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annulus (noun) · annuli (plural noun)

  - a ring-shaped object, structure, or region.

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is annulus in math?
    In mathematics, an annulus (the Latin word for "little ring" is anulus/annulus, with plural anuli/annuli) is a ring-shaped object, a region bounded by two concentric circles.
  2. What is an'A'annulus?
    In a completed well, there may be many annuli. The 'A' annulus is the void between the production tubing and the smallest casing string. The 'A' annulus can serve a number of crucial tasks, including gas lift and well kills. A normal well will also have a 'B' and frequently a 'C' annulus, between the different casing strings.
  3. What is an annulus in mushrooms?
    The ringlike remains of a membrane (called a veil), found around the stipes of certain basidiomycete mushrooms. The presence or absence of an annulus is often used to identify the species of an individual mushroom. The figure bounded by and containing the area between two concentric circles.
  4. What is an annulus armillate?
    Historical Examples of annulus Armillate: with a ring or annulus of raised or different tissue. Ring: a circle or annulus, usually margining a discolored spot. The annulus is not persistent, and the gills are crowded and notched. Some have referred the name to the Latin or Italian, annulus, or annello.

"Annulus" Example Sentences


Functional Mitral Regurgitation

Functional mitral valve regurgitation occurs when the left atrium or left ventricle dilates, causing the mitral valve annulus to also dilate and prevent the mitral valve leaflets from properly ...


Percutaneous electrothermal treatment of the intervertebral disc annulus for low back pain and sciatica

NICE has been notified about this procedure and will consider it as part of its work programme. The Interventional Procedures Advisory Committee (IPAC) will consider this procedure and NICE will issue ...


Atrial Fibrillation Ablation: Reaching the Mainstream

Examples include circumferential ablation, with additional isolation of the venae cavae, and placement of a cavo-tricuspid annulus line. The traditional Maze operation has been superseded in many ...


Tiger Woods was found alive with serious injuries with no evidence of impairment after crash, officials say

"I'm feeling fine," Woods said. "I'm a little bit stiff. I have one more MRI scheduled so that we'll see if the annulus [fibrosis] is scarred over finally and see if I can start doing more activities.


Cell Expansion Market Product, Monitoring, End-user and Indication - Global Forecast to 2031

In addition, the evaluation of 3D gingival fibroblast (GF) annulus as a feasible and simple in vitro detection method for biomaterial testing has expanded its use rate. Human stem cells have ...


Lumbar Spine: Common Pathology and Interventions

Thus, a left L5-S1 disc herniation compresses the left S1 nerve root. The nucleus pulposus is posterior in the annulus and the posterior longitudinal ligament (PLL) is midline, creating a somewhat ...


Doctor’s Tip: The lowdown on back pain

Between the bodies of each set of vertebrae are pads called disks, which consist of a fibrous band around the outside called the annulus fibrosis, and a soft, jelly-like center. There are nerve fibers ...


Press hydraulic units control noncutting forming machines

Basic functions performed by the manifolds include closing the press either using free fall (with prefill) or by means of pump flow, adjustable counterbalance on the press cylinder annulus for press ...


Cosgrove-Edwards Annuloplasty System from Edwards

It is for use in the mitral or tricuspid position. Integral template provides a measured plication of the annulus for predictable, reproducible results. “C” shape of the flexible band allows ...


Bam Bam Resources Corp.: Bam Bam Resources' IP Survey Discovers New Zones at Majuba Hill Copper District

This "789 Zone" has a 1500 m diameter and the eastern side is coincident with the north trending granodiorite/remanent magnetic zone. Wright commented: "The resistivity annulus suggests some form ...


Reservoir Link bags job from ExxonMobil's Malaysian subsidiary


Reservoir Link Energy Bhd's unit Reservoir Link Sdn Bhd has received a letter of award from ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Malaysia Inc (EMEPMI) for the provision of annulus wash and cement ...


Reservoir Link Energy secures ExxonMobil supply contract

KUALA LUMPUR: Reservoir Link Energy Bhd 's unit has received a contract from ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Malaysia Inc for the provision of annulus wash and cement placement equipment and ...


Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition Disease

Other useful radiographic clues that assist in differentiating primary osteoarthritis from CPPD disease include the following: hooklike osteophytes; axial skeletal involvement, such as annulus ...


Two Dermascope Implementations (IMAGE)

(c) The smartphone-based system's side opposite the smartphone screen with the imaging annulus removed, where the LED PCB and smartphone camera are visible and other components are highlighted ...


An Impact Basin Thermometer for the Moon

Large impact basins on the near side of the Moon lack the annulus of thickened crust that far-side basins have. The difference can be linked to the thermal structure of the lunar crust.


Siberian Federal University: SibFU Scholars: Simple Method to Clean Up Oil Wells


The research team of Siberian Federal University tested new promising technology and specially designed equipment for cleaning pipelines and the annulus of oil wells and provided a solution to the pro ...


JenaValve Trilogy Takes Another Step Forward in Severe AR

"It goes very deep into the annulus and so maybe is producing more conduction disturbances. Another audience member said the JenaValve Trilogy is an excellent valve but that additional sizes are ...


Mitral Regurgitation Topic Review

MR occurs either due to disease involving the mitral valve apparatus, known as primary MR (or “organic” MR), or due to dilation of the mitral valve annulus associated with impaired left ...


Mitral Regurgitation Due to Degenerative Mitral-Valve Disease

Mitral-valve prolapse, defined on echocardiography as systolic atrial displacement of the mitral valve such that it extends above the annulus by a minimum of 2 mm, is the most common functional ...


Future of Cardiac Surgery: Minimally Invasive Techniques in Sutureless Valve Resection

For the initial study, two valve sizes (21 and 23mm) were available for annulus sizes of 19 to 23 mm. Both these valves are implanted with cardiopulmonary bypass through a surgical incision under ...


Patients with mitral annulus calcification at higher risk of heart valve and cardiovascular disease, Mayo Clinic research finds

A retrospective review of more than 24,000 patients who underwent an EKG at Mayo Clinic finds that nearly one-quarter of the patients had mitral annulus calcification, a chronic degeneration of tissue ...


Mitral annulus calcification is a predictor of mortality and a marker of valvular, cardiovascular disease

Mitral annulus calcification has been associated with cardiovascular diseases and events, as well as higher mortality rates, though less is known about its associations with ventricular and ...


Tricuspid annulus Sparing Technologies: Spacers, Heterotopic Valves, and More

Within the last 24 months, I have financial relationship(s) or affiliation(s) with a manufacturer, marketer, reseller, or distributor of a healthcare product or service involved in the management of ...


Mitral annulus calcification patients at higher risk for heart valve diseases

Patients with mitral annulus calcification are at more than double the risk for mitral valve dysfunction, a study published June 1 in Mayo Clinic Proceedings found. Researchers retrospectively ...


Case 2: Small annulus Decisions

Receive the the latest news, research, and presentations from major meetings right to your inbox. TCTMD is produced by the Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF). CRF is committed to igniting the ...


How can MXenes Benefit Solar Energy Technologies?

Solar energy is a substantial renewable energy source since total annulus solar radiation is 5-6 MJ-m-2 per day, rendering it the world's most accessible renewable energy source. MXenes offer a wide ...


Minimalist Valve-in-Valve TMVR as Safe as Conventional Approach

“Understanding that this is both feasible and safe is important. I think it’s especially important in the mitral surgical valve annulus because often they are rigid valve prosthetics that don’t expand ...


Neurosurgeon, business leader among Manitobans inducted into Order of Canada

Honorees get a silver, a six-pointed snowflake insignia with a red annulus in the middle and a royal crown above. It also features a stylized Maple Leaf with the order's motto: Desiderantes ...


Space Agency Advises Nigerians Not to Panic over Today’s Eclipse

Hence the sun appears as a very bright ring or annulus surrounding the dark disk of the moon. He said: “The agency has arranged a viewing centre at the Obasanjo Space centre, along airport road ...


Atrial Flutter Topic Review

Typical atrial flutter is counterclockwise in direction and originates from a reentrant circuit around the tricuspid valve annulus and through the cavo-tricuspid isthmus. This results in ...


Hering and Blanch: Misinformation About Nuclear Waste Does Not Protect the Public’s Safety


Can they be extracted from the silos if mud, sand, and rocks are packed into the sunken annulus area? Will they survive a hot bath in boiling saltwater before corrosion becomes a serious problem?

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