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dirt (noun)

  - a substance, such as mud or dust, that soils someone or something:

  - loose soil or earth; the ground:

  - earth used to make a surface for a road, floor, or other area of ground:

  - short for dirt track.

  - excrement:

  - a state or quality of uncleanliness:

  - gossip, especially information about someone's activities or private life that could prove damaging if revealed:

  - a worthless or contemptible person or thing:


grime, dust, soot, smut, muck, mud, filth, mire, sludge, slime,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is another word for dirt?
    See more synonyms for dirt on Thesaurus.com. noun. any foul or filthy substance, as mud, grime, dust, or excrement. earth or soil, especially when loose.
  2. What is the meaning of'dirt'?
    Dirt is unclean matter, especially when in contact with a person's clothes, skin or possessions. In such case they are said to become dirty. Common types of dirt include:
  3. What does it mean when something is dirty?
    Dirt is unclean matter, especially when in contact with a person's clothes, skin or possessions. In such case they are said to become dirty. Common types of dirt include: Dust: a general powder of organic or mineral matter. Filth: foul matter such as excrement.
  4. When was the first known use of the word dirt?
    The first known use of dirt was in the 13th century. English Language Learners Definition of dirt. Kids Definition of dirt. 1 : soil entry 2 sense 1 She packed dirt around the plant. 2 : a substance (as mud or dust) that makes things unclean Wipe the dirt off your face.

"Dirt" Example Sentences


Refresh your eyes with wintertime refreshment

“Look at all this snirt!” my husband exclaimed. Our deep snowbanks were covered with dirt (“snirt”), thanks to the strong winds. “I’m so tired of winter,” I replied. He glanced in my ...


Used 2017 Tesla Model X for sale

No drivetrain problems whatsoever. 1/3 the maintenance cost of an ICE vehicle, no gas cost. Gas net savings about $5,0000 over 5 years. This is an SUV with moderate dirt road capability and 9 ...


How to Fix Discoloration on Windows

Over time moisture, hard-water runoff, dirt accumulation, pollution and exposure to the elements leads to mineral stains, fogginess and general discoloration of window panes. While regular ...


NEIGHBORS NEXT DOOR: The Church of dirt

A new church in southwest Virginia is connecting people across the region through competitive racing. The Church of dirt was formed to raise money for local and global missions when it became a church ...


Morrow: Bringing some serious heat from the back end

You're always working and doing something outside - I always loved quadding and dirt biking, and when you got stuck, you always pulled yourself out - so you've got that old 'farm boy' strength.


Eurovision King Joel Creasey Dished All The dirt On This Year’s Australia Decides Competition


Rollup, rollup camp queens and glitter lovers because Eurovision – Australia Decides 2022 is just around the corner. As in it’s this Saturday night on SBS, so text your friends and prep the cocktail ...


Colorado Springs church — not afraid of taking risks — celebrates 25th anniversary

And the floors of the traditional theater rooms were sloped for years. They jackhammered the floor and hauled in piles and piles of dirt to level the ground during a $1.2 million renovation of the ...


Colorado Springs church celebrates 25th anniversary

And the floors of the traditional theater rooms were sloped for years. They jackhammered the floor and hauled in piles and piles of dirt to level the ground during a $1.2 million renovation of the ...


New hexacopter crawls up and down solar panels to remove all dirt


Belgian startup ART Robotics has developed a system called Helios that combines a flying hexacopter and a robot that crawls directly up and down solar panels to clean them.


Dogs who have spent entire lives locked in crate explore outside for first time

The six-year-old dogs arrived at the RSPCA's Martlesham Animal Centre in an awful condition - they were covered in fleas, their nails were overgrown, and their ears were thick with dirt ...


This Customer-Loved Steam Mop Is Basically 10 Cleaning Tools in One, and It's on Sale


No matter how diligent you are, it's impossible to keep your floors clean all the time. dirt simply builds up throughout the week, and sometimes bigger messes happen, too. Although you might be ...


Best mop bucket

Which mop bucket is best? Using a mop without a bucket means your just pushing around all the dirt and grime. A good mop bucket allows you to absorb the nasty things on your floor before draining ...


RV residents have lived at this remote Salt Lake site for months. Then, the city told them they needed to leave within 24 hours.

Johnson spent all of Wednesday clearing away garbage and organizing abandoned belongings that littered the site, even sweeping the dirt around the remaining motor homes to neaten the area.


BATEMAN: Yankee Hill — No country for old men?


When I hit Yankee Hill Road, I put my trusty Toyota Tundra into four-wheel low and edged up the climb amid falling snow.  Then the pavement ended, as had Tuolumne County’s plowing efforts. The dirt ...


Photos: Burlington CEO lists lavish Beaux Arts-style East Bay mansion for $12.75 million


dirt Back in the early 1900s, noted architect Charles Peter Weeks was commissioned to create this impressive Beaux Arts-style mansion for prominent East Bay banker Edson Adams, ...


Sweet dirt Presents New THC Edibles Hand-Crafted By Artisan Renowned Chocolatier Jordan Kellerman

Sweet dirt launched The Confectioners, a new line of cannabis edibles for the Maine adult-use cannabis market. The new ...


Kale Drake Takes Two As Jett Nunley Sweeps Restricted At Red dirt Raceway


Wrapping up the 5th annual Spring Nationals at Red dirt Raceway, two drivers dominated Saturday night with Collinsville’s Kale Drake earning his first career victories in Stock Non-Wing and A-Class, ...


Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55


Pevely, Missouri’s Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 just might be your favorite driver’s favorite dirt track. The third-mile clay oval has played host to the World of Outlaws almost every year ...


Combination Separator

The 4-in-1 combination separator incorporates hydraulic separation, air separation, dirt separation and ferrous impurity separation. The dirt and magnetic separator helps ensure clean water ...


Sprint car racing returns to new-look Silver Dollar Speedway


Sprint cars and hobby stock car racers returned to the Silver Dollar Speedway Friday night, for the first dirt track race since Oct. 1, 2021, for the John Padjen Classic Silver Cup. When ...


An Intimacy Coordinator Dished The dirt On Navigating Sexy Time Scenes When Actors Get The Horn

An intimacy coordinator has spilled the tea about about what goes on when actors film sex scenes AKA my personal version of hell. David Thackeray, who works with HBO, BBC, Apple TV, Netflix and ...


New Orleans man admits daring smash and grab of eight dirt bikes at Mobile dealership


A New Orleans man on Tuesday pleaded guilty to participating in a theft ring that was responsible a daring wee-hours smash and grab that netted eight high-performance dirt bikes.


Police Help Rescue FWD Jeep Renegade Driver Stuck on a Small dirt Mound

A Jeep driver recently found himself in trouble after attempting to climb a large dirt mound in his front-wheel-drive Renegade, the California Highway Patrol reported on social media. The driver of ...


Rhode Island's Famous Cliff Walk Continues Crumble Into Sea

Some of the dirt underneath the walkway adjacent to the collapsed section had already degraded and crumbled Friday morning, he added. “Mother Nature is going to take its course over the weekend ...


Dogs attack mail carrier, leaving lacerations and puncture wounds


The dirt road that makes up Riffee Ridge doesn’t see much traffic, but the mail carrier makes rounds each day -- with Thursday being a terrifying one for a woman walking the route.Putnam County ...


Unexploded Civil War bomb found buried on proposed trail site at Georgia battlefield


A group of archaeologists poking around in the dirt at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield in Georgia stumbled upon an intact Civil War bomb, according to the Southeast Archeological Center. The ...


Bristol to host Easter celebration ahead of dirt race


Bristol Motor Speedway will host an Easter celebration featuring Grammy-award winner Chris Tomlin, Max Lucado and Gary LeVox ahead of the Bristol dirt Race.


Digging In To Straighten Out HWY 4

The dirt was flying as Calaveras County leaders held a long-awaited groundbreaking on Highway 4 for the Wagon Trail Realignment Project. Caltrans District 10, Calaveras County, and numerous partners ...


Soil conditions and drainage issues cause for delays in Sullivan Road improvement project

CENTRAL- Sewage pipes lay alongside Sullivan Road in Central, dirt remains piled up. This is not what the street is supposed to look like. "People ask me about this road every day. It is the talk of ...


Yes, I’m the Mom Whose Home Is Always Spotless and This Is Why


It happens every day of my life: the straightening, putting away, and making sure there’s no clutter or dirt around my house. I’ve dragged myself off the sofa when I’ve been sick. I picked up my kids' ...


Semitrailer rollover closes Sprinkle Road near I-94 in Kalamazoo


KALAMAZOO, MI – Part of Sprinkle Road is closed after a Thursday at the I-94 interchange. A semitrailer carrying a load of mulch or dirt rolled over around 11:50 a.m. on March 3, according to MLive ...


The Wailing Wind


Officer Bernadette Manuelito found the dead man slumped over in the cab of a blue pickup abandoned in a dry gulch off a dirt road, with a rich ex-con's phone number in his pocket . . . and a tobacco ...


Attention, streamers! Elgato’s Stream Deck is dirt cheap right now


If you’re looking to get into streaming, you can get a solid deal on an excellent device right now. Amazon is selling the original Elgato Stream Deck for $128.43. The original Steam Deck’s been ...



FOAM YOUR WAY THROUGH FOUR NEW JOBS, INCLUDING OUR LARGEST LEVEL YET! LONDON (March 02, 2022) – Today, award-winning developer FuturLab released their latest update for Steam Early Access title ...


I’m a professional cleaner – my $11 Amazon buy shows how dirty your carpet is and makes vacuuming SO much easier

ONE PROFESSIONAL cleaner has revealed how she easily removes clumps of hair from her bedroom carpet. Although your carpet might appear clean, it's most likely not because dirt tends to sink to the ...


Durham says Clinton lawyer engaged in a ‘political deceit’ when giving Trump dirt to FBI

Special prosecutor urges court to reject Michael Sussmann’s request for dismissal, says alleged lie to FBI was material to Russia probe.


Vandals strike at Loch Lomond Rugby Club's Bonhill home

Bottles have been smashed, wheelie bins set alight and dirt bikes ridden across pitches in recent weeks, leaving Loch volunteers counting the cost – and potential impact.


The desert’s ‘skin’ is disappearing—tiny lab-grown plants could save it

She points to several specs of dirt dangling beneath the clod on nearly invisible threads, evidence of the sticky carbohydrates the cyanobacteria leave behind. Without that activity, Antoninka ...


Balmy weather leads to long lines at Onalaska car wash

ONALASKA, Wis. (WKBT) — Drivers are making use of the warm up by getting the buildup of winters salt and dirt of their cars. It was a busy scene at Ship Shape in Onalaska Monday. Staff there say they ...


Bluebirds bring happiness and reduce insect pests in your yard | The Real dirt


Guess what? Recent scientific studies have confirmed that seeing and hearing birds makes people happy! Science is just beginning to back up something we humans have intuitively known for a very ...


Sierra Madre’s second land-use rebellion, 15 years on

Mausoleum looking structures have risen to glower down upon the town from on high at the end of Baldwin Avenue. No trespassing signs adding to the sense of non-inclusion. Big dirt mountains can be ...


Is India’s forest cover really increasing? Official maps don’t tell you the whole truth

On a fig tree by the dirt track cutting through the forest, a pair of oriental pied hornbills hop heavily from branch to branch, searching for ripe fruit. From the boughs above them comes the be ...


Florence tomb by Michelangelo restored with aid of bacteria


Scientists resort to unconventional solution to problem of centuries of dirt on Medici family monument ...


MMDA to careless truck operators: Stop overloading your trucks with cargo


One of the theories floated around was that an overloaded truck filled with dirt was behind it. Anyway, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) personnel recently flagged down one such truck ...


Best doormat

There is nothing worse than tracking dirt into a clean home. With a quality doormat, dirt and other debris will stay outside and at the door where they belong. Additionally, with various designs ...


Rosie on the House: A clean surface is key to a quality paint job

You may want to call a carpenter. Efflorescence: If you see white fluffy deposits of salt crystals on the surface, scrub them off before painting. Mildew: If there is the appearance of dirt even ...


Dadline: Constructive ways parents can become involved with their children’s education

Her complaint prompted the principal to call the local sheriff’s office to see if they had any dirt on this malcontented meddler. Unfortunately for him, the deputy he reached by phone happened ...


Campbell Vaughn: Solitary bees digging in the dirt are a sign of spring


Our Master Gardener training program took a field trip to the Summerville Campus of Augusta University and found spring buzzing up from the ground. There is a fantastic walk that fronts Walton Way ...


Enthusiasm is building on South Main

A chain link fence and several tall mounds of dirt partially block the view of campus in some spots when looking east from South Main and Stewart Streets. That’s because construction for the new Roger ...


Police activity on South Prudence Road

A decrease in physical activity is recommended. Consolidate your travel, stabilize loose soils, slow down or avoid travel on dirt roads, reduce or eliminate fireplace use, and avoid using gas-powered ...

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