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deify (verb) · deifies (third person present) · deified (past tense) · deified (past participle) · deifying (present participle)

  - worship, regard, or treat (someone or something) as a god:


worship, revere, venerate, reverence, extol, exalt, adore, immortalize, divinize, idolize,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the verb for deify?
    verb (used with object), de·i·fied, de·i·fy·ing. to make a god of; exalt to the rank of a deity; personify as a deity: to deify a beloved king. to exalt to the position of a god or personify as a god
  2. What does it mean to deify a leader?
    (dē′ə-fī′, dā′-) tr.v. dei·fied, dei·fy·ing, dei·fies. 1. To make a god of; raise to the condition of a god. 2. To worship or revere as a god: deify a leader. 3. To idealize; exalt: deifying success.
  3. What does it mean to be deified as a god?
    If someone is deified, they are considered to be a god or are regarded with very great respect . COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers
  4. What is the difference between deify and idealize?
    deify- consider as a god or godlike; "These young men deify financial success" idealise, idealize- consider or render as ideal; "She idealized her husband after his death" apotheose, apotheosise, apotheosize- deify or glorify 2. deify- exalt to the position of a God; "the people deified their King"

"Deify" Example Sentences


The cherished cat in Islam

Islam doesn’t have a concept of the Rainbow Bridge, nor do Muslims deify or worship felines as some ancient cultures did, but cats are cherished by Muslims whether they live with one or more — or none ...


One and Not Done

"He has supporters who deify him. And then there are those who believe he is Satan on the sidelines." The problem of John Calipari is the problem of college sports. Why should the person who is ...


Shaking the Foundations of the American Dream

He was especially interested in the ways in which people deify one of the country’s most popular beliefs. “I’m just questioning: How real is the American Dream?” he said to me. The film ...


A Letter From Jerusalem to Our B'nei Noach Friends

Mr. Hakohen also serves on several advisory boards of the Root & Branch Association, Ltd. Many of you live among Christians who deify a Jewish man who lived over 2,000 years ago. There are a ...


Minnesota's proposed social studies standards are under legal review as debate over ethnic studies swirls

Johnson contends that the purpose of considering various perspectives, particularly in history classes, is that he doesn't think lessons should deify historical figures, but show their human ...


The Future of Religion in China

The rites which seek to deify the Great Sage, which seek to transform a philosophy into a religion, are an excrescence, the result of the demand of the human soul for an object of worship.


Deep Spirals Into the Infinite Void

In all of the pomp and circumstance, it can be weirdly easy to forget that the players that our culture loves to deify are actual, living, breathing people. Especially when you’re watching them on ...


How this Pasadena therapist explores trauma in novel ‘Shadows of Pecan Hollow’

And he was kind of deified by his parents because of his beautiful blue eyes. But when we deify people unreasonably, it has this opposite effect, making them feel disconnected. That’s not the ...



"In his own churches, I would substitute psychology for religion, and deify science. I'd lure priests and pastors into misusing boys and girls and church money. "If I were the devil, I'd take from ...


‘Russian world’ ideology is destructive

We firmly reject all forms of government that deify the State (theocracy) and absorb the Church, depriving the Church of its freedom to stand prophetically against all injustice. We also rebuke all ...


Bring them down a peg or two

Politicians and their kith and kin have all the luck in this country, where servile electors deify them. They are therefore living in the lap of luxury while the people are suffering. Has any of them ...


We must challenge our leaders when they lazily deify the NHS


Kate Stanton-Davies should have turned 13 this month. Instead, she died after six hours of life at a hospital where an obsession with “normal” vaginal birth merged with a lethal mix of failings ...


Accidental gods and our desire to deify


History is full of examples of mortals unintentionally mistaken for gods. So why do we see godliness in others, and what if we had a divine counterpart within ourselves?


Footballers don’t love their clubs the way fans do

And then there are your own “supporters”, who will deify you at times, but if you go through a bad patch will “support” you by calling you every name under the sun and, from the terraces ...


The female voter has shifted the arc of electoral politics

The narratives in eastern UP point to the emergence of a new politics built around the person (Modi) rather than the issue, using the prodigious resources of the party to deify the leader — what ...


Economists, World Bank/IMF, central banks deify money


By  Francis Ogbimi  THE discipline of economics has many deficiencies. That is the reason economists in Europe, America and their students in Africa cannot manage ...


The error of worshipping politicians


In our romantic highs we call some humans “angels” but fact is that angels have no humans in their league. To deify a human is therefore ridiculous and an act of indescribable blindness. An attempt to ...


The Mind in the Making

Will deify it, will call the gods to witness that its great power and its proper functioning in the past is sure proof, is unanswerable proof, that it is the only power that can be depended upon ...


Far-Right Brothers of Italy set to cement its place as country’s most popular party

While eschewing Fascist symbols herself, she has often been associated with supporters who deify Mussolini and are not afraid to give the stiff-armed Fascist salute at rallies. Brothers of Italy ...


The Agnipath Yojana: deify or Demonise?

By: Paojakhup GuiteIn what appears to be the Bharatiya Janata Party government at the Centre to cause a tectonic policy blitzkrieg(s) in each of five-year stint, it announced an all-shocking scheme ...


When Leadership Turns Dangerous

When kicking off a leadership program, rather than deify the concept of leadership, I emphasize how being a high-integrity leader requires continuous self-management and self-governance.


Winning, no matter the cost, seen as the root of Baylor’s football scandal

Will treatment of allegations against top athletes change? Things will not change as long as universities deify student athletes and put public image over student well-being. Baylor is only the ...


The Feeling of Being Watched: Community Screening Healing Guide

State surveillance is a technology of white supremacy. Along with policing and incarceration, surveillance is a tool used to deify whiteness and demonize non-white peoples. This film portrays the ...


It’s a beautiful world

Enter Akinola Bello’s Children of the Sun and Other Poems. Here is a poet who recognises the need to deify our environment and things of nature. It takes us to an emotive borderland where love ...


Girl in the Picture: Compassion, insight makes this one of Netflix's best true-crime docos

As with Abducted In Plain Sight, this is a doco that respects the victims and refuses to glorify or deify the villain. As the story slowly unfolds, you may become even more baffled and ...


Jonathan Sarna on Lincoln and the Bible

In America, of course, we do not have god-kings, nor do we deify the great leaders of our past. But if there were any political figure in American history about whom it could be said that he had ...

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