Abated example sentences

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[əˈbāt] ✕ Play

abated (past tense) · abated (past participle)

  - (of something perceived as hostile, threatening, or negative) become less intense or widespread:

  - cause to become smaller or less intense:

  - lessen, reduce, or remove (especially a nuisance):


subside, lessen, decrease, diminish, moderate, decline, fade, dwindle, slacken, recede,

Top Asked Questions

  1. Would have abated-what does Abate mean?
    Past Conditional I would have abated you would have abated he/she/it would have abated we would have abated you would have abated they would have abated Collins English Verb Tables © HarperCollins Publishers 2011 ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new thesaurus Verb 1. abate- make less active or intense slake, slack
  2. What does it mean to abate pollution?
    1. To reduce in amount, degree, or intensity; lessen: a program to abate air pollution. 2. Law a. To put an end to: The court ordered that the nuisance of the wrecked vehicle in the front yard be abated. b. To make void: The judge abated the lawsuit.
  3. What is the meaning of Bated Breath Abate?
    Related to abated: bated breath abate v. to do away with a problem, such as a public or private nuisance or some structure built contrary to public policy.
  4. What does it mean when an appeal is abated?
    Legal Definition of abate. 1 : to become defeated or become null or void when a public officer who is a party to an appeal…in an official capacity dies…the action does not abate — Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure Rule 43.

"Abated" Example Sentences


USD/CNH: Downside pressure now looks abated – UOB

FX Strategists at UOB Group noted USD/CNH is seen accelerating gains on a break above the 6.3555 level. 24-hour view: “USD traded between 6.3237 and 6.3384 yesterday, narrower than our expected ...


EUR/USD Price Analysis: Weakness looks far from abated

EUR/USD sheds further ground and drops to new lows near 1.1120. A deeper pullback could expose a test of the 1.10 mark. EUR/USD remains well under pressure and tumbles to the low-1.1100s, an area ...


Bait abated: New species approved for Maine's lobstermen - National Fisherman

Bait abated: New species approved for Maine's lobstermen  National Fisherman


The tricky promise of abated coal power | News - Eco-Business

The tricky promise of abated coal power | News  Eco-Business


Nuisance per accidens cannot be summarily abated - The Manila Times

Nuisance per accidens cannot be summarily abated  The Manila Times


Inflation Slows in January but Price Pressures Have Not abated


Headline inflation posted 5.7% y/y in January, having nearly touched the 6% upper band of the inflation target forecast in December (5.9%). This outcome was in line with our and the consensus ...


Napoleon Municipal Court

Kristian Davis, 24, McClure, disorderly conduct, dismissed without prejudice and court costs abated. Charles Grater, 62, McClure, disorderly conduct, dismissed without prejudice and court costs abated ...


Climate change cannot be abated without effective carbon pricing - Eco-Business

Climate change cannot be abated without effective carbon pricing  Eco-Business


COVID-19 PCR testing availability in Ballarat - update - Ballarat Courier

COVID-19 PCR testing availability in Ballarat - update  Ballarat Courier


‘Coal crisis has abated in Maharashtra, no danger of load shedding’ - The Indian Express

‘Coal crisis has abated in Maharashtra, no danger of load shedding’  The Indian Express


Agencies: Asbestos wasn't properly abated during Conrad Building demolition; fines handed out - TribDem.com

Agencies: Asbestos wasn't properly abated during Conrad Building demolition; fines handed out  TribDem.com


Tenants demand judge set rents at tax-abated Manhattan building - The Real Deal

Tenants demand judge set rents at tax-abated Manhattan building  The Real Deal


Mysterious bird illness seems to have abated, Ohio Division of Wildlife says - The Columbus Dispatch

Mysterious bird illness seems to have abated, Ohio Division of Wildlife says  The Columbus Dispatch


Springfield officials: Cancelled request for temporary hospital not sign COVID crisis abated • Missouri Independent - Missouri Independent

Springfield officials: Cancelled request for temporary hospital not sign COVID crisis abated • Missouri Independent  Missouri Independent


COVID surge has abated, but there's no rest for weary ambulance crews as calls keep pouring in - Hawaii News Now

COVID surge has abated, but there's no rest for weary ambulance crews as calls keep pouring in  Hawaii News Now


Anti-IL-6 Monoclonal Antibodies as Antiarrhythmic Treatment for HF - The Cardiology Advisor

Anti-IL-6 Monoclonal Antibodies as Antiarrhythmic Treatment for HF  The Cardiology Advisor


Economy Gained Momentum in February Despite Inflation Worries


Surveys from the U.S. and Europe showed services drove the rebound as the Omicron Covid-19 wave abated.


The pandemic sweet tooth has not abated – even a $34 slice of cake is selling out - The Globe and Mail

The pandemic sweet tooth has not abated – even a $34 slice of cake is selling out  The Globe and Mail


Developers of former courthouse say their tower is funded, nearly abated and set to open fall 2023 - Cambridge Day

Developers of former courthouse say their tower is funded, nearly abated and set to open fall 2023  Cambridge Day


Long lines for food have abated, but Kalihi center is still seeing great need from families - Hawaii News Now

Long lines for food have abated, but Kalihi center is still seeing great need from families  Hawaii News Now


Chronic Generalized Pruritus

Laboratory studies showed evidence of advanced kidney disease, and chronic generalized pruritus due to chronic kidney disease was diagnosed. Hemodialysis was initiated, and his symptoms abated.


Farm equipment, developments soon may be eligible for property tax abatement


"If they're creating jobs, creating something there with their farm, that can be abated." The measure also exempts nonresidential portions of agricultural land from neighborhood "trending" factors ...


This Rams Legend Is Hellbent on Tackling the NFL’s Racism


The battles with the union haven’t abated, either. Dickerson has been particularly critical of NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith. When reached by phone, Dickerson called Smith a “fucking joke,” ...


SC abates appeals of 2 Keshabpur Razakars


The Appellate Division of the Supreme Court (SC) today abated appeals of two Razakars from Keshabpur, Jashore, against their conviction and sentences by the International Crimes Tribunal (ICT)-1, as ...


BUZZ-COMMENT-Dollar up vs yen on Ukraine, PPI props, double-top shadow lingers


USD/JPY rose on Tuesday as Ukraine-related risk aversion abated and soaring U.S. producer price inflation supported Treasury yields, but the dollar must still surpass the bearish January-February ...


Natick is dropping its mask mandate, citing falling COVID-19 cases


But in the weeks since, the surge has abated and Natick’s case metrics have consistently trended down once more. Facing similar trends, other communities throughout Massachusetts have taken steps to ...


Authoritative Voices Are Starting to Back Alibaba’s Resurrection

That regulatory crackdown hasn’t exactly abated. However, it is the power of authoritative words that has many beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel for Alibaba. InvestorPlace ...


The US and NATO aren't buying Russia's claims it's pulling troops away from Ukraine


Similarly, State Department spokesperson Ned Price on Wednesday told CNN that Washington's concern about the prospect of a Russian invasion "has not abated a single bit." "We have continued to see ...


Towers Hall Update

Some older buildings on campus have asbestos and there is not a health risk unless disturbing the asbestos without proper mitigation. In 1991, several areas of Towers were “abated” (asbestos was ...


As Bitcoin Recovers, Institutional Investors Continue Piling In


This article was originally published on ETFTrends.com. The fall of crypto stocks in the last month seems to have abated some as bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, has leveled out above $ ...


St. David's reveals details of $953M expansion that includes new hospitals, creating 900-plus jobs


Huffstutler admitted that the staffing has been a challenge during the pandemic, but he said staffing issues have abated as pandemic conditions have improved. He said St. David's leaders will look to ...


DoorDash added users, surpassed sales forecasts in Q4


Adarkar said the driver shortages that plagued the company earlier in 2021 have abated, and the company believes it will be “well supplied” with drivers this year. DoorDash said more than 6 ...


Montana State Hospital placed on 'immediate jeopardy' after federal inspection


In that case, DPHHS had "abated" the situation that put residents at significant risk, a turnaround that took place between Jan. 13 and Jan 25. The department said then the deficiencies were ...


These Policies Were Supposed to Help Black People. They’re Backfiring.


(The number plummeted to less than 4,000 amid Covid-related releases in 2020 but went back up when pandemic policies abated.) A key rationale for the policy was racial equity: Advocacy groups, noting ...


Man whose son, convicted rapist, found dead on day of sentencing, $80,000 bail not forfeited


Additionally, she granted that all criminal charges against Wong be abated. “I consider that cause is shown and there is to be no forfeiture of the bail bond,” The Straits Times quotes Justice ...


Cities explain: Local governments approved $318M in tax breaks last year

Compared to 2014, the dollar amount Franklin abated is up 17.5%, while Greenwood’s is up 211.6%. In total, the dollar amount of tax breaks given across Johnson County is up 148.3%, data shows.


Inflation Policy-Rate Action Likely To Be Modest In India Vs Peers: Anand Rathi


Although high at 6%, core inflation was stable. While fuel and transport inflation abated as international crude oil price rises have not been passed on since Nov'21, this may change soon. If ...


New global SAF declaration lacks detail and ambition, argue critics


IATA said in October that reaching the aviation industry’s net-zero target by 2050 would require the mitigation of 1.8 gigatons of carbon – 65% of which could potentially be abated through SAFs, with ...


Richard Nixon in China: 50 years on


And hawks who believed that China’s power would be abated by perpetual American primacy.” A virtual meeting between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping in November 2021 © Kevin Frayer/Getty One person who ...


Torrington sets hearing for high school building project


“The existing THS building will be abated and demolished, making way for site circulation, parking, and a new and renovated athletic fields complex. The middle school wing is 3 stories and the high ...


CDC ‘cautiously optimistic’ about downward trend in omicron cases


In recent weeks, a number of states and large private businesses have announced they are dropping their indoor mask mandates as the surge caused by the omicron variant has abated. Coachella, a major ...


The S&P 500 rebounds, closes slightly higher after Fed minutes


Read more Even so, geopolitical tensions appear to have abated somewhat. Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York City, U.S., February 15, 2022. REUTERS/Brendan ...


Editorial, 2/25: Second Lincoln water source a key investment


The crisis, which forced severe water use restrictions in the late 1920s, was abated by a new water source – a well field in the Platte River near Ashland that has expanded through the decades ...


Customer Service Is More Critical Than Ever--And This Software Says It Can Beat Worker Burnout


For many companies, the need for quality customer service skyrocketed at the outset of the pandemic--and it hasn't abated. Finding workers fit for the task has long been a challenge, but a new ...


Storm Miriam Abates, Takes Lives of 4 in Lebanon

Storm Miriam abated Thursday morning, but only after taking the lives of at least four people and injuring over 10 more. On Wednesday night, Civil Defense units worked to retrieve the body of a ...


Virgin Atlantic vies with British Airways to be greenest transatlantic carrier with low carbon fuel deal


Airline trade association IATA believes as much as 65% of carbon emissions in the aviation industry can be abated through the use of sustainable fuels. IATA expects only 5.2% of fuel used in aviation ...


COVID-19 is still here, but more Mainers are moving on from it


When delta abated in the fall, it was replaced in mid-December by the faster-spreading but milder omicron variant. The fact that so many people contracted COVID between the end of December and ...


VA tops 20,000 COVID deaths in less than two years


The grim milestone comes as the latest nationwide surge in cases related to the virus’ Omicron variant has abated. Active cases at VA medical centers across the country had spiked at nearly 78,000 in ...


Markets Bid Up from Session Lows; ZM, HPQ Beat Earnings


In fact, the late-session selling has abated notably: ZM shares are now -4.5% after hours. The company has never missed an earnings estimate going back to the company’s 2019 IPO. Hewlett-Packard HPQ ...


AP govt. issues orders over lifting night curfew in the state amid fall in covid-19 cases


It then decided to extend the curfew until February 14, as the corona cases had not abated by the end of January. However, with the recent decline in corona cases, the Andhra Pradesh government has ...


City Council looks for 20 cents of former school tax


Although the city council approved a 17.7-cent levy last year, Calder advised the city council to request 20 cents in case the first amount gets abated or decreased by law. Keener said the funding ...


Roundup: More interest rate hikes expected as Britain's inflation hits near 30-year high

"Overall, the figures out today have lowered the future projected path of inflation over the next 12 months as the general surge in prices appears to have abated, at least for January," said a report ...


Why the cutback in MGNREGS outlay is a worry


In 2021-22, this number has abated, but is far from pre-pandemic levels. The monthly average till January 2022 was 25.4 million households—35% higher than 2020-21 and only 8% below 2022-23 levels.


This week in Loveland history for Feb. 20-26, 2022


“The work done by Dr. W.W. Robinson while acting as board of health physician has borne excellent fruit — and scarlet fever has now abated to the extent that but four cases have been reported in the ...


Den Tandt: Disinformation is breaking democracy. Let's fix it now

When the last piece of debris from the occupation of Ottawa has been hauled to a landfill and the cacophony of blame-laying has abated, we’ll still face this intractable question: How is it that a ...


Out with the old, in with the Van Aken Mews as Shaker planners consider townhome changes

In addition to a new name -- Van Aken Mews -- developer and Shaker resident Ken Lurie plans to switch to a two-story design for the remaining homes proposed on the 15-year, 100 percent tax-abated ...


What Is The Corporate Income Tax Rate In Canada?


17%. Part I taxes are in proportion to federal income, which means your income is taxed at 38% on a basic basis, followed by 28% after abated federal income. By reducing the general tax rate by 15%, ...


Black History Month: The life of Hector Fuller


The History of Paris notes that Fuller is among a group of residents “new to town” that had part of their 1806 taxes abated. But no property deeds for Fuller exist in Maine after 1801 so his ...


Penrith’s pride intact despite Manchester defeat


The wind and driving rain continued as the teams warmed up but when the game started the rain abated and the two sides only had the wind to contend with. The Cumbrians had first use of the wind ...


Mono Monday. : : Hands Doing the Income Taxes


There is a reason why I hate to go to the doctor. By the time I got to the appointment this morning, many of my symptoms had abated and she didn't seem too concerned about them. Maybe that's why they ...

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