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[ˈCHerədē] ✕ Play


charity (noun) · charities (plural noun)

  - an organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need:

  - the body of organizations viewed collectively as the object of fundraising or of donations:

  - the voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need:

  - help or money given voluntarily to those in need:

  - kindness and tolerance in judging others:

  - love of humankind, typically in a Christian context:


fund, trust, foundation, cause, movement, aid, welfare, relief, funding, handouts,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the noun of Charity?
    charity noun (GIVING) B1 [ C or U ] a system of giving money, food, or help free to those who are in need because they are ill, poor, or have no home, or any organization that has the purpose of providing money or helping in this way:
  2. What are the characteristics of a charity?
    It has to be established exclusively for what is known as public benefit (see below). That means its only purpose must be charitable. Charities can’t make profits. All the money they raise has to go towards achieving their aims. A charity can’t have owners or shareholders who benefit from it.
  3. What does charity mean in Islam?
    charity - an activity or gift that benefits the public at large. giving, gift - the act of giving. handout - giving money or food or clothing to a needy person. zakat - the fourth pillar of Islam is almsgiving as an act of worship; "the zakat is earmarked for the poor and disabled".
  4. What is a charitable organization?
    — Mark Twain, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Note: Statutory definitions of what institutions and organizations qualify as charities vary. Organizations that are primarily involved in political campaigns or lobbying do not qualify as charities for tax purposes, but trusts for them may be considered charitable.

"Charity" Example Sentences


Ulysses: £1 charity shop book set to fetch £800 at auction


Francoise Curtis said she knew the book was something special as soon as she opened it A rare book which was going to be sold for £1 at a charity shop is expected to fetch £800 at auction. The 1936 ...


£1 charity shop book set to fetch £800 at auction


A rare book which was going to be sold for £1 at a charity shop is expected to fetch £800 at auction.The 1936 special edition of James Joyce's classic, Ulysses, was donated to Tenovus Cancer Care in ...


'Experts say live bear bile extraction causes unimaginable physical and mental pain'


Animal welfare charity Four Paws undertook its biggest rescue to date earlier this month - saving nine bears from dire solitary confinement and moving them to a sanctuary ...


charity on track to realise Aftercare ambitions thanks to generous gift.


We have announced a momentous expansion of our Aftercare team, thanks to a generous gift from a local benefactor. The donation of £100,000 a year for five years, made by Sir Howard and Lady Stringer ...


Scammers are exploiting the pandemic to post fake job adverts online. Here are 4 warning signs to watch out for.


There has been 65% rise in reports of job posts advertising fake roles since March 2020, according to the UK charity JobsAware.


BWW Review: Hey, Big Spender...Spend a Little Time with Eight O'Clock Theatre's Splendid SWEET charity


It's no accident that charity Valentine's middle name is Hope. Hope is her philosophy, her personality, her mantra. Life (and the men in her life) keep knocking her down, but she rises like some ...


Thirdy's spotty free-throw shooting the only blemish in gutsy Gilas game


The woeful 3-for-10 shooting from the charity stripe was the only blemish for Ravena on a night when he anchored the Philippine side with his 23 points, five rebounds, five assists, five steals, and ...


Weekend Exclusive: Lloyds banker turned charity guru Bernie Hollywood OBE on mental health in the City


Londoner Bernie Hollywood OBE spent nearly a decade as a corporate banker at Lloyds Banking Group's HQ at 25 Gresham Street in the City. These days, he is ...


How To Run A Successful Football Club with Carol Shanahan OBE


Carol Shanahan OBE is the co-owner and Chair of Port Vale Football Club and Synectics Solutions. She also founded the charity the Hubb Foundation which supports children and families with food and ...


The Marussya Assaubayeva Foundation to Construct State-of-the-Art Library in Kazakhstan’s Oil Capital

The Marussya Assaubayeva Foundation, a charity focused on the development of social and cultural projects in Kazakhstan, will construct a library at the country’s leading university specialising in ...


Historic Monroe hospital building is of Louisiana's most endangered sites. Here's why

Monroe charity Hospital was renamed after Louisiana Secretary E.A. Conway in 1948. The hospital closed in 1987 when the new building was opened to the public.


Ever been told to stop being dramatic? This exhibition is subverting the “hysterical” label for women and marginalised genders

The charity exhibition is curated by Bee Illustrates and Cheer Up Luv, celebrating work centred on community, activism, and taking up space.


Ch. 3 partners with charity organization to collect items needed by Ukrainian refugees


Channel 3 is partnering with local volunteers to collect items and money to help refugees from, and the people of, Ukraine.


Sports retailer Pro-Direct pays charity after nine years of waste packaging errors


Sportswear and accessory retailer Pro-Direct Group Ltd has made a payment to Devon Wildlife Trust of nearly £20,000 for nine years of failing two crucial packaging regulations. The Environment Agency ...


Local business celebrates 10 years with quacking charity walk!


Colonel Duck, a Harborne-based Software and Creative Agency are celebrating their 10th anniversary with a 10-mile walk dressed as ducks… | Creative | Midlands | ...


Qatar charity, OCHA to partner for qualitative projects in northern Syria

Qatar charity (QC) has signed a $1.3mn agreement with the United Nations Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) to support strategic projects in northwest Syria.


Proof of Boston Strong on display in ‘A Leg Forever’ charity


I’ve been an amputee for 33 years but when they came in and presented me with the leg, it was ‘Oh my God,'” said the Wakefield dad. “It’s incredible. I burst ...


The Origins of Organized charity in Rabbinic Judaism

Dalton, Krista 2020. Teaching for the Tithe: Donor Expectations and the Matrona's Tithe. AJS Review, Vol. 44, Issue. 1, p. 49. Howard, Peter 2020. The Language of Dives and Lazarus: Preaching ...


OneAV MD to run Marathon des Sables for hospice charity


Chris Pinder will run 250km across the Sahara Desert over six days to raise funds for Together for Cinema, a charity which installs cinema rooms in children's hospices across the UK.


Head of Education at Coventry’s Cygnet Joyce Parker Hospital to run across the Sahara for charity


THE Head of Education at Cygnet Joyce Parker Hospital is preparing to compete in the Marathon Des Sables, a 150 mile foot race across the Sahara desert, to raise money for Bluebell Wood Children’s ...


Cornett: charity Markets

“The guy didn’t know what he had. I got him up to $2,000.” I did not make that up and my brother will, somewhat abashedly, verify it. Anyhow, unless we’ve done that, who are we to blame ...


$10 bundle with almost 1,000 games will benefit charities helping Ukraine


A charity bundle on organized by Necrosoft Games offers a collection of 991 indie games, soundtracks, books, comics, tabletop RPGs and gaming tools for a minimum of donation of $10 — and all ...

23 charity Bundle For Ukraine Serves Up $6,500 Worth Of Games, Books And More For $10 is serving up a massive bundle of games, comic books, and more to raise funds for relief efforts in Ukraine.


Indie storefront launches almost-1000 game charity Bundle for Ukraine

Around 700 creators have signed up to become part of a massive Bundle for Ukraine on indie game storefront


Massive Bundle For Ukraine Offers Almost 1,000 Games & Products; All Proceeds Go to charity

If you want to support the Ukrainian people and love indie games, today 732 developers made a massive bundle available on


MAC basketball tournament set; Ball State's charity Griffith qualifies for NCAA Championships


The MAC basketball tournament field is set. Games will be airing on ESPN+, CBS Sports Network and on ESPN2. Here's a look at the schedule.


‘We have tonnes and tonnes of aid’ - Cork charity travels to Polish border


A woman who has fed thousands of homeless and needy people as the head of a soup kitchen is travelling to the Polish Ukrainian border this week to distribute twelve tonnes of medical supplies and aid ...


Man creates hundreds of jump ropes from donated t-shirts for charity


Gotta get them good and tight,” said Chadwick as he stretched strips of a bright-colored old t-shirt then braided the pieces together to create a jump rope. It's something Chadwick has done each day ...


Grandma inspires Richmond student to enter writing contest – and win

Hu is one of two Richmond students who took home second prize at the annual writing contest organized by the Royal Commonwealth Society, a non-partisan charity that has been organizing writing ...


Heartbreaking images show Glasgow homeless sleep on streets in pouring rain as charity describe 'harrowing' night

Heartbreaking images have emerged of homeless people sleeping in the pouring rain amid subzero temperatures in Glasgow in what a charity has described as a "harrowing" night. Street teams from ...


Grab Payday 2, a great Diablo-like, and 13 other goodies for $8.99 and support charity

Now, the charity is releasing a new games bundle packed with goodies. SIOW has partnered with Fanatical to launch the Winter Blues Bundle, which is a collection of games designed to help players ...


Digital-First Peer-To-Peer Fundraising Has Arrived Big Time


Over $154 million was generated for charity in 2021 by “digitalcentric” peer-to-peer fundraising, a 30% increase over 2020.


Peer Health Exchange Granted $50,000 From the Hollister Confidence Project

Oakland, CA, March 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Peer Health Exchange today announced it is one of the 2022 recipients of the Hollister Confidence Fund grant program, a 501(c)(3) charity that supports ...


Sponsor a leaf in tribute to a lost loved one in the Snowdrop memorial garden at the Rotherham Hospital

A COPPER tree has been installed as a poignant addition to a memorial garden, with a charity inviting people to pay tribute to lost loves ones by sponsoring an engraved leaf.


New Life charity buys premature baby mannequin for Barnstaple neonatal unit


The neonatal department at Barnstaple hospital recently took delivery of a very special piece of equipment, a tiny mannequin of a preterm 25-week old baby, known as ‘Premature Anne’ funded by the ...


Trudge to Darwen Tower for charity

Each walker completing The Tower Trudge will receive a personalised certificate. Walkers will set out from the Olde England Kiosk, in Sunnyhurst Woods, from 9am, and finish at the same place ...


Were you truly wafted here from paradise? no, RAF Leeming

COCKNEY actress Lorraine Chase was truly wafted over the region's skies in a multi-million pound jet yesterday in her latest daredevil charity stunt. It was more RAF Leeming than Luton Airport ...


charity urges people to look out for each other this festive season

Many young people struggle at this time of enforced jollification. "For some, Christmas and New Year holidays can mean isolation away from friends, fear of family conflict and the financial ...


Is Zakat Tax Deductible In Canada?

Are In-Kind Donations Tax Deductible In 2020? Giving gifts that are part in an in-kind (or cash) donation is generally deductible from the tax burden. An acknowledgment made by the charity as part of ...


Prince Charles’ charity caught up in police investigation


Prince Charles is reportedly 'happy to help' new police investigation into an alleged cash-for-honours scandal.


MP's praise for Chester charity helping local children with their mental health

A CHESTER-BASED charity which supports the growing number of local children and young people struggling with their mental health has ...


An uncertain future for 'Sooty boxes' as blind charity's takings fall by half


The Royal National Institute for the Blind says it has seen its takings from Sooty boxes, down by half since the pandemic began. Now the charity is calling for help as carrying cash, shopping on the ...


Robert Pattinson explains why Bruce Wayne 'made more sense' without a playboy persona in The Batman


Bruce Wayne attends some kind of ball, charity event, or party in almost every Batman movie. That's definitely not the case in The Batman because we're dealing with a different kind of Bruce Wayne. In ...


How to score a tax write-off for 2021 donations to charity if you don’t itemize deductions


Single taxpayers can claim a tax write-off for cash gifts up to $300 and married couples filing together may get up to $600 in 2021. Here's what to know.


Astros prospect Luke Berryhill doubles as catcher, country singer


Luke Berryhill’s bid to become Mr. River Ridge rested on remembering the words. The male beauty pageant sought to raise money for charity and continue a longstanding high school tradition. Contestants ...


‘Extremely disappointing’: Flooded charity store targeted by opportunistic thief


Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll has called out the despicable reports of opportunistic looters breaking into people’s homes and businesses amid the flood crisis. She said there were three ...


Why you should always store apples in the FRIDGE: Fruits and vegetables can be eaten up to 10 WEEKS after their 'best before' dates if they're refrigerated, study reveals

Oxford-based food charity Wrap has revealed that many fruits and vegetables can be eaten up to 10 weeks after their 'best before' dates if they're refrigerated.


The best ads of the month, from Adidas, Toyota, Coinbase and Relate

Creative agency Ogilvy UK and relationship charity Relate are back once again with a cheeky yet fitting Valentine’s ad and Toyota turned took on some Jones' star power in its second Big Game ad.


WAGs Jessie Murphy and Kylie Brown attend the 2022 Mirabel Ladies Lunch in Melbourne


The AFL WAGs were out in force for the 2022 Mirabel Ladies Lunch in Melbourne on Friday. Jessie Murphy and Kylie Brown led the arrivals at the annual charity lunch, which was held at Crown Aviary.


Get over 500 PC games for $10 in’s bundle for Ukrainian charity

If you’re looking for a fast way to increase your PC game library, and help out the people of Ukraine at the same time, you simply must check out the latest fame bundle over at The service ...

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