Acrid example sentences

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acrid (adjective)

  - having an irritatingly strong and unpleasant taste or smell:

  - angry and bitter:


pungent, bitter, sharp, sour, tart, harsh, acid, acidic, acidulated, vinegary,

Top Asked Questions

  1. What is the adjective for acrid?
    adjective sharp or biting to the taste or smell; bitterly pungent; irritating to the eyes, nose, etc.: acrid smoke from burning rubber. extremely or sharply stinging or bitter; exceedingly caustic: acrid remarks.
  2. What does acrid taste mean?
    ac·rid 1 Unpleasantly sharp, pungent, or bitter to the taste or smell. See Synonyms at bitter. 2 Caustic in language or tone: an acrid political campaign. More ...
  3. What is the meaning of acrid in German?
    acrid adj taste→ bitter; (of wine)→ sauer; smell→ säuerlich; comment, smoke→ beißend Collins German Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged 7th Edition 2005. © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1980 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1997, 1999, 2004, 2005, 2007 acrid [ˈækrɪd]adj(smell) → acre, pungente(fig) → pungente
  4. What does acrid smell mean?
    acrid adjective. uk ​ /ˈæk.rɪd/ us ​ /ˈæk.rɪd/. › An acrid smell or taste is strong and bitter and causes a burning feeling in the throat: Clouds of acrid smoke issued from the building.

"Acrid" Example Sentences


On this day in history: Maurice Richard Riot in Montreal

Some ran, but the poise, the undismayed spirit of other thousands who stood blinking as the acrid fumes brought tears from their eyes, who gagged and choked as the smoke hit their throats ...


‘Alice, Alyna, Arseniy… newborns breathe acrid air,’ Ukraine first lady on child victims

Ukraine’s first lady Olena Zelenska has accused Russia of murdering children in her country, and ruining the future of those alive. Olena Zelenska reached out to the media in an open letter Tuesday ...


Police allege driver of Toyota Kluger stole vehicle from Sydney CBD minutes before crash on Harbour Bridge

Black acrid smoke billowed into the sky as other motorists rushed out of their cars to pull the man and those injured in the crash to safety. Stream your news live & on demand with Flash for $8 ...


When hell was an air raid shelter

The situation in these under­ground tunnels was inhuman, to say the least. The dampness, mustiness, suffocating conditions, lack of sanitation, the acrid smell of lime and dripping water ...


Hobson’s choice

Demanded by a beautiful or terrifying story. Pubescence’s acrid synthesis could win a clotted-phrase contest in a heartbeat. The skittery style (either jumped up or watered down), the perfunctory ...


THE AEROMATIC MEN Comes to Curious Comedy Theater This Month


Welcome to America! Brothers, Alek and acrid Aeromatic, have traveled to the USA to fulfill their dreams of riches and success. But when their plans come crashing down, they are forced to return to ...


What's that smoky smell? Houstonians report acrid fumes as fires burn in Central Texas


If you woke to the smell of smoke hovering over the Houston area this morning, don't be alarmed. Winds from the northwest are blowing smoke and haze to the Bayou City from wildfires currently raging ...


Engineer expected to present proposal to hire street inspector


Asphalt plants are close to opening and the smell of the acrid steaming black top will soon be mixing with fresh cut grass and blooming flowers. In Williamsport, Big Rock Paving and subcontractors are ...


‘Welcome to hell’: Inside Makariv, the town Ukrainians took back from Russian troops


Streets of shattered houses and twisted, burnt-out cars; a desolate landscape of rubble, broken glass and acrid black smoke rising from pools of flames. “Welcome to hell,” says the soldier at the ...


Penguins forward Evgeni Malkin recovering from illness


Few, if any, of the Penguins’ previous losses this season could match or surpass the acrid backwash Friday’s setback offered. “It’s definitely still on our minds,” Penguins forward Jeff ...


Fire ravages Worcester's Main Street


Main Street in Worcester still smelled of acrid melted plastic and charred wood Monday afternoon, two days after a large fire burned a historic building to the ground.


In B.C., Blue Mountain faces a vintage gone up in smoke

Sometimes winemakers look to amplify more pleasant flavours to overpower the acrid smoky compounds. Wildfires have become an increasing issue for wineries in many parts of the world, notably ...


‘Why did they do this to us?’: Bucha’s survivors come out of hiding

Across Savenko’s 30-metre long hedge alone, nine devastated armoured vehicles were left burnt out, filling the air with the acrid smell of burning oil and metal. Those Russians that could escape ...


Gastown fire: Five hospitalized, dozens left homeless after blaze tears through Vancouver rooming house


Fire ripped through a four-storey rooming house in Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood on Monday, leaving dozens of tenants homeless and sending thick, acrid smoke into the air. Vancouver Fire Chief ...


Several people rescued from fire in Vancouver building

Fire Chief Karen Fry posted a short video on Twitter of fire crews dousing the top floor of a four-storey building with water. Numerous fire trucks also surrounded the building. Heavy, acrid smoke ...


Podcast: Behind the powerful Carlos Museum exhibit ‘And I Must Scream’

Carlos Museum. Plastic bottles, computer parts, buzzing flies circling decay and beaches streaked with acrid black oil register as a new kind of colonialism in the stunning Michael C. Carlos Museum of ...


6-alarm fire in Lawrence displaces 16 families

“We have no idea what the cause is yet,” he said. The blaze, which sent thick, acrid smoke into night air, quickly swelled, driven by strong winds. The fire appears to have begun on the rear porch of ...


Fire at Biffa in east Hull expected to smoulder for hours after building gutted


Then, a total of 60 tonnes non-hazardous waste was alight when crews arrived and Humberside Fire and Rescue Services warned nearby residents to keep their windows closed as acrid smoke spread across ...


ROBIN WRITES: An Easter Sunday snapshot

The bathroom mirror reflects all sizes and ages of faces. Freckled and wrinkled. Reluctant and eager. The scents of perfume and deodorant mingle with the acrid odor of egg-dying vinegar, creating a ...


When will Tory MPs turn on Boris Johnson?


If you could extract, bottle and market the essence of Boris Johnson’s politics it would be the Rwanda refugee scheme. It has a distinctive acrid tang every voter’s nostril wi ...


Save gas for Ukraine, the U.S. and the Earth


I shook my head as I unavoidably inhaled the acrid exhaust of a pickup lined up in front of me at Fibre Federal Credit Union.


Wastewater plant smell Q and As - Christchurch City Council

Immediately after the fire the burnt plastic media housed inside the round concrete trickling filters gave off an acrid smell. That smell largely went away but over time the material inside the ...


“Frankly, people are dying”: The NHS spring crisis your higher taxes can’t solve


If you could extract, bottle and market the essence of Boris Johnson’s politics it would be the Rwanda refugee scheme. It has a distinctive acrid tang every voter’s nostril wi ...


Why olive oil could be ruining your finest pans - and your food


Heated past its smoke point, that fat starts to break down, releasing free radicals and a substance called acrolein, the chemical that gives burnt foods their acrid flavour and aroma. Think watering ...


Huge fire breaks out on Totnes Industrial Estate - live updates


An explosion was heard as flames ripped through the roof of a warehouse - crowds have gathered but the air is thick with acrid smoke ...


The best things to do in Santa Rosa in 2022 include a new Mexican food-truck park

The last time I saw Santa Rosa was in the rear-view mirror as I left in 2019, the air acrid and yellow from a huge wildfire that triggered evacuations on all sides of our neighborhood. So it’s with ...


A Twin-Supercharged Aston Martin V12 Vantage Drift Car Stole the Show at Formula Drift

A high-pitched, banshee-like shrieking was ripping its way toward the hairpin turn, wafts of acrid tire smoke floating lazily above the stands announcing its progress. All day, I'd heard nothing ...


Totnes Industrial Estate Fire: Explosions heard as fire breaks out - updates


An explosion was heard as flames ripped through the roof of a warehouse - crowds have gathered but the air is thick with acrid smoke ...


Ukraine war: Putin is 'Satan in human form', says priest, as firefighters losing battle to save Kharkiv and patients treated in corridors


They race to extinguish the source of the acrid black clouds, causing untold damage to lives and livelihoods. UN 'ready to mobilise' to help people out of Mariupol - live updates In the local ...


Huge fire breaks out on Totnes Industrial Estate


An explosion was heard as flames ripped through the roof of a warehouse - crowds have gathered but the air is thick with acrid smoke ...


Indian capital engulfed in smoke after landfill catches fire


acrid smoke is hanging over New Delhi for a second day after a massive landfill caught fire during a scorching heat wave ...


Fire shrouds huge New Delhi landfill in smoke


acrid smoke hung over New Delhi for a second day on Wednesday after a massive landfill caught fire during a scorching heat wave.


New Delhi engulfed in smoke after landfill fire


acrid smoke hung over New Delhi for a second day on Wednesday after a massive landfill caught fire during a scorching heat wave, forcing informal waste workers to endure hazardous conditions.


Smoke billows over massive Delhi landfill fire


STORY: The smoke was so acrid and thick a school nearby was forced to close, a teacher told Reuters' affiliate ANI.Delhi's environment minister, Gopal Rai, said on Twitter he had asked officials to ...


Don't fry with olive oil... because it will DAMAGE your expensive pans! French luxury cookware company Le Creuset issues alert after customer complaint

Olive oil has a low smoke point, meaning that it can burn quicker and give food an acrid taste, compared to oils such as sunflower, avocado, canola, coconut, corn and sesame. After writing to the ...


Our Favorite Scotch Whisky At Every Price Point Between $20 And $500


This is where things get really good. This is a peated malt whisky that’s far more of a sweet, fruity, and nutty whisky than an acrid “smoky” one. That makes this a great place to start with ...


Toxic Landfill Fire Adds to Misery of Delhi Residents Facing Record Spring Heat Wave


In India, acrid smoke hung over the capital Delhi for a second straight day today after a massive garbage dump caught fire. The landfill is taller than a 17-story building and covers an area larger ...


'Our windows have melted': Vast landfill fire still burning as India swelters


A huge fire that broke out at a vast landfill site in New Delhi, India on Tuesday is still burning three days later, sending plumes of thick, acrid smoke into the air and causing some locals to ...


Indian capital engulfed in smoke after fire in landfill bigger than 17-storey building and 50 football pitches

acrid smoke hung over New Delhi for a second day on Wednesday after a massive landfill caught fire during a scorching heatwave, forcing informal waste workers to endure hazardous conditions. The ...


How to mince garlic to add flavor to any dish


Smith says that when purchasing garlic, always opt for "garlic that is firm to the touch," since "soft garlic has usually begun to sprout and will lose its pungency." Burnt garlic is "bitter and acrid ...


Out of control bonfire sparked second major blaze within weeks


An out of control fire was today revealed as the cause of major blaze which sent plumes of acrid smoke into homes. A pall of smoke could be seen from miles away from the scene of the fire at ...


The Good War | Opinion


I felt the grief of the families. I smelled the acrid smoke that hung over New York City for weeks after. It demanded a response. And at first, the war seemed to make sense. There seemed to be ...


‘Firefighter down’: He walked into a burning house but was carried out. What happened?

“I hope you can get some rest,” Jenny said before they hung up. “I’ll see you in the morning.” Racisz and his wife smelled the acrid smoke before they saw the fire. He was asleep in the bedroom while ...


Ukraine retakes northern towns as fierce fighting continues in the east and south


Odesa was hit by seven missiles on Monday, leaving the streets choked by acrid smoke as fires blazed at a shopping centre. In Mariupol, the 1,000 or so Ukrainian marines hunkered down beneath the ...


Residents claim neighborhood sewage is holding them hostage in their homes

SPRINGFIELD- Neighbors in the Riverscape subdivision claim they are being held hostage by acrid smell of sewage that hangs in the air. It caused them to contact the Investigative Unit. Neighbors ...


Ivory-Tinted Reoccurring Dream

The infirmary was cold. Stone floors, stone walls, a singular window with tacky curtains concealing it. Harsh, uncomfortable beds with scratchy blankets. The acrid smell of illness and dead skin ...


Risk of Rut 2: New-Wave Disco

Inside, music streamed from various little speakers hidden amongst the walls, a haunting and unseen refrain in the form of new-wave disco. acrid looked around like a curious puppy, his wide eyes ...


Balmain Leagues Club burns in mystery blaze after lying abandoned for more than a decade

An intense fire broke out in part of the building, shrouding nearby roads in acrid smoke and blotting out the sun. In dramatic scenes, flames could been seen destroying the building just a few ...


EPA issues notice over acrid odour offending Preston residents

“When you’re dealing with this kind of volume and concentration of the odour it actually changes to a more acrid kind of burning toast, burning coffee, and it really lingers, and it’s been drifting ...


Collateral damage: School forced shut, residents itching for change

The school management said the windowpanes in the classrooms had crumbled, allowing thick, acrid smoke into the rooms. People living in and around the affected area have been equally affected ...

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