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build (verb) · builds (third person present) · built (past tense) · built (past participle) · building (present participle)

  - construct (something) by putting parts or material together:

  - commission, finance, and oversee the building of (something):

  - compile (a program, database, index, etc.):

  - make stronger or more intense:

  - become stronger or more intense:

  - establish and develop (a business or situation) over a period of time:

  - the dimensions or proportions of a person's or animal's body:

  - the style or form of construction of something, especially a vehicle:

  - a compiled version of a program:

  - the process of compiling a program.


construct, erect, assemble, raise, make, fabricate, form, manufacture, create, fashion,

"Build" Example Sentences


AEW Announces Big Tag Match For Tonight’s Dynamite


AEW will present the final episode of Dynamite before Sunday's Revolution pay-per-view tonight on TBS. The show will continue the build to several major ...


NASA wants to land Americans back on the moon. These women are making it happen

The women behind the Artemis program — Sharon Cobb, who leads the team that designed and built the powerful space launch system; Laura Poliah, who helped build the Orion capsule on top ...


How To build A WordPress Site Quickly: Everything You Need To Know


Whether you're a small business just starting out or an established company looking to expand your online presence, a professional website is key. There are many ways to build a website, but WordPress ...


Five reasons why WordPress is perfect to build a membership website

WordPress has been around for a long time and ... and types of membership sites that are fashionable now will turn into old-style and perhaps share a fate with hapless phone books.


BC High to build new on-campus stadium and athletic facility; construction starts in June

BC High has announced plans to build a new on-campus stadium and athletic facility, thanks to a $2.5 million gift from alumnus John V. Murphy. The following is a news release from the school: Boston, ...


Windstream Wholesale Partners with Infinera to build Next-Generation Optical Infrastructure

Mar 3, 2022-- Windstream Wholesale, a leading provider of advanced network solutions, and Infinera (NASDAQ: INFN) announced today plans to collaborate on an initiative to transform Windstream’s ...


Lima students design, build catapults


Students at South Science and Technology Magnet School were building catapults in class Thursday. Under the guidance of Renée Farra from ...


Joaquin Niemann authors 3-under 68 en route to 54-hole record, 3-stroke lead at Genesis Invitational

He still pieced together a 3-under 68 to set the 54-hole record and build a three-shot lead in the Genesis Invitational. Cameron Young, the 24-year-old PGA Tour rookie, tried to keep it closer ...


New Windows 11 test build adds Smart App control, better Microsoft 365 account management

Microsoft is looking to improve app security and to make Microsoft 365 account management easier in Windows 11 via new features in the latest Dev Channel test build.


China's 'Two Sessions' to build on success against COVID-19


The huge success of China in dealing with COVID-19 provides a firm framework for the Two Sessions to discuss other issues facing Chinese society.


In less glamorous NFL draft class, offensive linemen Evan Neal, Ikem Ekwonu build case for No. 1 pick


This year's NFL draft might lack a top-five talent at quarterback, but there are two promising blind-side protectors in Evan Neal and Ikem Ekwonu.


‘Grid Legends’ review – great racing, struggling story


Grid Legends looks great, sounds terrific, and you can feel the experience that was used to build the game, but it's just missing something.


Volkswagen to build $2.2 Billion New EV Plant to Keep Up With Tesla


Volkswagen AG is moving ahead with a plan to add an electric-car factory in Germany to keep pace with Tesla Inc., whose plant near Berlin is set to ramp up in the coming weeks.


5 Essentials For A Clean And Conversion-Strong Product Page


Truth is: We like to buy in a neat environment. The product page is the place where your customers buy. Keep is as clean as it gets. Your customers will reward it. These 5 principles help me build ...


Eastlake eagle pair incubating one, maybe two eggs


When Jackson and Kindness, an eagle pair in Eastlake, started to build on their nest this year, an egg was expected at some point. Low and behold, on the early morning of Feb. 24, Kindness laid ...


Eagle Brook withdraws megachurch proposal in Minnetonka


Eagle Brook Church has announced that it's pulling out of a proposal to build its latest megachurch in a residential neighborhood in Minnetonka. In a statement released Wednesday night, church leaders ...


Bac Giang earmarks 65.67 million USD for construction of Dong Viet Bridge


The Chairman of the People’s Committee of the northern province of Bac Giang has approved a project to build Dong Viet Bridge and a road leading to it in Yen Dung district, at a total investment of ...


All major browsers assemble for the first time to improve Web development

Companies behind the world’s most popular browsers have assembled for the first time to make the Web more interoperable and easier to build upon for developers. The group consists of members from ...


How Data Fabrics build Trust for Data and Analytics Success


Companies have access to more data than ever before – but it doesn’t mean everyone in an organization trusts the reliability of that data and resulting analytics. A company may be filled with data ...


Outlook 2022: Dimension Fabricators churning out tons of rebar as infrastructure spending gets set to soar


When talk turns to investing billions in public infrastructure, places like Dimension Fabricators are where the rubber first meets the road. You can’t build anything without a good foundation, and eve ...


QC Empowerment Network hosts 7th annual Black Business Expo


The QC Empowerment Network is hosting their largest Black Business Expo since the program began. This will be the 7th annual event aimed at helping to build Black-owned businesses in the Quad Cities.


GTCC scholarship helps remove cost barriers

The Access Amazing Scholarship is a $3.2 million five-year initiative designed to remove cost as a barrier for recent Guilford County high school graduates and help build the county's skilled employee ...


New federal regulations make it easier to build and buy classic car replicas


NHTSA has finally put the stipulations of a law passed in 2015 into effect that will make it easier to build and buy new replicas of classic cars.


RSS Affiliate To Campaign For Separate Spaces Inside Mosques For Muslim Women, Raising Girl Marriageable Age


The RSS-linked Muslim Manch will roll out a nationwide campaign to build a "mass movement" for amendment in the personal law to raise the minimum age of marriage of Muslim women from the current age ...


RSS affiliate to launch nationwide campaign


The RSS-linked Muslim Rashtriya Manch will roll out a nationwide campaign to build a "mass movement" for amendment in the personal law to raise the minimum age of marriage of Muslim women from ...


RSS-linked Muslim Rashtriya Manch to start campaign to raise minimum age of marriage of Muslim women


The RSS-linked Muslim Rashtriya Manch will roll out a nationwide campaign to build a "mass movement" for amendment in the personal law to raise the minimum age of marriage of Musl ...


Planning chiefs back proposals to build flats on ‘attractive focal point’ despite opposition from locals


The scheme would see a pair of two-storey blocks built on a half acre site between Broad Street, Yates Street And Chapel Street, in the Rhodes area of Middleton.


The Human Side of Data Science Can No Longer Be an Afterthought | Opinion


We cannot afford to build the tech first and then worry about the ethical and social implications later. Instead, we need to integrate a human perspective throughout data science.


Why did Red Bank shoot down a plan to build apartments on West Front Street?


RED BANK - The zoning board voted 4-3 to reject plans to build apartments above the Italian restaurant Pazzo MMX Thursday night. The revised plans by PRC Group was a significant scale down of ...


Des Peres doesn't allow apartments, but a developer wants to change that with a plan for 180 units


"We just have never allowed apartments. It goes back to the 70s," a city official said. Still, a developer submitted plans to build a project on 6 acres including retail and an apartment complex.


The energy transition is not fit for purpose

Our present orthodox decarbonization, the energy transition, is a Rube Goldberg machine to build renewable energy capacity which (supposedly) will displace fossil fuel use. It hasn’t worked and should ...


How Kwame Nkrumah’s midnight speech set a tradition for marking the moment of liberation


Nkrumah’s rhetorical vision used the politics of the crowd to build a postcolonial community outside of the conscripts of colonialism.


Athletes build Marginal Gains With The Latest Fabric Tech


Athletes build Marginal Gains With The Latest Fabric Tech With the soon approaching XIII Paralympic Winter Games and recently concluded Winter Olympic Games Beijing, we explore the fabric technologies ...


NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournaments March 6: Big Ten, ACC, SEC, Pac-12 Championship Games | Tip-Offs, How to Watch


Some of the top teams in the country look to build up their stocks by taking home a conference title on Sunday ...


Microsoft releases Windows 11 Dev build 22567.100 (KB5012427) to test the servicing pipeline

The new build does not bring anything new to the table as it is a cumulative update with which the company is testing its servicing pipelines as it is often known to do. The full announcement says: We ...


Pallet Chicken Coop

build a budget-friendly pallet chicken coop from upcycled materials to keep your birds in maximum creature comfort.


New offices for the hybrid era? Many companies are on board


If you build a shiny new office building, will your employees show up to work in it? Many U.S. companies are banking on it because they believe working in person is better for collaboration and ...


New Elementor Cloud Website tool lets web creators build WordPress websites faster


You will also need to purchase hosting with a WordPress installation separately. 2. Elementor Cloud Website: This is a new way to create a website with an end-to-end solution that includes all of the ...


Uruguay’s La Cabaña Avícola chooses Royal Pas Reform technologies for its first hatchery build


La Cabaña Avicola, a family company based in the municipality of San Bautista, near Montevideo in Uruguay, has been a pioneer in introducing, promoting and democratizing the consumption of chicken ...


La Cabaña chooses Royal Pas Reform tech for hatchery build

La Cabaña Avicola, a family company based in the municipality of San Bautista, near Montevideo in Uruguay, has been a pioneer in introducing, promoting and democratizing the consumption of chicken ...


Ways to build an Emergency Fund on an Unsteady Income

In this article, we will look at how to build an emergency fund on an unsteady income. An emergency fund pertains to the amount set aside to maintain financial security. In essence, this is the ...


Unseasonable warmth continues across Green Country

Our warmth continues to build today across the area as an upper-level ridge builds into the middle of the country. Look for sunshine today and Thursday with highs near 80. Wind will pick up over the ...


build a new city or new humans? A Utopia in India fights over future


Before her death in 1973, the Mother had commissioned French architect Roger Anger to develop a design for a city of 50,000, about 15 times the current population. Anger conceived of a galactic form: ...


TJ Otzelberger is proud of his team’s gritty performance after trailing by 25 points


Iowa State’s TJ Otzelberger says the second half against Baylor is something to build on. Randy Peterson Randy Peterson, Des Moines Register ...


Price Transparency Or Price Obfuscation? Is A PBM-Backed Network Using Its Monopoly In One Business To Advantage Itself In The Next? (1 Of 2)


In fact, one could argue that for e-prescribing routing, it was Surescripts’ central position as a network that helped bring together disparate entities (and their disparate interests) and build a ...


Zurich Cable Car Gets Canceled

The ambitious project to build a cable car over Zurich's lake for a local Swiss bank's anniversary is a no go.


Decoding plant proteins to build the ideal alternative protein product


Plant proteins continue to gain momentum. Soy, pea, mycoprotein, algae … the list is growing, and growing fast. Whether driven by health, the environment, animal welfare, or a combination of concerns, ...


Ex-P&Gers raise millions for 'consumer goods company of the future'

Two former Procter & Gamble employees who also helped build startup Amify’s “HQ2” in Cincinnati are returning to their brand-building roots with a new business venture and have landed millions in ...


Clocks For Social Good

Over the past five days we’ve been challenging the Hackaday community to build a clock and show it off. This is to raise awareness for electronics design in everyday life and hopefully you found ...


Low Carbon Transport Options – A Treatise on Alternatives to Electric Cars

From the roads we build to the cars we drive, the emissions we produce from day-to-day travel can, and should be, reduced in order to mitigate the effects of climate change. Cities around the world ...

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