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cautious (adjective)

  - (of a person) careful to avoid potential problems or dangers:

  - (of an action) characterized by the desire to avoid potential problems:


careful, wary, aware, heedful, attentive, alert, watchful, vigilant, hypervigilant, circumspect,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the meaning of cautious person?
    Define cautious. cautious synonyms, cautious pronunciation, cautious translation, English dictionary definition of cautious. adj. 1. Showing or practicing caution; careful. 2. Tentative or restrained; guarded: felt a cautious optimism that the offer would be accepted.
  2. How does the adjective cautious contrast with its synonyms?
    How does the adjective cautious contrast with its synonyms? Some common synonyms of cautious are chary, circumspect, and wary. While all these words mean "prudently watchful and discreet in the face of danger or risk," cautious implies the exercise of forethought usually prompted by fear of danger.
  3. What is the difference between Chary and cautious?
    The synonyms chary and cautious are sometimes interchangeable, but chary implies a cautious reluctance to give, act, or speak freely. When can circumspect be used instead of cautious?
  4. What is the difference between circumspect and cautious?
    cautious, circumspect, wary, chary mean prudently watchful and discreet in the face of danger or risk. cautious implies the exercise of forethought usually prompted by fear of danger. a cautious driver circumspect suggests less fear and stresses the surveying of all possible consequences before acting or deciding.

"Cautious" Example Sentences


British shares weaken as oil spike stokes inflation worries


(Reuters) -London's FTSE 100 hit a more than seven month-low on Monday, before recouping most of its losses as soaring crude prices pushed oil and gas stocks higher, while investors remained cautious ...


Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Food Packaged With Labels ‘Diet’, ‘Low-Carb’ or ‘Gluten-Free’


Know all about how one should be cautious when purchasing food packaged with labels that aid weight loss but don't necessarily mean a healthy lifestyle.


2 bats test positive for rabies in Clarke County

Alabama Public Health officials are urging residents to be cautious after two bats tested positive for rabies at a Clarke County home. Bats and raccoons are the ...


CANADA STOCKS-TSX opens higher as energy shares track stronger crude

Canada's main stock index opened higher on Tuesday, as the energy sector hit its highest in more than five years on soaring oil prices, although investors remained cautious as rising energy costs ...


Doctors Call for Systemic Reform to Improve Black Health Experience

Verywell health professionals discuss the drivers of racism in healthcare and their cautious optimism for the future.


With eye on metal prices, U.S. cautious on possible sanctions of Usmanov companies


The United States and its allies will look for ways to impose sanctions on companies under Russian metals and telecoms tycoon Alisher Usmanov's control without raising the price of commodities, a U.S.


European Shares Seen Opening On cautious Note

European stocks are seen opening a tad lower on Tuesday as commodity prices remain firmly underpinned, raising concerns about inflation and economic growth. Asian markets were broadly lower after the ...


Gross Says Lingering Inflation Should Make Investors Think Twice

Bill Gross, the one-time bond king, warned that investors should turn cautious and trim expectations for returns, in a self-published book that covers a range of subjects including his acrimonious ...


China scrap market remains cautious about new VAT policy

Although China's new value-added tax (VAT) policy for scrap has officially taken effect from March 1, how it will affect the domestic steel scrap market has yet to be seen, as most market insiders are ...


BK Kids Still cautious at School, Despite City Lifting Mask Mandate

Photo: BK Reader The City lifted its mask mandate for most students at public schools Monday, but many Brooklyn children were still being cautious anyway. As of Monday, masks were longer required on ...


Racketeers circulate fake Nepali banknotes

Police have appealed to all to be cautious while carrying out cash transactions. Racketeers often circulate fake notes by also tucking them between genuine ones during late hours of the day.


Forint, zloty sink to record lows as global sell-off weighs

Hungary's forint and Polish zloty weakened to record lows while banks slumped to drag the sector on Monday, tracking cues from global markets, as investors maintained a cautious stance with Western ...


FTSE 100 Slightly Higher In cautious Trade


U.K. stocks were flat to slightly higher on Tuesday after retail sales logged another strong growth in February on higher demand for furniture and home accessories and clothing and footwear.


Pandemic specialist John Barry explains reasons for cautious hope


The pandemic expert who has been right about COVID-19 all along — especially about how bad it would be — is finally “pretty optimistic” that the worst is behind us. Still, he warns that ...


Research: 3 in 4 Restaurant Customers Expect More Digitally-Enabled Experiences Both Online and On-Premise


After enduring a “will this ever end?” hiatus from on-premise dining, restaurants are beginning to fill tables and waitlists again…but consumers remain cautious and expect safety-conscious, ...


DD Freedish e-auction: News channels plan to tread cautiously this time

Unlike previous years, when the bidding amount used to jack up beyond sustainable levels, this time around news players are more cautious about bidding for the MPEG-2 slots of the DD Freedish DTH plat ...


Morgan Stanley backs cautious Fed rate hike as Ukraine crisis fuels inflation


Mining group BHP warned on Tuesday of the impact of surging commodity prices on already skyrocketing inflation following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, while nickel trading was suspended in London ...


NATO Issue in Sweden, Finland Pits Anxious Public Against cautious Politicians


"It's a bit of a gung ho attitude coming from the public," said Matti Pesu of the the Finnish Institute of International Affairs.


Campfire safety and burn ban information

Whether it be camping or yardwork, you needto be extra cautious when it comes to fires. Experts and campersatWoolly Hollow StatePark were kicking off the weekend Friday morning. Camping ...


Bursa Malaysia likely to see range-bound trade next week


Bursa Malaysia is expected to be range-bound next week as investor sentiment is likely to remain cautious due to market volatility, a dealer said. Rakuten Trade Sdn Bhd vice-president of equity ...


In Ghana’s agrifoodtech sector, investors and entrepreneurs share mutual skepticism


Ghana's agrifoodtech sector is active, but investors lack familiarity with the market while entrepreneurs are cautious of raising capital too soon.


Even cautious Covid experts start to lower their guard as Biden urges return to normal

The CDC says 90 percent of people no longer need masks. Experts who've been very careful thus far are starting to shift their approaches — but just a little.


Hospo in the time of Omicron: How you can help eateries with dwindling customer numbers and isolating staff

They shared war stories of navigating the current red setting rules around hospo, the dwindling bookings as cautious customers stay home, and the relentless pressure of having staff off sick ...


Remain cautious even as Covid cases recede

EVEN as Covid-19 cases plummet and as the pandemic transitions to an endemic phase, people should remain careful about the coronavirus. This is a key message from the recent public health forum ...


Russia-Ukraine war drag markets, Nifty may fall to 15,500; Accumulate quality stocks, avoid fresh positions


Nifty may touch the level of 15500 in near term with a strong prevalent bearish trend. Investors may remain cautious and follow a wait and watch strategy for the time being. Any fresh positions need ...


China eases gingerly into an era of cautious openness

(CNN) -- Measured against the standards of human rights protection in advanced democracies, China's human rights record is often discouraging. Government crackdowns against groups perceived to be ...


Bullish WTI Oil Tone Resumes on Sustained Move Over $123.02

The inability to overcome $123.02 will indicate that traders are being cautious about chasing the market higher and may be looking for value.


Tanzania opposition leader's release stirs cautious hope


The surprise move on Friday by prosecutors to drop terrorism charges against Mbowe, who had spent seven months in prison, was followed by a meeting hours later between him and President Samia Suluhu ...


Goa Election 2022 Results: Why cautious Congress does not want a repeat of 2017


The India Today-Axis My India Exit Poll predicts Congress having a slight edge over the BJP in the Goa State Assembly Elections 2022. As per the exit poll predictions, the Congress and its alliance ...


Lululemon founder starting new venture to find cure for type of muscular dystrophy


VANCOUVER - Chip Wilson, the founder of athletic wear firm Lululemon Athletica, said he once considered himself invincible but is now cautious even ...


Shanghai stainless steel retreats on caution over nickel volatility

Chinese stainless steel futures dropped on Wednesday, after opening more than 7% higher, as cautious investors assessed the uncertainties caused by surging prices of raw material nickel. By Min Zhang ...


Investing Club: American Eagle Outfitters cautious guidance is rooted in temporary headwinds


The retailer is seeing the best profitability in over a decade, though it would have been at record levels if not for elevated freight costs.


Doctors Manitoba prescribe COVID caution, launch online resource as restrictions ease


With Manitoba easing pandemic restrictions, Doctors Manitoba launched an online resource to help Manitobans navigate the risks of living with COVID-19, while reminding that the need to be cautious ...


More Russian Oil Deeply Discounted as Ban Risk Alarms Buyers


A cargo of Russian Sokol oil from the Far East was offered at a steep discount as the nation’s invasion of Ukraine and the prospect of a crude import ban makes buyers cautious about dealing with its ...


Sensex, Nifty Set To Open Higher In cautious Trade


Indian shares look set to open higher on Tuesday after a slew of exit polls predicted that the Yogi Adityanath-led BJP is likely to win another term by a landslide in Uttar Pradesh. A cautious ...


Commentary: Johor youths worry over jobs but that may not translate into votes


Everyone is talking up the potential of "Undi18" voters in the upcoming Johor state elections. Dr Serina Rahman examines the youths’ views on the ground and is more cautious of the outcome.


Cambridgeshire errs on side of caution despite drop in Covid cases


Some residents and councils in Cambridgeshire remain cautious over the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, despite the county seeing ...


Courts should be cautious about putting patients with pain at risk

If it is allowed to stand, doctors who already face intense pressure to curtail opioid prescriptions will be even more inclined to elevate drug control above pain control. Ruan’s trial featured ...


Be cautious about 'Freedom coin' cryptocurrency in Ghana - BoG


The Bank of Ghana (BoG) has cautioned the public about an impending launch of a cryptocurrency named "Freedom Coin" in Ghana.


Gold prices range-bound as cautious investors await US inflation data

A robust inflation reading is expected to burnish gold's appeal as an inflation hedge, but interest rate hikes would raise the opportunity cost of holding non-yielding bullion. Spot gold XAU= held ...


cautious approach needed for cataract surgery in eye with prior trabeculectomy

Decreasing the infusion pressure and the aspiration flow rate will help ensure that excess fluid is not pushed through the trabeculectomy site, which would distend and overinflate the bleb.


Banks cautious About Cash, Funding-Stress Barometer Shows

A key gauge of funding stress in the credit markets surged, a signal that banks are girding themselves for potential disruptions amid geopolitical turmoil. The cost of borrowing i ...


GoG warns Ghanaians in Ukraine against unscrupulous persons posing as officials for evacuation

The Government of Ghana (GoG) has cautioned the general public to be cautious about unscrupulous persons posing as government officials designated to assist in the evacuation exercise for Ghanaian ...


Shanghai stainless steel retreats


BEIJING: Chinese stainless steel futures dropped on Wednesday, after opening more than 7% higher, as cautious investors assessed the uncertainties caused by a surge in prices of raw material nickel.


EUR/USD floats above 1.0900 as bulls and bears jostle over Ukraine crisis, inflation fears

EUR/USD fades the previous day’s rebound from 22-month low, sidelined of late. Softer yields, cautious optimism weigh on DXY as markets await Thursday’s Russia-Ukraine peace talks in Turkey. Fears of ...


Vt. colleges taking cautious approach to relaxing COVID rules


As Vermont K-12 schools move toward removing masks, many local colleges have not let down their guard yet. As University of Vermont students prepared to leave for spring break Friday, the school’s ...


Striking a cautious note on caravan tourism


Even as caravans are being touted as the next best thing in Kerala’s tourism sector, key players advise caution, considering its potential impact on pollution-free far-flung locales with few ...


Stocks insipid as investors remain cautious

Stocks ended flat for the second consecutive day yesterday as investors kept maintaining their wait-and-see approach amid higher infections of Covid-19. The DSEX, the benchmark index of the Dhaka ...


Putin ‘insatiable’ says New Hampshire couple, pleading for Western intervention

For one local family with close ties to Ukraine, the news coming out of the region is heartbreaking, while they are frustrated by the cautious response from Western allies. Through a combination of ...


Inside Somizi's Nerve Wrecking Trip To The Wild


The media personality is very cautious about what he posts or how he poses because he is scared people are going to zoom in and see who he is on the trip with. Somizi who is rocking the best vacation ...

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