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bonding (noun)

  - the establishment of a relationship or link with someone based on shared feelings, interests, or experiences:

  - the action of joining things securely by means of adhesive, heat, or pressure or by chemical bonds:

  - the laying of bricks in an overlapping pattern so as to form a strong structure:

  - the placement of dutiable goods in bond:

  - having the function of joining things securely, especially by means of an adhesive substance, heat, or pressure:

  - having the function or effect of establishing a relationship or link with someone based on shared feelings, interests, or experiences:


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bonding (present participle)

  - join or be joined securely to something else, especially by means of an adhesive substance, heat, or pressure:

  - establish a relationship with someone based on shared feelings, interests, or experiences:

  - join or be joined by a chemical bond:

  - lay (bricks) in an overlapping pattern so as to form a strong structure.

  - place (dutiable goods) in bond:


join, connect, fasten, fix, affix, attach, secure, bind, stick, glue,

"Bonding" Example Sentences


Thermo-Ply Protective Sheathing

Thermo-Ply Protective Sheathing is an alternative to wood structural panels. It is made from 94% recycled fibers, is 99% recyclable, and contains no toxic bonding agents. Thermo-Ply has a ...


Remote production company WilkieTV goes Limitless

UK remote production company WilkieTV has rebranded as Limitless Broadcast as it aims to showcase its work in 4/5G remote production, IP bonding and live streaming. The company was one of the first on ...


Coronation Street: Sally sabotages Tim and Elaine's bonding night in revenge plot?

We use your sign-up to provide content in ways you've consented to and to improve our understanding of you. This may include adverts from us and 3rd parties based on our understanding. You can ...


Brennan Taberna

• SPORTS LESSONS: “What I enjoy most about sports is the whole family aspect, bonding with teammates and working hard. … Being an athlete has taught me self-discipline, leadership and to ...


Angelina Cruz talks about her family bonding moments with parents Cesar Montano, Sunshine Cruz

“We’re in good terms kami ng Dad ko. I think that photo was the last time nagkita kami. This was ‘yung December, nag-aya po ‘yung Dad ko, nag-aya po siya, kasi he wanted to celebrate my li ...


Making designer crystals? It’s easier with a new targeted particle bonding strategy

The larger particles squeeze together into tighter and tighter packings that eventually lead to crystal formation. The composition of the smaller particles influences this squeezing process.


‘Ted Lasso’ Star Brett Goldstein Bonds With “Kindred Spirit” Oscar the Grouch in New ‘Sesame Street’ Promo

On Tuesday, the children’s show released a new clip of Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein grumpily bonding with Oscar the Grouch. During the video, Big Bird remarks on what a beautiful day they’re ...


Kavli Lectures to feature bonding through chemistry at ACS Spring 2022

Chemical bonding is a subject nearly as old as chemistry itself, and the theme will be highlighted in a pair of Kavli Lectures at the spring meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS), which will ...


What’s an Olympics without wars of words and cloak-and-dagger intrigue?

One week into the global bonding experience of an Olympic Games, and … nope Faster, Higher, Stronger, Louder! What would an Olympics be without the diplomatic fun and games of hints, allegations ...


Cats Can Learn Tricks, Too: Watch Misty Flawlessly Perform a Set of Feats in Viral TikTok

Dogs might hog the spotlight when it comes to pet tricks, but our cats may be every bit as inclined to learn a few fun feats. Plus, you may find it to be a rewarding bonding experience—just like ...


‘Shining Vale’: As an author bonding with a dead housewife, Courteney Cox is the best part of uneven horror comedy


Starz Fresh off her triumphant encore as Gale Weathers in“Scream,” Courteney Cox returns to the horror/comedy genre in the Starz limited series “Shining Vale,” and she delivers a knockout performance ...


Silicone44 Rubberized Silicone White Roof Coating

Silicone44 Rubberized Silicone White Roof Coating is a silicone rubber roof that’s ideal for ponding water. Prime with bonding primer designed for EPDM. Other substrates may also require primer before ...


Advancements in Nano-Based Adhesive bonding

An adhesive is a substance that allows them to stick together and withstand detachment when deposited to the surfaces of two or more components. Nanomaterials such as nanofillers, nanotubes or ...


Human and chipmunk friend bond as it eats some nuts in this cute video. Watch

Screengrab from the video that shows a chipmunk named Squishy eating some nuts from its human friend's hand. (tiktok/@chipmunksoftiktok) The videos that show humans and animals bonding as they ...


Jasmine Curtis, may nakaka-touch na birthday message para sa pamangkin niyang si Dahlia


Jasmine Curtis recently posted a video compilation of her bonding moments with her niece, Dahlia Amélie. The Kapuso actress uploaded the heartwarming clip.


Review: Recycled ideas keep time travel flick ‘The Adam Project’ stuck in the past


Ryan Reynolds plays a time traveler from the future bonding with his tween self in Netflix's "The Adam Project," with Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Saldaña.


What People Get Wrong About The 'Golden Hour' After Birth

“What is undebatable is that those first moments, hours, what have you, with a newborn are really useful for things. The skin-to-skin contact is super useful for early bonding and ...


Supporters vow to revisit bond threshold rule after a close vote: 'We'll try again next month'


The proposal would have required any Harris County bonding company to collect 10% of a surety bond, present proof of that payment before a suspect bonds out.


SARAH BUITENDACH: Let’s have a word about Wordle

Wordle has been a real source of bonding for our round robin of relatives – and an inciter of mounting competition. On Monday I fell out with my sister over who came up with the winning word first.


Rumoured Couple Ishaan Khatter, Ananya Panday Are Inseparable At Shahid Kapoor's Bday Bash


As Shahid Kapoor shared some pictures from his birthday party, what caught the fans' eyes was the cute bonding that Ishaan Khatter and Ananya Panday shared.


A look at Tennessee’s football team bonding ahead of spring break, practices


Josh Heupel enters his second season as Tennessee’s head coach in 2022. Heupel guided the Vols to a 7-6 (4-4 SEC) record during the 2021 campaign. Josh Heupel evaluated as second-best career offensive ...


Composite bonding and Veneers: Everything You've Wanted to Know


Composite bonding is the new trendy term when it comes to dentistry (yes, "trendy" and "dentistry" can be used in the same sentence these days) - and for good reason. The cosmetic procedure is an ...


Tali Sotto’s bonding moment with Kristine & Oyo Sotto’s kids goes viral


Pauleen Luna's daughter Tali Sotto warmed hearts on IG through her viral new picture. A photo of Tali bonding with some of her nephews and niece went viral.


What is actually needed for emotional bonding

Meaning of emotional bonding What is lack of emotional bonding? What is the importance of emotional bond. What is actually needed for emotional bonding. Emotional bonding is the strongest bonding ...


Illinois lawmakers advance pension buyout extension fueled by $1B of bonding


A bond-funded pension buyout extension and automatic transfers into the state's now meager rainy day and pension stabilization funds are being discussed by Illinois lawmakers as they look to wrap up ...


Colorado has an abandoned oil well problem. Now it’s asking drillers to pay up.

But states walk a tight rope when designing their bonding programs: While they want to have enough funds on hand to clean up the mess left behind by irresponsible companies, they also don’t want ...


Solutions for bonding Liquid Silicone Rubber to Plastic Substrates

Three common methods to bond LSR to thermoplastic substrates are presently in use. Primers have long been used to enable bonding of LSR to substrates. Self-bonding LSRs, when introduced to the market ...


Chemists discuss bonding through chemistry on opening day of ACS Spring 2022

The ACS Spring 2022 opening session will focus on how the theory of chemical bonding can take on a fresh spin and impact the rapidly rising field of quantum information science.


Teresa Loyzaga, “happy” about Cesar Montano’s bonding with his kids


Teresa Loyzaga recently had a heartwarming comment on Diego Loyzaga’s latest post showing him bonding with Angelina, Sam, Chesca, and their dad, Cesar Montano.


Cesar Montano posts new video, pics of his bonding moments with his kids

Cesar Montano warmed hearts on social media through his latest photos & video featuring his three daughters with Sunshine Cruz and his son with Teresa Loyzaga.


Tejasswi Prakash on bonding with beau Karan Kundrra’s mother: ‘I love her and she loves me’


Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra have become one of the most-talked-about couples in the television industry. The duo fell in love inside the Bigg Boss 15 house. Even after coming out of the house, ...


Postnatal depression doesn't always mean not bonding with your baby


Sitting by the fireplace in my lounge, watching as my 5-month-old baby happily gazed up at his jungle gym, I burst into tears. My sobs, coupled with the overwhelming sense that I was losing control – ...


bonding exercise: Quantifying biexciton binding energy

(2022, March 2). bonding exercise: Quantifying biexciton binding energy: Applications in future devices based on biexcitons in TMDCs. ScienceDaily. Retrieved March 2, 2022 from www.sciencedaily ...


Chris and Katie exude fanciness at Denver's Brown Palace

Chris and Katie exude fanciness at Denver's Brown Palace Toggle header content News Channel 2's newest anchor duo headed out to one of Denver's finest dining establishments for some bonding and ...


College Girl and The Alpha Daddy (Degraded Teens) eBook : Paige, Hailey: Kindle Store

When her mother's new boyfriend, Chase, takes schoolgirl Zoe to the mall for a bonding experience, the two of them stumble into a dirty store. Chase buys a handful of dirty and erotic toys to use with ...


Bill to make mine bonding company greenlit despite concerns

Lawmakers in West Virginia were divided Friday on a bill that would establish a new private company to issue performance bonds to help coal companies pay to clean up abandoned mines.


Elixir bonding

Retinol, or pure Vitamin A, is a member of the retinoids family of compounds. Retinol is the most common Vitamin A derivative found in over-the-counter skin care products,” says Hinaa Khan, Head of ...


Coupling Agents Market is Predicted to Attain USD 698.5 Billion by 2028: Reports and Data

The growing demand for high-quality performance bonding agents is one of the major factors contributing to the growth of the market. The global Coupling ...


Blended families: From bickering to bonding for this public servant couple

SINGAPORE - When Mr Alfian Afandi first met Ms Jafmai Idayuwati Jaffar at work in 2006, they could not stand each other. "That's how it usually works, right?" he asks ...


Editorial: Play in peace

It is women who displayed this easy bonding through a baby whose mother recalled the steps she took to come back to play after giving birth. Political conflict became unimportant and sports rivalry ...


Homemade Solid Propellant Rocket Motors

[KoD] and [Navic] are building solid propellant motors using sugar and potassium nitrate. They cook up the two ingredients along with water and a bonding agent. They find that corn syrup is ...


Inside Kylie Jenner's First Month With Baby Wolf: ‘She's Starting to Feel Like Herself Again’


A source spoke to E! about how Kylie Jenner is recovering after her second pregnancy and bonding with her baby boy Wolf, whom she shares with Travis Scott.


'Gingerbread Grandmas' share joy of baking

bonding with Head Start students at Pine Point School involves frosting, sprinkles and a group of ladies known as the "Gingerbread Grandmas." They have been making the trip from Park Rapids and Nevis ...


Addibond™ obtains Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label


Solvay's water-soluble Addibond™ polymer, used as a thin layer to strengthen bonding between aluminum and adhesives in automotive applications, has obtained a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label.


OHM Token News Blog Launches Free Report | APY Staking & bonding V1 vs V2 2022

The crypto news site Olympus Dao Now today released a free report and review of Olympus Dao (OHM). OHM plays a central role ...


This pet-friendly hotel in Mussoorie allows human guests only if they are accompanied by a dog

A Dog’s Story, Mussourie will allow you to take your bonding with your pet to a new level as you laze in the sun, play in the pool and watch the sunset together ...


Rituparna Sengupta: Arbaaz Khan was a discovery for me; he is so spontaneous and charming


In an exclusive conversation with ETimes, Rituparna opened up about shooting in an old haveli for the film, bonding with Arbaaz and her all-time favou ...


Paving the way to tailor-made carbon nanomaterials and more accurate energetic materials modeling


Carbon exhibits a remarkable tendency to form nanomaterials with unusual physical and chemical properties, arising from its ability to engage in different bonding states. Many of these ...


Conagen Develops Novel High-Performing Debondable Adhesives From Natural Ingredients


Sustainable hot melt adhesives resolve manufacturers from traditional hurdles in bonding Robotic hot melt adhesive Conagen’s debondable adhesive formulation is ideal for cars, boats, planes, ...


The Adhesive bonding of Medical Devices

7 The selection and application of an appropriate surface treatment is one of the major factors for achieving good wettability and improved long-term durability in adhesively bonded joints. Inadequate ...

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