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  - verb form of bedraggled


[bəˈdraɡəld] ✕ Play


bedraggled (adjective)

  - dirty and disheveled:


[bəˈdraɡəld] ✕ Play


bedraggled (adjective)

  - dirty and disheveled:


bedraggled, disheveled, disordered, untidy, unkempt, tousled, disarranged, messy, dirty, muddy,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What does bedraggled mean in a sentence?
    Kids Definition of bedraggled. : limp, wet, or dirty from or as if from rain or mud Sitting on Omri's palm, filthy and bedraggled but triumphant, was Little Bear …— Lynne Reid Banks, The Indian in the Cupboard.
  2. What does Draggle mean in English?·drag·gled, be·drag·gling, be·drag·gles To make wet and limp. [be-+ draggle.] American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.
  3. How did the procession become a bedraggled train?
    The procession of weary soldiers became a bedraggled train, despondent and muttering, marching with churning effort in a trough of liquid brown mud under a low, wretched sky.
  4. What does Draggle souse mean?
    draggle souse, soak, sop, dowse, drench, douse- cover with liquid; pour liquid onto; "souse water on his hot face" Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection. © 2003-2012 Princeton University, Farlex Inc.

"Bedraggled" Example Sentences


MCC has disgraced itself with a spiteful purge of the toffs

‘Change and decay in all around I see”. After a winter of unparalleled gloom the bedraggled infantry of English cricket-lovers long for spring and renewal. If humiliation in Australia was not ...


Chris Pine has gone the whole Howard Hughes with his beard


The Star Trek star has recently been spotted sporting some bedraggled new facial hair, and Teo van den Broeke's not mad ...


Now he's riding high! Foal saved from a life of squalor is transformed into showjumping star

He cut a pitiful figure, in his bedraggled state and makeshift harness. But six years on – and thanks to the RSPCA and a horse-loving family – Jones the foal has been transformed into a ...


5,470: Animals on University Property

Cleanliness: Partners/handlers with animals that are unclean, noisome and or bedraggled may be asked to leave university facilities. An animal that becomes wet from walking in the rain or mud or from ...


Fire crews pull bedraggled pup to safety after getting stuck in Doncaster park drain

A curious pet pup got himself in a ‘hole’ lot of trouble – when he had to be rescued from a drain inside a popular Doncaster park.


Bodo bite is more than enough for bedraggled Celtic

A goal in each half, by Ola Solbakken and Hugo Vetlesen, gave them an aggregate 5-1 triumph in this knockout round play-off, which sent a bedraggled Celtic home to reflect ...


'In a moment of white-hot clarity my brain calculated McRae would be apexing precisely where we were standing'

A ragtag and slightly bedraggled army, we marched along the hard-packed and heavily cambered gravel road, animated chatter and the occasional burst of raucous laughter rising above the squelch and ...


When was the World War 2 battle at Dunkirk and how many soldiers were evacuated?


IN May 1940 the outgunned British army was cut off from their French allies by Adolf Hitler’s unstoppable German forces, leaving them trapped in the town of Dunkirk. The bedraggled force ...


Music and lyrics: For Anand Bakshi, his life was his muse


The music composer, a respected name in Hindi film circles, opened the door to his house to find a bedraggled young man standing there. Wet from head to toe, his umbrella broken and slippers torn, he ...


Walker plucks drowning barn owl from sea near Arisaig


The bedraggled owl was plucked from the freezing water by local resident Bob Shirley who had spotted the bird during a walk along the beach.


From coast to coast: How canoe man John Darwin who was jailed with wife for faking his own death in elaborate insurance scam found new love in Manila after gaining his freedom ...

But five years later, a bedraggled Darwin turned up at a police station in London, claiming to have no memory of anything that had happened to him. Very quickly, it emerged that the former prison ...


Badger rescued from drain after falling 6ft and getting stuck

A bedraggled badger has been saved from a drain after falling 6ft and getting stuck. RSPCA animal collection officer John Greaves was called to a property in Thornton Road, Bradford, on Wednesday ...


From the Archives, 1932: The Moorebank murders

Tak-ing care not to disturb the surroundings to any extent, the police carefully removed the topmost soil. A bedraggled poition of a mud-stained dress was quickly uncovered. It was the dress Miss ...


How Canoe Man's ruse was nearly rumbled by his SON: Grieving child discovered book amongst his father's personal affects that was dated AFTER his supposed death... revealing ...

From the moment that 'Canoe Man' John Darwin disappeared from his home in County Durham in 2002, his two sons Mark and Anthony had believed the worst. But five years later, a bedraggled Darwin turned ...


New redevelopment wave to revive Flagler Street in downtown Miami? Here are highlights


Long promised and long deferred, the full resuscitation of downtown Miami’s bedraggled Flagler Street — the city’s original main street — may have to wait on the unpredictable designs of quirky ...


Nuggets’ hard-luck season finally over, with one last reminder of Nikola Jokic’s brilliance and what was missing


Sometimes you forget how good he was.” Wednesday night, this bedraggled version of the Nuggets tried to keep its season going for one more game. Diminished by attrition, slowed slightly by an injury ...


Egan: No bouncy castles, no hot tubs at Rolling Thunder. This time we mean it.


Amid a city of bedraggled bystanders. “We have the resources we believe we need to execute our plan,” he said, declining to say exactly how many boots will be on the ground. “Our numbers ...


EGAN: No lugged in nonsense 'like a bouncy castle, like a hot tub' at Rolling Thunder. This time we're serious


Amid a city of bedraggled bystanders. “We have the resources we believe we need to execute our plan,” he said, declining to say exactly how many boots will be on the ground. “Our numbers ...


Without Walls Further Invest in the Development of Outdoor Work Through Blueprint Scheme


In Knights of Sir Kuss four bedraggled knights attempt to teach us about the importance of chivalry and honour in modern society, interrogating the ever-thinning line between bravery and stupidity.


Englishman who sought Mexican citizenship helped establish early San Francisco

On Aug. 2, 1822, a British whaling ship, the Orion, sailed through the Golden Gate. The handful of bedraggled soldiers at the Presidio, who had become Mexican citizens just the year before, fired a ...


Humbled French Socialists set to join Mélenchon pact

France’s bedraggled Socialist party is poised to abandon some of its founding doctrines in a bid for survival under the wing of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the anticapitalist firebrand. Olivier Faure ...


Cabbage, zucchini, and remaining thankful

Every spring a few strawberry plants re-emerge in the strawberry patch I’ve been attempting to cultivate the past five years. They are usually in sad shape, bedraggled and ...


My heart is lame with running after yours so fast

Wilbur shuffles Techno into a sitting position and starts running his fingers through Techno’s bedraggled mane of hair, making him cringe in pain as tangles get tugged on. “Grab a brush before you ...


COVID-19 pandemic a good look for airports, especially Eugene


None had that far-away look and bedraggled appearance that comes from overwork. There was a spring in their collective step, a lilt in their intercom announcements. The pandemic has temporarily ...


River Polak

Yonak leaned against the rooty old sod wall, puffing, laughing. The little devil! He was tailless, bedraggled of feathers and with frozen comb, but he stayed on. Inside the barrel the cackling had ...


Cameron, Clegg and Osborne screwed economy then ran off to make millions - JACK MONROE

Campaigners and charities on the frontline patching up the bedraggled ruins of what used to be a semi-decent welfare system, the Office Of National Statistics are a formidable ally in the fight ...


Sniper Elite 5 War Factory Collectibles Locations

There is a bedraggled turret that has broken floor panels, and Stone Eagle 1 is perked up on top of the south-eastern wall. Stone Eagle 2 You are going to find Stone Eagle 2 on top of the blast ...


The Coral, Roots & Echoes (Deltasonic Records)

HA-HA. Remember The Coral, those Scouse scallywags skedaddling over a myriad of musical styles like bedraggled bandits? Sea shanties, Cossack chants, everything, including kazoos, all manner of ...


Here's Why You're Wrong About The New Acura Integra


This can often feel like a record label digging up some aging, bedraggled old rockstar for a "reunion tour" because the royalties just aren't cutting it anymore, and often the resulting run of ...


bedraggled Katie Price teases secret Thailand wedding as she tries on garish bridal gowns


Katie Price and Carl Woods look like they could finally be tying the knot in the very near future - possibly in Thailand - as the former glamour model tries on a range of garish and eye-catching brida ...


bedraggled Katie Price tries on huge netted wedding dresses in Thailand


Katie Price was seen trying on a couple of potential wedding dress on her trip to Thailand this week, with the reality TV star having been engaged to her partner Carl Woods since last summer ...


‘Popular in Scotland & Red Wall!' bedraggled David Davis hits back at Burley on Mordaunt

DAVID Davis shut down suggestions from Sky News host Kay Burley his supported candidate to become the next Prime Minister, Penny Mordaunt, lacks the experience to succeed.


'Don't Let the Door Hit You': Elon Musk Wants Out of Twitter Deal

"It feels like the end of the movie, where the characters are bloodied and bedraggled with a Michael Bay explosion behind them," said one Twitter employee. "We could see this was coming, but in the ...


bedraggled Scotland suffer damaging defeat by Republic of Ireland in Dublin as Steve Clarke's men are comprehensively beaten

Scotland have been defeated 3-0 by Ireland in their Nations League Group B1 encounter in Dublin. Goals from Alan Browne, Troy Parrott and Michael Obafemi gave the Irish a well-deserved and ...


bedraggled rats can’t cope in Bangkok floods


Even rats couldn't cope with the treacherous knee-deep flash floods which struck several areas of Bangkok last night. bedraggled rats piled up on top of each other on the side of Sukhumvit Road, which ...


Climate Change Ravages Kashmir’s ‘Red Gold’ Saffron Crop

PAMPORE, India (AFP) — On sweeping fields once blanketed in lush purple, a thin and bedraggled crop of flowers is all farmers in Indian-administered Kashmir's saffron-growing region Pampore have to ...


I found a message in a bottle. Now I want to find who wrote it

The teeny glass tube was blemish-free, but the twine was bedraggled and salty, seemingly having just emerged from the water. After closer inspection, we saw a small brown scroll of paper inside it ...


Full Immersion

When Magpie then discovers her own bedraggled corpse in the mud by the river, it launches her on an investigation—though readers are aware that her body is actually being tended in a university ...


Endling: Extinction is Forever Review

Endling: Extinction is Forever is a game designed to resonate with that idea, to kindle a flame of awareness and compassion that’s keenly needed in the increasingly bedraggled world we live in.

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