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[ˈfāspä(l)m] ✕ Play

facepalm (noun) · facepalms (plural noun) · face palm (noun) · face palms (plural noun)

  - a gesture in which the palm of one's hand is brought to one's face, as an expression of disbelief, shame, or exasperation:

  - bring the palm of one's hand to one's face, as an expression of disbelief, shame, or exasperation:

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is a facepalm gesture?
    Facepalm. A facepalm (sometimes also face-palm or face palm) is the physical gesture of placing one's hand across one's face or lowering one's face into one's hand or hands, covering or closing one's eyes. The gesture is often exaggerated by giving the motion more force and making a slapping noise when the hand comes in contact with the face.
  2. What does facepalm mean online?
    Facepalm's meaning online is the same as the physical gesture's meaning in real life — it expresses frustration, disappointment, embarrassment, shock, surprise or sarcasm. Its online use is to portray emotions and feelings that otherwise may not be easily expressed through text alone.
  3. What is Cain's facepalm?
    Cain is depicted after killing his brother hiding his face in his hand. [1] A facepalm is the physical gesture of placing one's hand across one's face, lowering one's face into one's hand or hands or covering or closing one's eyes.
  4. What is a face palm?
    or face-palm. or face palm. the action of covering your face with your hand to show that you are embarrassed, annoyed, or shocked about something The team leader does a face palm after the team geek makes a particularly dorky statement.

"Facepalm" Example Sentences


EU health commissioner explains his 'Farage facepalm' - The Guardian

EU health commissioner explains his 'Farage facepalm'  The Guardian


Nigel Farage EU speech lead to MEP facepalm and #weareseat123 - Metro

Nigel Farage EU speech lead to MEP facepalm and #weareseat123  Metro


Global facepalm toward U.S. Soccer's Stone Age sexism inspired by WTA

Which is more significant, a sexist statement of Stone Age proportions, or the worldwide facepalm it inspires? Last week, U.S. Soccer, in its attempt to defend itself in a $67 million equal-pay ...


Nigel Farage made me facepalm. I couldn’t hide my despair - The Guardian

Nigel Farage made me facepalm. I couldn’t hide my despair  The Guardian


The Queue: The mine, followers iLevel, the Burning Legion, and a facepalm

I'm trying to do the quest to open the mine on my horde character, but every time I try I'm unsuccessful. I have noticed that the Goren outside the mine are hostile, unlike on my alliance ...


Did Trump Sign a ‘NAFTA Agreement’ in the Wrong Place?


_Xyreo_. “The Look on the Faces of World Leaders When They Realise That Trumpp Signed the NAFTA Agreement Wrong.” r/facepalm on Reddit, 15 Feb. 2022, www.reddit.com/r/facepalm/comments/st41ug/the_look ...


Xbox Series S PROOF – Microsoft leaks ITS OWN console in epic facepalm

The Xbox Series S is the gaming industry's worst kept secret right now, with the officially unannounced console leaking countless times over the past couple of months. Indeed, as far back as June ...


16 Bad Bosses Who Got Roasted So Bad By Employees They Should Never Be A Boss Again


This happened like 20 minutes ago lmaooo. from LateStageCapitalism Who is the boss now? from facepalm "YOU ARE REPLACEABLE" "okay, then I quit" "NO, NOT LIKE THAT" from facepalm Linda waited for her ...


Kevin Hart admits that he gifted Nick Cannon condom vending machine in ongoing prank war


Vending Machine full of Magnums,” followed by a facepalm and heart emoji. The post amassed over 86,000 likes, indicating that Cannon’s fans found the gesture funny and agreed with the general ...


NASA amusingly shoots down premise of Moonfall disaster movie

facepalm. Eye roll. NASA's moon team is giving the fictional film starring Halle Berry a good-natured hard time. Amanda Kooser Freelance writer Amanda C. Kooser covers gadgets and tech news with a ...


Can Anyone Stop the Oscars From Sh*tting the Bed?


That’s all a bit of context to this week’s facepalm that the Academy is at it once again. On Monday, they announced the instantly mocked decision to introduce what is embarrassingly being called ...


Star Citizen developers roll back roadmap features due to high user expectations

facepalm: It's been more than ten years and $430 million, but to absolutely no one's surprise, Star Citizen is still not ready for release. The space-based epic from Wing Commander creator Chris ...


11 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Pet, According to Lifehacker Readers

4) Walked dog by the lake (surprise! off leash). Dog drank tainted lake water. Barfed for days. Emergency vet visit. 5) Dog off leash in forest (facepalm). Dog runs like crazy and pokes eye.


25 Karens Who Karened So Hard, They Should Change Their Legal Name


Karen has entered the chat from facepalm Love that she feels she can speak for the entire Christian community. This Karen threatened to narc on their neighbor for their "lazy" lawn. One of my ...


Is the Street Fighter 6 logo an edited stock image?


facepalm: There was a lot of excitement surrounding the announcement of Street Fighter 6 yesterday, but one thing fans aren’t so keen on is the new logo. Rather than keeping with the familiar look and ...


Actor Harry Shearer Has a Thirst for Journalism


Shearer said that his own success in show business has enabled him to have a podcast-level of creative freedom for many years. His show could be called, “The facepalm with Harry Shearer,” because it’s ...


NFL.com believes the 49ers have the 3rd biggest Super Bowl window in the league


In a related note, while you were reading that sentence, Jimmy Garoppolo threw another facepalm-worthy pick. OK, that was a low blow. Garoppolo has won a lot of games ... just not the Super Bowl. Wait ...


Zoom fixes macOS issue that could have left microphones active after calls ended


facepalm: Zoom has finally fixed a bug on macOS that seemingly left microphones active after a call was over. Worse yet, it's not the first time Zoom had to address this very same issue. Will it be ...


The Canada Truck Protest, Once Small, Now Has a Fascist Life of Its Own


This is what I’m talking about. How do you look at this and do anything but facepalm your nose out the back of your neck? Resist the temptation, because it has the potential to get dangerous on a ...


Did Mark Wahlberg screw up Valentine's Day for his wife? Actor details how he 'got in trouble'


Mark Wahlberg is opening up about his Valentine's mishap and it surely is facepalm worthy. In a new sit down on Jimmy Kimmel Live, via E! News, the Uncharted actor shared his tale of how he messed up ...

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