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diction (noun)

  - the choice and use of words and phrases in speech or writing:

  - the style of enunciation in speaking or singing:


phraseology, phrasing, wording, language, parlance, usage, vocabulary, terminology, expression, idiom,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What does diction mean in writing?
    Diction can be defined as style of speaking or writing, determined by the choice of words by a speaker or a writer. Diction, or choice of words, often separates good writing from bad writing. ... Usually, a poetic diction is marked by the use of figures of speech, rhyming words, and other devices.
  2. What is diction in singing?
    Definition of diction 1 a : vocal expression : enunciation b : pronunciation and enunciation of words in singing 2 : choice of words especially with regard to correctness, clearness, or effectiveness
  3. What is a dictionary?
    Definition of dictionary 1 : a reference source in print or electronic form containing words usually alphabetically arranged along with information about their forms, pronunciations, functions, etymologies, meanings, and syntactic and idiomatic uses
  4. What is the meaning of the word dictation?
    Degree of clarity and distinctness of pronunciation in speech or singing; enunciation. [Middle English diccion, a saying, word, from Old French, from Latin dictiō, dictiōn-, rhetorical delivery, from dictus, past participle of dīcere, to say, speak; see deik-in Indo-European roots.] dic′tion·aladj. dic′tion·al·lyadv.

"Diction" Example Sentences


The Old English Metrical Calendar (Menologium)

The late tenth-century Old English Metrical Calendar (traditionally known as Menologium) summarises, in the characteristic heroic diction and traditional metre of Old English poetry, the majorcourse ...


Prabhas Has This To Say About Getting Criticised For His Hindi diction In Saaho


Prabhas last film Saaho which released in 2019, had received a mixed response from the critics and the audience alike with the Baahubali star receiving flak for his Hindi diction in the film. Recently ...


Prabhas talks about his shaky Hindi diction


Prabhas is a big star and has now a Pan-India image. All his films are also being made in Hindi as well and Prabhas is dubbing on his own in Hindi. But his Hindi dubbing was trolled in Saaho and now t ...


Prabhas FINALLY opens up on being criticised for his Hindi diction in Saaho: 'The only problem is my Hindi has a Hyderabadi touch'


Talking about his language fluency, Prabhas said that he has improved his Hindi for Radhe Shyam and by Adipurush, he thinks he will be perfect.


'Radhe Shyam' star Prabhas breaks silence on his Hindi diction being criticised in 'Saaho'

Radhe Shyam' star Prabhas breaks silence on his Hindi diction being criticised in 'Saaho' - Prabhas frankly agreed to the criticism he faced for his Hindi after the release of 'Saaho.' ...


The Cantata Singers

Elegantly and unpretentiously. They produced a full but never heavy sound; the chorus's long threads of melody were sung smoothly and sensitively; the diction was inpeccable. Collins's phrasing ...


Chess savant and point guard: Boise State's Emmanuel Akot always makes the right move


PORTLAND — Emmanuel Akot is leaning against a white countertop and doing play-by-play on his every move. But his diction is so foreign to his onlookers, Akot may have had ...


Theme Of diction In The Scarlet Letter

The interwoven themes, characters, and symbolism present in The Scarlet Letter, by Nathanial Hawthorne, generate varying interpretations for the reader. Like many authors, Hawthor ...


Faultless singing

His rendition was faultless, his diction perfect and he sang in tune. It is a pity that he was not singled out in the review. Jill and Ken Humphreys, Pasture Close, Skelton, York.


diction In My Last Duchess

In My Last Duchess, Robert Browning uses voice to create a sinister tone by the use of words he chooses for the Duke of Ferrara to use in his dramatic monologue. The Duke is an arrogant, selfish man ...


HRO's Beethoven

The Chorus was massive enough to rout Xerxes' Persian legions but sang with respectable diction and infectious enthusiasm, far outshining the supernatural unimaginativeness of Mr. Yannatos ...


Body Basics: Sahil Phull opens up about his fitness regime


Actor Sahil Phull is trying to give his best for his role in 'Dosti Anokhi'. From getting the Banarasi diction right to working on his physique, he has put a lot of effort to get into the skin of his ...


Body Basics: Sahil Phull reveals his fitness regime


Actor Sahil Phull is trying to give his best for his role in 'Dosti Anokhi'. From getting the Banarasi diction right to working on his physique, he has put a lot of effort to get into the skin of his ...


I took diction classes to learn Haryanvi for 'Dasvi': Nimrat Kaur


Nimrat Kaur, talking about learning Haryanvi for 'Dasvi', said it was the first time she had to train herself in a different dialect for a project. "It was...more challenging for me because I speak ...


Best diction in a Used-Car Commercial: Dave Sinclair

Dave Sinclair ...


I took diction classes: Yami on learning Haryanvi for 'Dasvi'


Actress Yami Gautam, speaking about learning Haryanvi in her film 'Dasvi', has said, "I took diction classes from a teacher...to get the diction right." Yami further added that they also worked on how ...


Schiller & other exhumations

Schiller has had the misfortune of being a school classic in Germany and elsewhere. His unrelenting nobility of purpose, his prolixity and pomposity of diction (Goethe had a coarser vein of popular ...


Saying Goodbye To Science diction


We take a look back at some of our favorite moments of Science diction, and how you can participate in future Science Friday events.


DebattamaSaha works on her Hindi diction for Mithai


Debattama Saha plays the title role of Mithai in Zee TV’s new offering by the same name. To bring alive the true essence of the place where the show is based, the crew shot a few initial episodes at ...


Science diction

Read Annie Murphy Paul's book, The Cult of Personality Testing. Credits: This episode of Science diction was produced by Johanna Mayer, Chris Egusa, and Senior Producer Elah Feder. Daniel ...


Debattama Saha works on her Vraj diction for 'Mithai'

Zee TV's show 'Mithai' delves into the life of a gifted sweet maker based In Mathura who wants to preserve and conserve the legacy of Aloo Jalebis that she has inherited from her father but is now, ...



In modern versification, the feelings might be powerful, but the diction used has undergone a drastic change. Prose poetry — that has become the norm of the day — succeeds in some ways and ...



It contains the unsurpassable words of Allah not only in the grandeur of its diction and splendour of its rendition but also in the depth of its meaning, substance and profundity. The revelation ...


The Importance of the Female Gaze

Although this is a period piece which alters the diction compared to our language today, it is ultimately the sentiment that creates the female gaze in these moments. There is a big difference between ...


Violets by Kyung-sook Shin review – a lonely Seoul


V iolet, Violin, Violence, Violator,” San reads in an English-to-Korean dictionary in Kyung-sook Shin’s newly translated 2001 novel, Violets. Within a few lines the diction ...


Poor diction makes musical ‘Matilda’ hard to understand

Charlie Kersh’s rambunctious turn as Matilda’s bestie Lavender is fun, as is Evan Gray’s bumptious Bruce and Cal Alexander’s narcoleptic Nigel. In fact all the kids performed well.


Savoyards' safe hands among first to take on new musical Hunchback of Notre Dame


The only slight downside was that the diction from the supporting cast wasn't always clear — I missed quite a few lines. There's still a chance to catch the show, which is on tonight at 7.30pm and ...


Anthony Gyening-Yeboah: Researchers reveal worrying levels of depression amongst some health workers in Ghana


The target audience of mainstream media, and to a large extent social media is the general public. The language and diction used in communication are deliberately selected to make the content ...


Bonnie Raitt Faces Mortality With Compassion and Hope


“Down the Hall” is a folky, fingerpicked ballad, written by Raitt, with the plain-spoken diction of a John Prine song. Based on a New York Times story, it is narrated by a convict, a murderer, who ...



But there were more tones, thready and pinched, to suggest that the voice had been strained too much. Outside of this, Miss Link's singing was lovely, with delicate phrasing and excellent diction ...


BWW Review: LSPR Teatro's First Original Spectacle DIVA Promises a Bright New Era

One interesting thing to note was the diction of the actors. Some actors used very heavy (and mostly well-delivered) accents, while others opt to use relatively neutral accents. Some also delivered ...


Utterances from 'Oṁ' – Poems of Quazi Johirul Islam


The poet Quazi Johirul Islam is known for his experiments in Bangla poetry. Exploring the mystery of the body recreating a Baul-like diction in Deho Kabyo, removing finite verbs e ...


BWW Review: Last of the Red Hot Lovers at Theatre Kultsa is a classic piece well done as it promises


Jeanette (by Laura Puronen whose diction is excellent for the old style of the dialogue) then sits, covers herself with her bag and - thank god - uses the chair set on the side of the stage. Like ...


Trajectory 2023: Troublous trifecta?

In this edition of the “Followership Challenge”, borrowing the diction of Adio, this columnist would want to fixate, in the trajectory to 2023, on the trifecta of repugnant revenue ...


Runway 34 Review: Ajay Devgn, Amitabh Bachchan, Rakul Preet Singh's Aviation Drama Fails to Take Off


He is imposing, intimidating and is able to ennoble his character with exquisite Hindi diction much to the chagrin of others. The courtroom-like drama plays out in front of a 4-member jury that gives ...


Indian singers come together to pay tribute to Lata Mangeshkar with 'Naam Reh Jaayega'


She prayed for my well-being, the 71-year-old singer said. Lata ji was the avatar of Saraswati on this earth. Her voice and diction was so beautiful, she never seemed uncomfortable with high or low ...


Light Shining in Buckinghamshire

Every play is an opportunity to create new words, new shapes and new realities. But no matter what structure or style or diction she chooses, one quality makes Churchill’s work soar. She relentlessly, ...


An Anniversary: To All Shakespeare's Women by Amelia Jones - Latymer

Indeed, it is only the fool once more who can outwit the astute Prince Hamlet, whose satirical diction and shrewdness had defeated any prior verbal sparring partner thus far. But what many find most ...


Mbavara is Paul Matavire incarnate


Matavire, who was visually impaired, had hard hitting diction and descriptive lyrical power that swept everyone off their feet. He was an enigma. Very, very rare. Matavire also sang in many languages, ...


Theatre review: Vancouver Opera’s HMS Pinafore doesn’t really set sail


As Buttercup, mezzo Megan Latham occupied an expanded role in the story; her fine singing, clear diction and solid stage presence produced one of the highlights of the production. Brenna Corner is ...


Barry & Joan review – joyful celebration of eccentric entertainers


diction and performance in general. The students interviewed here clearly adore them, and talk with endearing, gushy enthusiasm about the experience of learning from them. Director Audrey Rumsby, one ...


Showbuzz: Cal State Long Beach returns to the stars


Isaiah Morrow As Captain Bill Slank struggled with the balance between understandable diction and a British dialect. However, when Mr. Morrow Became Chief Fighting Prawn of the island’s native ...


Bhopal: Eunuchs to portray themselves in play 'Mera Wajood'


Destiny of Dance’ a number of times to get a feel of the mannerism and diction of the eunuchs. Another male actor Rahul (playing the role of Shabnam) has come to realise how painful waxing can be. The ...


Britannia Review

Towels nice and soft. Have to say the Entertainments manageress needs to check her diction as I found her very difficult to understand (and I have no hearing probs). Her dancing team was fabulous ...


Ranveer Singh worked on his Gujarati diction for Jayeshbhai Jordaar


Ranveer Singh is starring in Yash Raj Films’ Jayeshbhai Jordaar, a big screen entertainer that will present a new brand of hero and heroism that is rare in Indian cinema. Ranveer is dubbed as the best ...


Jayeshbhai Jordaar: Ranveer Singh worked with a diction coach for over a month


I leave no stone unturned to ensure that I give it my all.” He adds, “For Jayeshbhai, I worked with a diction coach for over a month because the way Jayeshbhai speaks is typical to those who hail from ...


Jayeshbhai Jordaar: Ranveer roped in a Gujarati diction coach to sound authentic


Ranveer Singh will soon be seen in ‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’, which as he said will showcase a new kind of hero to Indian cinema. Ranveer Singh is also the best man for the job, as he has established ...


Ranveer Singh on how he prepped for Jayeshbhai Jordaar role: I worked with diction coach for over a month


Ranveer Singh is an actor who is known for his impressive line of work and his dedication to getting into the skin of the characters he had played ...


D Peterschmidt

Science Friday’s podcasts, including Science diction and Undiscovered. They write articles, sound design podcast episodes, produce segments, design graphics, code microsites, and make sure SciFri’s ...


Transnational Modernity and the Italian Reinvention of Walt Whitman, 1870-1945

Pascoli remained fundamentally different from both decadent fetishism and political magniloquence: his diction is far from the energetic and vitalistic proclamations of D’Annunzio. But Pascoli’s ...

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