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fabless (adjective)

  - denoting or relating to a company which designs microchips but contracts out their production rather than owning its own factory:

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is a fabless company?
    DEFINITION of 'Fabless Company'. A fabless company is one that designs and sells hardware and semiconductor chips but outsources the fabrication of such chips and hardware. This practice leverages the research and development resources, as well as the design skill and distribution networks, of the fabless company while taking advantage...
  2. What is fabless semiconductors?
    Of or pertaining to a company that does not make its own silicon wafers and primarily concerns itself with research and design. The fabless semiconductor company recently finished designing its new line of microchips. English Wiktionary. Available under CC-BY-SA license.
  3. What is a fabless chip?
    The fabless chip model developed in the 1980s when smaller chip makers were left with a surplus of products in a tough-to-crack market. Fabless companies are often headquartered in costly, industrialized countries, while semiconductor foundries tend to be headquartered in countries where labor costs are cheaper.
  4. What is a fabless silicon wafer?
    The term "fabless" means that the company does not manufacture the silicon wafers, or chips, used in its products; instead, it outsources the work to a manufacturing plant or foundry. Many of these foundries are located in Taiwan and China, where skilled labor is plentiful and cheap, which keeps production costs low and return on investment high.

"Fabless" Example Sentences


Towards fabless silicon photonics

Today's fabless semiconductor industry traces its origin directly to these early shuttle runs. For research and demonstration, it's usually adequate to fabricate only a few copies of a given ...


Automakers Will Go fabless - EE Times

Automakers Will Go fabless  EE Times


Ottawa startup to test fabless semiconductor products

An integrated circuit test facility is using some local IT history to launch its services for the Canadian fabless semiconductor companies. Microsystems International Ltd. (MIL) Monday officially ...


fabless Suppliers Held a Record 33% of the 2020 IC Market

fabless IC suppliers registered a strong 24% surge in sales last year as compared to only an 8% increase by the IDMs. April 29, 2021 -- IC Insights’ April Update to the 2021 McClean Report describes ...


SmartSens Selects PDF Solutions Exensio fabless for Data - GlobeNewswire

SmartSens Selects PDF Solutions Exensio fabless for Data  GlobeNewswire


FSA Releases Analysis of Q2 2005 for the fabless Sector

San Jose, Calif. -- September 27, 2005 – FSA, the voice of the global fabless business model, today released key data and statistics, along with analysis of trends from the second quarter of 2005.


fabless Chip Designer Sheds Stealth Cloak, Changes Name to Enerv

Pervasive was keeping a low profile last year, when I reported the fabless semiconductor design startup had raised $6 million in a round led by two Bay Area venture firms, New Enterprise ...


SmartSens Selects PDF Solutions Exensio fabless for Data Analytics of CMOS Image Sensors

To keep pace with this increase in market demand and SmartSens' accelerated development of new products, the company chose PDF Solutions Exensio fabless as its enterprise data analytics platform.


SiC Foundry Business Emerges

The IDMs compete against each other, as well as an emerging crop of SiC fabless design houses. fabless companies and others have their products made by a foundry vendor. SiC foundries give customers ...


Govt aims to make K'ataka hub for next breed of fabless startups to thrive: Minister - Deccan Chronicle

Govt aims to make K'ataka hub for next breed of fabless startups to thrive: Minister  Deccan Chronicle


Astera Labs, a fabless chip startup, nabs $50M at a $950M valuation to remove bottlenecks in high-bandwidth cloud applications - TechCrunch

Astera Labs, a fabless chip startup, nabs $50M at a $950M valuation to remove bottlenecks in high-bandwidth cloud applications  TechCrunch


Orca Systems Announces World’s First Fully Integrated SoC Solution for Direct-to-Satellite IoT Connectivity

Orca Systems, a fabless semiconductor company delivering groundbreaking digital RF technology, today announced its first wireless system-on-chip (SoC) solution for the satellite Internet of Things ...


AlphaICs Begins Global Sampling of "Gluon - Deep Learning Co-Processor"

February 14, 2022-- AlphaICs, a leading AI fabless semiconductor company that develops edge inference and edge learning technologies, has announced the availability of engineering samples of ‘Gluon’ – ...


GigaDevice Selects PDF Solutions Exensio Analytics Platform to Support Rapid Semiconductor Growth

In addition, as a fabless semiconductor company, GigaDevice also operates a complex supply chain comprised of foundry, assembly and test subcontractor partners. Over the past several years ...


Foundry customers reluctant to accept further price increases


Pure-play foundries, particularly second-tier players who have raised their quotes since late 2020, are seeing their fabless clients become increasingly reluctant to accept further price hikes, ...


Intel to buy Israeli chipmaker for $5.4 billion


The company serves 'fabless' companies — which design chips but outsource manufacturing, as well as integrated device manufacturers, and offers more than 2 million wafer starts per year of capacity," ...


China’s driverless dreams troubled by US chip dependency


China’s fabless companies — the groups that compete with Nvidia and Qualcomm in designing and selling chip hardware, but not manufacturing — have already built a 16 per cent market share globally, ...


Intel expands in specialty chipmaking with $5.4 bln deal for Israel's Tower


Tower has been investing in Israel, Texas and Japan to boost capacity for 200 and 300 millimetre chips. It serves "fabless" companies - which design chips but outsource manufacturing - and integrated ...


Intel expands in specialty chipmaking with $5.4 billion deal for Israel's Tower Semiconductor


Tower has been investing in equipment at its manufacturing sites in Israel, Texas and Japan to boost capacity for 200 and 300-millimeter chips. The company serves "fabless" companies - which design ...


Chip CFOs get a crash course in silicon geopolitics


The fabless company’s business is booming thanks to a growing demand for its products that include low-power circuitry in battery-constrained devices, such as wearables. Fuhimide himself is trying to ...


Intel is betting $5 billion on old semiconductor technology


The US now makes just 12% of all semiconductors. Many American semiconductor companies—like Qualcomm, Broadcom, Nvidia, and AMD—went “fabless,” which is to say, they shut down their fabrication plants ...


Intel buys Israeli specialty chipmaker Tower Semiconductor for $5.4 billion


The acquisition will give Intel a larger presence in a space that has been dominated for years by TSMC, its Taiwanese rival that specializes in serving fabless companies. Tower Semiconductor currently ...


Intel to Buy Tower Semiconductor for $5.4 Billion

As part of Intel’s IDM 2.0 strategy announced last March, the chipmaker intends to more meaningfully offer foundry services to fabless chip designers to take advantage of burgeoning demand in AI, ...


Intel expands in specialty chipmaking with $5.4 bln deal for Israel's Tower Semiconductor


Tower has been investing in equipment at its manufacturing sites in Israel, Texas and Japan to boost capacity for 200 and 300 millimetre chips. The company serves "fabless" companies - which design ...


Morse Micro Expands Presence in Asia for Growth in Wi-Fi HaLow

Morse Micro, a fabless semiconductor company reinventing Wi-Fi® for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced it has expanded its presence in Asia and added three executive sales team members.


Nvidia is set to spend at least $10B to secure its share of limited 5nm chip supply


If you’re a fabless company that relies on external chip manufacturing from companies like TSMC, you’re forced to compete for limited wafer starts, particularly on the bleeding edge nodes. The use of ...


AMD says Xilinx acquisition will double its presence in India

New Delhi, Feb 15: Computer chip company AMD has said that the acquisition of fabless semiconductor company Xilinx will double its presence in India. AMD has acquired Xilinx for USD 35 billion, which ...


OMNIVISION Leads Pixel Shrink Race with the Development of World’s Smallest 0.56-micron Pixel


Grant adds, “OMNIVISION invests heavily in R&D and almost 50 percent of our employees comprise R&D engineers. As a global fabless semiconductor provider, we also work closely with our foundry partners ...


15 Undervalued Stocks That Crushed Earnings


Intel has a plan for a comeback: IDM 2.0, which it announced in March 2021. The company plans on expanding its business as a chipmaker for fabless chip designers--firms that don't manufacture their ...

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