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[disˈplēzd] ✕ Play


displeased (adjective)

  - feeling or showing annoyance and displeasure:


[disˈplēz] ✕ Play


displeased (past tense) · displeased (past participle)

  - make (someone) feel annoyed or dissatisfied:


dissatisfied, discontented, disappointed, disgruntled, annoy, irritate, infuriate, incense, anger, irk,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What does it mean to be displeased with someone?
    › to cause someone to be annoyed or unhappy: I wouldn't want to do anything to displease him. Employees have publicly criticized the company's plans, much to the displeasure of the management. The city council said it was displeased with the way the mayor had allocated parking spaces.
  2. What is the meaning of displeasure?
    To cause annoyance or vexation to. To cause displeasure or annoyance. [Middle English displesen, from Old French desplaire, desplais-, from Vulgar Latin *displacēre, from Latin displicēre : Latin dis-, dis- + Latin placēre, to please; see please .] American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.
  3. Where does the word displesen come from?
    Middle English displesen, from Anglo-French despleisir, desplere, from des- dis- + pleisir to please — more at please “Displease.”
  4. What is the meaning of disapprove?
    1. to offend or annoy. The children's behaviour displeased their father. She was displeased with him for being late. disapproval. She showed her displeasure by leaving at once.

"Displeased" Example Sentences


Mayim Bialik responds to controversy over her 'Single Jeopardy' remark

Mayim Bialik has a message for the “Jeopardy!” fans who are displeased that she refers to the opening round of the long-running game show as “Single Jeopardy.” “I did it once. If it wasn’t right, they ...


Mayim Bialik reacts to her 'Single Jeopardy' comment: 'I will never do it again'


Mayim Bialik has a message for the “Jeopardy!” fans who are displeased that she refers to the opening round of the long-running game show as “Single Jeopardy.” “I did it once. If it wasn’t right, they ...


On 10th anniversary of Bertuzzi/Moore incident, legal judgment day looms

You’ll never see league brass more displeased than when people viewed as interlopers (ahem, Phoenix Coyotes, Jim Balsillie and bankruptcy litigation) choose to interlope. And in this legal ...


Penn State coach Cael Sanderson labels NCAA wrestling seeding process as a ‘flawed system’


displeased with 16-seeds for Drew Hildebrandt and Brady Berge, coach says system is 'consistently inconsistent.' ...


Animal-rights activists displeased with sentence for Utica dog abuser


A group of animal lovers are dissatisfied with the relatively short sentence and special youth status granted to a man who abused his dog in Utica. Terrell Tomer Jr., 22, was ordered to serve four ...


Commissioner Fried displeased with Ladapo’s confirmation as Florida Surgeon General


Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried says she is displeased with Dr. Joseph Ladapo’s confirmation as Florida’s Surgeon General.


displeased soldiers, two accused army officers in war of words

One of the displeased soldiers alleged: “Capt. Okakah is regularly, mostly on a weekly basis, collecting N100,000 and above from soldiers at the various checkpoints in Edo State, depending on ...


African Union displeased by Reports that Africans in Ukraine Are Denied to Cross Border to Safety


The African Union condemned reports that Africans seeking passage out of Ukraine are constantly faced with ill treatment. They called all to follow the law.


Wallace displeased with Sir Vivian Richards Stadium pitch

Former West Indies player Philo Wallace, has expressed his displeasure with the surface at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, Antigua where the first Test between West Indies and England is ongoing ...


UTAG will have to respect court order even if displeased – Education Ministry

There are dynamics in the court fraternity where the plaintiff or respondent may be displeased with the outcome but that doesn’t mean they must not heed to the court’s decision,” he told ...


Delhi riots: HC displeased at police report on youth's death

New Delhi, Feb 22 (IANS) The Delhi High Court on Tuesday expressed itys displeasure over the status report filed by the Delhi Police on the incident in which a 23-year-old youth was forced to sing ...


Benni displeased with Usuthu’s defence after Champions League loss

'We had a miscommunication in defence in terms of clearing the ball', said the Usuthu coach. AmaZulu got off their Caf Champions League campaign with a 1-0 defeat away to Raja Casablanca on ...


Bachelor Nation Divided Over Clayton Echard's Finale Choice After Controversial Season


Some fans were displeased by the finale, with one viewer calling it "the worst ending there could possibly be," while others said they were happy for Clayton ...


Trump calls Mo Brooks ‘disappointing’ in Alabama Senate race


Former President Donald Trump told a news outlet that he is displeased with the performance of Rep. Mo Brooks, the candidate he endorsed for Alabama’s U.S. Senate race, and suggested he is open to ...


Trump rips Mo Brooks as ‘disappointing,’ eyes backing a different senate candidate


Former President Donald Trump told a news outlet that he is displeased with the performance of Rep. Mo Brooks, the candidate he endorsed for Alabama’s U.S. Senate race, and suggested he is open to ...


‘You look like a Republican’: Tech bro vest-wearers shamed in flyers around SF


Someone in San Francisco is so displeased with them, and what they seemingly stand for, that they’ve taken to posting flyers around the city to call out these particular residen ...


Barak Obama displeased with daughters Malia, Sasha’s potential reality show debut


Barak Obama is reportedly displeased with the idea of his daughters – Malia and Sasha Obama, make their debut in a reality television show. According to OK!, an insider has claimed that they girls ...


School officials displeased with initial look of new Baldwin School


PAWTUCKET – School Committee members were less than pleased with the initial version of exterior plans for a new Baldwin Elementary School presented during a facilities subcommittee meeting last ...


Federal judge, displeased Trump withheld child separation data, may order more family reunifications

On Thursday, U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw told the Justice Department that he may expand his order from last July that the Trump administration reunite most families separated under President ...


South-West stakeholders adopt ADC, vow to enthrone good governance

Some stakeholders in the South-West who were displeased with the situation in the country have agreed to adopt the African Democratic Congress to wrest power from the ruling All Progressives ...


Golden Knights' Robin Lehner: Denies report of fracture

The netminder was displeased with reports about the possible fracture and made it clear he wants to be back this season to help his team. He may have to play through it -- whatever it is -- to make ...


'This nonsense must stop' - Gyan displeased by Addo’s squad for Nigeria World Cup qualifier


Former Sunderland striker Asamoah Gyan is unhappy by Ghana's 27-man roster announced for their 2022 World Cup qualifying double-header against Nigeria.


School board member displeased with expansion of Veterans Park Academy for the Arts

A school in Lee County has a renovation project with an $18 million price tag. The campus of Veterans Park Academy for the Arts is expanding. Countless students between sixth grade and eighth grade ...


Steve Kerr displeased with late fouls in Warriors' loss to Spurs


It's a hard pill to swallow for the Warriors, who have now lost two straight and sit in third place in the Western Conference ...


Best Money-Making Apps In 2022

Against the backdrop of the 'Great Resignation' fueled by the workers displeased with inflexible bosses and inadequate wages, the 'gig economy' is only going ...


Trump rescinds his endorsement of Rep. Mo Brooks, saying he 'went woke' on the 2020 election


Trump, who was long displeased with Brooks' polling and fundraising numbers, said the Republican congressman "blew the election." ...


Battlefield 2042 devs have learned “valuable lessons” following unpopular launch


To say players have been displeased with Battlefield 2042 since it launched would be an understatement. The game remains incredibly unpopular even four months later, with it continuing to suffer from ...


The Angry Academic


Professor Gregg Gonsalves is displeased with a small group of liberal journalists who have advocated the end of pandemic-era policies and practices.


HC displeased Over 'no Action' By Authorities Against Mosquito Breeding

The Delhi High Court on Friday expressed its displeasure over the city government’s failure to amend the law and increase penalty to deter breeding of mosquitoes. It said its request fell on “deaf ...


Kane fails, Pogba mocked and Man United still doubt Ten Hag


Harry Kane has displeased the newspaper that used to worship him and one line on Erik ten Hag and Manchester United continues to be peddled.


Barack Obama displeased with daughters Malia, Sasha’s potential reality show debut


Barack Obama is reportedly displeased with the idea of his daughters – Malia and Sasha Obama, make their debut in a reality television show. According to OK!, an insider has claimed that they girls ...


No specially-abled student availed free coaching scholarship scheme from 2019-2022: Parliamentary committee report


The committee said it was displeased to note that only seven students were selected for 2019-20, six for 2020-21 and five for 2021-22, out of the 20 scholarships fixed under the National Overseas ...


Will Smith Went West Philly on Chris Rock — As He Should Have


Rock is just the latest to, as they say, eff around with Philly and find out. Many were displeased that Smith resorted to violence. I'm not one of them.


Stacey Abrams Is displeased

The whole damn thing is a scam, and sitting at the front of it is Saint Stacey. She shall not be displeased!


US says no official, agency sent any letter to Pakistan on Imran Khan: Report

The United States has distanced itself from the political turmoil of Pakistan and said there is no truth to the allegations that a senior US official told a Pakistani envoy that US is displeased with ...


Peter King Reveals NFL Teams Are displeased With Deshaun Watson’s Massive Contract From Browns


Deshaun Watson inked a five-year, $230 million deal after getting traded to the Browns. The controversial move reportedly has Cleveland under fire.


'I will do it until you are really scared': Woman admits to hitting maid in front of young son


SINGAPORE - For more than a year, a woman slapped and kicked her Myanmar maid when she was displeased with her work.On top of the physical abuse, Zhao Lin, 35, also cut her maid's salary of $500 by ...


It happened in February: The beginning of carnival in Malta

Bosio wrote that during the carnival of 1535, the Knights, jousting with lances and rapiers, joined up with a number of masked revellers at Vittoriosa. This unseemly behaviour greatly displeased ...


2 major castes sore over denial of Cabinet berths


Leaders of Kalinga and Turpu Kapu castes which are strong in six of eight Assembly constituencies in Srikakulam district are displeased over denial of minister postsDharmana Prasada Rao, who ...


French presidential race: Still, many undecideds, even abstinent


1st round of elections brings variety of responses, most displeased with choice of candidates and lack of attention to real issues ...


Over 63,000 aggrieved contributors dump PFAs, transfer N226.98bn

No fewer than 63,728 workers under the Contributory Pension Scheme that were displeased with their Pension Fund Administrators have changed their pension companies since the National Pension ...


Agent Orange in the soup, polonium in the tea and a suspicious hotel bar: How Russia's FSB poison squad target high-profile victims who have displeased Vladimir Putin

Here, MailOnline looks at how Russia's FSB poison squad has targeted high-profile victims who have displeased Vladimir Putin. Sergei and Yulia Skripal Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia ...


Some residents, businesses along St. Mary’s strip displeased with barricades

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio Police Department kicked off its pilot program to do a parking study of the St. Mary’s strip in hopes of alleviating unwanted parking and trash on residential streets ...


Lakers News: NBA Fans displeased With Russell Westbrook's Most Recent Fashion Choice

Many people took to social media to voice their displeasure over Westbrook's clothing choice, especially former NBA player Kwame Brown. Russell Westbrook's unique sense of fashion is nothing new ...


Residents displeased by work on bus stop road marking

RESIDENTS of an area in Bradford are displeased at the work done by an energy company to repaint a bus stop marking. The poor paint job appears on Main Street in Wilsden and seems unfinished with ...


displeased Kenyan artistes protest little Skiza Tune payments

A section of Kenyan artistes has taken to social media to dismiss Skiza tune's royalties after receiving as low as Sh31 in payment. Media personality Edwin Butita was among the first people to ...


SC displeased by 'Bhaiya Is Back' Posters Welcoming Rape Accused Who Got Bail


The Supreme Court on Monday (April 11) expressed concern about posters that were put up in Madhya Pradesh welcoming a rape accused who had been released on bail, readin ...


Kardashians displeased with Kim's leaked tape brought up at Blac Chyna defamation case


The Kard-Jen clan is keeping a united front. At the recent jury selection for the family's pending trial against ex-friend Blac Chyna, real name ...


Nick Nurse Remains displeased With Officiating Against Joel Embiid


The Toronto Raptors are off to a tough start in their first-round playoff series against the Philadelphia 76ers. After finding success against the Sixers during ...


Jackson neighbors upset over garbage trucks in backyard

People of Ward 3 expressed concerns about the effects the fleet of garbage trucks will have on the Georgetown community. People in Ward 3 are both displeased and ...

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