, co-founder of British theatre company 1927. It marked Kosky’s debut as artistic director of ...


Review | ‘The Magic flute’ at UC Santa Barbara

In one eerie present-tense reference, we hear of the magic flute existing “for protection against war and insurrection.” Would that the world had access to such a flute now. Pandemic influences aside, ...


Micro flute Paper Market Estimated to Expand at a Robust CAGR By 2030

In its new market study, Future Market Insights (FMI) estimates micro flute paper market to grow at 5.1% CAGR (value) through 2030. The report attributes the growth of the market to increasing ...


Want to talk to dolphins? Try playing them the flute

A new study reveals that dolphins are particularly receptive to the high frequencies of certain instruments, such as the flute, the piccolo, and the Indian recorder. Researchers at the Australian ...


23 flutists will hit the stage with Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra


Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra is teaming up with the Tucson flute Club as part of an effort to collaborate with local arts organizations.


Obituary of Matthew Richard Zielinski

Computer whiz, Artist; he enjoyed oil painting, glass blowing, drumming, playing flute and chess. He was a prankster, merrymaker, master spin artist. There was never a dull moment, while in the ...


flute comments

Loss of cashless tools will also mean that during the time needed to get a new one you will be moneyless, you will not be able to store a bit of money to make sure you can go through national holiday ...


Midsummer Mechanicals

Peter Quince is a carpenter, Nick Bottom a weaver, Francis flute a bellows mender, Tom Snout a tinker, Snug a joiner and Robin Starveling a tailor. Get to know them all better by booking your ...


An Erinsborough bypass or just Bouncer’s dream? Readers tell us how Neighbours should end

But before residents pack up and bulldozers start rolling in, perhaps there might be a little time for one last flute of Spumante and a street party with old friends? In particular, two old ...


BWW Review: THE MAGIC flute at Des Moines Metro Opera


I love seeing in the arts when a company takes a classic work and reimagines it for a modern audience. This often allows for more imaginative and innovative production that brings a brand new audience ...


The New England Jazz Ensemble

Giacomo Gates: Narrator and "Jazzbretto" author (1,2); John Mastroianni: soprano sax and "Chirp" soloist, alto sax, flute, clarinet; Bob DePalma: alto sax, flute ...


Texture - polyphony

For example, a flute may imitate a tune just played by the oboe. A fugue is a special type of polyphonic texture. Fugues always begin with a tune that is played on a solo instrument/sung by a solo ...


Music Hath Charms

Now the Crotonians were aware of the Sybarite custom, and so recruited flute players to accompany their troops. When the armies met, the flutists began to play. Naturally, the well-trained horses ...


Music on Wheels: New program aims to help Nevada County seniors one note at a time

Only a few notes into Cesar Cui’s “Berceuse and Badinage,” feet began to sway to the rhythm as the warm timbre of piano, layered with the flute and violin swept over the crowd. Facial expressions ...


Vivacious flutes

Meet master of the flute Silvio Zammit and Ramona Zammit Formosa who will give a recital of vivacious flute music at St Catherine of Italy in Valletta on Tuesday February 4 at 12.30pm. The recital ...


Michael Portillo: Switzerland’s Glacier Express is one of the most awe-inspiring train journeys in the world


I have just taken my seat on the Glacier Express and, before the train has departed, my champagne has already been served. It arrives not in a flute but a saucer, that wide flat glass I associate with ...


Want to communicate with dolphins? Try playing them the flute


Dolphins are true experts in acoustics. They use sound production and reception to communicate, navigate and detect predators and prey.


Changing the flute design affects initial dental implant stability: Study


Changing the flute design affects initial dental implant stability, according to a recent study published in the journal named- Clinical Biomechanics. Self-tapping screws have been ...


Matt Molloy and John Carty


Matt Molloy from Co. Roscommon, is regarded as the finest flute player in Irish music. He co-founded The Bothy Band with Donal Lunny, recording four classic albums in as many years, was a member of ...


Viral Video: Snake Charmer Plays flute In Front of Shop, What Happened Next Will Leave You Laughing | Watch

A video has surfaced on Instagram which shows a snake charmer playing flute outside a shop. What happened next will definitely make you laugh.


flute Choir to Perform Concert


The Lima Area Concert Band flute Choir will present a concert entitled “Take Two” on Sunday, March 20 at 3 p.m. at Trinity United ...


flute quartet to perform benefit concert for frontline health care workers

An award-winning ensemble of flutists is scheduled to perform Saturday night in a benefit concert for the Society of Critical Care Medicine. BETA Quartet is scheduled to perform at 7:30 p.m. in the ...


How a very special flute became a key part of a therapist turned songwriter's 1st release


The flute took longer to make than the song took to write, but Newfoundland and Labrador songwriter Elizabeth Sheppard says a custom-made Native American flute is a very special part of her first ...




SPRING was in the air, and the lavish preparations had already begun for the Phagwah festival. The songs, the colours, the dances always brought happiness and ...


Dana flute and tuba days scheduled

Dana School of Music will host daylong events for flute and tuba / euphonium players next weekend. The 27th Youngstown State University flute Festival runs 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. March 26. Kathryn Umble, ...


flute band set to perform in Clubland for the first time


A local flute band has marched into Clubland for the first time for a special version of one of the country's most famous folk songs.


Grenadiers flute band marches to a different beat


A local flute band is marching to a different tune with a special version of one of the country’s most famous folk songs.


The Magic flute

Opera Theatre of Saint Louis presents the opera The Magic flute by Mozart, accompanied by members of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. It’s open season for enchantment. Serpents and sorcerers are no ...


Melodies captivate audience on the final day of Gangadhar Swarotsav

'Gangadhar Swarotsav' organised by Swaraninad concluded with melodious songs of vocalist Manjiri Asnare-Kelkar and flute playing by Pandit Ronu Muzumdar. The three-day festival was held at ...


Corinth Music Club to celebrate "The Expressive flute"

It has been almost three years since the Corinth Music Club has featured the flute in one of its popular Mid-Morning Concerts.


Mechano-Robotic flute Made From An Old Shotgun

Can a musical robot call to question the ethics of firearms exports? If you take a disabled shotgun and turn it into a flute, does it become an art piece? Deep questions indeed — and ...


Timothy Harshaw's flute

He managed to get a job for a while, but lost it because of getting into an argument with his boss about theosophy. They saved a small sum weekly out of his salary. Then the wife got a job and ...


Dorset student going to Africa to teach children the flute

A YOUNG woman from Dorset is embarking on a mammoth journey to western Africa to teach children how to play the flute and is looking for ...


10 most successful sci-fi movies at the Oscars


Fill your champagne flute and toast science fiction’s big winners that took home the gold at the Academy Awards!


Ojibwe flute player to perform in piece rooted in Maori legend


Darren Thompson will join the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra to premiere "Kotuku" Friday night in Capitol Theater.


Miss Columbia wins the swimsuit competition in the first preliminaries of the 2016 Miss S.C. pageant

Miss Greater Greer, Mary Grace Nasim, 20, from Greenville, won the Tuesday Talent preliminary in the Miss South Carolina competition.She performed an aria, Queen of the Night from The Magic flute ...


Hariprasad to be honoured with Guru Debaprasad Lifetime Achievement Award

Pandit Hariprasad Chourasia, Eminent Classical flute Maestro and Indian Music Director and Choreographer will be honoured with the prestigious Guru Debaprasad Lifetime Achievement Award for the year ...


Rangers icon Paul Gascoigne performs infamous flute celebration as he scores in Legends match

RANGERS hero Paul Gascoigne scored a poignant goal in the Ibrox club’s Legends match – but hit a controversial note as he performed the infamous flute celebration. The former Gers, ...


Unique show in The MAC features flute band, women’s choir and contemporary musicians


The project aims to challenge negative perceptions around flute bands, showcase the wealth of talent found within the community as well as explore east Belfast through music and culture. Fifes & ...


NI flute band team up with electronic artist Ryan Vail, Clubland’s Micky Modelle also involved in youth project

A Co Antrim flute band are marching to a different beat after a collaboration with electronic artist Ryan Vail.


Gifts of music and opportunities

I first picked up a flute in fifth grade, when Mrs. Spradlin (then Miss Doepker) traveled to the elementary schools with a selection of instruments for stu ...


The 2022 Carl Nielsen International Competition is underway!

This year's edition of the Carl Nielsen International Competition has opened and is now underway! As well as the three categories - violin, flute and clarinet, the three instruments for which Nielsen ...

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