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[ənˈtwīn] ✕ Play


entwined (past tense) · entwined (past participle)

  - wind or twist together; interweave:


weave, intertwine, interlink, interlace, interweave, crisscross, entangle, tangle, twine, link,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What does it mean to entwine something?
    Definition of 'entwine'. entwine. If one thing is entwined with another thing, or if you entwine two things, the two things are twisted around each other. His dazed eyes stare at the eels, which still writhe and entwine. The giraffes entwined their necks in the most astonishing manner.
  2. What does it mean to entwine hands together?
    To entwine is to twist and tangle or weave together. When you hold hands with someone, you entwine your fingers together. A long-haired girl can entwine flowers in her curls, and she might love it when her pet snake entwines around her arm.
  3. What are the two things that are closely entwined?
    The ivy and the vine and the poppy were closely entwined. Red tape is entwined into our history. Prayer and political action have a deeply entwined history in America. In fact, they are inextricably entwined. These two things are entwined - we provide a service and help keep people well.
  4. How did the waters become “two entwine D pieces of energy?
    When in high school the Waters moved down the street, John and Glenn became “two entwine d pieces of energy,” as a friend said. “In my case, for better or worse, they are inextricably entwine d,” Sanford said. Sweeter, more dainty were these little, begrimed kids with their arms entwine d around one another's waists.

"Entwined" Example Sentences


The big idea: is it time to stop talking about ‘nature versus nurture’?


The latest science shows that genes and environment are ​too deeply entwined to pit them against one another ...


Despite chill in air, thistles begin slow awakening for spring | Harrison

One herald for the landscape’s eruption is the awakening of thistles, native weeds entwined with many cultures reaching into antiquity.


The Russia-Ukraine crisis and the Monroe Doctrine in the Caribbean and Latin America

IF anyone harboured any doubts about just how much the Caribbean is entwined in the current Russia-Ukraine entanglement, this past weekend’s global news ...


Money and Materiality in the Golden Age of Graphic Satire (Studies in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Art and Culture)

This book examines the entwined and simultaneous rise of graphic satire and cultures of paper money in late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century Britain. Asking how Britons learned to value both ...


Among gods and kings

[1] The pair is entwined in an uneasy embrace. The drilled pupils of their stylized protuberant eyes and the sleek arches of their eyebrows make them look startled. The woman stands behind the man, ...


The pain of forced migration made physical in Hayv Kahraman’s paintings


The Iraqi-born artist draws on the Kurdish exodus in her images of ethereal women, dismembered busts and entwined organs ...


Super Bowl LVI: Irish roots entwined in football in LA and Cincinnati

The Ohio League was an informal and loose championship structure and among the other competing teams were the Youngstown Patricians, who were connected to an Irish community Catholic church ...


Baby sloth bear rescued from barbed wire fence in MP

A one-and-a-half-year-old sloth bear, that was found entwined in a barbed wire fence, has been rescued by a multi-agency team from the outskirts of village in Madhya Pradesh's Raisen district. Early ...


Ruapekapeka Pā


The history of Ruapekapeka is entwined with that of the Treaty of Waitangi, a living document which continues to shape New Zealand society.


‘Love Is Blind’ Star Shake Chatterjee Suffers From A Case of Self-Hatred Towards His Own Culture


Love Is Blind has a lot of parallels to an arranged marriage, which is still deeply entwined in Indian culture.


Tell us how you’re feeling about the future of tech and finance for the chance to win a $200 JB Hi-Fi voucher


There is absolutely no question that the worlds of tech and finance are already deeply entwined — far beyond any point of return. But whether that paints a picture of rosier times to come remains to ...


Domaine Santa Duc: An Art Book Celebrating the 150-Year History of the Gras Family in Gigondas


Gigondas celebrates the appellation’s 50th anniversary. The history of the Gras family is closely entwined with the fortunes of this appellation which saw their own […] ...


When world’s collide: How two men’s stories became inextricably entwined in a small room in Yuendumu


WHEN Zach Rolfe walked into Courtroom 2 in the Supreme Court in Darwin each day during the five weeks of his trial for the alleged murder of 19-year-old Kumanjayi Walker, he was all but forced to ...


entwined - Bioluminescent-Like LED Forest in Golden Gate Park

Lights will turn off at 9:30 pm each night. entwined may periodically go dark for short periods to prevent crowding. entwined is outdoors and spread out over an acre of open space. Golden Gate ...


14-Year-Old Dies After Getting Stung, entwined In Deadly Sea Creature's 6 Feet Tentacles

The teenager was entwined in over 6 feet of box jellyfish tentacles. Surf lifesavers tried to help Ligmayo, while he was on the beach. “They got him out of the water and he had lots of tentacles ...


Amazon's business closely entwined with China, suppliers linked to forced labour in China: Watchdog group


A report from the Tech Transparency Project said that Amazon business is closely entwined with China and its suppliers linked to forced labour in the Xinjiang ...


Boston Area Estate entwined In Local History Seeks $7.9 Million

The Ridgehurst Estate, once the home of a wealthy Massachusetts cordage manufacturer, is on the ... [+] market for $7.9 million. Century-plus old houses in Weston, Massachusetts, are frequently ...


How the German Heavyweights are Responding to the Ukraine War


Although less entwined in the Russian state than their Big Law counterparts, German firms are looking closely at their client and lawyer links to the region, and are also founding or joining ...


entwined with the love of film-making

Rob Burrows is a nurse by day and filmmaker in his spare time. He has selffinanced, written and directed two films, one of which, Entwinement, premieres in Newcastle tonight, as Steve Pratt ...


Spasm Design Architects

Spasm is a unique design practice, a 'mom 'n' pop' shop. The soul of each project is deeply entwined in the studio's personalities, collective thoughts, vision or world view.


Lawmakers hope to accelerate SGMA, but face 100 years of entwined water law

State lawmakers are concerned about more domestic wells going dry in the drought and are looking for policy solutions that could give more regulatory teeth to the Sustainable Groundwater ...


All these years later, Tiger is still kicking Phil’s butt

Tiger & Phil. Phil & Tiger. As entwined as any two golfers since Arnie & Jack. They have been rivals and teammates. They have been adversaries and peers. They have been forced by fate to have walked ...


L.A.’s Talker Releases Cosmically entwined New EP “In Awe of Insignificance“


Holding onto the beauty of the world and understanding that our presence is finite, Talker’s Celeste Tauchar revels in her impermanence and gives thanks for the world and universe around her with her ...


No quick fix for Vic ambos 'boys club'


The VEOHRC first review released in November found bullying and harassment deeply entwined in Ambulance Victoria's culture, with employees being raped and driven to self harm. Ambulance Victoria has ...


In Jennifer Egan’s New Novel, Our Memories Are Available for All to See


Egan’s “The Candy House,” a sequel to her Pulitzer Prize-winning “A Visit From the Goon Squad,” comes alive in dozens of entwined stories.


Tantalising World Cup draw adds first layer of gloss to Qatar’s morally bankrupt tournament


Even if it was impossible not to be dazzled by the glamour of Fifa’s elaborate draw ceremony in Doha, it was just as impossible not to escape the politics entwined in this World Cup ...


Tantalising World Cup draw adds first layer of gloss over Qatar’s morally bankrupt tournament


Even if it was impossible not to be dazzled by the glamour of Fifa’s elaborate draw ceremony in Doha, it was just as impossible not to escape the politics entwined in this World Cup ...


A finance minister with sharp mind and sharper tongue


Only a month in office, Tamil Nadu finance minister P Thiaga Rajan has not had a quiet moment because his sharp mind has restlessly got entwined with ...


The Demonstration Yesterday.

And the honors lavished upon the great Soldier at the head of the army were fitly entwined with the patriotic resolves of the vast political assemblage convened to tender to the government a ...


Rooted Beings, Wellcome Collection, review: We already know the power of plants – this show should dig deeper


Giant seaweed and a performing passion flower feature in an exhibition about the entwined fates of humans and the botanical world ...


The Year in Science: History of Science

Anne Casselman Found: Leonardo's Lab, Hipparchus' Night Sky, And Odysseus' Home Art, science, and history entwined this year in three important discoveries: Leonardo's Lab: Roberto Manescalchi ...


10 of the Best Regional Foods You Can Actually Get Anywhere


Some foods seem almost inextricable from the places in which they’re most beloved. Take fried cheese curds, for example, which are forever entwined with Wisconsin’s love of all things dairy. But you ...


Kickstarting a different conversation about migration in Malta

The history of Malta is entwined with the phenomenon of human migration. Its population and culture are a testament to the central role that migration has played in the archipelago’s numerous ...


Bill Self’s parade car entwined in KU history


The classic Corvette Stingray that carried KU coach Bill Self in Sunday’s parade also drove KU Coach Larry Brown following 1988 championship.


How Better Call Saul ’s Final Season Connects to Breaking Bad


Better Call Saul is back with its two-part sixth and final season and star Bob Odenkirk has promised that the Breaking Bad prequel will be more entwined with its predecessor than ever before. “It’s ...


The Mandela Brief: Sydney Kentridge and the Trials of Apartheid

Sir Sydney Kentridge QC carved out a reputation as South Africa’s most prominent anti-Apartheid barrister, his story entwined with the country’s emergence from racial injustice and oppression, having ...


Please Touch The Art: Descanso Gardens Trippy New Installation Wants To Evoke 'Joy'


Outside in the gardens, gravity-defying arches and forms loom like entwined snakes, splashed with bold hues. The majority of the material came from a recycling company, Tierra Verde Industries in ...


Florida still won’t explain why it rejected math textbooks


At DeSantis’ request, the State Board of Education last year also banned lessons that deal with critical race theory, an academic concept focused on the idea that racism is systemic and entwined in ...


Indii G. Announces New EP & Drops New Single 'Dancing With Your Silhouette'


Staying in the realm of the lo-fi alternative sound that Indii. G embraces, the 6 blissful tracks on “Riverhouse” emphasize polished guitar-forward instrumentation entwined with silky vocals and fresh ...


The Day's past and future entwined with home city

Did you know The Day was instrumental in the establishment of Connecticut College, The Garde Arts Center and the Dr. Martin Luther King Scholarship fund? The company also had a lot to do with building ...


NEWS: Ultraflex share alluring dancefloor-ready single ‘Baby’


Ultraflex, the project of Norwegian artist Farao and Icelandic artist Special K,  are back with a slinky, hooky electropop song ‘Baby’. Its entwined featherlight vocals alternate from ...


Aura Titian: Obsidian Dressed His Eyelids

Solar Beams entwined you are my wine / This flesh is Earth-born a being of the dark / His eyes shone with Titian wrath / The solar giant weaved promises, and ...


Taylor’s and Serrano’s futures entwined in adding to New York City’s mythology


Leaving Brooklyn Bridge and the East River behind, lurching along the choked one-way streets through midtown Manhattan towards Madison Square Garden and shameless New York cannot help exposing its ...


On International Workers’ Day, We’re Still Fighting for the Eight-Hour Day


With many workers relying on overtime to pay their bills, the demand for shorter hours is inescapably entwined with the need for livable wages. As one recent study finds, many of the country’s largest ...


'Closer Than My Brother': Navy Pals, 88 and 89, Share Laughs, Goals for D.C. Trip


Sammy Thomas and Van Clemons have been friends for nearly 70 years. Their lives have been entwined with births of children, deaths of spouses, Navy training and decades of military service. From the ...


The Future of Shopping For Beauty Has Nothing to Do With an IRL Experience


Nowadays, it's closely entwined with the beauty sphere. And due largely in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, augmented reality entered the world of skincare, makeup, and haircare in an attempt to make ...


Two agencies team up to get more women in counterterrorism efforts around the world


Read more: Workforce Eric White: Yeah, Laurie, I’m curious about how programs like this help in other aspects of the State Department’s missions, which I’m sure you know, entwined in that is getting ...


At a milestone birthday, let me offer you some advice | Nancy Eshelman


My birthday is entwined with Mother’s Day and graduations. May is like that, full of end-of-the-year performances and celebrations, places to go, things to do. I’ve always viewed the placement as an ...


As TAVI Turns 20, How Has the Heart Team Evolved?


Nearly two decades after the Heart Team first became entwined with transcatheter aortic valve procedures, cardiologists and surgeons today say these formalized discussions remain a pivotal part of ...


An abortion bomb went off in the US this week. Here's what you missed


The debate over whether or not a woman should have the right to choose to have an abortion has a significant religious element to it and is deeply entwined with the country's politics. Politicians in ...

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