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  - adjective form of discuss


[dəˈskəs] ✕ Play


discuss (verb) · discusses (third person present) · discussed (past tense) · discussed (past participle) · discussing (present participle)

  - talk about (something) with another person or group of people:

  - talk or write about (a topic) in detail, taking into account different ideas and opinions:


discuss, debate, consider, argue, dispute, moot, air, ventilate, canvass, examine,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is another word for discussable?
    Synonyms for discussable include negotiable, flexible, debatable, undecided, unsettled, assignable, convertible, exchangeable, movable and open-ended. Find more ...
  2. What does it mean to discuss something?
    To examine or consider (a subject) in speech or writing: The book discusses the challenges that journalists face today. To speak with another or others about something: As we discussed yesterday, the problem could have than one solution. To examine or consider a subject in speech or writing.
  3. What does it mean to discuss a law?
    to consider or examine by argument, comment, etc.; talk over or write about, especially to explore solutions; debate: to discuss the proposed law on taxes. Civil Law. to collect a debt from (the person primarily liable) before proceeding against the person secondarily liable.
  4. What is the difference between discuss and negotiate?
    discuss- speak with others about (something); talk (something) over in detail; have a discussion; "We discussed our household budget" hash out, talk over negotiate, talk terms, negociate- discuss the terms of an arrangement; "They negotiated the sale of the house"

"Discussable" Example Sentences


Sleeping in Pieces

Even during waking hours, many of my thoughts and conversations lately turn on the endlessly discussable but impossible-to-definitively-answer question of when things will get back to normal.


Teaching by the Case Method

If the issue is not the focus of the class discussion: “Although the primary purpose of today’s class is [X], I want to make [Y] a discussable issue if anyone feels strongly about addressing it at ...


The Quakers Join the World's Longest Living Hatred

All that will count as discussable will be private feelings, not the unfairness of one-sided public defamations. Had they been invited to tea as our guests, our adversaries would be much too ...


Conflict Resolution and Human Rights in Peacebuilding: Exploring the Tensions

One might argue that the continuing low-level violence and tenuous implementation of the Agreement may, in some measure, be because the core of the conflict is still largely not discussable and ...


Practicing Materiality

Through this process, we whittle down the variation we observe in our assemblages to get at analytically manageable and discussable configurations. In this chapter, I propose that we invert the usual ...


No matter what brand, if you want to do Bilibili marketing, you must first figure out a few "routines"

In their 20s, they have already experienced all the things that the previous generation experienced until they were 40 years old, so they have more diverse and discussable topics. There are already so ...


The Coaching Question: What is the future of on-court coaching?

On-court coaching has added an extra dash of personality—a discussable moment—to the WTA. Whether they’re inspirational or embarrassing, the sideline visits are among the most talked-about ...


Frank praises Roerslev impact in Brentford's 2-2 draw with Blackburn

“I think it was a fantastic action for the penalty, it’s a discussable decision (to award the penalty) but it’s a great action.” The Bees boss also praised his side’s belief to come from two goals ...


DevOps Leader at DataHub Maastricht

We offer a temporary contract of 1 year (32 - 40 hours per week), discussable with the option to get a permanent contract thereafter. Remuneration will be according to standard salary levels ...


Research Project

It should provide discussable answers to meta-questions concerned with the outcomes of early modern warfare, which are central for economics, sociology and geopolitical history.


Rep. Lori Trahan Grills Oil Executives About Personal Profiteering After Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine

It makes sort of discussable the credibility of these players. This is one of those instances where their actions are going to speak much louder than their commitments or their words.” ...


Ralph Hasenhuttl: Southampton star Danny Ings has zero interest in joining Spurs

“He is 100 per cent happy to be here and, for us, it’s 100 per cent not discussable that we (allow to) leave one of the best strikers in Europe. “Any rumours about that are absolutely nonsense and ...


Sex and Gender in Ancient Egypt: 'Don Your Wig for a Joyful Hour'

Contested – and therefore discussable – nature. Masculinity in other cultures has received inspiring studies, such as Bruce Smith’s treatments of the topic in Elizabethan literature (1994, 2000) or ...


Ralph Hasenhuttl says reports linking Tottenham with a move for Danny Ings are 'absolute nonsense'

He is 100 per cent happy to be here. "For us it is 100 per cent not discussable that we lose one of the best strikers and best players in Europe. "Any rumours about that are absolute nonsense and ...


Vonovia SE (VNNVF) CEO Rolf Buch on Q2 2022 Results - Earnings Call Transcript

So this is data which happened. So this is not discussable anymore. This is reality. We still see a lot of people which are probably different than the one which we have seen in the past ...

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