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arriviste (noun) · arrivistes (plural noun)

  - an ambitious or ruthlessly self-seeking person, especially one who has recently acquired wealth or social status.


adventurer, adventuress, newcomer, upstart, parvenu, parvenue, vulgarian, Feedback,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is a good sentence for arriviste?
    Examples of arriviste in a Sentence. the town's old money immediately shunned these vulgar arrivistes, who may have had the cash but certainly not the class. Recent Examples on the Web. On Dance Moms, the Siwas carved out roles as tacky arrivistes with way too much ambition.
  2. What is the meaning of arriver?
    ar·ri·viste. (ă-rē-vēst′) n. 1. A person who has recently attained high position or great power but not general acceptance or respect; an upstart. 2. A social climber; a bounder. [French, from arriver, to arrive, from Old French ariver; see arrive .]
  3. Who are the tormenters of the arriviste?
    arriviste His tormenters are usually untrustworthy temptresses, though occasionally they're authority figures who judge him as a criminal trespasser or a cultural arriviste. From Wikipedia This example is from Wikipedia and may be reused under a CC BY-SA license.
  4. Where does the word'arrive'come from?
    [French, from arriver, to arrive, from Old French ariver; see arrive .] American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

"Arriviste" Example Sentences


Odious Bercow wasn’t drummed out for bullying. It was for being an arriviste oik


It was very hard to suppress a smile when the verdict was delivered on the former Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, last week. And indeed to restrain oneself from breaking open the ...


Rosé arriviste Napa Valley 2020

Join today for immediate access to our database of more than 390,000 wine ratings. It only takes moments—but it will help you drink better all year long.


Reading ‘The Dawn of Everything’ from India: What if the past was a more enlightened place?

For example, of the ancient Mesopotamian city of Urkesh in 1761 BC, we learn: “Written correspondence of this period offers direct evidence of antipathy between arriviste monarchy of this kind ...


Chelsea Football Club's uncertain future

And Abramovich transformed it immediately into this arriviste superpower, really. He bankrolled huge amounts of spending on players and coaches. They won two championships in his first three years.


The week in TV: The Responder; Trigger Point; The Gilded Age; Survivors: Portraits of the Holocaust

Elsewhere, a black (“coloured”) character (Denée Benton) yearns to be a writer, and an arriviste railway tycoon couple, the Russells (Carrie Coon and Morgan Spector), are viciously humiliated ...


Peter Bowles, Actor in ‘To the Manor Born,’ Dies at 85


Anyone can read what you share. By Katharine Q. Seelye Peter Bowles, a dapper British character actor who was best known for his role as an arriviste in the popular British television sitcom “To the ...


Obituary: Peter Bowles, raffish actor who found fame in TV hits ‘To the Manor Born’ and ‘The Irish RM’


Peter Bowles, who has died aged 85, rose from being an unknown supporting actor to household name by playing the arriviste Richard DeVere opposite Penelope Keith’s aristocrat fallen on hard times in ...


Peter Bowles, raffish actor who found fame alongside Penelope Keith in To the Manor Born – obituary

Peter Bowles, the actor, who has died aged 85, rose from unknown supporting actor to household name by playing the arriviste Richard DeVere opposite Penelope Keith’s aristocrat fallen on hard ...


Julian Barnes

When the Italian theorist Ricciotto Canudo pronounced cinema the ‘seventh art’ in 1911, photography had the right to sulk: after all, what was this arriviste form but a succession of photographs made ...


Bernard Landry: Legault est un arriviste

QUÉBEC – François Legault n’est qu’un arriviste, qui semble prêt à tout pour prendre le pouvoir, aux yeux de l’ex-premier ministre Bernard Landry. Lors d’une entrevue à La Presse ...


Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque : "La gueule de l’emploi", une comédie drôle et corrosive


Le casting hétéroclite regroupait un arriviste prétentieux prêt à éliminer tout postulant, un gentil "looser" et un fanatique d’arts martiaux. Si les traits sont forcés, les comédiens rendent leurs ...


Couples : ces signes qui montrent que votre nouveau partenaire est un arriviste

Avec un partenaire arriviste, cela relève tout simplement de l'utopie. Dans la quête de l'âme-sœur, on est susceptible de tomber sur les personnes les plus à fuir. Parmi elles figurent les ...


The dangerous rise of academic diversity quotas


For the past few decades, science’s stewardship has been shifting into the hands of an arriviste managerial class with no idea what science is or any real respect for it. Their aim is to seize control ...


Middle review: David Eldridge’s marriage drama is a emotional workout


Eldridge is writing once again about a milieu he knows. In Middle, Rushbrook’s Maggie had bohemian dreams but works in insurance while Ryan’s Gary is one of Thatcher’s arriviste City Boys, now old and ...


Goodbye, Roe v Wade?

That is perhaps unfair to the 19th century. In that era, a brutal arriviste like Putin would never have been allowed near the levers of power. For the eminent Russian historian Stephen Kotkin, Putin ...


12:55 Doncaster

arriviste 11-2 (9-0) Keen behind leader, close up when ridden 3f out, weakened quickly final furlong, 8th of 10, 6 1/2l behind Bharani Star (9-0) at Ayr 1m 2f lst fll stks (1) gf in May.


Ned Goodwin MW on tempranillo

This said, tempranillo is a relative arriviste to Australian shores, finding itself among the second wave of Mediterranean grape varieties that arrived here in the mid '90s. Of course the first wave ...


14:18 Southwell

Algheed (IRE) 10-1 (9-0) Tracked leaders, ridden to chase winner over 1f out, kept on one pace, 2nd of 5, 2 3/4l behind arriviste (9-0) at Lingfield 7f fll stks (3) pol in Dec. arriviste 9-4 (9-0 ...


Meghan Markle arriviste sans scrupule ? Ses "victimes piétinées" préparent un très douloureux retour de bâton


Une biographie de Meghan Markle écrite par Tom Bower va bien sortir, rapporte le Daily Mail le 9 mai 2022. Le livre est basé sur les ...


Larry Woiwode: farmer, author, Christian sage

(He initially tried his hand at acting and was cast in a play, “Three Blind Men,” alongside another arriviste who stuck with the craft: Robert DeNiro). A friendship with another Urbana ...


Arabs in the Mirror

And an arriviste who was willing to serve any master in order to attain self-promotion. Two renowned Egyptian scholars and historians, Dr. Taha Hussein (1889–1973) and Muhammad Abdullah ʿAnan, his ...


The French Connection - Michela Spiteri

And yet, even there, the caricature was unmistakeable. Hot on the heels of arriviste bling, the Order came across as equally decadent. And even creepy with its black robes and rituals. It was at ...


Wen Jiabao vs Aung San Suu Kyi – The Diplomat

But to respect them on an equal basis – an evident hint that this was a lesson that the arriviste British might also eventually learn. Wen signed $2.25 billion in trade deals with Cameron ...


22:59 Woodbine (CAN)

arriviste (USA) 4-1 (8-9) Wore down leader late, won at Woodbine 1m 1f mdn fst in Oct beating Lady Moonshine (8-9) by hd, 11 ran.


Recommended Stories

A Cap d'Antibes landmark, the hotel exists in a deeply rarefied realm, but if the scene now is a bit more arriviste than grand tour—Russian oligarchs, alighting from their yachts, with families ...


Editorial: We don’t need parasites like Serco in our lives

And who can predict the future career prospects of a Tory MP in these tumultuous times? This one is a bit unusual in being something of an arriviste number-cruncher, having gone to a comprehensive ...

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