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[kaˈfā, kəˈfā] ✕ Play


cafes (plural noun) · cafés (plural noun)

  - a small restaurant selling light meals and drinks.

  - a bar or nightclub.

  - a serving of coffee, especially prepared European-style:


cafeteria, buffet, restaurant, bistro, brasserie, cybercafe, diner, estaminet, Wikipedia,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is a café?
    A café is a type of restaurant which usually serves coffee and snacks. The term "café" comes from French, and means "coffee". You can read newspapers and magazines there, or chat with other customers about current topics.
  2. What do you call a coffee shop?
    A café is sometimes called a coffeehouse or a coffee shop or tea shop in English, a café in French and a bar in Italian. (Cafe or café is the common spelling used in English, French, Spanish, et al however the word is spelled "caffe" in Italian.) It shares some characteristics of a bar and some characteristics of a restaurant given its...
  3. What was the purpose of the French café?
    By the 19th century, the daily newspaper and the home post had displaced these functions. About the same time, as painting and literature attest, the French café and restaurant were at their zenith as gathering places for intellectuals and artists.
  4. What was the first cafe in the world?
    According to legend, the first such establishment opened with an inventory... The introduction of coffee and coffee drinking to Europe provided a much-needed focus for the social activities of the sober. The first café is said to have opened in 1550 in Constantinople; during the 17th century cafés opened in Italy, France, Germany, and England.

"Cafes" Example Sentences


Darina Allen: My version of Dishoom's famous bacon naan bread is the perfect brunch

There are many, many good things on the menu but don't miss the iconic Bacon Naan, reminiscent of the Iranian cafés in Mumbai, street food at its irresistible best. We had lunch at Café ...


10 Lavender cafes For Brunch, Rosti, Coffee And Hainanese-Style Hightea


Due to the proximity to the hipster area of Jalan Besar, this is also home to several cafes and brunch places. The café which had its beginnings from the Omni-Theatre at Singapore Science Centre, is ...


Starbucks suspending all business activity in Russia

Coffee giant Starbucks Corp said on Tuesday that it is suspending all business activity in Russia, including shipment of its products and cafes run by a licensee.


New cafes and restaurants in Singapore to try this month

Need some inspiration for your next gastronomic adventure? Here are 10 new cafes and restaurants in Singapore to visit this March 2022.


France faces end of coffee and cigarettes

In a country renowned for its fondness for romance, smoking has never quite shaken off its romantic associations with smoky Left Bank cafes and waifish Parisienne beauties clutching on a Gauloises.


How to Decorate With Cups & Saucers

In dining rooms and cafes around the world, coffee and tea are served in cups and saucers of every color, pattern, size and shape. A china teacup with hand-painted roses or a chic demitasse cup ...


McDonald's, Starbucks and Coca-Cola leave Russia

McDonald's and Starbucks are shutting their restaurants and cafes in Russia, and Coca-Cola is suspending its operations there in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. PepsiCo is also pulling some ...


Sainsbury's shakeup will put 2,000 workers at risk of redundancy


Sainsbury's is to shut 200 cafes in a shake-up of its in-store dining, putting around 2,000 workers at risk of redundancy. The supermarket said it will also be consulting staff about plans to close ...


People share the cheeky ways they save money, from asking for boiling water at cafes to using free newspapers as mats


One woman has taken to Mumsnet to ask others the cheeky ways they save money. The woman admitted her husband often reuses stamps from mail they receive if the stamp isn’t marked. “His ...


So Good Char Chan Tang Opening NEW HK Cafe Outlet At Tanjong Pagar

Hong Kong style Char Chaan Teng and cafes are getting more common in Singapore, with recent openings including Legendary Hong Kong at Funan, Pi Food at Penang Road, Tsui Wah at Jewel Changi Airport ...


Why This Toronto Street Is the Most Delicious Stretch in the City

With exciting restaurants and cafés galore, this formerly forlorn block is poised to steal the foodie throne from its western twin.


Spoonful opening in Creve Coeur

Bingsu topped with strawberry and matcha with red bean paste, two of the available options at Spoonful in Creve Coeur Café culture is a big deal in Korea. There are more than 12,000 cafes in Seoul, ...


After Nearly 45 Years, Mr. Espresso Opens First Cafe


Mr. Espresso, an Oakland-based, family-run company that has been roasting and distributing Italian-style oak wood roasted coffee to Bay Area retailers, cafes and restaurants for nearly 45 years, ...


On NATO’s eastern flank, subtle and not-so-subtle reminders of the war next door


The small coffee shops, bars and cafes that line the central square in Rzeszow, Poland still bustle with foreign tourists and students from the local university.


Grief and Solidarity: Kyiv’s suburbs transformed from thriving community to ghost town in two weeks


Two weeks ago our streets were buzzing with joy, cafes and shops were full, street singers were singing and young people were dancing outside the Khreshchatyk subway station. Now it is a ghost city, a ...


Checking in with True/False ’22


Like everywhere else, a lot has changed in Columbia, Mo., in the two years since the pandemic began. Stores were shuttered, beloved restaurants and cafes closed (RIP Harold's Donuts and Szechuan House ...


Paying extra for milk alternatives: unfair, illogical – and a little bit racist?


Why charging customers more for non-dairy milk in coffee at Starbucks and other cafes is more of a problem than you might think ...


Un restaurateur normand invente des bancs chauffants pour pallier l'interdiction des radiants

#IlsOntLaSolution Cette fois, c’est sûr, les braseros, radiants électriques et autres parasols à gaz devront avoir disparu des terrasses des cafés et restaurants au 1er avril 2022.


Starbucks hoping to open first New Jersey Bayshore location in Atlantic Highlands


At least, that's what Starbucks is hoping for. According to The Two River Times, The Borough of Atlantic Highlands has "cleared a path for Starbucks to bring the first of its cafés to the Bayshore’s ...


Hong Kong's 'greasy spoon' cafes

Serving up a rarely changing menu of quirky Canto-European concoctions, the cha chaan teng is at the heart of the city's singular cultural identity.


Voices: ‘Our brothers did this to us’: Ukrainians are sheltering in place — or heading to the front lines

While children stomped through snow-dusted parks, professionals teetered through frozen streets to small cafes and offices tucked into and around mortar-fissured apartment buildings, raw with the ...


The Weekend Hitlist: what we want to see, do and buy this weekend


With artisan food shops, charming cafés and plenty of under-the-radar restaurants, Ennistymon in Co Clare is fast gaining a reputation as a serious food destination. The market town is home to lots of ...


Litty Committee: Autumn’s Here, So Here’s All The Best New Releases To Get Cosy With


Think cosy jumpers, warm mochas in cute cafes and falling leaves. Actually, that’s all sounding a bit Christian Girl Autumn. Maybe you’re dreading the arrival of autumn. The wild rain, not being able ...


San Francisco Cafés Banishing Disposable Coffee Cups

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A new café culture is brewing in the San Francisco area, where a growing number of coffeehouses are banishing paper to-go cups and replacing them with everything from glass jars ...


Study Buddy (Challenger): Coffee + cacophony: why is the music so deafeningly loud at some cafes and restaurants?

Read the following text, and answer questions 1-9 below: [1] Stopping for breakfast at a coffee bar can feel like the equivalent of a trip to the dentist’s chair. Not because you’ve broken a ...


China’s Bean Town: How Shanghai Brewed Up a Cafe Craze

With nearly 7,000 cafes across the city — the most in the world — it’s clear that Shanghai is addicted to coffee. According to author Cheng Naishan, coffee was popular in Shanghai even during the ...


Bay watch puts Melbourne in a new nautical perspective

Which is squeezed into a relatively exiguous area between natural boundaries. Everything seems more spacious in Melbourne - visitors to both cities will have noticed that cafes in Melbourne are ...


New lease awarded for two cafes at the Sound and Cregneash


Manx National Heritage cafes at the Sound and Cregneash have been awarded on five-year leases to Riverside Limited, the existing contract holders, following a competitive bid process.


GUEST COMMENT Why Sainsbury’s partnership investment is a power play for grocery retail


The news that Sainsbury’s is set to shake up store formats with the closure of 200 cafés alongside refinements to bakery and hot food, doesn’t come as a surprise. The supermarket café has long been ...


Your Daily Coffee Could Be About To Cost You $7 As cafes Feel The Pinch


Australians could soon be paying up to $7 for a flat white as overheads grow across the country with inflation surging.


Shropshire is a staycation surprise with lovely walks, great cafes and character pubs


Shropshire is a bit off the radar but it's every bit as impressive as the more famous Lake District or Yorkshire Dales and far less crowded for an enjoyable break ...


I was in El Salvador, where bitcoin was accepted everywhere. Here's why their risky crypto experiment just might work.


Right after I hopped out the back of a pickup in El Zonte, El Salvador, I recognized I wasn't in an ordinary beach town. El Zonte's welcome sign had two bitcoin logos, its cafes offered 75% bitcoin ...


Launch of Chatty Café at Lunch Box Café in Larne

Mid and East Antrim Loneliness Network has been proactive in establishing Chatty Cafés across our Borough to tackle loneliness and reduce isolation by creating opportunities to talk and interact.


Let's Eat Out: New Haven Restaurant Week Is Back March 27


Yum. New Haven Restaurant Week has evolved to include 53 restaurants, eateries, fast casual and cafés in 8 neighborhoods across the city.


Santa Cruz Starbucks unionization push follows national trend of increased approval


After a Santa Cruz Starbucks became the first location to petition to unionize in California, multiple other Starbucks cafes followed suit across the state. “We're seeing more and more young workers ...


Maid Cafés Aren't Just For Male Otaku Anymore

For anyone with a keen interest in anime subculture, the maid cafés of Akihabara need no introduction. Despite their ubiquity in anime, however, they feel representative of a previous generation of ...


Night Swim Coffee Makes a Giant Splash in Charlotte


Swim Coffee has cannonballed into the coffee pool Charlotte, North Carolina, opening three full-service retail cafes plus a flagship roastery cafe in a span of just five months. Doors to the ...


New York-style pizza | 5 new cafes in NuLu | New Old Louisville coffee shop


Great news for coffee fans: after being forced out of its building in January, Pregame Coffee has chosen a new location in Clifton. The Mediterranean buffet Al Hamra has finally reopened in the ...


We Tried Iced Coffee From 9 Major Cafés And Restaurants — Here's The One We Hated And The Two We Loved


Okay, so I know everyone typically has their coffee allegiances — specifically, ye olde Starbucks vs. Dunkin' debate — so I thought it would be fun to see if people would actu ...


Mind-Blowing 2D Cafés Let Customers Escape to Cartoon Coffee Worlds


Ever wondered what it would be like to step into your favorite cartoon? You're in luck. 2D cafés are popping up all around the globe to help you simulate the experience. First conceived in South Korea ...


Interval Coffee sells special cookies to raise money for Ukraine relief efforts


The crew at Interval is joining the Hamantaschen for Ukraine movement, where restaurants, bakeries and cafes are selling these delicious cookies to raise money and support.


Struggling small merchants express frustration over meager virus curb relaxation


Restaurants, cafes and other small business owners expressed their frustration Friday over the government's latest COVID-19 rule relaxation, with many questioning the efficacy of the gathering ...


More robot cafés are popping up in S'pore. Are they a fad or are they here to stay?


Robot cafés are niche and exciting but are they doomed to follow the fate of the bubble tea craze or are they the next step in the evolution of the F&B industry?


Mount Pleasant restaurant owners buy pizzeria franchise in N. Charleston; new cafes coming


The owners of a Mellow Mushroom pizzeria in Mount Pleasant recently bought the franchise for a similar operation in North Charleston near Tanger Outlets.


10 cafes in Mussoorie that serve excellent food and great vibes


Mussoorie, or the ‘Queen of the Hills’ as it is known, was set up by British officers to escape the heat of the plains. The stunning hill station has served as a pleasant getaway for mountain lovers.


The Coffee Fox and other Foxy cafes in Savannah now serving their own coffee


Jennifer Jenkins, owner of The Coffee Fox and its three sister cafes, talks about the decision and process behind roasting their own coffee.


Ukraine’s cultural capital no longer distant from the war


Until the missiles struck within walking distance of the cathedrals and cafes downtown, Ukraine’s cultural capital was a city that could feel distant from the war.


Making mince on toast

Many cafés in Britain feature it regularly on their menu and there is nothing quite as warming and satisfying as a good plate of mince on toast. I’m ashamed to say that when I went flatting it ...


Review: What we thought of the afternoon tea at one of Teesside's top TripAdvisor rated cafes


The tiered stand was brought swiftly to our table - and it was precisely then that any notion of eating in order went out of the window' ...


Seared Atlantic Salmon Fillet


Freson Bros is bringing in Atlantic Salmon fillets to mix things up. If you are looking for a fresh recipe to go along with your turf why not try Authentic cafes Seared Atlantic Salmon Fillet recipe.

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