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deterioration (noun) · deteriorations (plural noun)

  - the process of becoming progressively worse:


worsening, decline, decay, collapse, failure, fall, drop, downturn, slump, slip,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the meaning of deteriorate?
    the fact or process of becoming worse: We've seen a deterioration in relations between the countries. When we arrived, we were appalled at her deterioration.
  2. What is meant by deterioration of a material?
    Deterioration, in the context of corrosion, is a loss in the properties of a material by chemical interaction with the environment. Harmful effects of deterioration by corrosion can include: Reduction in metal thickness leading to mechanical/structural failure or breakdown. Reduction in value.
  3. What does deterioration mean in nursing?
    [L. deterior,worse] Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012 deterioration [L. deteriorare, to deteriorate] Retrogression; said of impairment of mental or physical functions. Medical Dictionary, © 2009 Farlex and Partners Patient discussion about deterioration
  4. What is the difference between deterioration and degeneration?
    The words degeneration and deterioration are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, degeneration stresses physical, intellectual, or especially moral retrogression. Get Word of the Day daily email!

"Deterioration" Example Sentences


An Increasingly Isolated Russia and a Lesson for Xi Jinping


The incident marked a further deterioration in the conflict, which has seen Russia accused of deliberately targeting civilians as it tries to remove the leadership in Kyiv and install a pro-Russia ...


Save Shaker Square - before it’s too late: Bob Render and Charles (Chip) Bromley


We respectfully encourage Cleveland City Council to support this rescue measure. Shaker Square’s continued deterioration would result in a future that benefits no one, writes Bob Render, president of ...


Cognitive deterioration associated with an expedition in an extreme desert environment

His crossing required him to walk 556.4 km over more than 700 sand dunes, which ranged in height from 4 to 48 m, as well as non-uniform gibber plains and flood plains. During the first week of the ...


Man accused of starving son, 4, to death; cellphone footage shows boy’s deterioration, police say


A San Antonio man is accused of starving his 4-year-old son to death after police used cellphone footage to chronicle the boy’s deterioration over several months. Brandon Cervera, 28, was arrested ...


The Catholic Church was expecting the “expulsion” of the Apostolic Nuncio

The “de facto expulsion”  of the Apostolic Nuncio Waldemar Stalislaw Sommertag was abrupt, but was actually expected due to the frank deterioration of ...


Lakes of Bengaluru: Kannalli lake turns into toxic waterbody, ‘no funds to develop’, says BBMP

The situation of the Kannalli lake in south Bengaluru is a classic example of how a freshwater lake can turn into a toxic waterbody when the civic agencies fail to intervene in the deterioration ...


Eliminate bad smells using unique concentrated water based cleaning system

Our solutions help to lubricate and control corrosion, and are unexcelled in preventing deterioration and contamination. Solutions for derusting, passivation, sealing and anti-corrosion packaging are ...


Liberty Bridge closed until summer due to severe concrete deterioration

A significant pothole developed on the north side of the Liberty Bridge in Bay City, ultimately closing the bridge to all traffic back on Feb. 22. According to BCBP, the Liberty Bridge will be closed ...


Insulated Shippers Market Investigation Reveals Contribution By Major Companies During 2017 – 2026

Shipping various temperature-sensitive products could lead to deterioration and spoilage of the products during transportation. As the products are ...


Dementia: The ‘major’ health factor that could be evident nine years prior to diagnosis


DEMENTIA scientists are working relentlessly to improve the life quality of patients, and early detection has come to play a key part in this. deterioration can be evident up to two decades before the ...


Restoration of a Classic: The White Oxford Button-Down


O ne of the sure signs of the decline of Western civilization is the slow but steady deterioration of the Brooks Brothers white button-down Oxford sign shirt. John F. Kennedy, Gia ...


International Women’s Day: Dramatic deterioration in respect for women’s rights and gender equality must be decisively reversed

Alarming assaults on women’s rights around the world in 2021/22. Legal protections dismantled, and women human rights defenders now at unprecedented risk. Protection and promotion of women’s and girls ...


Amnesty Warns Of Alarming deterioration In Women's Rights Over Past Year


Amnesty International has called for "bold action" to reverse an erosion of human rights for women and girls over the past year.


‘Their deterioration was heartbreaking’ – daughter grills MPs over separation from parents in care


THE DAUGHTER of an elderly care home resident says her parents deterioration throughout the pandemic has been “heartbreaking”.


Singaporean columnist: U.S. has contributed to the deterioration of Ukraine crisis


Well-known Singaporean columnist Weng Desheng mentioned that countries should aware that the United States has contributed to the Ukraine crisis for its own interests during an interview.


Liberty Bridge in Bay City closed until summer due to concrete deterioration


Liberty Bridge in Bay City will be closed to traffic until this summer. It may reopen by early July. The pothole that caused the bridge's closure is a serious one – a significant safety hazard that ...


Russia faces an “imminent” default that exposes the rapid deterioration of its economy

Advertisement Russia’s economy is facing a recession unprecedented in the country’s recent history. The West’s voluptuous sanctions are hitting its markets with violence and will soon hit its economy ...


Project discussed to fix deterioration on Grand Forks streets

GRAND FORKS – Members of the Grand Forks City Council on Monday discussed plans and specifications for the rehabilitation of several deteriorated city streets. Projects will include milling the ...


Snow storm “Filippos”: Rapid deterioration tomorrow in Attica, Evia and eastern Sterea

Heavy snowfall is expected tomorrow, Saturday, March 12, by the National Meteorological Service, in Attica, Evia, and eastern Central Greece. Especially for Attica, the effects are expected to be ...


The Association Between Men's Mental Health During COVID-19 and deterioration in Economic Status.

This study investigated associations among economic status deterioration, mental health, and gender during the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of 1,807 participants completed an online questionnaire that ...


Lifestyle intervention not sufficient to control glycemic deterioration in women with GDM: JAMA


A recent study published in the JAMA Netw Open suggested that a lifestyle intervention was not effective in reducing glycemic deterioration, which occurred in a substantial proportion of ...


GUINEA-BISSAU: Serious deterioration of the security situation of civil society amidst the attempted coup


Since the attempted coup of February 1, 2022, independent media, human rights organisations and their members have (...) ...


John A. Roebling Bridge restoration project continues

Roebling Bridge restoration project continues as engineers work to design plans for additional repairs for deeper masonry stone deterioration uncovered in a section of the archway during the project.


New Model Helps Predict COVID-19 Patient deterioration

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, providers realized that predicting clinical deterioration among patients is an important step to take, a new study published in The BMJ shows. During the pandemic, ...


Between Land Day in the Negev and Ramadan in Jerusalem: Efforts to Prevent Security deterioration

The activities planned to mark “Land Day” could be the opening shot in a series of events that will lead to an escalation in the month of Ramadan.


Egypt Non-Oil Private Sector deterioration Slows In February

(RTTNews) - Egypt's non-oil private sector activity deteriorated at a softer pace in February, survey data from IHS Markit showed on Thursday. The Purchasing Managers' Index, or PMI, rose to 48.1 ...


Latest release of Philips Capsule Surveillance receives FDA clearance


A nurse reviews patient data via Philips Capsule Surveillance March 15, 2022 Clinical surveillance solution is designed to identify emergent patient deterioration and offer enhanced patient data ...


Carbon Dynamics in Freshwater, Coastal and Oceanic Ecosystems in Response to the SDG Goals

The deterioration of marine ecosystems, such as pollution and coastal eutrophication (overflow of nutrients in water), has become a global challenge. Oceans are reported to mitigate the impact of ...


Ayres On The Air: Human deterioration


Extra celebrates the 75th birthday of poet, comedian and presenter Pam Ayres MBE with the first series of her very own poetry and sketch show. She begins with the theme of deterioration of eyesight, ...


deterioration of the West Valley Nuclear Waste Site hits close to home.

This shortcoming is now compounded by years of deterioration, as well as potential threats presented by climate change. The workshop, the sixth and final one in the series, Climate, Clean-up and ...


Dementia warning: The drink can cause the brain to 'shrink' - 'even in small amounts'

According to a new study, one drink could fuel cognitive deterioration by shrinking the brain - when consumed even in moderate amounts. When it comes to staving off cognitive decline, there is ...


Dynagas LNG: Risks Of deterioration Outweigh Potential Rewards

With this article, I consider that the present risk of deterioration to their profit and loss outweighs any potential rewards. It is still a sell. Tudor Investment Holdings Private Limited is a ...


Leather Chemicals Market Size, Share, Industry Growth Reports, Trends, Revenue and Forecast 2027 By IMARC Group

Help in improving adhesiveness, resistance to molds, and smoothness of leather while preventing the deterioration caused by microorganisms, which is also augmenting the global market. Apart from ...


Senegal: How Can We Ensure Abundant and Quality Water for All?

Water security is the foundation of Senegal's development and essential to achieving its socio-economic development goals. But the deterioration of water resources and weak institutional framework are ...


St. Andrew Street Bridge set to reopen 16 years after it was closed by deterioration


The original bridge was first constructed in 1935 and replaced in 1968. The new concrete structure has a projected lifespan of around 100 years.


deterioration of the nation’s health shows GDP is not fit for purpose as a measure of national success, says BMA

Responding to the news that the ONS Health Index in England shows that the nation's health has declined between 2018 and 2019 1, Professor Neena Modi, president of the BMA, said: ...


Shining an infrared light on how “metal soaps” threaten priceless oil paintings


Scientists at the National Institute of Standards of Technology collaborated with the National Gallery of Art and other institutions to study the deterioration of an oil painting, entitled Gypsy Woman ...


Bridge deterioration Closes Part of West Cedarville Road


Bridge inspectors Wednesday determined that the Eckers Run Bridge on West Cedarville Road in North Coventry should be immediately closed.


COVID brings uneven changes to Silicon Valley workplaces

The researchers also found that perceptions about working from home had improved over the course of the pandemic for two-thirds of the survey respondents, while less than 7% reported any deterioration ...


Journalistic guild warns of deterioration of freedoms in Nicaragua


The Nicaraguan Movement of Independent Journalists and Communicators (PCIN) warned on Friday about “further deterioration” of freedoms in the country, especially freedom of expression and the right of ...


Batman and the deterioration of Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne is a crucial part of Batman's characterization, but recent portrayals seem to forget this and heavily favor the Bat over the man.


Deutsche Bank to Set Aside Extra $111 Million for Bad Loans


Deutsche Bank AG’s will set aside an additional 100 million euros ($111 million) this quarter to prepare for a deterioration of its loan book on the back of Russia’s war on Ukraine. That will take ...


Center MP: Party wants air defense system included in supplementary budget


Acquiring a medium-range air defense system should be added to the supplementary budget recently proposed in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the accompanying deterioration in the security ...


Russia-Ukraine tussle, COVID situation in China major drivers for markets this week: Analysts


Any news of escalation in the Russia-Ukraine tussle and deterioration of the COVID situation in China could again dent the sentiment, he added.


Anticorruption judge flees Guatemala despite U.S. efforts to protect her


One of Guatemala’s most important judges and a key U.S. ally in the fight against corruption has resigned and fled the country in what might be the most worrying sign yet of the deterioration of its ...


News Analysis: Concerns growing over economic deterioration in Sudan as national currency continues to plummet

Concerns are growing that the economy in Sudan would further deteriorate amid the continued decline of the national currency Sudanese pound, the unprecedented rising prices of essential goods as well ...


Safety report: Rodman Dam okay but it's now classified 'High Hazard' if it breaks


The 261-page inspection report states “no significant areas of deterioration were noted by the divers that require immediate repairs.” ...


USD set to strengthen as market’s conflict optimism looks overdone – MUFG

Risks of renewed deterioration in the Ukraine conflict appear very high. Therefore, US dollar strength since the invasion of Ukraine could be about to change given the limited scope for any near-term ...


Concerns growing over economic deterioration in Sudan as national currency continues to plummet


Markets are witnessing an economic stagnation under lack of purchasing power and unprecedented hike in the prices of basic commodities Khartoum, Sudan | Xinhua | Concerns are growing that the economy ...


'Can't be mute spectator': Jagdeep Dhankhar slams Mamata Banerjee again over Birbhum violence


In a three-page reply letter to the West Bengal chief minister, the governor said that there was 'political conspiracy' behind the violence indicative of deterioration of law and order in the state ...

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