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common (adjective) · commoner (comparative adjective) · commonest (superlative adjective)

  - occurring, found, or done often; prevalent:

  - (of an animal or plant) found or living in relatively large numbers; not rare:

  - denoting the most widespread or typical species of an animal or plant:

  - ordinary; of ordinary qualities; without special rank or position:

  - (of a quality) of a sort or level to be generally expected:

  - of the most familiar type:

  - shared by, coming from, or done by more than one:

  - belonging to, open to, or affecting the whole of a community or the public:

  - belonging to two or more quantities.

  - showing a lack of taste and refinement; vulgar:

  - (in Latin and certain other languages) of or denoting a gender of nouns that are conventionally regarded as masculine or feminine, contrasting with neuter.

  - (in English) denoting a noun that refers to individuals of either sex (e.g. teacher).

  - (of a syllable) able to be either short or long.

  - (of a crime) of relatively minor importance:

  - a piece of open land for public use, especially in a village or town:

  - (in the Christian Church) a form of service used for each of a group of occasions.


usual, ordinary, customary, habitual, familiar, regular, frequent, repeated, recurrent, routine,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the meaning of the word common?
    Definition of common. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 a : of or relating to a community at large : public work for the common good. b : known to the community common nuisances. 2 a : belonging to or shared by two or more individuals or things or by all members of a group a common friend buried in a common grave common interests.
  2. What is commonest?
    belonging equally to, or shared alike by, two or more or all in question: common property; common interests.
  3. What is commonty?
    the commonalty; the nonruling class. the body of people not of noble birth or not ennobled, as represented in England by the House of Commons. Commons, the representatives of this body. Commons, the House of Commons.
  4. What is the meaning ofcommons?
    commons, (used with a singular verb) a large dining room, especially at a university or college. (usually used with a plural verb)British. food provided in such a dining room. (usually used with a plural verb) food or provisions for any group.

"Common" Example Sentences


6 common Robots.txt Issues & And How To Fix Them

Robots.txt is a useful and relatively powerful tool to instruct search engine crawlers on how you want them to crawl your website. It is not all-powerful (in Google’s own words, “it is not a ...


Textron Inc. common Stock (TXT)

Get up to 10 years of daily historical stock prices & volumes. Data provided by Edgar Online. ©2021, EDGAR®Online, a division of Donnelley Financial Solutions. EDGAR® is a federally ...


New injection could help save babies from RSV, a common but potentially deadly virus


Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is the most common cause of small airway inflammation (bronchiolitis) and pneumonia in babies under 1 in the US.


Kirby and the Forgotten Land gets a demo: Here's all you need to know - Technobubble Games

How many stages? Is co-op play available? Save transfer? Here are answers to common questions about the Kirby and the Forgotten Land demo.


Spirit of Shanghai Communique still crucial


It is common interests that promote cooperation despite the huge differences between the two sides. As a Republican politician, Nixon was rabidly anti-communist. Yet he set aside his prejudices to ...


Describing BC In Five Letters

"I think the BC version of this Wordle is kind of just to bring BC people together over a common little game that people know about and that also can bring [alumni and] … parents in," said Luke ...


Early detection of type 1 diabetes in children

Worldwide, four in thousand people under the age of 20 have type 1 diabetes.It is the most common metabolic disease in children and adolescents. Only about one in ten of those affected has a close ...


The Devil Is in the Details: Negotiating Favorable D&O Insurance Coverage


Today more than ever, D&O coverage can be a vital risk transfer mechanism for businesses seeking to obtain protection in the face of the evolving labyrinth of statutes, regulations and common law ...


Stalking In DMs: Here’s How To Identify Creeps In Your Dating Pool

Stalking on DMs have become so common that women often think of it as a small price to pay to have an online presence. Women often receive unsolicited pictures, unwanted messages and morphed pictures ...


Parent reviews for The 13-Story Treehouse: The Treehouse Books, Book 1

The Treehouse Books, Book 1 reviews from parents on common Sense Media. Become a member to write your own review.


Author has uniquely Catholic view on common mental health challenges


A Catholic Guide to Finding Mental and Emotional Well-Being" by Tommy Tighe. Ave Maria Press (Notre Dame, Indiana, 2021). 205 pp., $17.95. Depression, anxiety, trauma and grief are challenging mental ...


Kings of Cooperation

The site of that first fateful discovery became known as Tres Zapotes, after a type of fruit tree common in the area. Along with the sites of San Lorenzo and La Venta, Tres Zapotes was one of the ...


Lead ingots from Late Bronze Age found along Israel's coast link Cyprus and Sardinia


The Late Bronze Age of the Mediterranean Sea basin was an era characterized by complex supra-regional relations and diplomacy, with trade and exchange of gifts being common practices. Now, lead ingots ...


3,200-year-old shipwrecked cargo off Israel’s coast evidences significant trading links in Mediterranean basin


The Late Bronze Age of the Mediterranean Sea basin is known as an era characterized by complex supra-regional relations and diplomacy, with trade and exchange of gifts being common practices.


Shipwrecked Cargo Dating Back 3,200 Years Proves Bronze Age Mediterranean Basin Trade

The Late Bronze Age of the Mediterranean Sea basin was characterized by complex supra-regional relations and diplomacy, with trade and exchange of gifts being common practices. Now, lead ingots and ...


5 Types Of Balance Disorders common In Older Adults

Labyrinthitis occurs in the inner ear and is often linked to a case of flu where it starts from. In this condition older adults suffer from a disease called shingles which is a skin condition that ...


I’m a sexpert – the four most common mistakes you’re making in the bedroom and why ‘aftercare’ is key

A SEXPERT has revealed the four mistakes we're all making in the bedroom - and what you should do instead. It can be hard to keep things exciting during lockdown, but Aussie David Smiedt told Body ...


Job Outlook for Recent College Graduates

At the entry level, a bachelor's degree ... Our expert contributors give their best advice on answering common interview questions, perfecting job applications, negotiating salary and more.


Jan. 6 Committee Confirms They Have Enough Evidence to Pursue Criminal Charges Against Trump


In addition to charges of obstructing an official proceeding of Congress and conspiracy to defraud the American people, there is also evidence Trump’s lies amounted to common law fraud. This news ...


Macro Mails Circular for Special Meeting of Securityholders, Announces Receipt of Interim Court Order for Plan of Arrangement


The Cash Consideration (as defined below) of CAD $4.00 per Macro common Share (as defined below) represents a significant premium of approximately 46% to the 20-day volume weighted average price of ...


Lost In Space Gets 3D Printing Right

When it has become so common for movies and television to hyper-sensationalize ... But fear not, Dear Reader. This is not a review of the show. To that end, I’ll come right out and say that ...


It is time for Entertainment O’clock with two new series streaming now on Colors!


For those of us who stay with family, the best part of the day is getting together at the common room, either to dine together or just pass the time in some fun way! From chatting with our parents at ...


NADA Vs. KBB: Which is a better resource for used car pricing?

You’ve probably heard of the most common two: NADA Guides and Kelley Blue Book®. Is one more accurate than the other? And what are the differences between these two pricing guides? We have the ...


Man with quadriplegia highlights challenges of finding work when disabled


A Kessler foundation study also found the most common reason that made people feel they wouldn’t be able to find work or hold down a job were their perceptions about their medical conditions Walton ...


Carping Point: SA is a crime-ridden dystopia, a surreal tableau that is sadly all too common


It is a surreal tableau that sadly is obviously all too common in South Africa. What’s worse is the fact that it’s become normalised. Another of his videos shows the brazen mugging of a man in broad ...


Travel + Leisure Co. Increases Cash Dividend for Second Quarter in a Row

Travel + Leisure Co. (NYSE:TNL) declared a cash dividend on the company's common stock, increasing the quarterly dividend rate to $0.40 per share.


How to Strengthen 5 common Trouble Spots


"But if you put in the work and effort throughout your entire body, there will come a point where that particular area will respond." (Remember the lake analogy?) Stokes and Nathalia Melo, founder of ...


An invasive species now has a new name to replace ethnic slur

After months of a renaming process for an invasive moth species, the Entomological Society of America has decided -- "spongy moth" is the new common name replacing the offensive "gypsy moth." ...


Survey spots 193 bird species in Gujarat’s Dharoi dam

The 193 species included a huge number of waterbirds, passerines, woodland birds as well as common birds such as house crows and house sparrows, he added.


KiwiSDR Vs RaspberrySDR — A Tale Of Two SDRs

Once you move away from the usual software defined radio (SDR) dongles, you have only a few choices unless you want to drop some serious cash. One common hobby-grade SDR is the KiwiSDR. This ...


Opinion: Can transgender females destroy girls sports? Here's what the numbers, science and common sense say.


It’s transgender girls who want to play sports with their friends. House File 2416 prohibits transgender females from playing women’s sports at Iowa high schools and colleges. Only cisgender females — ...


Why these European destinations could be in line for a popularity boost


Bordeaux saw its tourist numbers increase by 13%. In 2016, the Croatian city of Zadar did even better, with an increase of 25%. What both cities have in common is that they were crowned as Europe's ...


Progressive Announces Quarterly common Share Dividend

The Board of Directors of The Progressive Corporation (NYSE:PGR) declared a $0.10 per common share dividend, payable April 14, 2022, to shareholders of record at the close of business on April 7, 2022 ...


common Law Marriages Don’t Exist? Actually yes they do. But you are not in one!


common Law Marriages Don’t Exist? Actually yes they do. But you are not in one! First of all, any lawyer will agree that every adult in England and Wales ought to make a Will.


Securing the Development & Supply Chain of Open Source Software (OSS)


If you have software, but it's not open source software, common antonyms are closed source or proprietary software. It's important to understand that open source software is a commercial software. At ...


How your shampoo bottle could be making you fat

Study has found 11 chemicals in common plastics that contribute to weight gain It looked at 34 different plastic products to see which chemicals they contained These included yoghurt containers ...


EDITORIAL: Whatever you call it, solitary confinement should be banned



Generate Fully Parametric, 3D-Printable Speaker Enclosures

Having the right speaker enclosure can make a big difference to sound quality, so it’s no surprise that customizable ones are a common project for those who treat sound seriously. In that vein ...


Cellular organization in lab-evolved and extant multicellular species obeys a maximum entropy law

The distributions of cellular neighborhood volumes in two very different multicellular species - snowflake yeast and Volvox carteri - are found to obey a common functional form arising from maximum ...


Huge study finds most COVID-19 vaccine side effects were mild for Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna

Headache, fatigue, fever, chills and pain were among the most common COVID-19 vaccine side effects for Pfizer and Moderna, according to the study.


Decision Delayed For Subdivision Proposed On Possible Park Land


The Franklin common Council moved to table a decision on changing the city's 2025 Comprehensive Master Plan for a proposed subdivision.


5 Signs You Might Be Suffering From More Than Just Dry Skin


Seasonal chapped, cracked skin is a common occurrence for many, but if you're noticing red, flaky patches, you may be dealing with a different—and chronic condition.


Couple buy rare £12 plant from B&Q that is worth thousands – how to spot your own

‘And this one is so special because the variegation on the leaves is of a yellow or lime colour rather than the more common white pattern,’ Harry adds. ‘So, this is a good thing to look out for.


ASK THE DOC: My sister-in-law is lactose and tolerant and she's coming for dinner - help!


I have family coming to dinner and my sister-in-law is lactose intolerant – what does that mean? A. Lactose intolerance is a common digestive problem where the body is unable to digest lactose, a type ...


Oscar-Nominated Live Action Shorts Tell Wrenching Stories in Small Packages


The five films nominated for live-action short at this year’s Oscars were shot and produced in five different countries around the world, and tell stories that have little in common with each other, ...


Job Description Language Needs To Be Effective, Not Just common

According to the research team at Datapeople, hiring teams have created a job description echo chamber by 'borrowing' language from other companies' job ...


Do You Need To Build Or Buy AI-Based Solutions For Your Organization?

Business leaders face a common dilemma in deciding between building and buying enterprise AI solutions while they plan to adopt AI for their organizations. They need to consider several factors about ...


5 Things All Organized Kitchen Cabinets Have in common


If you take a peek inside the most organized kitchen cabinets, you'll likely find some commonalities. They maximize space; they make use of effective organizers; they are somehow free of expired spice ...


Cable Cars And Ropeways Market In-Depth Analysis, Growth Strategies and Comprehensive Forecast to 2022

The common materials used for the construction of cable cars and ropeways earlier was wood/fiber but steel has emerged as a common choice. The advancement of technology has allowed the ...


HEIs hail the prospect of drafting independent IDPs

“The path for each independent institute to link divergent systems and bring it under a common policy to benefit students will be time ... part of the process.” To motivate faculty to be their ...

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