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blended (past tense) · blended (past participle)

  - mix (a substance) with another substance so that they combine together:

  - mix (different types of the same substance, such as tea, coffee, or liquor) together so as to make a product of the desired quality:

  - put or combine (abstract things) together:

  - merge (a color) with another so that one is not clearly distinguishable from the other:

  - form a harmonious combination:

  - be unobtrusive or harmonious by being similar in appearance or behavior:


mix, mingle, combine, stir, whisk, jumble, merge, fuse, unite, unify,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What does blended and synonyms mean?
    Blended: as in mixed, combined. Synonyms: combined, commingled, mingled… Antonyms: noncompound, simple, uncombined… Find the right word.
  2. What is blended learning?
    In general, blended learning refers to the following: 1 Some learning happens online in a format where the student has control over the path and pace at which they engage with... 2 Some learning happens in an instructor-led classroom 3 Online and in-person learning is complementary, creating a truly integrated learning environment More ...
  3. What does it mean to blend things together?
    Kids Definition of blend (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : to mix so completely that the separate things mixed cannot be told apart 2 : to exist agreeably with each other She chose soft colors that blend well.
  4. What does blending mean in literature?
    1. a. The act of blending: the writer's unique blend of fantasy and physics. b. Something, such as an effect or a product, that is created by blending: "His face shows, as he stares at the fire, a blend of fastidiousness and intransigence" (John Fowles).

"Blended" Example Sentences


Effects of climate change taking root in the wine industry

Experimental vineyards have been planted with vines from warmer climate countries to see if they can grow here so the grapes can be blended in with the merlots, cabernets and other french wines.


Flux Gourmet, review: highbrow Jackass, led by a sensual Gwendoline Christie

These games are not unlike highbrow Jackass, blended with a tinge of the so-called “Greek Weird Wave”, as indicated by turns from two of that movement’s stars, the intriguingly exotic Ariane ...


Quench your thirst this National Margarita Day with these deals

Casa Margarita is located at 1341 Butterfield Rd. Downers Grove No matter how or where you decide to quench your thirst this National Margarita Day, your biggest decision may be having it blended ...


How to navigate estate planning with the complexities of blended families

They’re like the Brady Bunch,” referring to the U.S. sitcom from the 1960s and 1970s in which two widowed parents merge families idealistically. But regardless of how harmonious the ...


Understanding the Shift to blended Learning with Catlin Tucker

Finding the support to embrace blended learning experiences. The pandemic has forced everyone to adjust to a new normal. Social distancing is being ...


KISS Finally Makes Actual Cold Gin

There are no artificial flavors or added sweeteners. To maintain the highest quality, additional flavors of juniper and lemon are macerated and blended with the distillate, achieving a full ...


‘Inventing Anna’: Julia Garner Artfully blended 4 Accents to Portray Faux Heiress Anna Sorokin


Julia Garner had to portray the Russian-born, German-raised, America resident Anna Delvey in the Netflix series 'Inventing Anna.' ...


Ravish Tiwari, Express chief of national bureau, passes away

Ravish Tiwari, National Political Editor and Chief of National Bureau of The Indian Express, whose work blended scholarship with journalistic rigour to explain change in politics and society ...


Sandra Joan Haworth

Sandra Joan Rumple was born on 3 March 1938 in the front room of her parents' house in Van Buren, Indiana. George Edward Rumple and Luella Marie Lobdell ended with a blended family of six children ...


Pastels and crayons

Colours can be blended by working over the top of each other. Like charcoal, chalk pastels smudge easily so a fixative is needed to keep them in place. Soft chalk pastels are good for filling ...


Peaky Blinders: Esme Shelby-Lee, Gypsy Curses and the Black Madonna


Luckily for John and Esme, they clicked and soon, they had their own blended and growing family. Esme moved from her gypsy wagon to Watery Lane, where she worked at the Peaky Blinders’ betting shop.


Director Tara Erickson's A Real Killjoy 2 To Release on the 12th of February

Here is a review of the first film by WHY SO BLU (Jason Coleman) “A Real Killjoy” – “With the drollness of Steven Wright blended with the zany bits of Shaun of the Dead, writer/director ...


Director Tara Erickson’s A Real Killjoy 2 To Release on the 12th of February

Here is a review of the first film by WHY SO BLU (Jason Coleman) “A Real Killjoy” – “With the drollness of Steven Wright blended with the zany bits of Shaun of the Dead, writer/director ...


Design education: How the pandemic redesigned its pedagogy in hybrid mould

The hybrid model of classes that caters to both in-person lessons and online ones is now the accepted pedagogy of design education blended learning has made the ‘flipped’ classroom a reality; digital ...


Improv Addison presents Flip Orley

Flip Orley’s show is a concert in hypnotism, bringing to the stage stand-up, improvisation, and sketch comedy in its true form. Orley has blended his love of laughter with an extraordinary ...


Bridal Bliss: After First Meeting At Caribana, Jackeline and Frederick Met At The Altar For A Perfect Potomac Wedding

The couple, who met while dancing at Toronto's Caribana, said "I do" in a ceremony that blended their individual styles and celebrated their love.


One Senior Place: Got questions about your last will and testament? We have answers

Q: Why should I NOT write my own will? A: If you want to disinherit your spouse or children, you should consult an attorney. Step-families and blended families also pose challenges to will writing.


The Music And The Message: How Le Tigre Paved The Way For Today’s Artistic Activism


A band both of their time and before their time, Le Tigre blended art, punk, and politics with dancefloor electropop, all in service of reminding the world that it’s okay to be angry and joyful at the ...


How blended Learning could be a teaching model ripe for well being

Summary: blended Learning. It's a term that has been batted about for a while but has come to another level of prominence now that we have become acutely aware of our digital existence.


Cameron Diaz Spotted Wearing A Foot Brace In Rare Outing In Beverly Hills — Photo

The ‘Vanilla Sky’ actress had a boot on her foot that blended in with her almost entirely black outfit while in Beverly Hills. Cameron Diaz seems like she may have injured her foot! The 49 ...


Tess Daly turns heads in gorgeous slinky top

Clarke & Clarke, but it was her stunning blue top that caught our eyes. Tess showed off the slinky number in the first photo, where she almost blended in with the pillow, and the figure-hugging ...


'I will miss him more than I can say': Julie Andrews after 'monumental' Tony Walton's death

He taught me to see the world with fresh eyes and his talent was simply monumental. I will miss him more than I can say. 'We are a huge, blended family and as we hold each other close, we take ...


How Fulfilling Can a Job Actually be?

Somewhere back in the not too distant past, several aspects of life blended together and ushered in some not so subtle changes to today’s beliefs about the nature of jobs. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and ...


Peru: Government guarantees quality of university education


Prior to the return of the face-to-face and/or blended modality at public and private universities, -->


Liz Weston: What’s a bypass trust and how can it help blended families?

Dear Liz: My husband and I made a living trust in 2004. He died in 2018, so his half became irrevocable. But while we were settling his estate, no one mentioned (though I can see clearly in the ...


What to look for in hiking or walking socks: here's how to pick the perfect pair

Merino wool is particularly popular, thanks to its softer fibre which avoids the scratchiness that other wool knits can have. Wools is rarely used completely pure; it's often blended with fibres ...


Tremor launches UNL, parametric & blended retro buying options

Tremor Technologies, the insurtech with a technology-based programmatic insurance and reinsurance risk transfer marketplace, has launched impressive ...


15 Best Hybrid Mattresses for the Soundest Sleep of Your Life

Because of their blended construction, most hybrid mattresses land in the medium range of firmness. Generally speaking, more springs (aka coils) mean more support and greater firmness. But ...


Swinging voters will determine the 2022 federal election but both parties lack policy to earn their votes

The very best fear campaigns are built around a farrago of truth and lies, blended together with complete disregard for the truth. It's almost as if the more outrageous they are, the greater the ...


Cheaper by the Dozen Trailer: See Gabrielle Union, Zach Braff Wrangle Their Unruly Brood in Reboot

A new trailer has dropped for Disney+'s Cheaper by the Dozen remake, starring Zach Braff and Gabrielle Union as two parents within a multiracial, blended family of 12. Braff, 46, and Union, 49 ...


Royal Salute unveils additions to its Couture Collection


Whisky brand Royal Salute has launched The House of Quinn by Richard Quinn, a decanter collection of limited-edition blended malt whisky. Forty bottles of the 200-strong collection are initially ...


Taste Test: This New 18-Year-Old Crown Royal blended Whisky That Will Satisfy Single Malt Fans


According to the Distilled Spirits Council, Canadian whisky has grown by 13 percent over the last five years equaling $2.5 billion in revenue. And the leading Canadian whisky brand is Crown Royal, a ...


GlenAllachie Distillers Co’s MacNair’s Lum Reek 10-year-old blended Scotch – Product Launch

Per 70cl bottle GlenAllachie Distillers Co has added a ten-year-old cask strength blended malt to the Lum Reek line from its Macnair’s brand. The first batch comprises two single malts from Islay and ...


blended families: From bickering to bonding for this public servant couple

SINGAPORE - When Mr Alfian Afandi first met Ms Jafmai Idayuwati Jaffar at work in 2006, they could not stand each other. "That's how it usually works, right?" he asks ...


Remarrying? Here are financial considerations to keep in mind before saying ‘I do’

Then there's the often dreaded pre-nup. "A pre-nuptial agreement is a step a lot of blended families skip, but it doesn't have to be un-romantic," Francis said. "What better time to discuss it ...


The very remarkable Buick Y-Job

It was dramatically long (17ft), wide and low – a startling, futuristic two-fingered salute to the tall, narrow and gangling cars of the day. The Y-Job’s wheel housings blended into hood and ...


Best high-end snowboard

What you’ll love: This true twin board features a blended radial that gives you the best of both worlds: the response of a cambered shape and the control of a reverse cambered shape. The core is ...


Taste Test: This New 18-Year-Old Crown Royal blended Whisky Won’t Disappoint Single Malt Fans


According to the Distilled Spirits Council, Canadian whisky has grown by 13 percent over the last five years equaling $2.5 billion in revenue. And the leading Canadian whisky brand is Crown Royal, a ...


blended Bed Sheets Market 2022 Size, Share, Growth Factor, Emerging Opportunities with Current Trends Analysis 2028

Global blended Bed Sheets Market: with growing significant CAGR during 2022-2028 The "blended Bed Sheets Market" ...


Implementing hybrid learning: a blended approach


Doug Remington, general manager at virtual classroom specialist DTEN, discusses the right approach in supporting students and educators with online studying ...


Sugarbud Expands 2.0 Portfolio - Launches Hand blended Infused Pre-Roll Format


Sugarbud Craft Growers Corp. (TSXV: SUGR, SUGR.DB, SUGR.WR, SUGR.WS, SUGR.WT) (OTCQB: SBUDD) ("Sugarbud" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the launch of the Company’s first ...


India increasing ethanol storage, targets 20% blended gasoline by 2025


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pledged to achieve net-zero carbon emission by 2070, and is encouraging industries to switch to cleaner options including renewable and biofuels to cut carbon ...


Sugar stocks rise up to 8% intraday as focus on ethanol blended fuel grows amid surging oil prices


Crude oil is on the boil as prices hit USD 115 for Brent on Thursday amid the ongoing Ukraine-Russia tension. But not everybody is complaining. The domestic sugar companies are set to gain from this ...


LOTI advocates blended approach to improving digital inclusion

Efforts to promote digital inclusion at a local level need a blended approach of providing devices with connectivity, skills training and support, according to a new report from the London Office of ...


Axis Bank commits $150m to SAMRIDH Healthcare blended Finance


India’s third-largest private sector bank, Axis Bank, has committed to strengthening India’s healthcare infrastructure by signing ...


La Martiniquaise-Bardinet’s Cutty Sark 12-year-old blended Scotch – Product Launch

La Martiniquaise-Bardinet is to introduce a 12-year-old expression of blended Scotch Cutty Sark. The iteration has been matured in a selection of Bourbon and Sherry casks and launches in the US and UK ...


2022 Marks 20 Years for the Slag Cement Association

The Slag Cement Association (SCA) - a leading source of knowledge for slag cement and slag blended cements through promotion, education and technology development - celebrates its 20th ...


Cutty Sark brings taste of Scotland's premium scotch whiskey to Delhites


Kyndal, a leading alco-bev maker and distributor in the premium segment, eyes to bring Cutty Sark, a blended Scottish scotch whisky, to the local markets of Delhi, Gurgaon and other parts of Haryana.


Cupcake Vineyards Announces New Signature Sweets Collection

Cupcake Vineyards is delighted to announce the release of its newest collection – Cupcake Vineyards Signature Sweets. Grown in Italy’s vibrant Piedmont region and blended with natural fruit flavors, ...


Further diesel excise cut sought


The Land Transport Federation of Thailand (LTFT) has called on the government to further cut diesel excise tax and abandon sales of diesel, blended with expensive palm oil-derived methyl ester, for ...

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